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Here for rational conversation about politics, religion, the nitty gritty in social issues etc. Feel free to call me out if Iā€™m being ignorant, just make sure you have a valid defense for the accusation. Always down to hear prospective. Feel free to PM.

Not on here actively seeking a partner of any kind, but Iā€™m not against the idea if we click.

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This is a charcoal mask. For cleansing pores, I like to be hygienic. šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø
What are some great movies with philosophical meanings behind them??
Seajay88 comments:
Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure
Ok is it just me or does anyone else's skin crawl when they hear/read the much over used word "yummy"? Even worse when a man says it. What ever happened to delicious, or tasty? I don't know what it is about that word, maybe it sounds childish? Anyone else feel this way?
Seajay88 comments:
Nope, I think it’s a socially acceptable word regardless of gender. Although I have no particular preference I know people that hate the word “moist”
I see all over the internet people saying in their profiles, "I live life to the fullest". Just what does that even mean?
Seajay88 comments:
Means they set goals and meet said goals. Or they just like to say something positive about themselves to give the illusion of happiness
Theists and believers
Seajay88 comments:
Theists of one religion are atheists of another religion. Also there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed in. But they will be the minority. I just hope this community has the maturity to ignore the trolls and not attack the naive. This is a place of community and discussion. Believer or not, that shouldn’t change.
How did you become an atheist and at around what age??
Seajay88 comments:
Probably when I was old enough to think on my own, so around 4? Religion never made sense. I didn’t listen to my parents, and they are real, why would I listen to some people who swear a god is real because they said so? Also I paid attention in school when we talked about mythology. šŸ˜…
What is the worst thing for a child to see in an R rated movie?
Seajay88 comments:
Drug use. Sex and empathy should be taught at younger ages. I’m all for legalizing drugs, in spite of being against using them personally.
Does “size"matter?
Seajay88 comments:
I’m 6’2” and every woman I dated has expressed appreciation for my height. Although it gets old getting asked by older women at the grocery store to help them reach the y’all shelf when I don’t even work there. I think culture comes into play here and America/ Europe do express height as a desirable trait in men.
Men's underwear
Seajay88 comments:
There are far more stylish briefs than Hanes white briefs. I personally like to make a trip to skivvies, a men’s lingerie store in dallas, tx, to get some rather comfortable briefs, cheekies if I’m feeling adventurous, or short boxer-briefs. Haven’t tried a banana hammock yet, but I’m not shy to the idea. How can you relate religion to a butt cover?
Dating tip! If you don't floss your teeth people who do are not going to want to kiss you.šŸ˜
Seajay88 comments:
Smoking of any kind, including weed. Not scrubbing your tongue. It’s the little things that push me off If you have plaque built up, go get a dental cleaning, it’s not expensive and only take about 90 minutes if it’s really bad.
Dating Site Don'ts
Seajay88 comments:
Starting off with uninviting greetings: “Hi Hello How are you? What’s up?” Or the more elaborate and unnecessary: “Hey I saw you and I just had to say hi” Come on really? Anyway, I personally like someone who chimes in with a more assertive approach. Like some oddly observant comment about something they saw on my profile or photo, or some cheeseball compliment. Just keep the creep factor to a minimum. šŸ˜…
Does age matter to you when it comes to love or dating?
Seajay88 comments:
Short answer, no. But age gaps will yield cultural differences.
Whats the best argument for wining over a religious person? For efforts of trying to convert.
Seajay88 comments:
A “theist” of one religion is an “atheist” to another. Everyone is an atheist of something. Just let them know that.
Racial Identity and Reassignment: How would you feel about it?
Seajay88 comments:
Personally, people are entitled to do whatever they want with their bodies. Once upon a time tattoos were seen as taboo. Now it’s hard to walk anywhere without someone’s body art in view. However I do feel that anyone who wants to change their outward appearance through a medical procedure should be given a mental evaluation from an unbiased medical professional so they know the ins and outs of their decision. The real question is why is society against it? Because it’s new? “Weird”? Because it makes conservatives feel a certain way?
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This is a charcoal mask. For cleansing pores, I like to be hygienic. šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø
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