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Molossia - an independent nation within the US []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2021:
The UN calls these “micronations,” and there are lots of them, ranging from abandoned ocean oil derricks to, well, my back yard. There are a few fun books about them, and they include everything from attempted tax shelters to “vanity states.”
Beware the kitty cat
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Get him, Kitty!
Evangelist: Pray for Me in Asia Because Buddhists Have “Emptiness on the Inside” | Hemant Mehta ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Anyone who understands Buddhist teaching would find this funny ... in a pathetic sort of way.
The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion Regulations It Argues Infringe On Members' Religious ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2021:
“Fighting fire with fire!” Kind of a controlled burn for religious ideas.
New wii game
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2021:
Yeah, I gotta work on my flogging backhand.
Christian Ministry to Girls: Stop Loving Yourselves Because “You Aren’t Enough” | Hemant Mehta...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2021:
If you make and sell crutches, you’ll want to convince as many people as possible that they can’t walk on their own. (People with disabilities or injuries excluded, of course.)
which is which 🖤
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2021:
“Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn ...” — Delmore Schwartz
I was just trying to log in to agnostic.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 20, 2021:
One of the gods trolling us? White screen supremacy? I just don’t know ... 🤔🙄
Why do people vote for narcissists with sociopathic tendencies?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 19, 2021:
This meme has been so overused, BUT: You gave me a hearty belly laugh with this incarnation! As far as your question: People tend to vote for candidates they think are like themselves ...
Barbara Eden in her 428 Cobra Jet Mustang in 1970
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 19, 2021:
Wow: Both equally hot!
Librarian turns 110 year-old tree stump into community library []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 18, 2021:
I find a nice symmetry to the idea of a tree housing books.
It's that time of year again, Lent.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 11, 2021:
Ah, paczki (roughly pronounced ponch’-ki)! Harder to find out here in the Western U.S., where we don’t have the larger Polish & Polish-American communities found in the East. Since the passing of my mom a few years ago, I’m seriously missing the traditional cooking I grew up with, especially around holidays.
It is that time of the year again, I think.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Thin Mints are my Achilles Heel.
Orange juice, did you know?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I eat fruit with breakfast, always including half an orange. My hope is that it will enhance my diplomatic immunity if I ever face extradition.
This 1946 French fantasy was the movie that got me interested in foreign films when I was still in ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Beautiful, often haunting film! Several years ago, composer Philip Glass composed a new score and libretto, which I saw him conduct (and perform in) to a screening of the film in Los Angeles. It was very cool.
Nice! .
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Should I be concerned about that Giant Baseball Bat (GBB) orbiting so close to our sun?
Important lesson and one to strive for.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Or an awesome level of privilege ...
Still learning this site, but anyway.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
My late sister was an avid birder, and would often participate in bird counts as she lived in an area that was on the migration routes for several species. She and her colleagues could specifically identify all kinds of birds, but also maintained a separate, catch-all category: LBB —“Little Brown Birds!”
Well, that escalated quickly.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Hey: Some of us just like our relationships a little spicy ... don’t judge us, man!
Just investigated Spinoza's god. Who knew that god was everything?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 10, 2021:
Spinoza rejected the christian notion of a “personal” god, and worked his way towards a sort of philosophical pantheism. At this level, gods are returned to their primary function as metaphors. I don’t have to “believe” in metaphors, but can feel empowered to use them when I choose.
hi ho! mask man wears the white hat. []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
Ah, Lenny Bruce! An edgy genius who used comedy as a weapon against complacency, injustice and thoughtless tradition.
What dangerous, wrong or false things do Conservatives believe?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
I don’t self identify politically based on labels. I pursue my interests, as I see them, politically and economically. That being said, I think most people feel first and think second: the brain is the servant of the emotions— whether the topic is politics or “ spirituality” or anything else. Few have the self-discipline, insight and perspective to achieve rationality.
“The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
The quote may be anachronistic, but the thought is valid.
Words of warning "Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
The better you understand an opponent, the stronger and more intelligent the opposition. This understanding, however, is based on what you have in common. Something I learned as a martial artist, and have found useful in sparring, chess, politics and war.
Paladin PAL-ə-dn Part of speech: noun Origin: French, late 16th century 1: Any of the twelve...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
From “Have Gun, Will Travel,” with Richard Boone.
The words are hard to find.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
Lost my last canine friend (of 13 years) to a cancer more than six years ago. Still miss her. These are special bonds.
This Supreme Court’s Religious Liberty Approach Would Be Silly, If The Consequences Were Not So ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
The standard for fairness most often cited is a comparison of a “religious” activity with a “secular” one, which is almost always some commercial enterprise. So let’s just follow the comparison to its logical conclusion, admit that most churches are money-making businesses, and tax them accordingly.
My brother is a train fan and posted this. []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
Got me coming and going: I love trains and train travel, and I love the silents, especially the work of that risk-taking genius, Buster Keaton.
I am not holding my breath he'll be removed from office, but if he''s convicted of a felony same ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 9, 2021:
Neither of them did it alone.
What Would Your Marriage Look Like if It Resembled Your Relationship With Jesus?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
Maybe this explains why my ex had such a Martyr Complex.
Slow down Homer!!!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
“This is your brain on catnip ...”
So be careful!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
“Now, step away from the match ...”
700 Historians Publish Damning Letter Urging The House To Impeach Trump On Wednesday
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
Love Hamilton’s spot-on description of the Trumps of the world!
Soundtrack music from the 1941 Oscar-winning film How Green Was My Valley, by Oscar-winning composer...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
Great music for a great film! The Newmans, as a family, have contributed so much to enhancing our enjoyment of moving pictures. And now, Randy is adding his contributions to the tradition.
So, this morning in my email i receive a strongly-worded punishment from Admin about my remark on ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
From the ancient book of wisdom, the “Duck De Ching.”
A good one from an old Anarchist.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 8, 2021:
From his masterwork, “God and the State,” I think. Still worth a read ...
How many atheist/agnostic/secular/humanism sites do you visit and/or interact with regularly?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2021:
“Regularity” being relative, I frequently touch base with the Center for Inquiry, American Humanist Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Satanic Temple. (I have to admit I’m drawn to the Temple folks by their guerrilla tactics in challenging christian privilege, sense of humor, and adorable baby goat memes!)
I had never seen this video of police killing a mentally ill man.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 7, 2021:
Not uncommon, sadly. Law enforcement, by lack of training and by culture, is ill-equipped to understand/interact with mental health issues. Police are a leading cause of death in this community.
After you leave this world, would you want to be part of an amorphous, nebulous, celestial, sentient...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 6, 2021:
I don’t want any kind of afterlife, except perhaps in bacterial form. I full expect - nay, demand - that death be death, as advertised: complete and final extinction. Only through my complete and utter demise will the life that came before have any meaning.
What do you see?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
It’s a were-dog, a common pest in my area.
For the next time you hit a wall
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
My ancestors rode with the Mongols. We are not impressed by walls.
Hello guys, good evening 🌙 how r u heathens?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
My late older sister had a son some 50 years ago who was given up for adoption. He recently tracked me down and reached out, and I have been having a ball getting to know him and his kids. Real interesting that, despite never really having known my sis, he is SO much like her in many, good ways.
Happy birthday, Alice Cooper No more Mr. Nce Guy []
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
A favorite from my high school years! His “Welcome to My Nightmare” show was really creative and great fun.
Ron Reagan is an amazing guy.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
Ron came out OK, despite being from a family that was dysfunctional because of both show business AND political ambitions!
The gorgeous Agnes Moorehead
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 4, 2021:
A great actress! I will always remember seeing her solo, no-dialogue Twilight Zone performance on TV as a youth. Distressing and powerful!
Just saw a headline on a singles app.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up crack ...
I have noticed on this site (app) there are more older people, that which i find interesting because...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
I think it was Aristotle who said that an unreflective life was not worth living. Just because some of us may have been around for a while and may have experienced a lot, that doesn’t mean we have thought more deeply, questioned more widely, or gained more insight because of it, sadly. I wish we could acknowledge our common humanity, realizing that we ARE united by all the many things we share. Yet we keep using our differences as excuses for division and chauvinism, rather than seeing opportunities to learn from each other. We often try to do the same things, only in different ways.
Quantum experiments have long demonstrated that subatomic particles somehow “know” about each ...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
I find this stuff fascinating, but think “react to” is a better way to describe the phenomena than “know about,” given all the nonsense spouted in the name of quantum by opportunists like Oprah and Deepak.
If your mad you won't notice tbe duck at first
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
Guess I should spend more time on Duckhub or Xduck ...
Guy Fawkes was actually sentenced to be hanged, drawn, and quartered.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
We may look down our noses at the days when some criminals were drawn and quartered, but at least it gave artists some much-needed work.
[] Bernie displaying his white privilage ?
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
“Help! I’m being repressed!”
Truth is a bitter pill sometimes.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
Great quote. Interesting, as an exercise, to try substituting other words in place of “religion.” “Science?” “Philosophy?” How about “we,” as in: “We are at our ... “ best, and worst?
It does have a certain appeal...
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 3, 2021:
OK, that’s it: I now consider her fully rehabilitated.
[] 4 yr old found Dinosaur footprint
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 2, 2021:
Wow: That footprint must be really old! It must have been at least 4,000 years since god planted it there to fool us gullible humans.
A most excellent idea
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 1, 2021:
It’s the Intellectual Vaccine.
Apparently sometimes he's not watching.
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 1, 2021:
NOW I get it. He seemed like such a nice guy, and this explains it: He was Canadian.
Get your shot Moron!
The-Krzyz comments on Feb 1, 2021:
Honestly, my main motivation for getting vaccinated is getting the free microchip. The ones at the Apple Store are too expensive, and the ones at the swap meet never seem to work.
'QAnon Shaman' Jake Angeli Willing to Testify at Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 30, 2021:
Not sure about the credibility of his testimony, but I’d be very disappointed if he shows up wearing a suit. At least keep the face paint, bro!
How's Biden doing?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 30, 2021:
For the first time in years, I feel like somebody is behind the wheel who actually knows how to drive the car, rather than a little kid sitting in the driver’s seat, pretending while going “vroom, vroom!”
January 29, 1964 The British film Dr.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 29, 2021:
Love this film, and I needed to laugh at it back then, having just read “Fail Safe” — The grim and intense film version was released shortly after “Strangelove.” I always have a hard time explaining the sense of dread and impending doom that many of us felt growing up during the Cold War, especially for those of us with parents who had barely survived the War (as we called WWII). Being able to make fun of it was so liberating. Otherwise, it could feel like History was trying to smother you ...
Really disappointed...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 29, 2021:
Maybe not, but they feed you well. All the Spam you can eat!
Why were chainsaws invented? The horrifying reason in the link below 😨😨 []
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 29, 2021:
I had open heart surgery about ten years ago. Chatting with the cardiologist afterwards, I had some questions, especially about the procedure and the healing process. I already knew that they had to saw open my sternum to get at, and remove, the heart. How did they close it up later, I wondered? Staples and glue. Next time, I’m skipping the hospital and going straight to Home Depot.
IS Paranoia the new reality, infecting many in every country?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 29, 2021:
Except for the guy with the guns, it looks a lot like the world I comfortably grew up in.
Police: South Park man submitted mail-in ballot under his deceased wife’s name
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 29, 2021:
“South Park man?” Betcha it was Cartman.
Lets all welcome our newest member @The-Krzyz
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Why, thank you; glad to be aboard! Don’t know why it took me so long to join, given that I’m a confirmed coffee fanatic ...
“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that’.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Claiming offense is usually a weak attempt to discredit or curtail ideas that the “offended” ones don’t want to hear, or can’t effectively argue against. “Safe spaces” are parking lots for complacency.
Satanists Are Suing the City of Boston for Rejecting Their Invocation Requests | Hemant Mehta | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 28, 2021:
I’m surprised that more people on this site don’t know that the Satanic Temple is a secular-humanist organization dedicated to legally challenging the predominantly christian privilege in the U.S. They don’t actually “worship” Satan, but chose him as a symbol of resistance to blind obedience to authority, in the tradition of Blake and Twain. Their legal strategy complements that of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), with an added dash of dark humor. And they love posting memes featuring the lovable antics of baby goats ... 🐐
“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Counter quote: “Stop whining, John, and help me build this fire!” — Jack London
49% of Protestant Pastors Have Heard Conspiracy Theories in Their Church | Beth Stoneburner | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 27, 2021:
You mean that story going around that a mentally unstable, occasionally violent, unsuccessful carpenter/petty criminal was really a god in disguise who was plotted against by nefarious evildoers among the leadership of his own people as well as the legal authorities?
Look at you go!! Some of you are building multiple things a day!
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 26, 2021:
I should probably add this skill to my resume’ ...
Performance Management - Noun.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 26, 2021:
No joke: I actually survived a couple of workplaces in which this happened! I managed to get real work done, and some good work, but can only wonder how much more could have been done without those useless talkfests. Now, when I run meetings, I try to make sure they are useful, efficient and to-the-point.
Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 26, 2021:
I rarely get hooked by TV shows (Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, Lost ...), but Breaking Bad totally enthralled me. Cranston was brilliant!
For @Marionville For the love of Tuesdays.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 26, 2021:
I got this album for Christmas 1968 when I was 12 years old. I also was reading “The Hobbit” for the first time. Since then, the music, that story, and the season have been inextricably linked in my mind. I still have the album!
My mother says I'm going to hell.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Make sure to register when you get here so we can get you your gift basket. Plus, you can get a free breakfast for attending a brief presentation about Hell Ownership Opportunities.
Can't have that "sin cave" robbed of those nasty pleasures or can we.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
New sport: Sin Cave Spelunking ...
Lloyd Bridges with this son in 1951
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Looks like he picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue ...
Mother Earth is one very, yummy mummy. :)
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
She’s lost a few pounds.
What's Up guys?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
No. Once I make a decision, I tend to accept the consequences and move forward.
Former President of the Philippines.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
Poor Cory, swimming against the tide. Which made her bravery even more remarkable.
These Cleverly-Designed Billboards Would Preach the Bible Right Back at Christians | Hemant Mehta | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 25, 2021:
If my childhood catechism classes had stressed the hateful, cannibal-zombie Jesus, I might have stayed in the church longer.
Been watching the Smerconish show this morning, and the survey question is whether attendees of 45's...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 23, 2021:
Ironic to hear so many self-described “liberals” calling for such consequences, even when inflicted by the bosses and corporate entities. I remember when the shoe was on the other foot and you could be fired for protesting U.S. involvement in Vietnam or calling for President Nixon’s impeachment. Should one lose one’s right to work if an employer disagrees with participation in a BLM rally? School boards may be public entities, but they are infamous for overreacting to popular prejudices, often targeting LGBTQ folks and ... atheists.
For those genuinely into CT this is a useful site that helps sort the nonsense from the facts, be ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 23, 2021:
This is a great resource, thank you! I’ll be giving a seminar on CT in May and will definitely share this site with my students.
Ignore the people who have idiotic thoughts🖤🌠🖤
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 23, 2021:
I can’t afford to. I live in the U.S., where there are millions of them, and they are angry and heavily armed.
Angry Christian Mom Condemns “Graphic and Offensive” Cadbury Creme Egg Ad | Hemant Mehta | ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 22, 2021:
What about that miracle performed by Jesus when he fed a thousand people with a single creme-filled egg? 🐰🥚
January 21st 1950.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 21, 2021:
Perfect quote for an editor like me!
I'm : B 1 C How about you?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 20, 2021:
C 5 D!
Something a little different.. curious minds want to know.. anyone hear of a Screwball or a Tweety?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 19, 2021:
Loved those creamsicles as a kid!
That 2nd dose ain't no joke.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 19, 2021:
Yikes! My county just opened up the process for my group, so I’m signing up. I also usually do well with vaccines, but I’ll brace myself, just in case, especially for that #2 shot.
Happy Monday Everyone. Is anyone here interested in taking over this group?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 18, 2021:
Oh, no! ☹️
Isn't that the truth!
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 17, 2021:
I think that, for most people, their religion is just part of the culture that they inherit from their families and the communities in which they live, and they go along on “auto-pilot” until something makes them question it.
Happy Saturday Y'all! What's a catchy song that has terrible lyrics?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 17, 2021:
Hard to choose, as that describes a lot of pop music ... 🎶😮🎵
36 Questions: Happy Friday! I'm feeling sentimental.
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 16, 2021:
Not “little,” but definitely “special:” Some years back, a woman I was dating joined family members to treat me to a birthday dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant. About 15 minutes in, a stranger suddenly joined us — she had hired a magician, who proceeded to amaze and amuse us with an intimate magic show that lasted about an hour! Best birthday present ever!
Dave Daubenmire: Meghan Markle “Poisoned” the Royal Family By Being “Half Black” | Hemant ...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 15, 2021:
He’s from Ohio, for Pete’s sake! I will never understand why so many Americans are obsessed with the British royal family.
Happy Thursday Everyone! What is a new goal that you have set for yourself?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 14, 2021:
I need to get good medical coverage in place. I’ve worked as an independent contractor for the last few years (so no employer-provided plan), and because of very good health and a resilient constitution, I kind of let my safety net get a bit frayed.
Will it matter a billion years from now whether we are kind or cruel to today?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 14, 2021:
I think what we do DOES matter, but my reference points have to do with the consequences, or lasting impacts, of our decisions and life ways, not “kindness” or “cruelty,” which are values whose interpretation is relative. We are more likely to be judged as stupid if, in a billion years, some discerning and inquisitive eyes were to see evidence that we destroyed ourselves by destroying the environments upon which we depended; or that we altered the course of evolution on our planet by making life unsustainable for some life forms - even after we depart the stage - by trashing the resources they would need and so changing the nature of the possibilities offered on Earth. As to your final question, atheism is only one answer to a single question: Do gods exist? Logic does not demand any implications, and nihilism is as legitimate a candidate as humanism, positivism, pragmatism, rationalism or any other world view contending to occupy the space left behind as the gods leave.
A Creationist is Angry He Can’t Get a Grad School Degree in Creationism | Hemant Mehta | Friendly...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 14, 2021:
Phrenology is much more lucrative.
In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an...
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 14, 2021:
So much for “tradition.” Just because something is ancient, doesn’t mean it’s wise.
Today is Wild and Wacky Wednesday! Let's see your funnies!
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Guarded optimism.
Hey Guyses! Happy Tuesday - what's the last video game you played?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 13, 2021:
Not sure if it even qualifies as a “video game” at all, but I am an obsessive Doodle Jumper on my iPhone, trying to crack the 100,000-point ceiling. Otherwise, I like playing chess against various computer programs and occasional mind-bending puzzles.
Happy Monday! What's your very first memory?
The-Krzyz comments on Jan 12, 2021:
About three or four years old, bouncing around on my parents’ big bed, as a professional photographer tries to take pictures of me. I was fascinated by his setup of lights, and a huge (to me) old fashioned camera on a tripod. I don’t remember him that well, but he obviously was a pro at getting the shots while handling a kid full of energy who was curious and just wanted to play!


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