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I am new to this... not much to say for now. I am enjoying this site and I see interesting people.

I grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to South Florida at the beginning of 9th grade. I attended Catholic school from 1st-8th grade, but by 6th I had some doubts. In my doubts I made friends outside of my religion, spent a lot of time with them-went to their church or asked lots of questions to them and their elders. I read and read and questioned...

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What are some great movies with philosophical meanings behind them??
Sirena comments:
Waking Life Kino's Journey (series, but fits theme) Paprika Pan's Labyrinth Inception Fight Club 12 Monkeys I Heart Huckabees Running with Scissors Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The Shining American Beauty Requiem for a Dream American History X Trainspotting
Under the arch — Glastonbury Tor, England.
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I see you like arched structures :)
All these questions about identity make me realise that I don't really have one. I don't know who I am other than, say, my name and SS number and whatever else was placed on me because I wasn't allowed to form one of my own or develop any confidence in my abilities. I don't even know if abilities *are* an identity. I'm not even sure what an identity is. So while I'm arranging an appointment with a therapist, I also wonder if anyone else here has a similar difficulty with this idea.
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Do like to read? I recommend reading some Codependency books. It can be hard work, but you will need to find you and work on you to heal and find yourself. Your therapist will help, so good job on heading on that path!
Please don't get me wrong, I am proud to being an american. the Scientific endevors whe have had some major breakthroughs is astounding, From partical excelerators, to landing man the moon, and plenty of examples of endevoures that I am very proud of. With that said, I honestly believe that our education system has gone to shit. This vid shows a great example of what I mean. https://youtu.be/EPhV1cAHTcM
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Agreed πŸ˜“
Could you go back to religion?
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40 soon. Not sure how to celebrate it. Don’t have a lot of friends and family mostly in England. Thinking of traveling. Any suggestions?
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A cruise to somewhere you've never been? Alaska? Or fly to Greece? Iceland?
Welcome new member Sirena.
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Thank you 😊
So after reading some comments on an FB post, I became very curious. I hope to keep this post relatively mature as it is of a personal nature. I have a few different questions/comments to present... 1) As someone who plans to adopt and potentially have her own, something I never realized I may need to consider is if I'll have a son circumcised. What is your opinion and why? Please don't be too graphic, I am a LADY😁. Parents, I'm most interested in hearing how you made your decisions with your own sons. 2) Do you think that majority of those that have been circumcised was due to religious reasons or just the assumed norm? 3) I hate when women push their beliefs on this topic, while also ask men to stay out of decision-making when it comes to women's reproductive rights. Have your opinion, sure. Please don't ever argue against a Male on this topic though. Agree? Disagree?
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No. It's not medically needed and it's cutting off nerves the penis looses sensitivity because of it. I don't believe in Clitoridectomy or clitorectomy, what makes it ok for me to make a choice like that for my child?
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