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Happy Tuesday Everyone! I'm all caught up on my alerts.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 25, 2020:
I can be a bit compulsive about my Morning Coffee Ritual, which involves setting up my coffee maker, espresso machine or Vietnamese dripper the night before. I get up around an hour before it gets light, and want everything ready for me to stumble into my kitchen to turn on the correct device, so my dose of “black gold” is ready by the time I brush my teeth or feed the cats!
Happy Saturday! What/who was your favourite pet ever?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 22, 2020:
A goldie-chow mix, sarcastically named “Fluffy,” who I rescued after she found me on a hike. I had her for 13 years, and she was a great dog, a good companion and a comfort in hard times.
Today I was feeling abandoned and hopeless.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 22, 2020:
I remember those tracts from the ‘70s, as well as some children’s catechisms I was given as a kid in Catholic school with cartoonish pictures of kids surrounded by the flames of hell. Luckily this stuff didn’t resonate with anything in my personal life, or even with the rest of the curriculum at the school. I do a lot of work in the mental health field, and we have only recently understood the potentially lasting impacts of trauma on our health and developed better strategies for addressing it. I, myself, have found some of these useful ...
On 22nd, take a selfie of yourself with hashtag HandsUpforApostasyDay ApostasyDay ApostasyNotACrime.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Yes! In too many countries, non-believers, and liberal Muslims, are assaulted and even killed by state-sponsored or state-tolerated violence if they dare speak out. Too many countries are run by powerful elites cynically using religion to support their continued hold on power.
There's an ampersand in there somewhere, but basically this guy choose a shirt that says he runs on ...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Well, there always WERE some unsavory rumors going around about Jesus ...
Einstein’s Religion . [agnostic.] . .
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 21, 2020:
He used the “g-word” a couple of times metaphorically, and quickly regretted it. Literal-mindedness plagues religious and non-religious communities alike.
Happy Thursday Everyone! What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 20, 2020:
I showed the film “Pleasantville” to a friend, and they used Brubeck’s “Take Five” in one of the key scenes. One of my favorites anyway, it’s been happily bouncing around my brain since.
Don't forget if you don't sin Jesus died for nothing.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 19, 2020:
Well, that’s what his followers say. The way I read the story, he died because he was a convicted criminal.
Hello Friends.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 19, 2020:
Happy Tuesday Everyone! What are your hobbies?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Great outfit! (Though my favorite pic is still the one of you being consumed by what seems to be a shark hoodie ...) Gosh, I don’t know if they qualify as “hobbies,” but I’m pretty dedicated to my martial arts (practice daily), and am always reading (a lot of history), hiking/running, keeping abreast of current events (read: ex-journalist/news hound), and engaging in spirited philosophical/political discussions. Occasional recreational trolling ... 🙄
Happy Monday Everyone! What natural occurrence always makes you happy to see?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 17, 2020:
I grew up in, and now again live, in a dry chaparral Southwest environment, so I love when rainstorms start moving across the skies in fall and winter. When I lived in the Northwest, and it rained all the time (it seemed!), it was the coming of the snow in the high country.
What would Jesus do? I just saw this Meme and thought it was funny....
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Wow! Maybe I need to cut Jesus some slack! (Of course, if he gets away with it, it’ll only be because he’s white ...)
"Leave No Trace" when hiking and camping is ignored by many
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 16, 2020:
Sadly, this type of degradation is spreading far and wide as people with no background in responsible outdoors behavior, and apparently lacking in basic civility or consideration for others, are flocking to trails and parks because the types of recreation they are used to are closed because of the pandemic.
What color was Jesus?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 16, 2020:
OMG: This is such a non- issue! I totally do not care. If, indeed, I HAD a rat’s ass, I’d still hang onto it.
Happy Saturday, Everyone! Something cheery, I think, for today. What is your favorite flower?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 15, 2020:
I really like flowers of all kinds: the wildflowers I encounter on a hike; all the offerings in a nice botanical garden; and whatever I find in my fairly overgrown yard. I don’t typically think in terms of “favorites,” but maybe the spectacular epiphyllum is a good candidate! I also like that they bloom at night and only last a day or two.
When is Jesus coming back? The question on the lips of almost every believer.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 15, 2020:
Ain’t coming back. Romans did a good job.
Happy Friday Everyone?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 14, 2020:
With my luck, people I really like and respect like you and members of this group will bail, leaving me with only the annoying ones on the site. I would really hate for that to happen! I’ve been a member for less than two years, and am slowly clawing my way to Level 8. I very much enjoy and value Agnostic, partly because I haven’t found anything else like it. Even living in a very large and diverse city, I still often feel the lack of a community of fellow non-believers and like our sometimes contentious membership with our disagreements, our breadth of interests and opinions, and diversity of, well, almost everything. The loss of any one of you would diminish that value and sadden me. If the site went downhill or even went under, I would mourn its loss. I’m hanging on for now and will see what happens.
Happy Thursday Everyone! When was the last time you were snooping, and found something you wish you ...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 13, 2020:
I first became a journalist in the wake of Watergate and the Arizona Project, and have done my share of investigative work. Now, I mostly do other kinds of writing, but knowing how and where to find info, and how to check the sources of information, continue to be valuable habits/skills, especially these days. With my professional background, combined with my skepticism, I can usually “smell a rat” miles away, but once in a while that collides with my optimistic side, which still sometimes wants to believe in some things that sound good. A charitable organization wanted my endorsement recently, and their work sounded really good to me: until I dug a little deeper, and found out that most of their income went into executive salaries.
A random reflection about someone's question to me, "Are you religious?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 13, 2020:
In the Chinese language, they use different words to distinguish between Taoism, Buddhism, and even Confucianism as philosophies, or as religions.
Happy Wednesday Y'all! Let's see your funnies! Dad jokes, bad jokes, puns, funny stories - I love...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 12, 2020:
After carefully collecting and analyzing the recent humorous posts from this group, I offer this helpful illustration to give us all some ... context ...
Good morning and Happy Tuesday, Wonderful People! What fictional character(s) have you had a crush ...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 11, 2020:
The beautiful, brilliant and felonious Irene Adler.
So I don't know if I'm ever happy or neutral here.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 10, 2020:
Seems like a good self-care strategy to me!
Hey guys, Happy Monday! Which appeals to you more - soft, sinuous curves and lines, or straight ...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 10, 2020:
I’m a “curve person,” but appreciate both in context; and like the contrast between the two. California, where I live right now, is a long, slender state, with a lot of road trip potential. Interstate 5 is an efficient and boring route, charging fairly straight through our plains and deserts, getting one quickly north or south. Our beloved Highway 1, however, meanders gracefully along the coast, taking one near or through all kinds of beautiful and stoppable places worthy of enjoyment. 5 is my business road, 1 is my pleasure road!
Happy Saturday! Have you ever procrastinated out of fear of your own ineptitude?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 8, 2020:
I just enjoy procrastination - my way of saying “screw you!” to someone else’s deadline! But, the self-doubt part I know all too well. I do a lot of public speaking around the country: keynotes, trainings, presentations, classes. I know I’m good at it, but ALWAYS have to buck myself up in preparation and especially before I go out and take the mike. I usually remind myself of something I heard Lord Laurence Olivier say about his stellar acting career: that he always got butterflies before a performance, and that he’d quit if that ever stopped.
Happy Friday Everyone! How do you feel about clutter?
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 7, 2020:
I love clutter! As a devout materialist, my sense of identity and self-worth derives from my stuff. And what stuff it is: the end result of years of adventure and plunder! I’m not a hoarder, mind you — my stuff is interesting, well-organized and even valuable. And I can be an efficient minimalist when hiking, camping or raiding my enemies ... to get their stuff.
Distant but Together: A Virtual Celebration of Humanism August 8, 2020 ...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 7, 2020:
Happy Wednesday, Wonderful Friends! I hope your day is going well.
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 5, 2020:
Down for the count!
Happy Monday! What's your fatal flaw? I am terrible about being late. 😬
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 4, 2020:
Many flaws, none yet fatal!
Happy Saturday Everyone! What is something that you would do on your "weekend" that you wouldn't do...
The-Krzyz comments on Aug 1, 2020:
I tend to work on weekends, either on writing/editing projects, or around the house or yard, saving activities like shopping, hiking, exploring, etc. for weekdays, when most people are otherwise occupied.
Happy Friday! Share a pic of something that makes you happy!
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 31, 2020:
Happy memory: Working as a forest fire lookout for Marin County Fire Dept. high above San Francisco Bay. Alone in my lookout at sunset as the fog rolls off the ocean, turning neighboring mountaintops into islands in the fading light.
Happy Thursday Everyone! Today's question comes from our @Hastur - thanks, Alex! I'd have to say...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 30, 2020:
Work for someone else. No more bosses! I went 100% freelance four years ago, and intend to keep it that way.
It's funny day! Share your jokes, stories, whimsical thoughts, and ALWAYS, always, Bad Dad ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 29, 2020:
What to do?
Wow guys! You've really made me question my oil change choices! When's the last time you had to ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 28, 2020:
In these days of rapid change, it seems like I’m doing that a lot! Meetings on Zoom, wearing my bandana when running in the park, etc. Maybe the hardest when it hits close to home — or, at home, literally. I have houseguests coming over to spend a few days roughly every three weeks (leaving time for shopping/business, followed by two weeks self-quarantine). On the one hand, I always bid them to “make themselves at home,” on the other, I have my own ways of doing things ... So, I’m learning to be more flexible and open to change on the home front! Being a good host is really important in my culture.
Can't really argue with that logic.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 26, 2020:
I certainly get the point, but would find it more moving if the first panel showed someone I respected, rather than someone I despise. Like a firefighter in full gear rushing into a burning building. But, that’s just me!
Good afternoon everyone! What's your favourite mixed drink?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 25, 2020:
Rarely drink hard liquor, but prefer a high quality tequila or vodka straight up when I do. (Not including gin & tonic, as that is medicinal — needed in copious amounts to fend off the ever-present threat of malaria in my part of Los Angeles.)
Romantic relationship with a strongly religious person?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 24, 2020:
Despite being fairly flexible myself, in my experience it usually became an issue, especially if my partner was of a Christian or Muslim worldview. Both faiths have a strong “us vs. them” attitude and are outright commanded by their faith to convert unbelievers or “spread the good word.”
Happy Friday, Everyone! When you're shopping for a hotel, what do you find is most important?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 24, 2020:
I travel a lot in non-pandemic situations. Much of it is business/event related. Good news: The costs are covered by a government agency, an organization I am representing, or a client. Bad news: They pick the hotels, which are usually VERY "nice" but basically interchangeable and soullessly corporate. So when I travel on my own for pleasure, I look for unique, funky and often historic hotels that reek of character. Sure, one takes a chance, but I have mostly discovered real gems that become my go-to places to stay when I'm in that area.
Have you read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? What are your thoughts on it?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 22, 2020:
I’m a huge Douglas Adams fan — read all the books in this series and many of his essays. (I enjoyed the various filmed versions, but the books give one so much more!) I still remember eagerly anticipating a new book from him when I heard of his untimely passing. Brilliant thinker and wonderful storyteller.
Happy Tuesday Everyone! I got some great answers yesterday - it's wonderful to see how many of you ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 21, 2020:
I’m trying to learn about audio content creation and editing. I’ve had a few podcast projects I’ve been fantasizing about!
EIGHT WAYS TO SPOT MISINFORMATION Source suspicion: Vague, untraceable sources, such as ‘a ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 20, 2020:
That’s a pretty good list, though I don’t agree with it all. I DO see a huge factor being people trying to “think” with their emotions, so wanting to believe whatever makes them feel good. Most advertising tries to manipulate this weakness, and I see many, very intelligent people using their brains to rationalize essentially emotionally satisfying positions. As an occasional journalist, however, I see information as a commodity. As with all commodities, I believe in “caveat emptor,” — “buyer beware.” The best protections against bad info include wide life experience, a good working knowledge of the world around us, and a healthy skepticism.
Happy Monday Everyone! I have continuing education today, so I'll be quiet.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 20, 2020:
I’m more on the “giving” end rather than receiving, training mental health peer support specialists who want to enter the profession, as well as continuing education on best practices, systems advocacy, and utilizing community stakeholder participation, among other topics. Everything from an afternoon seminar format to multi-day trainings to three-month intensives. It’s shifted online under present circumstances, and I really miss the face-to-face energy of working directly with my students!
Do All Buddhists Meditate? [] .
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 19, 2020:
No. There are three major divisions of Buddhism (Theravada, Mahayana & Tantric) and many schools within each that have developed over the centuries and as it spread across the globe. Some stress meditation, some chanting, some simple faith. Like other “world” traditions, and certainly Christianity, it also integrated many indigenous beliefs, practices and attitudes as it spread.
Hey guys! Happy Saturday! How are you at hydration? Are you being good little Agnostics?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 19, 2020:
Never! I drink milk, mead and kumis. (I was a sailor. I know what happens in water ...)
MAGA Cultist Pastor: If Churches Don’t Open Their Doors ASAP, the Communists Win | Hemant Mehta |...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 18, 2020:
Ooops, too late! (Tired of winning: 1917, 1945, 1949, 1959, 1975 ...)
Happy Friday! Have you ever saved an animal’s life?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 17, 2020:
Both, plus instances of trying, but without success, often due to lack of resources.
Even agnostics have a belief system.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 16, 2020:
“EVEN agnostics ...?” Oh my! In my humble opinion, being an atheist or agnostic (in this context) involves an answer or position relative to one, single question: belief in gods. Period. It may or may not influence or connect to attitudes about science, spirituality, politics, etc. I may like both apples and oranges, but can still tell the difference between the two.
Happy Thursday! What grooming habit do you enjoy?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 16, 2020:
I like the sensory experience of a good, old fashioned razor shave: splashing the water on my face, lathering up, feeling the blades as they shave me clean, rinsing with refreshingly cool water and then patting myself dry before a dash of some nice cologne. It’s a quick little ritual that definitely borders on the sensual ... 🥰
Brain creatures?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 15, 2020:
The brain is way overrated. The most important organ is the stomach. The central nervous system evolved eyes to find stuff to put in the stomach. Originally a bundle of nerves behind the eyes, the brain evolved to better find stuff to put in the stomach while avoiding winding up in someone else’s stomach. Everything else the brain tries to do is an annoying distraction and must cease. Immediately.
Happy Wednesday Everyone! What memes do you keep on hand for the particularly insufferable?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 15, 2020:
I “harvest” them as I go, saving good ones for future ammo. Since this is “Agnostic,” here are a few I aim at annoying believers:
Happy Thursday! How do you express excitement?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 9, 2020:
I use most of the words listed, but save one for special occasions: I sometimes will attend Christian ceremonies with friends/family, though very rarely. When those parts of the mass or service come up where the congregation is expected to “say amen,” I chime in with a cheery and hearty “booyah!” Confuses the heck out of them ...
Any body feeling more tolerant or less tolerant of religion after the last 6 months?
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 8, 2020:
Neither, though my attention has been caught by religious people who wrap their lethal irresponsibility in their faith, as well as those who are motivated by their faith to act responsibly in terms of health and justice, even if their ideas don’t impress me.
It's Wild and Wacky Wednesday, Y'all! Gimme yer funnies! Here's mine 😁: Did you know that ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 8, 2020:
Happy Tuesday! Slowly waking up and just realizing I already started the coffee maker whilst ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 7, 2020:
A shady spot in some remote forest clearing; a picnic lunch and a beer, followed by a nap on a bed of pine needles!
Wedding guests stripped Gro's garden without permission.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 6, 2020:
Sad, Mustafa Kemal Pasa's secular Turkey is turning into an Islamic Country.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 3, 2020:
Turkey, the US, my ancestral Poland and elsewhere — cynical politicians and religious institutions whipping up or hijacking reactionary populist sentiment to implement the worst social and political programs.
Happy Thursday Everyone! When you think of Independence Day, what does that bring to mind (for ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 3, 2020:
As part of my misspent younger years, I was a state-licensed pyrotechnician for about a decade. It was an avocation, so I typically plied this trade only on ... you got it! Up before dawn, off to pick up a truck full of equipment and explosives; drive to the show location and begin hours of setup: digging trenches, placing mortars, checking the wind and aiming mortars; then locking yourself in the back of the truck and prepping the munitions, attaching the fuses and packing the shells carefully in the ammo boxes we’d use. Pretty much working frantically to do all this until dark, around 9 p.m. I did hand-fired shows only, for various cities and clubs around southern California. So, when you are loading and firing the mortars that launch the fireworks - ranging from baseball to basketball size - you have to be so focused on doing your job safely, you din’t actually have the time to ... look up. I knew I did well if all my appendages were intact and audience members told me so! Even before people leave, you’re digging stuff up, putting it away, then policing the entire are under which the shells exploded, looking for any “duds” — shell that didn’t explode and might be dangerous. You gather and dispose of these, typically working with the local fire marshals. Drive the truck back, get home around 24 hours after you left. Reek of gunpowder for about a week. I loved it!
Is there a positive role for big corporations to play in regards to effectively encouraging some of ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 2, 2020:
Big corporations can, and occasionally do, play such a positive role, but I think they are unreliable partners in social change. There is little accountability; their primary focus is on profit; and their hierarchical structure means that even progressive leadership can disappear in an instant with a change of a few people at the top. I certainly welcome their support when it’s there, but that’s not a foundation I’d build on.
Let us learn a new trick, agree to disagree.
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 1, 2020:
A pretty basic skill/strategy, which most of us employ, often without even thinking about it. A good deal of my professional work is very political, so this ability is practical (sometimes very challenging) and a lot of good work would go undone if we let valid disagreements stifle collaborative opportunities. I try to cultivate problem-solving relationships, as well as mutual respect (when possible), which allows for “agreeing to disagree” in the first place.
How many times a day do you receive a comment from someone that starts with "I know you don't ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 1, 2020:
Very rare, and more often than not the result of me luring them in for a recreational discussion of religion/politics. Kind of a sport for me. More often, I have to deflect accusations that I am/must be “spiritual” by people who nonetheless can’t define what they mean by that. Some even insist that I am, despite my protestations. Drives me nuts.
I'm returning to this after a few years so technically not a newbie, i engaged for a whole week last...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 1, 2020:
Whining is most effective when succinctly written.
Does anyone have any evidence or good reason to think that the pandemic is causing people to doubt ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jul 1, 2020:
Not really seeing an impact either way. People tend to construct “closed systems” in terms of core beliefs, and find “evidence” to confirm what they already believe in their life experience.
LOL, it just CANNOT get any better imo.
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 30, 2020:
Here in California, I’d be able to try several legal responses involving concepts like trespass or harassment, possibly even get a restraining order from a judge. Or, I could set up lawn chairs, invite friends, possibly serve refreshments.
Ulysses S Grant one of the most underrated presidents
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 30, 2020:
A fascinating man, full of contradictions, who knew real struggle throughout his life.
Happy Friday - it's my Birthday! What do you like to do on your birthday?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 26, 2020:
Happy birthday! You do great job with this group, my favorite group on the site! I’d probably forget my birthday were it not for Facebook and loved ones. My one “tradition” is that on my special day, I will allow nothing to interfere with an opportunity to procrastinate.
Today's hike: mountain bikers damaged a trail, making it dangerous.
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 26, 2020:
Grrr! I’ve seen this type of thing all too often, especially on trails nearer to urban centers. Hardest hit are trails with switchbacks, the corners of which quickly degrade, only to wash out during the rainy season. Ironically, this makes them unusable by the bikers themselves ...
Hellooooo! Happy Thursday! What is something you are absolutely passionate about?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 25, 2020:
Mmm ... croissants! Childhood memories of Sunday mornings and rogoliki, as we call them, fresh out of the oven. Yum. Passions? The usual, I guess: History, religion & politics, vengeance ...
The girl I mentored this year won $35,535 in scholarships and grants.
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 21, 2020:
Fantastic: Hoorah for you both! May she enjoy the explorations ahead.
Happy Saturday everyone! Can you drive a stick?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 21, 2020:
I was taught to drive a stick shift by my dad and older sister, and an automatic in high school drivers’ ed. I prefer the extra element of control that a stick gives me, especially on those windy mountain roads I frequent! I own both, though: a sporty Honda Del Sol convertible stick, and an auto Isuzu Rodeo suv. Recently, I stayed in a hotel with valet parking only, taking the Del Sol. When I was leaving, the attendant went to fetch my car, and returned sheepishly in 5 minutes, keys in hand. Couldn’t drive a stick ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 20, 2020:
I’ve celebrated Juneteenth for years, and would love to see federal recognition.
Does President Trump wish to be known as responsible for more deaths than any other President?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 20, 2020:
Lincoln would be hard to top.
A Question of Morality -- Looking for Opinions -- Should saving a puppy mill dog just be written...
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Shut ‘em down and get the pups to a no-kill shelter that can adopt them out legitimately. These mills are a “cottage industry” rampant in parts of my community, that caters to a demand for “pure bred,” small dogs that are carried around as self-indulgent props.
Happy Friday Everyone! What is something that you are trying to get better at?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 19, 2020:
There are many things I do that I constantly work to improve, and a lot of them involve my social or professional “self.” So I’ll share something that I do for myself: my martial arts practice. Not the competitive/combative part, though I enjoy sparring with a good partner, but the quiet part: working with a good teacher; working with myself every morning to cultivate better form, self-discipline, health and an enhanced appreciation of and for myself as a physical being.
Happy Thursday Everyone.
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Northern New Mexico, up in the high country in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and down around Taos. Love those landscapes, with the red earth, green pines and blue, blue skies! Like an artist’s palette.
Happy Wednesday Everyone! What's a funny song you like?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 17, 2020:
I’ve always loved satirical songs (as a kid, they even helped improve my spotty English). Weird Al has a place in my pantheon, but I grew up with Tom Lehrer and the Chad Mitchell Trio, who’s darkly funny “Merry Minuet” I memorized at the age of nine and which still warps my worldview today.
Happy Tuesday Everyone! What's the last thing you borrowed from a friend?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 16, 2020:
Two goats and a pencil sharpener.
Why are people scared of looting?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 15, 2020:
As someone who has lived in the US most of my life, but still only partially assimilated, I think our society is more concerned with stuff than people. Besides, looting is enshrined in American Civic Mythology: WTF was the Boston Tea Party if not looting and destruction of private property?
Happy Monday! Do you prefer to watch movies in the theater or in the comfort of your own home?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 15, 2020:
Although I appreciate the convenience of home viewing, I think some stories demand a big screen! It’s in part the size of the screen being able to better capture epic images, but the social nature of a shared art experience has an impact on me, too.
Texas Anti-Abortion Group Sued for Defamation for Calling Opponents “Criminals” | Hemant Mehta |...
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 15, 2020:
The burden of this always disproportionately falls on poorer people, as the more affluent can access abortion services whether legal or not.
Happy Saturday! I'm out shopping with my daughter because she's almost out of bras.
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 13, 2020:
Watching professional team sports seems to come up a lot.
Happy Saturday! What are you up to today?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 6, 2020:
I should be finishing up some deadline projects (quarterly newsmagazine I edit; writing a position paper for an advocacy non-profit), but I’m drinking coffee and doing some recreational trolling on social media. I know, I’ll burn in Heck. Tomorrow ...
What would it be like if the whole world became an atheist?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 6, 2020:
I think it could be a step in the right direction, getting us beyond “thoughts & prayers” to find rational answers to real-world problems, and removing a common justification for all kinds of oppression.
Happy Friday! What odd smell do you really enjoy?
The-Krzyz comments on Jun 5, 2020:
An aromatic shrub colloquially called “greasewood,” that grows in my local chaparral ecosystem. Sometimes I have to push through a patch when hiking the local foothills, and am bathed in its sweet, perfumed scent!
James Dobson Warns Democrats Will ‘Enslave’ Conservative Christians | Michael Stone
The-Krzyz comments on May 25, 2020:
Are we putting together a “to do” list or what, because I could really use the help. My lawn looks like the African Savannah and the dust bunnies in my house are getting surly.
Read this on another board and thought I'd offer it up for discussion here.
The-Krzyz comments on May 20, 2020:
To the author of the original post: No, you’re not going crazy! You’ve probably always been this way ... (Besides: During most phases of sleep and other forms of unconsciousness and semi-consciousness, a lot of brain activity is going on. We just don’t remember it, or the memories are hard to retrieve.)
Nancy Pelosi: Trump 'morbidly obese,' shouldn't use hydroxychloroquine
The-Krzyz comments on May 19, 2020:
To his supporters, he’ll still just be “pleasingly plump.”
Happy Friday Everyone! What's your favorite ethnic food?
The-Krzyz comments on May 18, 2020:
I grew up on a delicious mix of Polish, northern Mexican, American and Italian, reflecting the people and neighborhoods of my youth. I enjoy many cuisines, but have a special fondness for Korean country cooking and northern Indian. (Wait: Isn’t all food “ethnic?” Still an immigrant at heart, I guess ...)
Happy Saturday everyone! What is something you're trying to talk yourself out of getting right now?
The-Krzyz comments on May 16, 2020:
Refinishing and refilling the now-empty swimming pool in my back yard! It was already drained and empty when I moved here about five years ago, but we (southern California) were in a drought and “non-essential use of water” wasn’t permitted. Now, after a couple of rainy years, that’s over, and our summers can get pretty hot ... (Also, swimming is great exercise!) My alternative — and more costly— fantasy is to convert it into a small “sunken cottage” or “pit house,” naturally cooled by the surrounding earth, like the kivas I’ve seen in the Southwest.
In Search of God’s Perfect Proofs
The-Krzyz comments on May 13, 2020:
I thought this was a lot of fun: Thanks for sharing! My late father was a math wiz. Not I, sadly, yet I appreciate math like I appreciate physics, standing on the edge of that ocean of knowledge, knowing my frail boat is too fragile to navigate its vastness. I understand enough, however, to wonder if our social discourse would benefit if more of us mastered math as our “second language!”
An Evangelical Christian (my classmate's friend) commented on a FB post I made about me being in ...
The-Krzyz comments on May 3, 2020:
The christians are the loudest here in the US, but all over the world I’ve seen how men keeping women in perpetual pregnancy and motherhood very effectively keeps women “in their place,” away from education, jobs, and most other chances to grow and change their lives. Funny how that works ...
Happy Saturday! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, so most of my day will be spent out in my ...
The-Krzyz comments on May 2, 2020:
My relationship with plants? They keep my house cool on hot days, freshen my air, bring the birds, and give me lots of fruit and flowers. And I need a machete to get to my car.
This Chart Shows How Quickly Americans Are Abandoning Organized Religion | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
The-Krzyz comments on May 2, 2020:
Mixed feelings on this. Would not at all miss politically/socially conservative groups and megachurches that fleece their “flocks” while instilling guilt and superstition and spouting racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.; but also remember standing in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with Unitarians, members of the American Friends Service Committee and others in opposition to war and injustice or to get food to folks who were going hungry. Also, what about “disorganized” religion: the myriad forms of still harmful, anti-rational superstitions and “spiritualities” out there that all too often give cover to charlatans and greedy con artists not unlike the “clergy” they replace?
Happy Friday Everybody! What are your thoughts on cannabis?
The-Krzyz comments on May 1, 2020:
How would you feel if someone gave you unsolicited advice about your appearance?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 29, 2020:
Now, that’s just rude! Poor boundaries plus a cultural heritage of objectifying women in ways seldom directed at men. 😡
A different perspective; Is the fight against COVID19 worse than the disease?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 26, 2020:
I saw this clip, and was not impressed with Dr. Katz. “Lifestyle medicine?” WTF is that? Too much marketable woo for me. When he’s on target, Maher can be pretty insightful, but I think he goes off the deep end on occasion, flirting with anti-vaccers and ill-defined “alternative” medicines.
Happy Saturday! What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 25, 2020:
The law. Those fines and legal fees add up ...
Happy Friday! What are movie quotes you use on a regular basis?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 24, 2020:
“In confusion, there is profit!” “You don’t fear anyone; that’s your problem. Fear is useful.” “Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?” “We’re outgunned and undermanned, but ... we’re gonna win. Do you know why? Superior attitude; superior state of mind!” “Dear Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence!”
How many of you feel religion negatively impacted your formative years?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 22, 2020:
Not really, despite nine years of Catholic school. Eight of those years were at a really good, humanely run school which gave me a wonderful, quality education. The religious components, including “catechism” in the early years, didn’t have much of an impact, and I easily shed that baggage at around age 12. I look back at those ideas as being part of a childish way of looking at the world, easily left behind as I grew up and began to explore more widely. Maybe the lasting impact is my constant amazement at otherwise intelligent adults hanging on to the old myths.
Are one through nine spelled out?
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 22, 2020:
That’s how I do it. I typically follow AP Style in my work.
Happy Monday! I woke up to a passive aggressive email from my boss on my day off, and my morning is ...
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 20, 2020:
The great Thomas Paine said this in his book Age of Reason "Whenever we read the obscene stories,...
The-Krzyz comments on Apr 20, 2020:
That’s what I’ve been missing in this Age of Quarantine: I need more “voluptuous debauchery!” 🤔


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