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Long time member of "Alternate Lifestyle" groups in California. Have backed off of that since moving to Idaho. Too many Mormonoids up here, plus other true believers. I belonged to the San Diego Sexual Freedom League, Elysium, and Sandstone when living in California, but those are all gone now.

I'm a college graduate, recent widower, nonsmoker, don't drink much (although I don't have any objection to booze) have a cat, and don't have any drug/disease problems. I'm also a gun nut, so if that bother you, look elsewhere. Being a nudist gun nut put me in a unique position somewhere between nudists and gun nuts. I don't fit in with either group on a philosophical lever. We'll see what happens with this group.


Wednesday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Nov 18, 2020:
I wouldn't worry too much, Lauren. I volunteer at Simply Cats, an adoption Shelter, and so far this year, we've gotten 813 cats adopted. The shelters want to get their cats adopted as much as people want to adopt them.
Spending the day at my Mom's.
Spudgun comments on Oct 1, 2020:
Very relaxed kitty.
Interview ME! []
Spudgun comments on Nov 12, 2020:
lmao............Those are great. Cats don't care if you're on cam or not.
It would be hilarious if he ever did say something like that...
Spudgun comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Wouldn't surprise me if he really doesn't know the difference.
Spudgun comments on Apr 12, 2020:
The Second Amendment isn't about hunting, and the hunters often don't pay much attention to the Second Amendment until after someone passes a law that affects them. I've worked in several gun stores and met a whole heap of hunters who aren't defendants of the Second Amendment. All they care about is hunting, not about gun rights. So I'm only a little impressed with hunters.
It's like living two lives?
Spudgun comments on Jul 10, 2018:
Boy, that is certainly the truth.
Columbus Zoo to welcome 3 mountain lion cubs rescued from California wildfires |
Spudgun comments on Nov 18, 2020:
That's really cool. Very good news for the cubs.
Wednesday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Jul 22, 2020:
Awwww, such big blue eyes.
Saturday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Jan 3, 2021:
Cute kitten. 'Course, all kittens are
Booby trap
Spudgun comments on Jun 29, 2020:
May be because somebody wore that before. Cats like to sleep on clothes that their people have worn. I don't know how many times I've found my current and former cats asleep on things that I've worn. They like the smell of their people.
& not in the blood of Christ!
Spudgun comments on Mar 18, 2020:
I know a lot of people who, when anything unpleasant happens, will immediately start praying. Which in my opinion is an utter waste of time. If they didn't pray, the outcome would be exactly the same. But they get all self righteous and will say something like "See, prayer works", when praying has had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of the situation. But you can't reason with these people. They're so bloody convinced that they're right that they always have an excuse or a reason that God didn't answer their prayer when things don't come out how they wanted.
Pet kitty chases away four-tonne elephant that wandered into its garden looking for food in Thailand...
Spudgun comments on Nov 18, 2020:
Now there's a cat that has way more guts than good sense. "It's my yard, dammit, you go find your own".
Build That Wall!
Spudgun comments on Nov 19, 2020:
That about sums it up.
Extremely rare white cougar highlights a quirk of the species
Spudgun comments on Dec 8, 2020:
That's really cool. He's not an albino, either. That's really rare.
Wednesday morning cuteness..
Spudgun comments on Jan 21, 2021:
My, what big ears you have, little Kitty....................
Served him right.
Spudgun comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Too bad the cops didn't arrest him for reckless driving.
Here's one for RobertNappi2
Spudgun comments on Aug 2, 2020:
What an adorable little kitten!
Funny how that works...
Spudgun comments on Oct 1, 2020:
That's the absolute liberal bullshit spelled out. They've been spreading that nonsense for years.
Family cuteness
Spudgun comments on Jun 29, 2020:
Now there's a real family portrait.
Not quite what they expected when they said a snow cat was coming to them
Spudgun comments on Jan 21, 2021:
That's a cat that looks like it's used to wintertime.
Quarantine Kitty
Spudgun comments on Apr 2, 2020:
There are people who will do all sorts of goofy and weird things to their pets in the name of "grooming", but they usually have some kind of poodle or poodle mix. I feel sorry for the cat.
Happens all the time....
Spudgun comments on May 4, 2020:
I can't say that. If Gideon wakes me up, he always WANTS something. Usually breakfast.
Lunch break from gardening..... Thought for the afternoon: πŸ˜†πŸ·
Spudgun comments on Sep 9, 2020:
A lot of truth in the
Sunday morning cuteness...Practicing!!!
Spudgun comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Gonna get that mousie!
Saturday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Aug 2, 2020:
Hi there, Cutie
Book explores how war for independence revolutionized firearms technology- []
Spudgun comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Wars, from the time the first war was fought, have always improved weapons technology.
What trouble can I cause today?????
Spudgun comments on Apr 17, 2020:
That looks like my old cat Lucky. And he definitely could get it to trouble, darn near daily.
Its :45. Cats are fed at :00 local. Im making bread. So... they think its time for food! πŸ™„
Spudgun comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Those are two very handsome cats.
Bloomberg to back Biden by spending $100M in Florida
Spudgun comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Nice to see that Bloomberg is wasting more of his money.
Pet cat quietly stays inside his student owner's desk after she secretly brought him into class  | ...
Spudgun comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Very smart kitty. And very good at cooperating.
Kitty around the corner
Spudgun comments on Apr 17, 2020:
LMAO.............That one's just looking for trouble.
Unusual cuteness
Spudgun comments on Jun 29, 2020:
That is definitely a strange looking Kitty.
Update on Mazie: Vet said she has an upper respiratory infection that's likely what's making her ...
Spudgun comments on Jul 24, 2020:
Glad to hear that she's getting better.
Interesting chat with a Nam Vet... I'm sure you'll be able to relate, Bigpaw... []
Spudgun comments on Jan 23, 2021:
Me too. I joined the Navy in April of '65, got orders to Sonar School out of boot camp, graduated in December of '65, and got orders to a tin can out of 32nd Street in San Diego. I did two tours in Viet Nam and saw a lot of action, including the ship getting hit by shore battery fire while attempting to rescue an Army Bird Dog pilot who had been shot down.
People are Crocheting Tiny Kitty Couches (and Blankets) for Their Felines
Spudgun comments on May 4, 2020:
What a neat idea.
The Founders knew what they were doing.
Spudgun comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Those guys were incredibly wise when they wrote the Constitution.
Finally, a class worth taking.
Spudgun comments on Apr 17, 2020:
There were some Professors I had in college that didn't make as much sense as the cat.
Thomas Jefferson said it best: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong...
Spudgun comments on Jun 29, 2020:
Absolutely true.
Bobcat Attempts Huge Jump Over Water
Spudgun comments on May 16, 2020:
Very coordinated, and healthy, cat. Obviously been there before and knows how to work the system. Really impressive!
One bad ass Momma!
Spudgun comments on Aug 2, 2020:
She doesn't look all that bad ass to me, just giving baby a bath. But if you messed with her or the cubs..........then you're in BIG trouble.
Now, its "their" house. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί
Spudgun comments on Feb 20, 2020:
This is what we go through every day at Simply Cats. I'm involved with the Cat Pawsitive Pro program which trains cats who are very shy or antisocial into getting used to being around and interacting with people. So far this year, we've had 127 cats get adopted. Including several that we've trained.
The people who preach inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance feel that it is okay to do this: ...
Spudgun comments on May 7, 2020:
Portland for the last few years has been run by idiots, and it gets worse every year. Until they get rid of the Mayor and most of the City Council, it's going to keep getting worse. When all the white people have moved out of Portland, it may dawn on them that they have made a terrible mistake. But I wouldn't bet on it.
That explains it all
Spudgun comments on May 16, 2020:
Yep, very good possibility.
Or, in our case.... Angelique, the houskeeper. Terrifying!!! Even I run away!!
Spudgun comments on Apr 19, 2020:
Gideon is the only cat I've ever seen who isn't bothered by vacuum cleaners. When I'm vacuuming the house, he just sits and watches me. When I'm finished with one room, he follows me to the next one.
Mummy & her chicks
Spudgun comments on Aug 2, 2020:
What happened to Mama? Those kittens are going to need milk.
This cat is more majestic than I could ever hope to be. []
Spudgun comments on Jun 23, 2020:
I've never been crazy about Persian cats, but this one's kind of cute, and is obviously enjoying being blow dried.
Well, fair's fair: 😎🍷
Spudgun comments on Sep 9, 2020:
LMAO............Fair enough.
Picture from 1918-1919. Keep kitty safe! Can't tell if this is a phot edit or not.
Spudgun comments on Jul 5, 2020:
Yeah, that photo is a little suspicious. I think it's been photoshopped or altered somehow.
Wednesday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Dec 30, 2020:
My, what big ears you have. All five of you.
🐱🎀 What kind of music do cats like?
Spudgun comments on Apr 19, 2020:
Mine doesn't seem to care much what kind of music I listen to. He just likes to hang out with me. But I do play a lot of 1950's/1960's Country Music.........Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and so on.
Kind of disturbing. But then.... I look at the Democratic Party's choices.
Spudgun comments on Sep 9, 2020:
I doubt that's going to happen, but it might not be such a bad idea. None of them are politicians.
The government likes it when BLM destroys businesses, in fact, it jumped right in and helped them ...
Spudgun comments on Nov 27, 2020:
I couldn't have said it any better.
When there’s no more food..
Spudgun comments on Apr 4, 2020:
Mine will do that if I don't keep the bathroom door closed. He's got a real thing for toilet paper.
I just read the following in my Conspiracy group: "" If you have not seen this already, you will ...
Spudgun comments on Dec 30, 2020:
I think that the media is desperately hoping to fool the public about Joe Biden. Trump has several tricks up his sleeve, and there is no way that Biden is going to be the next President.
Iris is working very hard to press some clothes. Such a good kitty.
Spudgun comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Gideon helping with laundry.
One good part of the arrival of the cool seasons of autumn and winter.
Spudgun comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Years ago, we could always tell when it was getting to be winter, because Hobbie would be curled up on one of the heater vents on the floor. He would stay there, only moving to eat or use the litter box.
Mark Levin: 'Diabolical' Democratic Party has no qualms 'using people it used to abuse' to gain ...
Spudgun comments on Sep 9, 2020:
D'Sousa's really got it right.
Spudgun comments on Apr 25, 2020:
No idea why cats are so fascinated by toilet paper, but they definitely are. I have to keep mine locked out of the bathroom. He will destroy a whole roll at one sitting.
Just a rant, getting something off of my chest.
Spudgun comments on Feb 17, 2020:
On the other hand, there are a lot of anti-gun groups who know exactly what they're doing and may or may not know anything about guns. But their aim is to disarm the public, so that the public has no means to defend themselves when the government decides it's time to exercise unpopular actions. Such as instituting socialism all over the country. This is why they make up terms that will upset uninformed people, and terms that are always misleading.
[] Ballad of SLEEPY JOE.. The " dog face pony soldier" is hilarious..
Spudgun comments on Apr 17, 2020:
Biden would be a joke if he wasn't in Congress. As it is, he's an embarrassment and could not possibly be any more corrupt. He should be in prison, not in Congress.
Friday fun: Jasper’s unique way of using his scratch pad...
Spudgun comments on Dec 13, 2020:
They all have unique ways of doing things. Jasper seems to fit right in with that.
A lot of truth to this:
Spudgun comments on Apr 25, 2020:
Very true
I just found out yesterday that my heart Lilly who is 16, has a slight heart murmur, in 3rd stage ...
Spudgun comments on Feb 3, 2020:
If she's having trouble with one of her teeth, you need to get her to a Vet really soon, as tooth problems can lead to a lot of other problems. Plus she'll be a lot happier when her teeth don't hurt.
Matt Christiansen: Good commentary about Trump NOT seizing power because of the virus::: ...
Spudgun comments on Apr 1, 2020:
Very good comments. That's a great video.
York, PA meeting of PA Nonbelievers: Sunday, Feb.
Spudgun comments on Feb 14, 2020:
Wish I could have come to that. It would be interesting to see if anyone in that group is anyone I used to know.
When the dog leaves its chew toy near the cat...
Spudgun comments on Oct 23, 2020:
lol............You couldn't set up a photo like that if you tried for a week.
I had a peeping Tom in the bathroom! 😱
Spudgun comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I'm not sure what it is about bathrooms that fascinates cats, but you can't deny that for whatever reason, they almost always want to be in the bathroom. Whether you're in there or not. If Gideon gets in the bathroom when I've missed him sneaking in, the place looks like a tornado hit it a few minutes later.
This adorable little girl had a little dingleberry earlier.
Spudgun comments on Jan 10, 2021:
I've had one tortoiseshell cat, who started out as a feral kitten, and getting her socialized was a major effort, but we managed. She turned out to be a very nice cat in the long run, but always did have a bit of an attitude. The interesting thing about her was that she adopted us, we didn't adopt her.
WSJ: People Selling 'Stickers' On Facebook Are Actually Selling Guns - The Truth About Guns
Spudgun comments on Aug 24, 2020:
What a bunch of crap!
Spudgun comments on Apr 9, 2020:
Cool cat!
That would figure lmao
Spudgun comments on Dec 2, 2020:
Definite logic there, now that I think about it.
The Fathers of Communism Were Racist []
Spudgun comments on Jul 16, 2020:
Of course they were. Racist, intolerant, and much worse than what they replaced.
Two cat memes...
Spudgun comments on Jan 14, 2021:
One way to take your cat for a walk.
Here's a guy who knows history better then old liberals and he's an ...
Spudgun comments on May 10, 2020:
This guy is right on the money.
About 18 months ago I went to the local shelter to get a mouser.
Spudgun comments on May 1, 2020:
You certainly did the right thing. The guy in the pickup should have his ass kicked severely.
I haven't posted a picture of this boy in a while, so here, have several.
Spudgun comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Very handsome cat. Nice to see pics of him.
When you adore both cows and cats, this video is heaven.
Spudgun comments on Jan 7, 2021:
Looks like the cat has those cows trained pretty well.
Don't worry, I almost caught the fly....
Spudgun comments on May 1, 2020:
LMAO...........that is my cat in a nutshell. He absolutely loves to chase flies and other bugs.
Fox is ending! []
Spudgun comments on Sep 19, 2020:
Love it.
AOC removed from union-backed progressive party ballot line in New York []
Spudgun comments on May 14, 2020:
AOC's managed to piss off a whole lot of people, even a number of them in her own party. She may not get re-elected. We can hope.
Genius, that one.
Spudgun comments on Dec 29, 2020:
Depending on where you live, that could be a marvelous idea. Just brilliant!
Cat's defective! lol This video is almost a decade old, but these things are worth a repost.
Spudgun comments on Dec 9, 2020:
That's great. Never heard a cat make a noise like that before.
Are cats agnostic?...i suspect they are cat-lick
Spudgun comments on May 14, 2020:
Cat-lick? That's gotta be one of the worst puns I've heard in a month..........lmao
Not that I believe in heaven.
Spudgun comments on Dec 29, 2020:
That's a great pun. lmao
For 2020, only 300,000 people died.
Spudgun comments on Dec 29, 2020:
Absolutely. I'm not taking that vaccine. No way.
To those who use cardboard scratch pads.
Spudgun comments on Mar 7, 2020:
Mine loves all kinds of bugs, especially spiders.
Thena, a lioness at a sanctuary where I used to volunteer got a new hammock.
Spudgun comments on May 1, 2020:
All cats are hard wired the same way, regardless of size. She obviously really likes that hammock.
Strip clubs open, churches closed πŸ˜‚
Spudgun comments on Nov 11, 2020:
In doing 4 years in San Diego with the Navy, strip clubs are one of the main businesses in San Diego. You can't close them down, or the city will lose a lot of revenue. And they can't afford that.
Saturday morning cuteness
Spudgun comments on Jul 12, 2020:
Reminds me a little of this picture. This is an old picture from about 15 or 20 years ago, and all of these cats have died of old age several years ago, but this is a picture of the cat family at Christmastime from way back.
To all believers: Why you guys 1) join this group and 2) attempt to convert me?
Spudgun comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Don't know who's doing that, but they haven't hit on me yet. Maybe because I'm a pro-gun agnostic they don't know what to say to me. But that sort of garbage is just exactly what the true believers will do. They have no respect for your beliefs and will keep on pestering you unless as you said, you block them. Or as I did several years ago (40 years, to be exact), I physically threw one asshole Pentecostal off of my front porch.
HI. Anyone else from Boise or Idaho in this group?
Spudgun comments on Jan 23, 2020:
Della, Would you like to meet in person at some point? If you would, let me know, and we'll work out the details. Zeke
Fuck the "intelligent" teachers.
Spudgun comments on Nov 21, 2020:
Typical Democrat. Instead of trying at learn something useful, focus on what makes you happy. Which is probably something you can not possibly use to earn a living or make something of yourself.
I must be an cat came with instructions. Arrows point top side and bottom side of cat
Spudgun comments on Apr 10, 2020:
Cat doesn't care, which side is most comfortable is the right one.
Hey All! I'm a 42 year old widower.
Spudgun comments on Apr 26, 2020:
We seem to have a lot of interesting coincidences in our lives. My wife's birthday was March 19. She died two years ago to the day. April 26, 2018. We were together for 25 years. You're right, the single world sucks. I was 47 when my wife and I got together, so there are some women out there when you're in your 40's. I'm now 75, and the women who are available all look like my grandmother. Maybe that's a little shallow on my part, but I would like to find a lady I'm attracted to at least a little bit. Also, most of the available women in Boise are 95% religious nuts. And the 5% who aren't religious are Liberals. So I've sort of resigned myself to being single. It would be nice to find a partner to share things with, but i'm not holding my breath.
Madagascar's forest cats, interesting: []
Spudgun comments on Mar 22, 2020:
A lot of the old sailing ships carried cats aboard to help control the rats that were ever present on ships. Considering the conditions on those ships, it's not wonder that when they got to port, some of the cats decided to explore and decided that life on land was much better than being at sea. There are probably cats in other countries who got there the same way.
Oh, just being cute, how about you?
Spudgun comments on Sep 16, 2020:
No way I'd ever be that cute now. When I was 20, maybe, but not
Mazie, the lid to your litter box isn't a bathtub. 😹
Spudgun comments on Mar 22, 2020:
It's where I want to take my bath today.
Yoo iz in biiiig trubbull!!!!
Spudgun comments on Sep 9, 2020:
Not the right kind of mouse, but I have to admire your attitude.
Why did trump brand joe biden sleepy? Wouldn't Demented Joe Biden be more accurate?
Spudgun comments on Jun 30, 2020:
I'm a little curious about that too. Why "sleepy" instead of "creepy"?
Why won't my baby let go? []
Spudgun comments on Jul 21, 2020:
Apparently cats also adopt other species.


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