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**Who are you?** What can I say? I was bored. :) **If anyone wants to add their name to this list, please keep it short so we don't get a big mess of comments and replies.** **I'll come back occasionally and update the list.** *PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR NAME ISN'T ALREADY ON THE LIST TO AVOID DOUBLES.* ___________________________________________________________________________ AMGT = Amy GipsyOf New Spain = Hector Victoria Notes = Victoria SteveB = Quetzalcoatl (but you can call him Steve) ;) NerdyOkieDude = Rusty Sandster = Sandy (short fo Alexandra) btroje = Barb resserts = Rick sassygirl3869 = Lisa MyLiege = Maureen (Don't call her Mo, she doesn't like it. Seriously don't.) EllenDale = Bobbie skado = Scotto stinkeye_a = Kaye atheist = Ron Paul628 = Paul Joanne = Pamela Maximumeffort84 = Gordon kmdskit = David HeathenFarmer = Glenn twshield = Tim evestrat = Evelyn CallMeDave = David (Whodathunkit?) Babyseal = Ian Kreig = Kreig irascible = Phil RavenWolf425 = (RAVENWOLF is his Cherokee & Lakota tribal name, his adopted name is Roy) Tecolote = Kelley spiderwolfmoon = Juanita Lauren = Lauren azzow2 = Aaron BackToReality = Brian Duke = Kenny Rugglesby = Lew Hellbent = Peter jasen = Jim Silvertongue = Neil Wynter75 = Gary Eltopoman = Joseph MST3K = Julian willson = William Hominid = Jim SACatwalker = Albert, or A.J. ...
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Scoonie = Stuart
Should athiest really be saying 'rest in peace'
Scoonie comments:
I stopped saying it because I feel it's pointless.
Favorite quote
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"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right"
When did you realize you were old? Me: When I would rather stay in on the weekends than going out.
Scoonie comments:
When I started thinking home appliances were fun to look at.
Hey! New here and glad I found like-minded thinkers! From the Buckeye state and would like to meet some new faces lol.
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Welcome :-)
A Bunch of Religious People Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell – Friendly Atheist
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Of course they think that. :-/
Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stuart. I'm happy to be here and looking forward to making new connections.
Scoonie comments:
Thanks everyone :-)
I apparently am not able to do polls yet. Or at least haven’t figured out how to. So I’m curious about how many atheist consider themselves liberals, progressive, libertarians conservatives, democratic socialist, socialists, communists or independents?
Scoonie comments:
I'm an atheist and I consider myself progressive.
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