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Open to meeting women
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Widower, mature student of Social Sciences, father, hero and a damn good egg!
Vehement non-smoker and atheist - well the later bit is why I'm here!
Right now I'm trying to put life back together after the death of my wife, she died back in 2015. My first step was to try a follow in our daughters footsteps and gain an education, or else I'll end up doing zero hour contracts for minimum wage. So, trying for a degree. If romance blossoms through meeting someone, then all well and good, if not then I want some good conversations without phrases about it being 'Gods plan' thrown at me.
Things about me.....
Music - I've got quite diverse tastes. At the moment I'm deeply into Post Modern Jukebox, but there's Queen, Jethro Tull, Indo-Asian, Rolling Stones, Troll Rock, Kate Bush, Shakira, Ludwig Van B, Fife & Drum, Sia, The Strawbs, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Puddles Pity Party, The Soviet National Anthem, Ed Sheeran, The Pougues, The Men They Couldn't Hang, ABBA, Steve Earl and many, many more genres.
Movies include... Most Super-hero franchise stuff, Sci-fi, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Zulu, Zulu Dawn, A Long Day's Dying, Glory, Battle L.A., Fury, The Man Who Would be King, Deadpool I & II, Four Feathers, Das Boot, Gallipoli, The Light Horsemen, Iron Sky, Avatar, Hellboy I & II, Pans Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, Lord of the Rings & Hobbit-ies, Sink the Bismark, The Searchers, Rooster Cogburn, Starships Troopers I & III, The Mist. Rouge One, Silent Running, Most Zombie flicks such as Cockneys vs Zombies. Ice Cold in Alex, The Dam Busters, The Duelists, Pulp Fiction.
Television.... The Amazing World of Gumball, Star Trek Original and Discovery, Dr Who, Torchwood, Preacher, Gotham, Walking Dead, BBC News, Monty Python, Dads Army, Simpsons, Spongebob, Blue Planet, The League of Gentlemen, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, The list goes on..
Food I hate poultry, otherwise curry, much curry, meat curries, vegetable curries, seafood curries. I quite like chillies and food made with chillies. Cooked breakfasts .. did I mention I like curry, Roast dinners, home made soup, pies, sausages and curry.

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