I love to explore the hills of Cincinnati on my bike. I love going out as much as staying in. I don't really watch sports but I can go to an event or game any day!

So on NPR today (02-12-2018), they had a story about a study which shows tha smart phones have people conditioned/trained like Pavlov's dogs. I myself recognized how people were constantly lettign theri phones disrupt their lives. So, on my phone, I don't' do Facebook, Twitter, or even email. I use it as a "phone" and sometimes may text, but my life is not centered aroudn my phone or any other technology.
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So how often are you on your PC then? :) But yes time is valuable and everything is fighting for a piece of it. You just need to figure out what makes you happy, if content makes you happy, nothing wrong with being on your phone. The important lesson is not to miss out on life because of too much down time.
A bit of levity
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What if a monetary system was unnecessary?
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I would rather we barter. But something would need to be traded for time and service. I know I'm a #Bitcoin Investor!! I'm all about making money decentralized.
What do you know that most others don’t?
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Never feel completely content with your view of the world. We are in an intentionally blacked out aquarium and as you swim you'll always come across new ideas, new ways and possibly an alternate prospective! You will NEVER have learned enough or experienced enough within the time limits of your life to have the absolute correct bigger picture. This is understood from the start and all apart of the mysteries set forth during this incarnation. It's like an insect trying to figure out our lives as it lived for a few weeks within your home. Always search for facts about the universe and the planet from trusted sources. In sure that source offers the best middle of the road global prospective. The more you educate yourself on the basic understandings of universal physics, living nature and the workings of our anatomy the closer you will be to the ideas behind creation. Those are the only books truly written by any creation source. Lucky for us they are all picture books! ;) Ever since man began digging in the sand and building. The world was split into two, the concrete jungle and the natural jungle. Both offer life changing obstacles, adventures & pain. Only one is the original intended foundation for you to grow your mind from. Everything else is additional....
The pastors who seem to think that secularism is bringing the end of the world are really starting to bother me.
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Yeah, the momentum of this place is greater than us, as you all know. But to preachers like this they just don't understand how the universe works. And that the universe would not miss a beat if we destroyed our own planet. Thats why its up to us to fix it, we can't pray our problems away.
I'm hopeful that I bought my last pack of cigarettes today. I'm planning on quitting on Tuesday (2/13/18, since posts aren't dated), and l just thought I'd put it out there, because while I'm unconvinced of the power of prayer, I still believe thoughts create our reality. So, feel free to send thoughts of **joy** my way. I intend to *celebrate* my freedom from this stupid addiction. Thanks, friends! Side note: I've done this before, so unsolicited advice is not necessary. Feel free to comment on your successes, though!
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Good luck!! :) I'm rooting for you!
I am an atheist terrorist
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It is my opinion, based on what I observe and articles that I have read, that conservative evangelicals are framing a new religion. God's chosen people are no longer the Hebrews but American, conservative, evangelicals. They have suggested rewriting the bible to conform to conservative, evangelical dogma. It is completely contrary to biblical teaching and the very opposite to Jesus' instructions.
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Www.evilbible.com would be something to consider. The whole book is hogwash. No one with a global prospective who would have created everyone would ever say the things that are in that book. So either we have a god who can't write well or even write his own book. Seems like a weak god or one who isn't aligned with any religion out there.
Atheists Are Brainwashed By The Scientific Method
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Its hard to find happiness in a trickle down slavery system. The best you can do is live by example and try to help those around you. Does anyone really know what happiness is anyways? Most the time people are just trying to be comfortable in their own skin. You wanna talk about brainwashed? #LiesOfReligion
What if you are wrong and there IS a god
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Then we would already be slaves to a single minded god desiring worship all the time. If that were the case he sure is nice with hands off.... But there is no heaven or hell and rule number 1 here is 0 intervention from above. ;) All you will ever experience in this Universe is everyones momentum bouncing off each other. I call it freewill pinball. This includes what seems to be an equal importance for the life of plants, virus's, bacteria, humans or even rocks in space, the life cycle of suns. etc, etc. No amount of prayer to any god will stop a cancer from killing you or getting hit by a car. Always keep your eyes open, this life is more about whats happening in front of your face. Plenty is understood that we would have little control over some things as the momentum grows & flows.
Your Thoughts
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Thats a fight between the #1 and #2 spots... :(
Don’t set the bar too high ;)
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Expectations are just something to fall short from.
Opinions wanted: my now ex has suddenly converted to Christianity??
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Say it was nice meeting you! <3 Keep your craziness
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