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Hello to my fellow atheists and free thinkers. I've been out of the atheist closet for a couple of decades now, having wasted several decades searching the various religious texts and sects trying to make sense of life. My outlook is science based with the provision that science is still in its infancy and there is so much more we have to learn, so I don't dismiss the unknown any more than I accept that there are things that are unknowable, we just haven't reached that level of understanding yet.


Most of the world cuts beef ribs along the individual rib bones.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 30, 2020:
It is a very latin way to butcher the ribs, we used to get it that way all the time when we lived in Ecuador. Delicious.
Will common sense prevail after this crisis is over especially given the climate crisis?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 30, 2020:
Common Sense is a Gift, most people don't get that gift.
Liberty University Brings Back Its Students, and Coronavirus, Too
Surfpirate comments on Mar 30, 2020:
I don't wish this virus on anyone but they are there own worst enemies, hopefully they won't share it with anyone else outside of their flock.
Christian Preacher: God is Using COVID-19 to Warn America Against Fornication | Hemant Mehta | ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 30, 2020:
Fuck Off, Jesus.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 30, 2020:
The same childlike behavior is found throughout these religious groups, even if they get sick and make others sick, they will chalk it up to god's strange and mysterious ways of punishing humanity. It's why religion has always been the enemy of science and logic.
My late wife was a leftwing survivalist type, and in preparing for the end of the world (she thought...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 29, 2020:
My brother and his wife were also survivalists, after she died I helped my brother move back to our home town for support purposes. They had a whole bedroom full of survival gear and food by the case that he wanted to move back with him but almost all of it was expired and had to be taken to the dump, even the food bank didn't want it. Glad you got to use yours, it looks delicious.
The Inquisition from a Catholic perspective.[]
Surfpirate comments on Mar 29, 2020:
When atheists and agnostics try to make the case that religious people are generally very good and kind, I remind them that they wouldn't feel that way in a theocracy where secular laws no longer applied. People are generally very good and kind but when they get permission to act abominably they always do, especially with a religious leader whipping them into a fervor.
I'm trying something new this year by planting my potatoes in hay instead of in the ground the way I...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 28, 2020:
This is the other reason I put down the 6x6 GWG wire sheets on top of the hay and seed potatoes. The deer were on it already and I only planted the potatoes a few hours ago. That heavy wire is a real deterrent otherwise I would find most of the hay and all of the potatoes gone come the morning.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 28, 2020:
You are a good friend and she seems to be doing pretty good.
Well this came in the mail today.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 28, 2020:
Why is it President Trump's Guidelines, surely these are the guidelines issued by the CDC and the US Government, not the POTUS personally, he's not a king.
And guys! Consider skills above beauty!!! Ladies! Update those Agnostic profiles!! 😎🍷🍷
Surfpirate comments on Mar 28, 2020:
Within a couple more weeks of all the non-essential businesses being closed (ie beauty salons) all women will start to look pretty much the same. The men of course will look as awful as we always have, no change at all.
More irises are blooming.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 27, 2020:
I've always liked Irises, I have a bunch that are just starting to come up from the planters I put them in back in January.
Trump wants troops at the Canadian border. Jeebus, what next. []
Surfpirate comments on Mar 26, 2020:
Build and Ice wall and man it with the Black Watch, enough of this Trump Twat.
CORONA VIRUS STATISTICS UPDATE Get the latest of the worldwide stat from here ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 26, 2020:
There is so much misinformation out in the media about the COVID crisis atm that it is maddening trying to make sense of it all. The Imperial College of London was forecasting 2.2M fatalities just yesterday but now they have walked it back to 20,000 and all good by mid April. It's crazy.
These types of are kind of like cartoon vultures in my mind.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 26, 2020:
I usually go to my physiotherapist when I have an issue with my back but a couple of times a year I still go to my chiropractor to get realigned when there is something that the physiotherapy doesn't fix, it works for me. That said, I wouldn't expect it to do anything for a virus.
What do you fear more.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Fear kills the capacity for rational thought, so I have concerns about where this is all going and how we will handle these challenges. There will certainly be deaths and a change in how we live going forward because of the reality of a secondary outbreak that could be as bad or worse than this one. The financial impacts will be great and I expect that a global recession is the most likely outcome and a further focusing of wealth to the top of the economic order. Civil unrest is bound to result and a crackdown on civil liberties will result, this will almost certainly be abused by the power elites. I probably should be afraid but instead I am taking steps to protect myself and my loved ones by planting food and securing essentials for the future.
Too soon?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
There'll be time enough for counting, when the dealings done.
I'd like to make an analogy to dead religions and the Jesus story.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
A vaccine for religious thought is just the thing this world needs, it would save more lives by far than a vaccine for COVID-19.
Jerry Falwell jr, Welcomes backs students to his Liberty University!!! god will provide!!! ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Sort of a Jim Jones approach to ministry, let's see how it works out.
Say “No” to Death’s Dominion | R. R. Reno | First Things
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Religions breed ignorance and intolerance, they all do and they always have done so. Theocracies are the most harmful governments for this very reason because the main reason 'good religious folks' don't act on their religious prejudice and intolerance is secular laws that prevent those actions. This post is typical of the infighting between the religious groups over who has the moral high ground when really they are in a race to the bottom for who is the most ignorant and intolerant.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Oh Yes, Please do! :)
A must read.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 25, 2020:
It's like watching a slow motion trainwreck and it should serve as a scary example of where the USA is heading if they don't alter course.
Louisiana church hosts more than 1,800 people amid COVID-19 outbreak |
Surfpirate comments on Mar 24, 2020:
YAY! Let them gather and pray to their Holy Moly in the Sky. Just remember to use your head and keep the fuck away from them, nasty cretins the lot.
Changes from the Coronavirus Fight I think our current fight and tactical adjustments in work, ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Cash will no longer be king, it will go the way of the dodo bird and it will make monitoring income and expenses so much easier for taxation purposes, the underground economy will get slaughtered. Big corporations will swallow up what is left of independent, medium sized businesses and Big banks will destroy the credit unions and smaller finance companies, giving them a virtual monopoly which will make wage slaves of most of us.
REMINDER: Trivia Night is returning to the Single/Mingle/Chatroom on Sunday, March 29th at 6:00 PM ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I tend to be pretty good at remembering trivia but not so good at remembering dates and times. Would it be possible to send out a reminder of the reminder on March 28th?
Started seed planting indoors yesterday.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I just ordered my organic seeds from Vesey Seeds this morning, I need them to subsidize what I have saved from last year. This week will be time to plant some tomatoes as they need they most help when you live in a climate like mine, Canada Zone 5.
in the US - House Speaker Pelosi is proposing to spend more than $2 Trillion against future ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Looking at it from the outside, in Canada. The issue with the funding has to do with the Republicans wanting to cut a virtually blank cheque to industry cronies, the lion's share of the money going to big oil, big banks and several other major industry players, no strings attached, just the way it went down in 2008. The minority of the money is to go to workers but only in a month or two and to resources to fight the COVID-19 threat. This is why the Dems have been arguing with the GOP, this is a crisis and funds need to be put in place where they will do the most good for the majority of the people, not used as a smokescreen to line the pockets of Republican corporate sponsors. At least that's how we are seeing things from up here in the Great White North. The reason for the restriction on testing is that Trump rejected the WHO test kits when they were offered and opted for a Made In America test kit that took weeks to start production and therefore there is a shortage of test kits in the US. So glad I don't have these concerns as a Canadian, still have the same virus crisis but it is being handled sensibly for the most part.
I thought about posting in the Covid group, but am looking for more input on how people are feeling.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 23, 2020:
I got back from the US at the beginning of March and they were doing nothing, so we were practicing social distancing and aseptic technique as much as possible. When we returned on March 2nd we found that Ontario was issuing recommendations only, not requirements for travelers from China to self isolate, we continued to social distance and self isolated as much as possible before going into total isolation on the 13th. Ontario has a right wing populist government, our premier has been likened to a baby Trump lite. Today all non-essential business have been ordered to close by midnight on the 24th, pressure has been applied by the federal government to force this to happen. It's about time. The local mayor has been excellent, and was ahead of the curve taking steps to limit contagion, putting out bulletins and videos, shutting down municipal venues and events. We are fortunate to live on an island so that gives us greater isolation, many people haven't taken it seriously but I noticed in the last two days that the walkers are isolating themselves from one and other on their walks instead of being in groups. I'm making plans for my veggie garden, I think I am going to need it this year, more than ever.
Does the term "agnostic atheist" imply that those who self identify as such should accept that it is...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 23, 2020:
So if people know that I am an atheist in my community, call me an atheist and define me as an atheist (usually erroneously and often hilariously so), then does that mean I am no longer just self identifying as an atheist but the real deal? On the topic of it being reasonable to accept a childlike delusion such as the belief in an angry old man in the sky who watches over everything and is all powerful, well that's a bit of a contradiction to me. How can something so unreasonable be accepted as being reasonable? Maybe if I were to treat it as a child's imaginary friend phase, something they might ultimately grow out of, that level of acceptance I think is reasonable. However, having adults continue to hold onto such delusional thoughts and often thoughts which inspire hatred, hypocrisy and oppression of others, that to me is not acceptable at all. It is unreasonable to accept such a destructive way of thinking but I don't actively attack it unless called upon to defend myself and my liberty from these delusional god believers. I'm an Atheist, proud of it and very public about it if asked. Wouldn't it be nice if god believers were even this accepting of Atheists?
According to my Plague Blog, not much has changed since I have self isolated: Quarantine: Day ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 23, 2020:
This is a rocky road but at least you have clean hands. :)
Today is atheists day.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 23, 2020:
Just another day of personal sanity in a delusional and insane religious world.
Social distancing for Canadians....
Surfpirate comments on Mar 23, 2020:
We mean it, we really will, even if we get a 2 minute minor for spearing. :D
To those who have a Christian background: How are New Testament theology and evolution compatible?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 22, 2020:
The development of modern humans has taken millions of years and therefore can never mesh with a story book version that encompasses only 6,000 years.
I'm not sure things are going to get better South of the border.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 22, 2020:
Not to worry, Biden will get in if the economy tanks and Hillary will be his running mate, she will be running things in no time flat.
Has anyone seen any data that show rate of infection in areas where there is more of an outdoors ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 21, 2020:
I've been looking and haven't found anything definitive, it seems to be too new for there to be proper data.
500,000 infected?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 21, 2020:
This thing is just getting started, not winding down. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. One of the problems with the numbers in the US is that there haven't been adequate test kits, doing the worst in the West for test kits. Another problem is that the virus doesn't produce noticeable symptoms for many days, even weeks and when they do present with symptoms the majority of infected people aren't sick enough to put it down to COVID-19. Then there are the minority which get very sick and sometimes die. Also, that report is 8 days old and the virus doubles every 4 days if you can trust recent reports.
While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 21, 2020:
I engage in a fair bit of self talk and that has only increased in social isolation, I don't think I would call myself a god, after all, I actually exist. ;)
Oh boy, my employers have thought of every excuse to not help me if I get sick.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 21, 2020:
I am hopeful that Canada will do a much better job of providing the social safety net required to get the people through this epidemic. The alternative is that people will be breaking quarantine to try to eat and have a roof over their head. I can't see that ending well for anyone.
What projects are you working on while shut-in?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I'm sorting out the maple trim on my spiral staircase in order to get it ready so I can install the bamboo flooring on the upstairs landing. After that i have a bunch of marble tiles to install in the upstairs bathroom.
The philosophy of Atheism represents a concept of life without any metaphysical Beyond or Divine ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Atheism is a rejection of delusional thinking and ignorance in all its forms. My opinion, full stop.
Has any one else noticed, you get MORE religion SHOVED down your throat here, than if you were say a...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Atheists are usually Antitheists - we do tend to discuss the religitards and their impact on the world around us, it's a thing.
"The governor said that because of shortages of coronavirus tests, they are being reserved for those...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
When you live in an Oligarchy masquerading as a Free Capitalist System then you have to realize that there is only so much the market will bear, finances before people. It's sad but it's true.
lol all these idiots praying for god to save them from the virus. wasn't it gods idea?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
This post started to get me down a bit as I am just out of 2 week quarantine but it reminded me about this skit by Jim Jefferies. LOL
Trump has already committed to bailouts for industries like the airlines, cruiselines, casinos and ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
HEY! There's another malcontent, Eyes Down! Eyes Down! lol
Fucking Genius! :D
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Self Isolation and Social Distancing have never been easier because I get to avoid the idiots who walk among us.
Today I was going out of a store and about 12 feet ahead if me as I came thru the door was a Chinese...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I tend to avoid people who wipe their snotty nose on their sleeve but that's just me, all the time.
Christ on a Cock! These people are almost as sickening as the corona vorus!!! []
Surfpirate comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Isn't he the conman who held up a greasy hand and told people to try and touch it through their TV set, then send in money and they would be protected from the COVID-19 virus?
Since dating is no longer really possible in the traditional sense because of all the isolation ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 19, 2020:
Interesting but my wife would never go for it. :) We are quite happy just self isolating together on our little island.
Canadian sexting.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Never without my permission is what Lulu Dallas said.
I joined a Christian Chat Group just to see what was going on with them.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Is this some sort of penance thing? Atheists don't do penance, we aren't guilty of anything but using our heads for more than a hat rack.
Any chance someone will post all of the Trump and Fox news quotes calling the virus a hoax and a ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Here's a comforting thought, what if all the libtards just stayed indoors for a 4 weeks, let the Trumpers revel in their conspiracy theories and once it was all over there wouldn't be many Trumpers or a Trump left to vote for? It would certainly make the election results a forgone conclusion.
Has anyone else noticed that religion is portrayed as truth and real history on most TV ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 18, 2020:
The victors write the history books and the Xstian West has had a lot of victories over the last few centuries, naturally they paint themselves as saviors and liberators.
Eat your heart out at Australian ingenuity - Outback Australian bidet and answer to toilet paper ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 18, 2020:
If you can't find the gardenhose meme then this one may work.
When I was a teenager and in a bad place, I believed that there was a God.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 17, 2020:
People often turn to the idea of an all powerful imaginary being when they find themselves in a bad situation that they feel powerless to deal with. This is particularly so when the individual is immature and is still seeking a solution from a parental figure, an all powerful sky daddy is just the thing. Naturally, there is no intervention or salvation in the real world because the god is an imaginary friend but it can give a person a sense of false security that may help them through a rough period. As we mature we do not need these imaginary friends and so they tend to be put away, much like a child learns to give up the ratty old security blanket that they have been dragging around for years but give up when it is time to go to elementary school.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker: "In a crisis, the only asset that we have is our ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 17, 2020:
The economic impact of this pandemic is going to be the other shoe that will eventually drop. It is small comfort to survive the virus only to find that you have no roof over your head or food in your belly. Bernie could probably ride this wave to the White House.
Do you think the Corono-virus will hurt or help religion?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 17, 2020:
It all depends upon whether or not religion can develop an app to capture disillusioned young people. The older population that is the base for most religions will be hard hit by this plague but the young should get through it largely unscathed physically but crippled financially - in desperate times, people take desperate measure and will believe in almost anything that gives them solace.
I have never read or owned a Bible.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
As a book I would have to say that it is a pretty lousy read. The plot line is a mess and it contradicts itself constantly, there are a few asides that are just rabbit holes that don't go anywhere unless you are able to suspend reality completely. Have you tried Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, it's much better.
I want to say that I am an agnostic, and I don;t need/want anyone trying to tell me what I "really" ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
Religious programming typically begins in early childhood, both the overt and the subliminal programming, it takes time to undo a lot of that damaging programming. You may find yourself felling anger and feelings of betrayal from love ones who lead you down this garden path with the best of intentions. I gave up imaginary friends for good when I was 13 years old, it still took a lot of undoing and unlearning but be patient with yourself and give it time. You are already way ahead of the curve compared to most people because you are questioning instead of blinding accepting like the Sheeple of the world.
Struggling with hell/satan/evil stuff.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
When you give up your imaginary friend security blanket it is always best to give up the boogeyman that the security blanket was supposedly protecting you from. There are bad things out there in the world, Satan is not one of them.
Look what I shared: Pastor says only “sissies” & “pansies” wash their hands to prevent ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
Cleanliness is next to dogliness. :D
Has he gone MAD?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
The Tory's were all in favour of culling badgers, even after it turned out the science was wrong.
The state of affairs of NYC supermarkets.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 16, 2020:
How odd, tortillas have a much longer shelf life than bread.
Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum Refuse to Close During Coronavirus Scare | Hemant Mehta | ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Give it a few more days and they will be closed, once the body count starts to rise.
You're watching a YouTube video about atheism and an ad from a religious organization pops,this is ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
One of these days we will be strong enough in numbers to round up all the religitards and ship them off to re-education camps. LOL of course we wouldn't because that would be wrong but it is what they fear because it is exactly the sort of thing they would love to do to Atheists.
What are your personal pet peeves about religous people?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
So many choices that it is hard to pick just one. Ignorance and Arrogance seem to always go hand in hand with religitards, so many uninformed opinions that they are so certain about because 'it's in the bible'. Hypocrisy is another favourite, they just love to do as I say but not as I do. Illiteracy, this is an assumption on my part because they don't seem to know their holy books very well and I would have to attribute this to illiteracy but stupidity may also be a factor. Why won't they just grow the fuck up? Who needs a security blanket after you are 3 years old? Apparently a lot of people do, that's what their imaginary friend is, a security blanket. The cover ups that go with all religion, from sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and pedophilia. That's my short list.
Empty Store Shelves, Shortages, High Anxiety Make no mistake.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
This guy is a hack, so incompetent in connecting dots that it is tragic. Socialism isn't the cause of hoarding, ignorance and fear are - two conditions that you should get checked out personally.
When people lack data and/or understanding of said data, they fill in the blanks with bullshit.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
I did see a pic recently that had a couple of Hindu guys swimming in cow shit in the belief that the holy shit would protect them from COVID-19. I am certain it gave them a high level of social distancing, this might actually prevent them from contracting the virus, just not for the reasons they expected.
Mystery religions were prevalent in Egypt and all the middle east at the time of adoption of the ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 15, 2020:
When did we mortals ever stop dreaming of immortality? We live, We die and in the end, that's as good as it gets, so be happy.
I went grocery shopping today.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
There are still lots of people in denial about this public health threat, hopefully they will be the first to go and not take too many others with them. They say there is no cure for Stupid but perhaps there is after all.
Well, like everything in modern, post truth, post fact, post sanity america covid has been ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
If people want to pray instead of taking proper steps to protect themselves then I see that as natural selection at work.
Today at the hospital one of my fellow nurse practitioners was told she couldn't have a mask to go ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
This is another example of why For Profit Healthcare makes absolutely no sense. No proper safety equipment, no workers.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
Great info, thank you for sharing it so people can understand why certain steps are being taken. It's about more than just washing your hands more often.
We are now "withdrawing" for a bit.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
I hope the Lions Club has the good sense to cancel the face to face meeting and replace it with a teleconference instead, stay home, at the very least for your wife's sake.
I didn't believe it until Linda went to the grocery store.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
The local Costco had a line up of more than 200 shoppers standing in the rain yesterday morning, waiting for the doors to open, ala Black Friday. All toilet paper, paper towels and wipes were cleaned out in the first 15 minutes.
"Asia’s richest man announced his intention on Friday to ship 500,000 testing kits and 1 million ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
I know of one electric bike distributor in the US that sent a large shipment of masks and other supplies to China when the epidemic was just taking off. The Chinese customs people required that certain items be disassembled in order to comply with customs laws in China, bureaucracy knows no bounds. Apparently the Trump administration turned down an offer of COVID test kits from the WHO and waited on a Made In America test kit instead, part of the reason there have been so few test kits available in the US until just recently.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
The nice thing about being an Atheist is that most of us have one of these kicking around the house and know how to use it properly. :)
Why do the nonreligious let that go unchallenged?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 14, 2020:
What came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it the Xstian doctrine that lead to a might makes right, kill them all and let god sort'em out mentality or did Xstianity just fit nicely with this greedy and destructive mentality. Xstians like to claim the 'moral high ground' but it is one of their own definition of what is moral. That's why I have no morals but I do have ethics and scruples, morals being a bit of a derogatory term.
COV-D Fact vs.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 13, 2020:
Good info and sound advice, thanks for sharing this.
OK So who is hiding at home from Covid19?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 13, 2020:
We were out most of the day, taking care of some errands and picking up a few supplies. We drove past Costco this morning as it was opening and there were lines going down either side of the building 100 people long, all standing in the rain, holding onto their carts, waiting for the doors to open. We popped into Costco after doing the rest of our errands and the volume was pretty normal so we grabbed a few things we needed and headed for home. I think we will be staying home for the next few days at least and we will be canceling a party we had planned for a bunch of friends.
Since COVID-19 is now officially acknowledged as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization it ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
Preparedness in a reasonable manner is always a smart idea but panicking is never a good idea.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
So Do Not Panic but do take proper steps to be prepared to weather this storm, avoid spreading the virus and to protect your loved ones.
What a stroke of luck and it couldn't of happened to a nicer guy. :) []
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
I just love the satirical NewsThump.
Okay, I was talking with a friend yesterday.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
When you take a hard look at human history, it makes you question why a supreme being or even a superior alien species would want to have anything to do with us. Maybe there is a god and maybe there are advanced life forms in the galaxy but they just don't want to hang out with pond scum like us?
Since COVID-19 is now officially acknowledged as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization it ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
Daily tracking of COVID-19 is available through Reuters.
Since COVID-19 is now officially acknowledged as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization it ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 12, 2020:
This is just the beginning of the travel restrictions that are being implemented around the world, although why the UK is being excluded from the travel restrictions is a mystery unless it is purely political in nature.
If any non-falsifiable evidence of a god's existing came to light, I would be persuaded to change my...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Given your premise that a Supreme Being were to appear physically on Earth, would I accept it and worship it as a god? I am not certain that I would fall down on my knees and worship but I would almost certainly respect the superior nature of this being and accept its guidance if it seemed superior to the current human system. (not a very high bar to pass but still an improvement would be nice) I am pretty independent and freedom loving by nature and I would hope that this superior being would be accepting of freedom and love and kindness, if not I don't know what I could do to resist such a creature but something tells me I would die trying.
I have started a new group called COVID-19 in an effort to provide a forum for free thinkers, ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Something that concerns me is that Mike Pence is leading the charge in the US and this is a man who believes in divine judgment, has no faith in science and is fully indoctrinated in the Koch Brother's ideology. It is ironic that the Council on Foreign Relations had to cancel its conference on how to Do Business With the Coronavirus because of, you probably already guessed it - The COVID-19 Outbreak.
Bernie said he would not throw up his hands but continue on.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I love it when so called liberal americans attack the most liberal contender for the leadership because he isn't party sanctioned. There's a reason your country is screwed, you all bought into the American Dream which George Carlin so wisely pointed out, can only be believed in if you are asleep. Bernie would be considered right of center by every other Western democracy except perhaps for the UK and what a shit show that is atm. The Dems might have won with Bernie but the people with the money behind both parties don't want that so the Dems will once again field a big money candidate that will miss the mark by just enough to keep that asshat Trump in the White House. That's the plan, keep moving the Koch Bros. agenda forward until there is nothing left but a few rich oligarchs and a bunch of poor idiots who wondered how it all happened.
Okay, so there is always the Atheist vs.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Since the question is posed in such a way that facts are not the priority and opinion is, then I would have to say that it just depends. It depends on the person, it depends on their cultural environment, it depends on what other exterior influences would drive a fence sitter to one side of the fence or the other as opposed to just remain sitting on the fence.
Captain Kirk just got divorced but at least he came out of the deal with the horse semen.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 10, 2020:
The screwing he gets for the screwing he got, live long and prosper. :)
How are these god pumping people dealing with the current virus?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Common Sense is uncommon in the religious types but the threat of contagion is great.
Data please
Surfpirate comments on Mar 7, 2020:
It most likely is a phase but while you are in it, it is hard to identify it as just a phase.
Someone recently argued that greater educational attainment in first nations is the driver behind a ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 6, 2020:
Most people go to school but not all of them get an education, just because you show up doesn't mean you contribute or learn how to think. It doesn't help matters that some governments have focused more on programming for obedience and not on teaching logical thought. This is why, in my opinion, some Western nations have fallen behind and why standards of living in those nations are falling.
When I lived in Hickory Tavern, SC, we didn't have garbage pick up.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 6, 2020:
I'm not sure if Petunia is (a) a horse that likes rides to the dump (b) a woman who likes riding around looking at horses (c) a horsefaced woman who you took to the dump (d) all of the above
Many people on here got offended by my post but I'm using a different approach & think the rude ...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 6, 2020:
So I've been thinking about creating this imaginary friend I like to call BOB. He's really powerful but he is much too cool to use that power to help me out in the real world, or help anybody else out for that matter but like I said, BOB is REALLY COOL! BOB is so COOL even though he knows everything before it even happens (did I mention that BOB created the Universe too?) he feels that it would be very uncool to get in the way of bad things that are going to happen so he just lets people get sick, injured and killed in horrible ways, apparently it's a thing with BOB. Now please understand that while my imaginary friend BOB is SUPER UBER COOL, he does have some hangups about masturbation, sex out of wedlock, non-straight sex and SHRIMP - Holy Mother of BOB, he just freaks out about shrimp, or at least he used to before we figured out refrigeration on our own (BOB not wanting to intervene in our lives of course, except about a bunch of other things). So please understand that if you don't want to believe in my imaginary friend BOB then that is perfectly cool but I may have to kill you and your family and friends and your livestock etc. etc. because, well, you know, BOB told me to do it. I know you will appreciate that I am just expressing my cultural beliefs so you won't mind being burned at the stake because BOB just loves the smell rising up from a burnt offering.
Dear Canadians, waving at you from across Lake Ontario. When does Schitt's Creek start up again?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Why stay down there when you can come up here? Come to Canada, we have Universal Health Care and laws against Racism and Bigotry.
What do you suppose gives rise to and supports belief in God?
Surfpirate comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Most people aren't very clever and even those who are have a deeply fearful monkey brain buried deep down inside them that is part of our primal survival instinct - the idea of an all powerful being that can be appeased, bribed and flattered is therefore quite appealing to human beings. The all powerful being explains phenomena in nature that we do not have a deeper understanding of and it gives comfort when the inevitable hardships and death that are inherent in our lives become difficult to bear. I think of it as a security blanket that we create to provide comfort and the religion that springs from it is just the natural outcome of people using that need for comfort to extort power from others.
I think it interesting that the three leading candidates to lead the Conservative Party have already...
Surfpirate comments on Mar 4, 2020:
I find it amusing that the PC 's are never politically correct and act as though they are in a position to dictate regardless of whether or not they are in power.
On the 14th of this month of March 2020 i will turn 76 years old.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 3, 2020:
I woke up this morning and as usual I found it to be a pleasant surprise, will have to wait and see how the rest of the day goes, will repeat as required.
Canada's 11 seasons.
Surfpirate comments on Mar 2, 2020:
I'm driving back from Florida and currently in Washington, DC so I am in pollen season with my allergy to maple trees. Can't wait to get out of Trumplandia no matter what the weather is in Canada.


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