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Wow, pretty excited to see a social place to find like minded science loving people!

In terms of dating I am looking for a man but would also love to meet up with ladies in my local area for friendship!

I’m looking for a life best friend but sure is hard to find altruistic intelligent science literate people. This site gives me hope!

I travel for a living and have recently reached all my hard earned career goals. As a goal oriented person my next goal is to find a companion to share life with. I think finding someone that one can share life on an intimate level puts the cherry on top of the life cake.

I think intimacy, or a relationship in general, is on a triangle scale, body-heart-mind. If you find someone that stimulates you on all three then that’s when you know you’ve found your starmate (atheists version of soulmate). If you have the body, attraction is there but cannot have a deep conversation with the person on your intellectual level (mind) then the relationship cannot be fully fulfilling. I think that’s what the search is, to find someone that fulfills the triangle.

Life can be good and rather too short. There’s always learning to be had and would be wonderful to meet fellow freethinkers to learn from and share what life lessons come.

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Has anyone ever had the challenge of dealing with a man who’s old school? I am close to a former ...
SunshineBee comments:
Oh goodness! It’s so common to have mixed sex friends these days (including LGBTQ), to not be ok with a friend of yours being other than the same sex as you is simply living with his head in the sand. Does he only have male friends? Perhaps this has a past nerve getting jostled? It is your life, he doesn’t own you first of all but if he cares for you he should be willing to communicate reasonably with you about it. Seems to me this situation should be handled with care and patience. Maybe let him bring it up next time if he feels ready to talk about it but in the mean time visit with your friend but keep it private.
Your best caption here
SunshineBee comments:
The monkeys believe in flying spaghetti monsters and THEY “inherit the earth?!”
People we meet.
SunshineBee comments:
That is the question? Was it “God’s will” or the “Universe’s will” (is there a difference?) or are we just being human giving meaning to random events?
I was ambushed again on my morning walk in the woods. Desperately lonely people attach themselves ...
SunshineBee comments:
Maybe keep it simple? “I’m an atheist” and watch her run?! ;-D
How well has this site worked for you? Have you met anyone, friends or otherwise? Yes, I'm being ...
SunshineBee comments:
I have had many wonderful discussions; individual conversations with members who have been insightful to talk to and now have two friends I talk to regularly. This place is still in its infancy yet is so refreshing and enjoyable to be a part of. Tickles the brain which is more than many other sites! I’m quite happy here :)
Love black cats ❤
SunshineBee comments:
Aaaawwwweeee, well said! I'll never look at my black cat the same again hah!
I am leaving this group because I think I have met my perfect hippie partner. @beansdad. I just ...
SunshineBee comments:
How wonderful!! Yes thank you for sharing this encouraging news!!
But of course.
SunshineBee comments:
RE: puking ..look what I found lol!
Created this meme after my last boyfriend and I broke up. What meme suits your best relationship?
SunshineBee comments:
I suppose this one, he taught me what incredible joy peace and happiness cuddling could bring:
Happy national donut day. Where's mine?
SunshineBee comments:
Hah! I ate mine years ago and there's still evidence of it I'm having trouble getting rid of so had to quit celebrating :( Was fun while I had good digestion and metabolism, oh well.
When you finally find that special person, make sure you let them know they're appreciate on a ...
SunshineBee comments:
Aaawwweee, the romance from this is oozing, (L) Be still their heart!
Who created God?
SunshineBee comments:
Lol that one’s easy, humans invented ..errr created god. Hah! Suppose it’s easy to interpreted this as a beginning living on a planet where life has a beginning and an end. Space may not be so simple?
What was the happiest day of your life? For me it was the day I graduated from college. I was 45 ...
SunshineBee comments:
I’ve always been career oriented so after chasing a job for 17 years I finally got it despite going through a divorce and moving to a brand new location (lots of stress during the interview..of a lifetime). It was the hardest earned anything I’ve ever done and the absolute best day of my life when I got the good news!
Really feeling like I need a cigar and a glass of whiskey. And I don't smoke or drink anymore.
SunshineBee comments:
Sounds like you have a case of the Mondays?!
Just got my first 24 hour Facebook ban, for commenting on a post about religion. It was the usual ...
SunshineBee comments:
LOL!! For those moments I like to keep this handy:
What would it take to get you out on the Dance Floor?
SunshineBee comments:
Music that’s dance-to-able, a dance floor that is not empty, and a little bit of liquid courage!
We all have movies we like to watch over and over again. Some of those movies are better with ...
SunshineBee comments:
Of all the movie genres I’d have to go with a comedy. The romantic stuff is fun but comedies seem to get the endorphins flowing and feels more intimate when it’s movie and cuddle time.
I'm starting to wonder about this online dating. Just not getting it. I'm not good at it. Anyone ...
SunshineBee comments:
Between the fake accounts, non-active active members, overall bad dates and the recent proud cross dresser narcissist, I’d say online dating is not what it once was. I’m leaning more towards this site and meetup.com. Though you may not necessarily find an agnostic with such and such age with such and such this and that, at least you are meeting people with shared interest (like hiking, biking, cooking...) and for the most part it’s free. Match/other is a waste of money in my opinion! Oh and if you cancel your match account, I suggest scrapping your information and pictures first, I have a sneaky suspicion they are used later when you are good and gone?!? That’s what it seems like at least.
Greetings to all. I'm new here. Just looking for some like minded folks to relate to. I live in an ...
SunshineBee comments:
Welcome! What has you living in such an isolated place?
In my head, this group is like the open-air lounge of a major spaceport. We teleport here and hang ...
SunshineBee comments:
Oh my Odin I LOVE this geeky description!!! (L) (L) bravo, well said!
I would like to have a three hour coffee with ...
SunshineBee comments:
Alive today: Malala and Bill Nye Historical figure I’d love to know more about and ask many questions of: Hypatia and Carl Sagan
Such a rare find but when and if you do ever find, hold on and treat them well. It is all about ...
SunshineBee comments:
Aaaawwweeee!!! (L) (L) (L)
First date dinner or no dinner, movie or no movie?
SunshineBee comments:
First dates are scary!! I say keep it simple, coffee or a simple lunch; keep it simple cuz nerves can create odd eating/drinking capabilities, like the inability to, eekk! Besides if conversation is going well having food in front of you will just get cold then you’re eating food that may be cringe worthy and then your date may think you’re cringing at them.. so complicated! Keep it simple ;)
Since I've discovered Agnostic.com I have realized that it is an incredible tool that we Agnostics, ...
SunshineBee comments:
Agreed. Thanks to the add on FB I am here and how refreshing it is! Bravo to the creators!
Ladies would you be comfortable being a sister wife ?
SunshineBee comments:
NOPE no no no! Though the Mormons took this to an extreme, issues come with this on many levels. As a self respecting independent thinking lady, I would not find this acceptable for myself for so many reasons. I will admit, however, that I’m mixed when it comes to the philosophy of, “if we allow gay marriage, why not allow plural marriage?” A discussion for an independent post perhaps?
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