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Make friends maybe more like the outdoors and gaming ps4 ,think I'm here for community more these days . Oh and I'm going through a garlic dip and bread thing , turns out the bread was making my eczema worse so no more garlic bread


Getting dressed up for the movie. Too excited. Mom's going to style my hair like black widow and I'm...
Simon1 comments on Apr 26, 2018:
Sooo jealous ....
Hypocritical Christian Bastards (in a nice way, of course)
Simon1 comments on Mar 5, 2018:
Though shall not judge an all that .......just one of the many reasons to dislike these nutjobs
Did anyone one else see the documentary last night on Christian Hate preachers? Is it just me or ...
Simon1 comments on Aug 1, 2018:
Ask the rent boy he no doubtedly pays !!!
Has anyone else noticed that now we have cell phones in our pockets all the time, you no longer need...
Simon1 comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I've started keeping mine in my backpack when I go out just so I can have a break from it . I remember my mum's landline as it hasn't changed in 30 years
How would you describe your level of morality as compared to the general morals of the past 100 ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
I'd say I was a saint but then most saints were alcoholic drug addicts .. so not sure how you wanna rank it lol
Do you have a preference as to which side of the bed you sleep on?
Simon1 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
On top the boogey man gets the underside.....
It would be nice if we could trade some parts of ourselves...lol
Simon1 comments on Aug 15, 2018:
She's a child ....bit creepy this photo
Me to a tee!
Simon1 comments on Jun 27, 2018:
And films !!
Are we witnessing our cousins in their own Stone Age. Not from peer review but fascinating non the ...
Simon1 comments on May 19, 2018:
Joe rogan mentions this on one of his podcasts
Do you hold doors for women?
Simon1 comments on Mar 5, 2018:
Woman, men ,children ,dogs whoever is behind me it's just the polite thing to do
If applicable, how did you quit smoking?
Simon1 comments on Mar 7, 2018:
Am currently halfway through a course of champix not had a ciggarete for over a month but the crazy dreams and headaches every morning are taking their toll
Do you have a specific movie, TV show, or commercial you quote from on a regular basis?
Simon1 comments on May 16, 2018:
Wayne's world 1+2
Mistaken Identity
Simon1 comments on Apr 27, 2018:
A handsome brad pit
What do people here think about herbal medicine? Is this the most natural of complementary ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
Expensive pee
I've been hearing about a group in the past few days of supporters of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ...
Simon1 comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Conspiracy theories on top of more conspiracy theories they even contradict themselves
Do You Read History or could you care less because you were not there. Have you come to the fact ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I used to live history but the older I get the more o realise that most of it is guess work and written by the winners . In conclusion I'll give it a passing interest but nothing like I used to
Do you feel that the current trend in universities being/having a "safe space" is detrimental or ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Detrimental....where are people going to discuss/debate things to find a middle ground and get along . All you have now is two sides shouting to be the loudest with no where to sit down and talk .
Can you call your life a succesful life till now?
Simon1 comments on Apr 27, 2018:
I'm still alive so yup
A new friend of mine who is wanting to start up a business in past life regression therapy wants me ...
Simon1 comments on May 24, 2018:
Take a nap and pretend you slept past your alarm
Wife died and I know people mean well, but just hearing "she's in a better place", or " you'll see ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I was thinking about this subject earlier and my conclusion i'd rather they be alive which is much better for everyone concerned. But I'm loving your answer !!!
Now that the royal wedding is over can the media move on to something that means something. Just as ...
Simon1 comments on May 20, 2018:
It's what they are covering up you should be worried about
It seems that most outspoken anti-choice ("pro-life") people are in a religious community. Are ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Non believers tend to look at the evidence and other statistic factors . The religious go by their emotions or what they are told
How do you determine maturity? The state of mind to which you act to adhere to a commitment or ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 9, 2018:
Do you laugh at farts ?
Should public nudity be legal?
Simon1 comments on Feb 24, 2018:
No as the majority of people who want to be naked in public should not be !!
I'm sure this will bring the people I'm talking about out of the woodwork but I have to say that I'm...
Simon1 comments on Aug 8, 2018:
Assholes !!! Assholes everywhere !!! ..lol
Do you have porn saved on your computer?
Simon1 comments on Feb 24, 2018:
Why bother when you can stream in private mode
Some people find religion in times of tragedy or hardship. I usually find it when I drop shit on my ...
Simon1 comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Sit closer to the toilet ,don't hover
Everybody on here is so positive and diplomatic. Which is great for you - kudos, seriously. But how ...
Simon1 comments on May 19, 2018:
Think there's a punk group I know there's a metal one ..if not make one and they will come
We are slowly appreciating over the last year that lying under oath was an Obama-administration ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 7, 2018:
When will people learn it's not the puppet that is the problem but the guys running the show behind him. The idiots in charge haven't been running your country for decades they just fancy dressing
Journal, anyone?
Simon1 comments on May 11, 2018:
I used to then my ex read them and used it to cause arguments with me ..Who knew writing about someone you met once 5 years before you knew your current partner could end up being a 3 year argument
What say you about music haters? People love to rag on Nickelback, 5FDP, etc. I've even heard ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Depends who you talk to and what age i hated loads of bands when i was younger now i just say i never got into them . There are bands i also joke about not liking
What about your culture do you like the least?
Simon1 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Group photos !,!
How do you say you love some one without them thinking you want to marry them?
Simon1 comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Spit don't swallow .....
Received a call from a guy that I've not seen in over 10 years. He's in poor health. Multiple ...
Simon1 comments on May 24, 2018:
Maybe if he got off his fat arse instead of praying for everything he wouldn't be having such bad strokes
I'm gonna go with... yup, it's already happened.
Simon1 comments on Jul 5, 2018:
And most of its inhabitants think it was a bad idea ..........( or summit along those lines its been a while since i read the books )
What's a phrase you vehemently despise?
Simon1 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
That's not six inches ....
If Christianity falls at the first hurdle, does not the whole idea of religion, not fall down? I ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 9, 2018:
What god had to rest after day seven didn't give it away either ?
My supervisor at the 'day job' fairly abruptly resigned from her supervisory position in January,......
Simon1 comments on Mar 2, 2018:
Do the toilets need cleaning ? ......lol
Is Cloning Humans Really "Unethical"? Scientists succeed in cloning monkeys. No doubt, the ...
Simon1 comments on Jan 25, 2018:
I don't see why there's such a fuss at the moment as we cannot clone thoughts , memories and feelings etc . All you got is another human that has similar cells a true clone would have your memories , feelings etc .....never gonna happen with our technology . There still isn't a need for it as we can still reproduce when the sperm count for humanity is zero that's when we will need to start cloning
Yes, many suspects LOL
Simon1 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
Anyone can have a holiwood star for $350,000
Do you have a coping mechanism that works for you? How about one that works against you? I cope...
Simon1 comments on Feb 11, 2018:
In ear headphones heavy metal blasting whenever in public
Are LED Light Therapy Facials Too Good to Be True?LED Light Skin Therapy
Simon1 comments on Apr 2, 2018:
All aboard the woo woo train. Will have to look into it but just a quick read and it just stinks if woo catchphrases and to good to be true stuff
What wildlife do you commonly see where you live?
Simon1 comments on Feb 3, 2018:
Chavs they make hell of a mess of the streets !!
Whatcha think?
Simon1 comments on May 3, 2018:
Cos weed doesn't kill ya ...
Why do people lie?
Simon1 comments on Oct 14, 2018:
Well the guy who said vaccines caused autism got paid a shitload of money to lie ...thats one ason at least
Beware! Women want our ... everything! [facebook.com]
Simon1 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
An angel loses it's erection and punches a wall ...brilliant !
As a Canadian I have always wondered why Americans seem to all fly American flags outside of their ...
Simon1 comments on May 23, 2018:
Us and them mentality . It's easier to convince them that johny foreigner is bad and they are good . The English are bad for it the further you get away from the major cities
Well...after 9 years, my husband just broke up with me via text - the first day i was off on my ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 11, 2018:
What a coward
The Don't Laugh Newsroom Challenge: Episode 2 - College Humor [youtube.com]
Simon1 comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Counting down the hours before george takei posts about the coulter challange lol
Has anyone else noticed a pervasive sense of social and moral collapse in modern society? School ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
That's just America the rest of us are doing fine apart from England which is following suite
Do you invest in Bitcoin?
Simon1 comments on Feb 6, 2018:
I can't afford to invest in a penny jar !!!
Okay. so I am still new to this atheist thing. How long does it take before I will no longer dread ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
Everyone's afraid to die that's normal...it's being afraid of what happens afterwards is the weird thing like everyone is saying it's exactly like before you were born so really there's nothing to be afraid of
What do you most like to do during your leisure time?
Simon1 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
Ps4 and take my boy out to the park
What is your position on abortion. Personally I think it is very avoidable but the same people who ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 2, 2018:
It's not a form of birth control there are far more less dangerous ,painless , psychologicaly safer ways for birth control . It's a big choice that has its own burdens and problems . If the proper education for birth control and sti prevention was properly available there would be far less need for the procedure . But as usual those not educated enough on the subject barhe in and make an entirely bigger mess of things
Insults. Anyone can mutter an expletive or curse another, but clever insults, made in public, are ...
Simon1 comments on May 17, 2018:
Billions of years of evolution and you're the result ?????????
Ladies: The egg never swims out to the sperm. Never chase a man.
Simon1 comments on Mar 3, 2018:
Men are stupid you may need to reconsider that stance
Morality, our achilles heel. I suggest that humanity, at least western / American people, are all ...
Simon1 comments on May 6, 2018:
No witnesses no bodies ......
Dawkins is writing a book for children to be titled.....OMG! I think I’m an Atheist! A Muslim ...
Simon1 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
He's already got one children's book out . The magic of reality I have it
What would you think if someone said they had developed the best fitness routine in the world?
Simon1 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Reason 435 to stay religion-free 😂
Simon1 comments on Jul 15, 2018:
No that's reason No1 !!!!!
Do you find that people don't get your humor? I see it especially online and think it's not ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 29, 2018:
All the time it's hillarious !!
Are people changing, or am I?
Simon1 comments on Apr 15, 2018:
Just remember the general public are morons
Death is only real because we believe in it's inevitability.
Simon1 comments on Jun 9, 2018:
Send me a letter from the afterlife.
Does anybody else wonder why "believer" is an option on an agnostic dating site?
Simon1 comments on Nov 19, 2019:
Catch the trolls out
Just wondering, about past experiences. Im on a couple dating sites, and have had several dates with...
Simon1 comments on Oct 14, 2018:
I get the feeling beliveres think that with agnostics theres still a chnace they will become belivers where athiests are more of a lost cause
Insults. Anyone can mutter an expletive or curse another, but clever insults, made in public, are ...
Simon1 comments on May 16, 2018:
If it wasn't for your face you'd be pretty ....
I wonder some people call themselves atheists but they do believe in ghosts, every time i hear this ...
Simon1 comments on Jun 11, 2018:
Gives me a chuckle aa well
A Big Bang Blunder? It is currently impossible for cosmologists to see any further back in time ...
Simon1 comments on Sep 23, 2018:
So got any better hypothesis ?
I was watching a documentary about tattoos and society's reaction to people who took it to the ...
Simon1 comments on May 12, 2018:
When I became a badass space pirate I will
BBC - Future - Tomorrow’s Gods: What is the future of religion?
Simon1 comments on Aug 3, 2019:
All hail the robot overlords !!!
DOUBLE AGENT REPORT 1 -- I mentioned yesterday that I had joined the Xian Forum boards and I'm ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I always thought everyone up there was furiously masterbating as they seem to like watching everyone have sex
What's your favorite unproven theory? As in, one you're rooting for scientists to find conclusive ...
Simon1 comments on Feb 26, 2018:
Multiverse , then I know there's a wolverine version of me out there, also a rich happy me , also a handsome me . The list can go on and on and on and on and on and on
I just realized my previous post read 'what the hell' at the end. Probably not the best choice of ...
Simon1 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
When referring to something unbelievable biblical words are actually quite fitting as they are the definition of unbelievable
So here is a quandary, I took THIS from MY response off of another group in response to WHAT WE ALL ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Yup it's what worries me if they do start paying taxes then they would want more of a say which is a massive no no
I hadn't realized how "evil" yoga was until a conversation with my mother a few minutes ago... <eye ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Its the woo that goes with it they think its a gateway to buddism which is a rival to their business
Why is Atheism still so misunderstood in 2018? Even after it has been explained countless times, ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 2, 2018:
It's more to confuse believer's so they don't start thinking it's bad for business
Raising kids: fairies Vs skeptical toolkits
Simon1 comments on May 19, 2018:
I've always said to my boy Mam and dad buy you presents for Christmas because we love you . Any ways 6 months of me not being around cos of the breakup (long story) and he's back on the Santa thing ..think it's more to do with her relatives than her but she does along with it. Winds me up a treat
I am a hard rock and metal nut. Most metalheads my age are incredibly elitist about whichever ...
Simon1 comments on May 24, 2018:
Yup noticed it about ten years ago in the clubs . Metal was metal back in the 80's to many sub genres now and to many elitists in each . A few concerts were overrun by non metal heads who made the whole feel of the concert limp .
Runaway capitalism. This is happening right now at the grocer I work for. People have been ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
Be careful someone will be calling you a Communist next
Where to start with these idiots. I had to be a Debbie Downer with a gleeful Facebooker who was ...
Simon1 comments on Feb 11, 2018:
By of died cloth sacred ???? I'd understand a bit if it had a dragon on it but even then it's just a bit of cloth
Are you racist?
Simon1 comments on Feb 19, 2018:
No I hate everyone equally
If the universe is indeed expanding what is the cause? dark energy. then what is dark energy?
Simon1 comments on Apr 9, 2018:
Gravity is the cause of the expansion . Not sure if they have found any dark matter yet so can't say anything about that
Have you noticed how difficult it is to get a password lately? LOL
Simon1 comments on Feb 6, 2018:
Let me know what your is and I'll tell you where you are going wrong .....
MEN: What would your reason be for asking a woman what she does for a living, upon meeting her?
Simon1 comments on Jul 9, 2018:
I only ask to keep conversation going and to make sure she doesn't want me to leave money on the bedside cabinet when I leave ...lol
I thought that the gun-control madness would be over here. It seems that I am grossly mistaken. ...
Simon1 comments on Feb 26, 2018:
In an un-civilised country yeah your right
If the universe is indeed expanding what is the cause? dark energy. then what is dark energy?
Simon1 comments on Apr 9, 2018:
Gravity is the cause of the expansion . Not sure if they have found any dark matter yet so can't say anything about that
Do you ever think about the things we do on a daily basis and realize how silly they are?
Simon1 comments on Jan 13, 2018:
Make lots of money for other people whilst having no money for ourselves
The "multiverse theory (parallel universes) advanced by Steven Hawking and James Hartle might be ...
Simon1 comments on May 6, 2018:
Be cool if in 100 or more years he's proven correct
Simon1 comments on May 22, 2019:
Advice for parenting a first born teen?? So....much.....drama.
Simon1 comments on Jul 11, 2018:
Dungeon , chains , manacles , locks and a large pile of envelopes to be filled with junk mail ( make money from junk mail companies) until she's 35 that should sort it out
Can you name the next president?
Simon1 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
Emperor Trump there won't be another election ....
Can you live without meat?
Simon1 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Nope It covers my bones ,!
How can we as a nation accuse Russia, China and numerous other countries of being an aggresser? We ...
Simon1 comments on Jul 17, 2018:
There are no good guys just bad guys hiding behind closed doors
Have you ever had a dream within a dream?
Simon1 comments on Mar 9, 2018:
Yes recently I had a dream tha I could not wake up when I did wake I quickly realised I was still dreaming the dream carried on for about three more times before I actually woke up , but to be completely honest I'M NOT 100% certain I ever woke up ..........heeelllpppp im trapped in a dream get me out ,!,!,!,!,!
So what is your dating success with this site vs traditional dating sites?
Simon1 comments on Jul 2, 2018:
I'm single so crap at both methods
Does the term cis bother you? You can call.me late to dinner, but don't call me an isomer of ...
Simon1 comments on Apr 12, 2018:
There seem to be a lot of labels for a generation that dislikes labels
Odd Shows
Simon1 comments on Apr 28, 2018:
League of gentlemen and psycholville are dark comedies ....Happy,! Is a bit ou there aswell ......not as eccentric as mighty boosh
If you were given the chance, would you like to stay a certain age forever?
Simon1 comments on Feb 13, 2018:
Yes so wanted to be in the altered carbon universe
So recently I decided to quit drinking and it's been a hard thing to do I was doing pretty well ...
Simon1 comments on May 31, 2018:
Just a blip don't worry just take it day by day that's what I do
Are they waiting for an attack?
Simon1 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
Yeah used tow ork in a olace like that tehyw ould bring up religion constantly then when i gave them facts or debunked what they said they got pissy about it , ebpven to the point the manager told me to back off


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