Well, I am not a hard-core non-believer, but more of a free-thinker type with primary interests in psychoanalysis, philosophy, anthropology, and a bit of sociology. Currently at UC Engineering, Christchurch. Prioritizes communication over anything else. Southeast Asian Chinese. Prefers to brainstorm and convey ideas and links from multiple perspectives rather than just narrow things down from just science perspective. I am not selling myself as not-so-scientific or like that, but rather to be flexible intellect. Definitely prefer private messaging than commenting publicly. Do I sound like 'sweet-as' to you and is there something overflowing from your big capacity brain? Spit it out 😉 Just for record, I am an INTP-A. While some might say MBTI or any personality type can't define someone, it's definitely better to know something rather than just walking in the night without any little light, isn't it? 🙂


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