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Conservative Bible Project aims to rewrite scripture to counter perceived liberal bias - New York ...
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 29, 2019:
Only god can change the bible! Put a double-spaced copy on top of a rocket with a red pen. If it comes back with edits, well, there we go!
Can there be nothing?
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
“Nothing” is just another part of “everything!” ?
When Facebook friends post ”Please keep the family of the deceased in your thoughts,” I ...
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
Personally, I see these as “it’s not about me” moments. If a “Like” would be seen as comforting by someone I care about, I gladly give it without quibbling about the metaphor. (Besides, anyone who knows me either knows that I don’t pray, or suspects that I pray to gods that would scare the sh*t out of them.)
This is one of the hardest posts I've ever had to make.
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
Aww: Sincere condolences. I have enjoyed several animal buddies over the years, and they all have left me with great memories - not only of their unique personalities and antics, but of the very real “support” they gave me when life seemed sucky.
I know there are lots of variables, but what should it cost for a single person to eat for a month ...
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
Two huge variables in the US: Aggresive capitalism and “food deserts.” Unfortunately, one can often save money by eating cheap, unhealthy crap which is readily available and full of salt and sugar. In too many places, fresh, healthy food is more expensive and hard to find, if not absent.
Rest In Peace RANKING ROGER from The English Beat []
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
Oh, no: I love The Beat! Too young to leave us.
Texas Senate kicks off fight over religious exemptions - News - Austin American-Statesman - Austin, ...
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
I guess it’s finally time to move to Texas and join a chapter of the Satanic Temple ... Already dreaming of all the exemptions I can claim! ?
What do you think about the person that is described as having a lot of CLASS?
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
Polite, considerate, thoughtful.
Does anyone claim him?
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 28, 2019:
I mean, heck: They’re basically all alike, right?
Good morning! I am seriously dragging this morning! So .
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 16, 2019:
If I’m at home, I brew myself a cup of Vietnamese-style espresso (usually Cuban Cafe Bustelo), letting the hot water drip through the grounds onto some sweetened condensed milk. If not possible because I’m traveling, some kind of coffee, preferably freshly brewed, with milk. (Strong coffee, a briefing on world news, and room to do my Tai Chi outdoors as the sun rises are what I need to prep me for any day, peaceful or contentious!)
Somewhere out there is a man with my name on him.
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
Just awesome! ?
At our very cores, we are emotional beings FIRST.
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
This is exactly what they teach in advertising programs. This is why, if you can’t master critical thinking, you are an easy target for cons and other manipulation.
Report: Plan To Force God Into Public Schools Released | Michael Stone
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
I support forcing god into any kind of school. It’s about time that ignorant bastard got an education.
Religion is threatened by 3 things - Free Women, Free Will and Free Speech.
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
I believe freedom is choice but, as we know, people will still make horrible choices. Read your history: Endless tyranny and bloodshed has been unleashed by free peoples exercising free will and speech. Freedom is not an antidote to greed, avarice, willful ignorance nor bigotry. If only ...
African witchdoctors arrested for killing/sacrificing children. []
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
Gimme that Old Time Religion ... (So much for people living in developed countries sentimentalizing tribal cultures, including those to be found in our own pasts.)
Awwwww. Poor baby 45. The mean old democrats are taking a "wrecking ball" to his life. GOOD!!!!!!!
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 5, 2019:
No one forced him to run. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of our friggin’ kitchen.
Portland Bans Discrimination Against Atheists And Agnostics []
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 1, 2019:
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, of course I applaud the non-discrimination aspect, especialky since I was once denied a job for which I was totally qualified solely because I did not “accept” a mythical being as “my lord and savior.” On the other hand, defining non-beliefs as a form of religion is disingenuous and confirms popular misconceptions anout atheism/agnosticism. Knowing that FFRF knows this, however, leads me to suspect this is an “advocacy compromise” common when doing legislative work. All in all, good work FFRF!
Vicar caught 'watching porn, sniffing cocaine, and using a crack pipe' | Metro News
The-Krzyz comments on Mar 1, 2019:
Cocaine AND a crack pipe?! Now, that’s brand loyalty.
One day when I was handing out mid-term marks to grade eleven students, one looked at his marks and ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 26, 2019:
Sounds like that student will do just fine in a bible "college."
It's all so confusing....
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 25, 2019:
I just thought it was cool that the guy giving the presentation has a ponytail.
For real tho...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 24, 2019:
If you're wanting to go home, something made you leave home in the first place. Some little part of you wanting to "Go Big?"
Giving homes to the homeless is cheaper than leaving them on the streets - Vox
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Cheaper still, I wager, would be finding ways to prevent people losing their homes in the first place, no?
Is causing the death of another ever justified?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Justified by whom, and by what criteria? (Personally, however, I say yes.)
Seems the red cross is a tad pissed their emblem is being used to give legitacy to the US organised ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Quite right of them, too. They have an international, nonpartisan credibility to maintain. (Personal note: Despite it's problems, I still think highly of the Red Cross. Dad was a POW and Mom a slave during the Big WWII, and both have told me how much of a difference the Red Cross made in their worlds while captive. It gave them a sense of an outside world that still knew and cared about them.)
He is Risen Ladies and gentlemen, we have our savior. []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Sadly, I can't share your enthusiasm. I can never forgive Curiosity for having killed that poor cat.
Wow! A dozen roses from my neighbor.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Sweet! Both you and him.
Stanley Donen, director of Singin' in the Rain, dies aged 94 [theguardian.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Donen also directed "On the Town," again working with the great Gene Kelly. Oddly, I don't care for most musicals, but anything with Kelly is an exception, and Donen made that possible.
How do you handle being ambushed by Jesus freaks while having lunch.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
I wouldn’t even bother to engage them about their ideas, the issue to me is that they are being intrusive and rude. Presuming to say something about my family especially crosses a line. I’d make clear that I did not want to talk to them. If they persisted, I’d leave, and let restaurant staff know why.
During workouts, do you prefer a workout partner or would you rather workout solo?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Mostly solo at the gym or on a run. I find workout partners distracting and so-called “trainers” downright annoying. Occasional exceptions made for hikes. Only in martial arts training do I like the social aspect of mutual support, sharing of knowledge and technique, and structured competition.
Who is Socialist?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Manages to spell “collectivism,” but can’t spell “Reagan.” Typical product of a capitalist “education.”
Thermodynamics Of Hell A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his graduate ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Love it: Very clever!
Danton - Outstanding movie .
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
I think the film does a great job contrasting not just the two men's politics, but the personalities of Danton and Robespierre: so different as to make each incomprehensible to the other, and extremely annoying as well. A really good movie on many levels!
On your knees, bitch.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
His hair looks so much better.
All is not lost.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Legend has it that, if The Dude of the Lake hands you his bottle, you are destined to unite and rule all England. At least that’s how I remember it.
Do you have any bumper stickers on your vehicle?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
I decided to keep my late sister’s car, and to keep her sticker: “Peace is Patriotic.” From the Bush 2 era, but ever relevant.
New group. &Bernie2020 Join us if you are so inclined.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Joining your new group may get me expelled from this site. Because I very nearly worship that man! And I’m pretty sure he actually exists. Dilemna.
No stupid questions? Hmmm... ?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
I once had a professor at university who had a wonderfully dark sense of humor. When a student would preface a question by saying “This may be a stupid question, but ...,” he would jump in and say, always in an encouraging, comforting tone of voice: “Now remember, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid people.” Gosh, I loved his classes!
Sign of the times.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 22, 2019:
The London Times Historical Atlas, a wonderful book, has a map of US interventions in Latin America going back more than 200 years. Dizzying amount of information because there have been a LOT of them. It's an American tradition!
Love this Time Cover!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 21, 2019:
“ ... Who’s there?”
In honor of Black History Month, below are highlights of some of the many distinguished ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 21, 2019:
This is great! Many people mentioned whose lives and work I already admired, but did not know about this aspect.
Intelligent design!? The real one?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2019:
Tear down the wall, tear down the “houses of worship,” and build a nice park or something else useful and beautiful.
Conservative Christians Claim Ocasio-Cortez Is A Witch Leading Attack Against Trump | Michael Stone
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2019:
“A coven of witches ... casting spells 24/7?” Well, it ain’t Congress. Neither that focused nor that hard-working.
Stuck in the house because of snow, what are you all upto?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2019:
No snow where I am, but a frigid cold front will bring it nearby tonight. So, I’m building a cheery little fire for the evening, to warm and entertain me. Scares those damn wolves, too.
I keep reading these “inspirational” posts that say: “When you wake up, be grateful that ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2019:
I find the whole “gratitude” thing especially annoying. Not gratitude to someone for something tangible or specific, but an ubiquitous, generalized gratitude to no one in particular. WTF? I suspect it’s a superfluous survival of theistic thinking. (I live in the US, and also suspect this may be why I’m seldom invited to Thanksgiving celebrations...).
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2019:
At least you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!
Very sad to hear about the passing of that amazing Swiss actor, Bruno Ganz.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 17, 2019:
Has this been confirmed? I keep getting reports that he has been spotted in Argentina.
Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 16, 2019:
What about my right to inflict possible pandemics on those around me? Shouldn't that be protected as a form of free speech? And what about privacy? It's pretty intrusive to tell me which viruses and bacteria I and my children can choose to cultivate in our own bodies!
Iceland Mandates Mental Health Warnings On All Bibles | Andrew Hall
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 16, 2019:
Since this came out in 2017, this story has risen to the level of Urban Legend! I have several friends in Iceland, and not only do they all think this is pretty funny, but most of them wish it were true!
"That Man From Rio" a 1964 comedy-thriller from France.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 14, 2019:
Saw it as a kid, and it appealed to my already warped sense of humor! Would enjoy seeing it again.
Well here I am about to turn 61 tomorrow. Feeling pretty good for an old gal!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 13, 2019:
Gosh, I hate hearing you youngsters whine about age! Grow up!
I think being agnostic is a huge sacrifice and it takes courage to even admit it.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 13, 2019:
I’m sorry to hear it's been that difficult for you. My experience has bern very different, and my lack of belief hasn’t taken such a toll on family (we seem to accept differences of opinion). I abandoned spiritual/religious ideas as a teenager, so friends do not expect this from me, plus friends also can agree to disagree. Fantasies? I see them either as metaphors or a thing of my childhood years. Just a different situation to yours.
A beautiful surreal animation made by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 13, 2019:
I haven’t seen this in years! Beautiful work and a great, though short-lived collaboration. His legacy hss become so commercialized, Disney doesn’t get enough credit for how innovative he was as an artist. Thank you for sharing!
HELP! A woman in her 50s is convinced humans can get pregnant by cats/dogs! What should I do?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 13, 2019:
How is she in a position to “teach” this, to young children or anyone else? Is she a teacher of some sort?
Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 12, 2019:
That would be counterproductive! Bin Ladin, for instance, was laughing his head off when he saw the SEALs, and so couldn’t aim his weapon properly. Successful psychological warfare.
Good morning! There are two cities in this world where I would love to live: Amsterdam and ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 12, 2019:
Of places I’ve been, I’d seriously consider A-dam, Arles in southern France, Krakow in southern Poland, or Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island. I’ve heard lots of nice stuff about Edinburgh, though ...
I just read a disturbing post from one of our Agnostic Ladies whom I have great respect for.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2019:
I may have seen that post as well, and my reaction is similar to yours: a kind of sad/angry amazement that those ideas are still around and have any traction in the modern world.
I've been told by friends that I'm the most militant atheist they know.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2019:
Shhh! Don’t give away our position ...
How do you have sex with someone without sexualizing them?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
Cellular mitosis. Kind of interesting, but not a whole lot of fun. And forget orgasms.
Thesaurus Club
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
I’m still upset that not a single thesaurus has been featured in any of the Jurassic Park films.
Will be sending you some videos of life after death soon. ??
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
Of course there is! Mostly involving bacteria.
Name the first person you'd call if you won a lottery of over $30M.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
I’d probably do as you suggest. AFTER I call my bookie ...
I always wanted to be a millionaire… But APPARENTLY you have to have a million dollars first.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
I’m a millionaire, on paper. The reality is, I’d say my lifestyle is middle-middle class, at best. Most of any money I have is tied up: half in property (I own my home near Los Angeles), and half in investments, which generate a modest income. What it gets me is some freedom and some security, but not a lot of disposable cash for extravagant spending. Most people’s image of millionaires date back to pre-inflation days. I worked hard for years to get here, and am glad I saved over the years. I value that freedom and security more than any shiny baubles or chances to show off.
I just blocked myself ....
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
I should follow your example. Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.
‘Everything is not going to be okay’: How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2019:
“Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer; the future’s uncertain and the end is always near.” — From “Roadhouse Blues.” Philosophically, I’d call this “Heroic Fatalism.”
Writing on the walls of your home is only acceptable if you are in a Stanley Kubrick movie.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 6, 2019:
Personally, I wouldn't do it, but who am I to judge? ("Red rum; red rum, red rum ....")
Hiding your lack of faith at work
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 6, 2019:
I facilitated a caucus session for people who question religion/spirituality at a national conference in the US a couple of years back. A LOT more attendees than I anticipated, many from “Bible Belt” states. Most of them said that they felt unsafe being open as nonbelievers or skeptics at work (and elsewhere) and a situation in which they could safely talk about this was rare for them. Especially in small towns, there aren’t many firewalls between work and the rest of your life. Even in the more urban and diverse environments I usually work in, however, often religious people are in the majority, and they tend to assume that everybody is like them. I try not to “go there” unless cornered, and often simply say that I’m “not interested” in religion. If pushed further, THEN I’ll tell them that I think the god of the Bible is a psychopath and that Jesus was a really bad carpenter.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Proofreads State of the Union One Last Time to Remove Any Remaining Facts | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
Give her a break! It’s her one and only skill ...
For those of you who commented on my post yesterday about the missing puppy (and the bird), the ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
May I brag for a moment?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
This kind of bragging, I like! Good on you, and her!
What's your reaction when someone describes themselves as "just a simple guy/gal"?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
I’ll describe myself that way when I want to throw people off guard.
Tonight could be a big night.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
Can’t the House issue a Special Warrant and arrest him while he’s there for Low Crimes & Misdemeanors? Coup!
[] Guys! Please don't do these kind of things.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 5, 2019:
Now I’m paranoid. Is my raccoon secretly wearing my clothes?
I'm watching the last season of South Park and the second episode is a killer one.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2019:
That show has influenced my view of life more than any philosophy or “religion.” I hope that is a good thing ...
They have this as a t-shirt! Awesome!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Have been a fan of Northern Sun for years: Their catalogue is always a kick to browse!
If you love don't forget any of them! LOL
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2019:
Wow! I didn’t know we had our own group on A.Com! I’ve enjoyed maps since I was a kid, and still collect old and unusual atlases, especially historical atlases. One possible result: I seldom get lost (in either space OR time) ... ?
Seems Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who was forced to resign as head of DNC for rigging primaries, is at ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 26, 2019:
So ... the new Venezuelan president will be ... Hillary?
Happy Friday! Here's today's question: What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2019:
Politics: Back rooms, lots of smoke.
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 24, 2019:
European or African swallow?
Where might I buy a funky/edgy CANE or walking stick, something that doesn't look ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Walmart, of all places, carries some of the old-fashioned, wooden styles. So does Amazon. Might be a local dealer for you to discover online, too. (BTW: Your picture shows a staff, not a cane. Good for hiking, not so much if you need to put your weight on it, such as after an injury.)
Has anyone ever done this or wanted to do this (go up in and fly a jet fighter)?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 24, 2019:
No interest in jet fighters. Get me up there in a Spad ...
Seeing as the worlds going to end in 12 years we might as well enjoy the time we have left.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Oh, goodie! And I was afeared that I had missed it.
God came to Earth as Jesus?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 24, 2019:
That is the silliest version of sour grapes ever. Homeboy should have stuck to carpentry.
African American Athiest
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
This has been my experience, as well: people are less likely to question the value of religious faith or spirituality. My pet theory, based on what I observe in part of my own community (Polish Catholic): In times of Bondage, occupation and oppression, our churches were a big part of the struggles for freedom and liberation. It’s a double heritage that can he difficult to turn one’s back on. (Room for lots of irony here!) What do you think?
Texas Republicans Will Vote on Whether to Remove Muslim-American From GOP Position Because of His ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
An attempted explanation on the part of one of the instigators: “Well, if he’s a Muslim, he has to believe in Sharia.” Betcha the guy is another Christian who has never read some of the “legal” parts of Deuteronomy ...
It's very out of the ordinary for me, but I really need to be held today.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Hugs have become almost ceremonial in some places, replacing handshakes, and so have lost much of their meaning for me. A hug from the right person, however ... Someone you can trust — with your own vulnerability. Hope you find that hug!
FACT CHECK: Did a 1950s TV Episode Feature a Character Named Trump Who Offered to Build a Protective...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
So, even our politics is a rerun ...
Evangelical group wants gays removed from anti-lynching bill
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Ah, god is love ...
My sweet little 18 year old kitty climbed on my lap and put her head on my chest then past away.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Aww: Sorry to hear! Been there for many of my animal friends over the years. Bet you gave her an amazing home!
Unfortunately Mary has left the site and turned the group over to me.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 8, 2019:
Oh, no! She did a great job and was fun. Am sure you’ll do a great job, however!
Today's question: What would your perfect room look like?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 6, 2019:
Circular; cooking fire in the middle. Portable.
Four passports and a dishonorable discharge raises the probability that dude was up to no good to 11...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 5, 2019:
Yeah, the passports caught my attention. May not be a spook, but maybe the type of freelancer who tries to ingratiate himself to the pros. Or, a mercenary, as are many with his training.
Today's question should be a fun and interesting one: Tell us about a favorite article of clothing ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 5, 2019:
My old Navy-issue pea coat, which I got when in the US Merchant Service as a young man. So warm and comfy! Eventually outgrew it after many years of good use, and passed it on to someone else (with narrower shoulders and thinner arms!). It may still be out there, keeping someone warm. They are darn near indestructible!
Today's question: What fictional place would you most like to visit?
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 28, 2018:
Grand Fenwick
1500 years old saga ?
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 22, 2018:
This is why I am an anarchist: When the kings and queens are away, the rest of us should continue to play!
Who is your favorite Super hero and why.
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 22, 2018:
Nietzsche! He kicked some serious ass in the day ....
Tornado hit Port Orchard.
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 19, 2018:
Evangelist Pat Robertson just said God is angry at Washington State because it tolerates gay logging.
What are your thoughts/ideas on unicorns?
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 18, 2018:
I love unicorns! A little garlic, a little butter, lightly browned in the pan ... Tastes like chicken.
I went to a Chinese take-out place to get some dinner for my daughter's family and myself.
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 18, 2018:
The last fortune cookie I got simply said: “Learn Chinese.” Man, they’re getting blunt!
Anyone else have trouble dealing with religious family?
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 16, 2018:
I wasn't raised around this brand of christianity, but am intrigued by this talk of heifers and sacrifices. Do they sell tickets? Is there anything we can do to speed along this "rapture?" (That means all these annoying people will go away, right? I'm willing to pitch in to make that happen.)
Sometimes, our mythology based on reality sugarcoats the actual historical figures:
The-Krzyz comments on Dec 16, 2018:
Youngsters need to learn that there are CONSEQUENCES to their actions! An example must be made of Little Timmy ...


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