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The 31 year span of my teaching career.
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Softball time.
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Retired public school teacher. I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.
I had doubts most of my childhood, but then read Why I'm Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell while in the military and it let me know it was okay to be an atheist.
Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are among those I read later. None of them converted me just enlightened me.


Good night! I like the Everly Brothers and their sweet harmonies. []
Sierra4 comments on Feb 24, 2021:
Very talented duo.
Hey guys! Good Mornight! β˜ΊπŸ˜… I got a question 😊 Is there one thing that makes you ...
Sierra4 comments on Feb 24, 2021:
As you get older, at least in my case, many things do that. A song, a scent, or a picture.
Anyone hungry?
Sierra4 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
OMG! The Q was right.
My son sent this to me. It's extremely frustrating to watch. []
Sierra4 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
I always believed that the flat earthers knew better, but for whatever reason just enjoy the frustration they bring to the scientific community. How thousands and probably millions of people in science and government have been able to convince the vast majority of us that the earth is globe and keep it a secret for decades.
It’s time for my last post of the night again and tonight I’m leaving you with an old favourite ...
Sierra4 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Great music.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Love this song and it is in my music library.
Real Valentine's candy! Lol
Sierra4 comments on Feb 15, 2021:
You forgot “Fine”
Well guys.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 13, 2021:
Well the sun is still up here, but goodnight. 😁
Good morning everyone.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 13, 2021:
Love this song by Morrison. Rod Stewart's "Unplugged" version is also great. Yes, the Elvis song is a different song done by many country artist.
The claim that "Trump incitement charge a 'monstrous lie'" flies in the face of the facts.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 12, 2021:
What Cheers you Up? - hey guys, I got a question and its πŸ‘† πŸ˜‰
Sierra4 comments on Feb 12, 2021:
A beach, a blanket, a book, and a beer or two. 😁
Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday! So frustrated trying to get covid vacine appointment.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 11, 2021:
It has been quite seamless for me. I registered online with my county health services here in Ft. Worth, Tx just after Christmas received my first Modena injection on Jan 12. The second just happened on Feb 8. Took an hour each time. Just lucky maybe. Hope it gets better.
[] Sissel: Make You Feel My Love One for you M.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 11, 2021:
Great song. This must be Bob Dylan's most covered song.
I Can Hear Music - the Beach Boys with Kathy Troccoli 1996. []
Sierra4 comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I have that cd. 😁
Timing is everything, even when it's a ridiculous example.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 10, 2021:
That’s the new standard.
Memories - Hello guys, Good Morning 🌧 I got a question πŸ˜… - do you have any particular song ...
Sierra4 comments on Feb 9, 2021:
In 1969 I came back after 25 months in Germany with the USAF. I don’t know why, but songs from that year take me back. There were great songs by great artist. Get Back, Lay Lady Lay, Honky Tonk Woman, Suspicious Minds, and even In The Year 2525.
Enter the danger field! []
Sierra4 comments on Feb 9, 2021:
I saw him in concert not long after Caddyshack. He was very funny an uncensored.
Let's play football
Sierra4 comments on Feb 8, 2021:
Is that the same football that Stephen Colbert licked during the Super Bowel? ( google it) Inquiring minds want to know.
Has Tampa really won until all legal challenges run their course?
Sierra4 comments on Feb 8, 2021:
We need to investigate Hillary Clinton. I am sure she and her pizza place were involved.
James Dean would be 90 years old today. Here is David Essex Rock on []
Sierra4 comments on Feb 8, 2021:
Always a favorite of mine. I have a fond memory of this song that I will not share here. 😁
Nobody wants to go to a liberal shithole so they are paying people to go there.
Sierra4 comments on Feb 5, 2021:
Yes I would. Thanks for the info.
What do you see?
Sierra4 comments on Feb 4, 2021:
Good one. First a person walking into the forest, then a dog coming out.
So true! No Debbie Downer's! Lol
Sierra4 comments on Feb 1, 2021:
True that!
Hey guys, I got a cheesy question πŸ˜‚ - What do you do on your first date?
Sierra4 comments on Feb 1, 2021:
I like a hike, with with lunch that we brought with us, on a peaceful trail. A lit of time for talking.
Hey guys, one more question haha ☺ - Have any of your ex's told you they regret breaking up?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 31, 2021:
They just regretted they didn’t do it sooner. πŸ˜‚
Who knew?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 30, 2021:
Hey, his eyes are up there. 😷😁
28th January 1956.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Did not see it, but I do have the recordings.
I love Sarah McLachlan. Cool she is sharing from her home. []
Sierra4 comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Many singers have posted videos from their home studios. I have really enjoyed that part of this pandemic.
My wife informed me I was right.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 27, 2021:
The Former Presidents Protection Act of 1958 provided a pension and lifetime Secret Service for themselves, their spouse , and children under 16. The lifetime protection was reduced to ten years in 1997, but reinstated to lifetime in 2012. Donald, Melania, and Barron are the only ones legally due protection. I am sure more than one Secret Service member is involved. We have five former presidents and spouses receiving protection.
How's Biden doing?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 27, 2021:
How about ONE week into this new administration.
Good morning everyone.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 27, 2021:
I always like the late 60’s early 70’s Bee Gees the best.
News Flash: Floraduh Man opens the office of the ex-president today....
Sierra4 comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Former bedroom of Harry Potter. 😁
@Canndue played us some Bruce.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Cash also recorded Highway Patrolman from Springsteen’s Nebraska album. It’s pretty good.
I thought they were mostly sister fuckers! Lol
Sierra4 comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Dead Raccoons. Yuck!
Hey guys! Happy Sunday everyone ☘🌠😊 I got a question πŸ˜… - What gets you excited or gives ...
Sierra4 comments on Jan 24, 2021:
Happy birthday. Neil Diamond Cherry, Cherry []
Sierra4 comments on Jan 24, 2021:
In a recent interview that I read, Diamond says his voice was not affected the same way that Linda Ronstadt's voice was from Parkinson's. He reworked some of his hits and recorded them. He has written new songs and plans on recording them soon. I look forward to listening to them. He no longer tours.
You've been warned!
Sierra4 comments on Jan 22, 2021:
I will turn myself in first thing in the morning.
It’s teatime.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 22, 2021:
One of my favorite 70’s song.
Hey Guys, good mornight😊 My question is 😁 - Fave movie of all time? Why so?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 19, 2021:
Scent of a Woman. The American version with Al Pacino. Just a well written and well acted film. One of a few I can watch many times.
Something a little different.. curious minds want to know.. anyone hear of a Screwball or a Tweety?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 18, 2021:
1,5,12. Kind of conventional.
Is it true? πŸ™„πŸ˜ƒ
Sierra4 comments on Jan 16, 2021:
I believe that to be true.
Aaron Neville - It Feels Like Rain []
Sierra4 comments on Jan 15, 2021:
I have listened to Aaron Neville since his 60’s hit Tell It Like It Is. Never considered him country. Always thought R&B. Good song and photos.
In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an...
Sierra4 comments on Jan 14, 2021: The West Wing’s version
In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an...
Sierra4 comments on Jan 14, 2021:
This was used in an episode of The West Wing by a fictional President Bartlett and his take down of a fictional right wing religious pundit.
Or a helluva lot of repression...
Sierra4 comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Nothing at all.
What's your fetish?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Having sex after flipping the Senate. 😱
Hey guys, I got a question πŸ˜„ - If you close your eyes what does your HaPpY pLAcE look like?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 11, 2021:
Your place is my place.
Anyone else renewed a passport in the age of Covid?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 10, 2021:
Renewed mine in September. Had picture taken at Walgreens. Took longer to get it than last time. About 10 weeks.
What's an absurd question you were asked by the opposite sex?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 10, 2021:
“Is that what you are wearing?”
I still have a lot of old Christian friends in my Facebook posts.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 9, 2021:
God wanted Hillary to win in 2016 and made sure she got the most votes. Unfortunately he/she forgot about that electoral college. 😷😁
It seemed appropriate on this beautifully crisp winter morning to post Antonio Vivaldi’s ...
Sierra4 comments on Jan 9, 2021:
I will shamefully admit that I was not aware of Vivaldi's Four Seasons until I saw the 1980's film The Four Seasons with Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, and Rita Moreno. The movie was great, I thought, and the music greatly enhanced it. I soon went out to a "record store" and bought the cassette tape of this piece of music.
Anyone else?
Sierra4 comments on Jan 7, 2021:
During this pandemic make sure to get your good jeans out and try them on. Sweat pants and pajamas will lie to you.
Meanwhile in Texas: It's Illegal to Own More Than 6 Dildos
Sierra4 comments on Jan 7, 2021:
Yes, but you can own as many guns as you want. So it all balances out. 😷😁
36 Questions: Happy Wild an' Wacky Wednesday! Gimme yer funnies!
Sierra4 comments on Jan 7, 2021:
My wife likes to talk during sex. Just the other night she called me from the motel she was at. *Rodney Dangerfield
Nice going America. US Capitol locks down with legislators inside. []
Sierra4 comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Happy Monday Everyone! I'm really struggling with sleep lately and I am so exhausted.
Sierra4 comments on Jan 4, 2021:
The last time I answered a similar question on here I said I have no problem sleeping. Usually through the night. During the pandemic that is approximately 11:30pm-6:30am. I was accused of bragging and not concerned with people who struggle getting to sleep. I still have no problems sleeping.
2000s Things That You Haven't Thought About in 20 years
Sierra4 comments on Jan 3, 2021:
I taught for 31 years. I loved my overhead projector.
To close out 2020, yesterday I was scrolling through useless news and ran across this gem of an ...
Sierra4 comments on Dec 31, 2020:
I like your story. I always thought Nugent was a pos.
Exquisite album! “When we were together That's when I was at my best.” []
Sierra4 comments on Dec 31, 2020:
I saw the Dixie Chicks in Dallas in the 80's. Natalie was not the singer then, but with Marte and Emily. They toured the folk music circuit in Texas singing mainly bluegrass. In about ten years they had replaced their lead singer with Natalie and changed their music and became very big. The Chicks are still great,
Happy Tuesday Friends! Which destination do you prefer, mountains or oceans?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 29, 2020:
Ocean definitely. I lived on Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a while. It was great. Moved for my career. I still remember the sound of the distant foghorn on foggy nights. Like the sound of a distant train that I also love to hear.
What say you?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 29, 2020:
That my friend is the arm of a snowman.
Before sunrise(1995), before sunset(2004)), before midnight(2013)
Sierra4 comments on Dec 29, 2020:
I agree and did enjoy these films.
I dunno, Stan Lee was a brilliant man. He might have gotten it right.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 29, 2020:
I would like to add ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It’s proof that Santa Claus exist. It is a first hand account.
Happy Monday Everyone! I have so much paper for the recycling bin! Do you recycle?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 28, 2020:
I recycle all I can. I have curbside recycling. Not sure if everything gets recycled I take old clothes, bedding, towels, etc to a local charity for resale. What they can’t use is sold to companies that turns them into to rags. The city has times during the year when you drop off electronics, batteries, and chemicals for recycling or safely disposed of. I get discouraged when I see trash cans full of bottles and aluminum cans.
Definitely! Lol
Sierra4 comments on Dec 27, 2020:
WARNING: Please remove the corn husk before eating. 😁
Came up on youtube this morning.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 26, 2020:
I have been listening to Gordon since this song came out in 1970 I think. A great writer.
You can run but you can't hide.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 25, 2020:
They keep telling me this is my final notice, but no.........
Merry Everyone on Earth Eve.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 24, 2020:
Happy Holidays!
Wishing you all a fantastic Festivus and scintillating Saturnalia!
Sierra4 comments on Dec 24, 2020:
“Let the airing of the grievances begin.”
What have been some of the best ways you’ve put your newly found truth to productive use?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 24, 2020:
My new found truth is 60 years old. My entire adult life has been as an atheist. I believe I have lived a productive life. Of course there are many who would disagree, including some on this site..
Trump is against renaming military bases.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 24, 2020:
I disagree. If this happens, some base is Georgia will be upset and sue because their base is only number 12 while a base in California is number 8. Not fair. Don't get me started on Texas. They will want all their bases to be 1a, 1b, 1c, etc..
It's Tuesday! One of my idiosyncrasies is that I have to have the volume on an even number.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 23, 2020:
Don't talk to me during a movie.
You celebrate a day that everyone decided that a baby was born.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 23, 2020:
You don't like it, but I do. I do not believe in god(s). I don't think Jesus ever existed. I do like the feeling of family and friendship during the time from Thanksgiving until New Years Day here in the U.S. Way too much commercialism to be sure. I don't ever drink Coke and I don't buy cars during this time. I need to have my roast turkey, bread stuffing, and cranberry sauce (not from a can), but I am not adverse to trying some other meal. BTW I play non religious holiday songs like Jingle Bell Rock, etc...
The Electoral College Really Needs to go
Sierra4 comments on Dec 22, 2020:
Gotcha man. Fake news. 169 is three digits and 10 is two digits. Three is more than two. So there.
Happy Monday Y'all! Do you run hot or cold?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 21, 2020:
I used to run pretty fast. Now days not so much. 😷
To my surprise, Thrift Books has been running an ad on national news sites (NBC, CNN, Slate, ...
Sierra4 comments on Dec 20, 2020:
Good decision. I decided not to smoke as an adolescent. Looked nasty. I decided against drugs just to get high. I drink socially, but 2020 has kind of eliminated social events. I have not missed having a beer.* *These are my decisions and are not meant to criticize others.
Tis the season for giving...
Sierra4 comments on Dec 20, 2020:
😱😱 No thank you!
Nobody can sing a rock n roll song like the King.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 20, 2020:
As a child my parents played music in the house and in the car. Sinatra, Perry Como, etc. But when Elvis came along he was mine. My dad didn’t like him, but my mother bought me the 45rpm of Don’t Be Cruel/Hound Dog. My first record. I moved on to different artist and genres, but Elvis was my first.
I’ve just been watching Educating Rita on TV.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 19, 2020:
Michael Caine. A very prolific actor. The first movie I saw of his was the spy thriller The Ipcress Files. Hannah and Her Sisters was also a great performances. I don’t remember seeing Julie Walters again until the Harry Potter series, although I am sure she was busy.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I have not given up. I just aged out.
I’ve just been watching Educating Rita on TV.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I saw the film when it came out, but not since. Very enjoyable.
Good evening everyone.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Welcome Kris. I am up in Dallas.
17th December 1964.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 17, 2020:
My first Bond movie. I was 16. Wow! That’s a long time ago. I still have the 45rpm record of this song stored away.
Yeah snowflake
Sierra4 comments on Dec 16, 2020:
I have had neither, but I will take your word for it.
The magic of hiking. I followed bunny tracks in the snow.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 14, 2020:
I started hiking and backpacking when I was in the Boy Scouts. I have backpacked in many national parks and wilderness areas. It brought me a peaceful mind. I no longer backpack, but going out for 3-4 hours and sometimes longer and bringing lunch is still a great feeling.
Do you remember Rudolph?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 13, 2020:
I was a teenager so it didn’t interest me. Now Shelly Fabares on the Donna Reed Show. What a crush. 😍
The kinks - Lola []
Sierra4 comments on Dec 6, 2020:
Great song. It is in my music library and it comes up often.
Sierra4 comments on Dec 2, 2020:
Was there ever any doubt?
Bruce got the Oscar, but here Neil does a nice song also from the movie. []
Sierra4 comments on Dec 2, 2020:
I like and have both songs from the movie.
Happy Tuesday! What's something goofy or quirky about you that you love?
Sierra4 comments on Dec 1, 2020:
Nature. Mountains, oceans, meadows, giant sequoias, sunsets, and sunrises. Always in awe of nature. Oh, I still laugh at Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County. πŸ˜ƒ
That bitch been gone forever and a day.
Sierra4 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
God could no longer send those “natural disasters” to punish us for homosexuals and abortions if he disappeared.
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.
Sierra4 comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Always funny.
Hello all you wonderful Niblets! What are you all doing this fine Feast Day?
Sierra4 comments on Nov 26, 2020:
Same thing I did yesterday. A bike ride, reading, and listening to music. At night some TV. Then bed.
Happy Pre-Gobbley Day! Let's get a giggle on, shall we?
Sierra4 comments on Nov 25, 2020:
Sorry. It took a couple readings to figure out what "ur tryna" meant, but the elementary teacher in me kicked in and I deciphered the meaning.
Naked booty shake?
Sierra4 comments on Nov 24, 2020:
Took me a second or two. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±
Is anyone else watching “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant?
Sierra4 comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Yes I am watching, although I have not watched last evenings episode yet. A good who done it.
Evangelist: I “Will Never Believe” Joe Biden is President and God Agrees With Me | Hemant Mehta ...
Sierra4 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
That’s funny. God told me she intended for Clinton to win in 2016, but became distracted by something else in the universe. She made sure she stuck around this time to see to it that Joe won.
The untold fairy tale
Sierra4 comments on Nov 22, 2020:
Ouch! The splinters
The “King”....Elvis Presley. - Don’t Be Cruel, 1956. []
Sierra4 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
I attended catholic school from grades 1-3. One day while in third grade the boys and girls were separated and brought to different rooms. Nuns talked to the girls and a priest to the boys. What did we do? The priest told us that anyone listening to THAT Elvis Presley was sinning. 😱 My mother had just bought me this record. The B side was Hound Dog. I kept sinning. 😷
I know this group was in existence , long before I joined .
Sierra4 comments on Nov 21, 2020:
I am here for the community and reading the thoughts of people who feel like I do about religion. The points don't matter.


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The 31 year span of my teaching career.
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Softball time.
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Open to meeting women
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