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I'm a simple man with a simple and happy life. I try to be open to all opinions, whether I agree or not. However, I also want to promote correctness, truth, honesty, and integrity, and I will happily die upon that sword if I believe the cause is right.

I'm unusually opposed to narcissism and other self-grandeur, no matter which side of the fence a person frequents. When I see it, I'm liable to point it out and state what I think of it. That might offend some egos. I'm sorry.

I'm particular fascinated by human relationships, and despite all the things I openly admit I'm a fledgling fool about (and the list is long), this is an area where I might have some slightly useful insight. I find such discussions enjoyable whatever the case.


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Agnostic, Atheist, Secularist, Skeptic
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