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Wow, pretty excited to see a social place to find like minded science loving people!

In terms of dating I am looking for a man but would also love to meet up with ladies in my local area for friendship!

I’m looking for a life best friend but sure is hard to find altruistic intelligent science literate people. This site gives me hope!

I travel for a living and have recently reached all my hard earned career goals. As a goal oriented person my next goal is to find a companion to share life with. I think finding someone that one can share life on an intimate level puts the cherry on top of the life cake.

I think intimacy, or a relationship in general, is on a triangle scale, body-heart-mind. If you find someone that stimulates you on all three then that’s when you know you’ve found your starmate (atheists version of soulmate). If you have the body, attraction is there but cannot have a deep conversation with the person on your intellectual level (mind) then the relationship cannot be fully fulfilling. I think that’s what the search is, to find someone that fulfills the triangle.

Life can be good and rather too short. There’s always learning to be had and would be wonderful to meet fellow freethinkers to learn from and share what life lessons come.


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