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What? I never filled this out? I'm laid back to a fault. I'm not that motivated but manage to work and spend a lot of time with my young children. I'm a proud liberal in a populist sense. I have an aversion to elitism, but even more so to social and economic injustices. That being said, I probably appear to be a redneck from a distance. I like fishing, watching sports, and when I drink alcohol it is beer. I live in a crappy little apartment and that's how I like it. The older I get the more I prefer my own company to almost everyone I know. I talk to people all day long and do enjoy it in that capacity. I believe I am very level headed in a low key way. Mindfulness has helped me understand myself better over the years. Hmmmm...Is this the kind of stuff I'm suppose to be putting on this bio?


10 Rules of Life
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 9, 2018:
True enough. Also better to not see life as worse than it is
Sex or the opportunity to try 3800 different types of tater tots?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
Sex with a potato? Hmmm. Never thought of that before
"Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope. But I don't want your hope. I ...
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Her speech was a home run..spot on
Like he needs it.
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
Karen's got herself one big pussy
Smooth talker
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 20, 2018:
So we are more open and honest these days?
I think I was going to be a movie director... Or a pirate...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
It could be worse. I don't know how, but I'm sure it could be.
Keep these in mind
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
The one on the left people really need to learn
You hold the power!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 27, 2018:
The Church of Seven Day Blowjobs
It's a good day to...
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 22, 2019:
Not sure he’s going to make it until to morrow
Watch yourselves on Facebook people....
Rudy1962 comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Seems weird but also seems legit. Ok
Match made in..
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Granny would kick Session's ass
Look at the positive.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 3, 2019:
So if the answer is yes then the person is not doing alright? Asking for a friend
Meanwhile in Florida.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 3, 2019:
She’s old and high AF
Kids are cruel....
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Well he did get 362 likes
[theguardian.com] So much for a fair and equal Justice System.
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 8, 2019:
It is so blatant
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 23, 2019:
Might get my head blown off. I don’t know
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 6, 2018:
Ahhh. They take all the fun away
Roses are red, cows have udders...
Rudy1962 comments on May 15, 2018:
Thought I might slip this one by.
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 15, 2019:
I have a pair of crocs just like that
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 5, 2018:
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
Too soon? Is this the bad taste that is encouraged? ;-)
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Put another quarter in it you might get Trump this time
Dick pic's be like..
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
Now that's funny
Is this inappropropriate?
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Hell of a way to die
More orange poo
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Yah That about covers it
Get ready for the second coming of common sense....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 1, 2019:
Good idea
There's always one honest one!
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Seems familiar. Guys get so enamoured with a woman's looks. The women will even warn them but googley eyed, horny toad says, "oh it's fine babe I love you.". Six months later the dude is like, "What the hell's wrong with this crazy bitch!?". Bitch done warned you..Ahh lust and romantic love can be a fun but dangerous drug
Good question.. then look outside to see a blizzard in April.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Like, "Why inhale am I living here"?
Lost puppy :(
Rudy1962 comments on May 15, 2018:
This one always cracks me up
Do People Understand That DACA Recipients Are Not Illegal Immigrants?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 21, 2018:
What annoys me is the Orange Douchebag keeps pushing the idea that illegal immigration from the southern border is increasing. That is untrue. It has been slowly declining since 2009. I hate how statistics are not looked at and "facts" are based on emotions. The freaking rich keep getting richer, and the "common folks" are hurting, and the politicians convince them it's immigrants faults....I hate how people keep falling for the same bullshit http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/04/27/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/ 5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S. | Pew Research Center
Well if it's not posted it should be!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
What happened here?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
She's flexible for a big woman
Everything is according to God's plan
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 19, 2018:
The old see no evil, see no suffering strategy
Can I throw up now..
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
No Peppermint Schnapps
Some of y'all need this
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 19, 2018:
I'm also a member of AAA..
God is watching
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 16, 2019:
I hope he isn't laughing
Men if you care to make a wish
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
I think 10 inches is enough
Orange you glad...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 14, 2019:
Have you divorced because you don't believe?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 8, 2018:
No. But me being an atheist and her being quite religious played a large factor. The biggest factor was me not thinking and ignoring obvious differences between us, and getting married anyway.
Questions of the universe
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 22, 2018:
Because of the gravity of the Earth
People R' dumb.
Rudy1962 comments on May 16, 2018:
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 28, 2018:
That literally made me laugh
For those that like succulents
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Is that outside your house?
Only moderate?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
According to the chart I'm a solid four
Hate when that happens
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Oh shit
There's something in something, all right!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
How it feels when you've seen every meme in this group...some several times
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 21, 2018:
For me I think almost half of them are new to me. The benefit of a bad memory
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
That's bananas
My house...
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 11, 2019:
Having your life together is overrated
You in trouble...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Run! Or hop
Is there such a thing as too much kindness?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 13, 2018:
Being kind does not mean being a doormat or just trying to get rid of guilt or discomfort
Happy Father's Day :)
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 17, 2018:
I don't know about where you are, but summer is just around the corner here.
Rudy1962 comments on May 5, 2019:
Ok. I’m going to go try it now
Last supper buffet...
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Might as well die fat and happy
Part 1 of 2 I was born into an Evangelical Christian household and got “saved” at age twelve....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 25, 2018:
Welcome home
The best part...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 31, 2018:
I don't know. I think it kind of grosses my cats out
We can celebrate the small victories.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
That's exactly where I set the bar
If You Are Wondering What That Means, This List is For You
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 22, 2018:
They forgot ammosexual
What is the "incel" movement all about?
Rudy1962 comments on May 10, 2019:
Hope they don’t join forces with the NRA
Well, that sums it up!
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 20, 2018:
But I want to take it with me
How Are U Going To Tell Her?
Rudy1962 comments on May 10, 2018:
Wait tell she's gone...Move out and then text her
Its all in the name ...
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 23, 2018:
Its still better than being called ugly all the time and married
Pun 1 of the day...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Oh boy
Wait for it....
Rudy1962 comments on May 16, 2018:
Come on. Lie and say you do
Plain and simple
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Couldn't they of made him less of an asshole?
Looking for that tree dick... it's gotta be down there somewhere!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
I hope she's getting paid a lot for that
Anyone seen this guy?
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Good one!
What,him racist?
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Sounds like ?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
No photos and it didn't happen
Why did I read this in Morgan Freemans voice?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Ahhh life
Do we really value free speech anymore?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
People have the right to free speech However, colleges and universities, and the students and the faculty, have the right to decided who comes to speak to them.
What do you see? Ha!
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 9, 2018:
That lady with the sleeveless top sure is making that other woman look like an ass
This outta grab the xian singles. by the short hairs
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 19, 2019:
And bring your strap on, ladies, because he likes to get nailed
Count on it!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Ummm that's the wrong way
What about that 1%
Rudy1962 comments on May 21, 2019:
Can I use it as lube to wax my monkey with?
50 Member! You all rock! g:31 is off the chart! Looking forward to everyone's contributions!
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 17, 2018:
I'm a taker not a giver
May have to delay that Michigan trip...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
Mother Nature is being a bitch this spring
Change your future.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I like it
Will get you every time!
Rudy1962 comments on May 15, 2018:
I know what he will be visualizing during his next meditation
More memes
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
And motorcycles in car parking spaces
Glad he's blocking whatever is going on with that pig and dude in the background.
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 11, 2019:
Squeal like a pig, pig
How not to be used
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Nice list
Price of progress
Rudy1962 comments on May 21, 2019:
Would still be better than destroying the planet for other animals
An Update and a Thank you! Thank you to everyone who listened to me vent about my daughter and ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 14, 2018:
As a parent, and even though there is much work to do, that must be a sigh of relief.
Ride him Santa!
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 21, 2018:
Hoe, hoe, hoe. Getting a piece of snow
How did everyone find this site?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
God led me here ;)
We could use some corporate kindness today
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 11, 2018:
We sure could because it seems corporations today are monsters
Every day....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 15, 2019:
Milking these memes for all they are worth....
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 6, 2019:
I'm addicted to memes cause my momma never breastfed me
A new perspective.....
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Genius AF
Normie Memes R' Us
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 31, 2018:
Dr Smith says I should try to do and appreciate more normal things, but I'm starting to have my doubts about him. Is it normal for a doctor to have his office in a van down by the river, and insist you call him "daddy"?
... You're welcome!
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 13, 2018:
You and me both. We need a handicap....and a cheeseburger
Best way to live life generally?
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 7, 2018:
Spend most of your time online
Yep. Love Twitter. :)
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 5, 2018:
That's the one I was trying to post!! I couldn't find it again. It's funny AF
Shhh never tell
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Hard act to follow
We be getting old
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 8, 2019:
You can't fit Radio Shack in an iPhone
CW: Post contains a bad pun...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Scissors wins every damn time
We'll never forget OJ!
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 11, 2018:
Can't escape when you're going 40 MPH
Just walking around blindly
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Very punny
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 14, 2019:
Vehicle Go?


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