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⚠️Who’s stoned right now?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 25, 2019:
I'm always stoned. I use it for pain relief.
Where are all the right to life people now?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 25, 2019:
And Biden wouldn't change any of this.
I put Nancy right up there with RBG!!!!
Theresa_N comments on Sep 25, 2019:
My, you're really gullible given her record.
Best cover ever
Theresa_N comments on Sep 24, 2019:
Fighting for oil interests everywhere.
Let us not forget what Nazis did and not only to the Jews.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 23, 2019:
Socialists were also killed.
The first band I really loved, and went to see live.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 22, 2019:
One of my favorite bands.
Gautama Buddha, "The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart"
Theresa_N comments on Sep 22, 2019:
The heart is an organ that pumps blood, it has nothing to do with emotion, love, "enlightenment," or anything else. It is the brain that manufactures those things.
How humans were created according to the History Channel.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 14, 2019:
I remember when the history channel had real history. Then again I remember when atheists weren't in love with woo, not that your post reflects this and it applies to agnostics as well. What has happened to rational thought in this world?
I believe ..... Under the sky, under the haven we are but one family.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 13, 2019:
I would hope that it would be nothing like my birth family.
[] A brief history of Biden and Warren's biggest beef -from 20 years ago. Worth knowing.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 13, 2019:
It can't be denied, big money is behind Biden.
Another reason to legalize
Theresa_N comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Much much safer than family gatherings.
Trump says he fired national security advisor John Bolton
Theresa_N comments on Sep 10, 2019:
He'll be replaced with someone even more incompetent.
Please recycle! Lol!!
Theresa_N comments on Sep 9, 2019:
There is no recycling of most plastics. It's simply dumped somewhere. It used to be we would ship it to third world countries and they dumped it somewhere, but they're refusing to take it now.
I sure wish the Obama's would throw their support to Bernie. That would be huge! []
Theresa_N comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Obama is a neo-liberal, he'd never support Bernie.
Prime Minister of India on the Space Program. An impressive man. Has anyone here been to India?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 7, 2019:
He's a fascist.
Something really heavy for a Saturday It's Alright, ma Bob Dylan []
Theresa_N comments on Sep 7, 2019:
I love the pre "Jews for jesus" Bob Dylan.
Inside Bill Gates’ Hubris: Propaganda to Make America Neoliberal Again New Gates documentary is a...
Theresa_N comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Neo-liberals still run the Democratic party.
If you believe in world peace, community, free expression, compassion and empathy, music, poetry and...
Theresa_N comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Not to mention you must believe in woo.
Different perspective...
Theresa_N comments on Sep 6, 2019:
He should cook dinner and take care of the kids too.
Who knows what this joke refers too?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 4, 2019:
I do.
Trump is at it again! This might be a misspeak, but just read. []
Theresa_N comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Trump has dementia, his memory is severely impaired.
Just looking for friends wb....and I don't mean warner It's 420 somewhere.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 4, 2019:
It's actually the same number of minutes after everywhere.
Hard to argue
Theresa_N comments on Sep 4, 2019:
It's teenage kids.
OH GOD I was wrong, not everyone loves the Beatles - Who's your favorite Beatle?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 4, 2019:
I can't vote for any of them, although I'm allergic to dogs that shed, my non-shedding dog is my goddess.
We're introverts. We stay in a lot. Possibly watching TV. What are we watching?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Rectify on Netflix.
Best bagel flavors ranked. What are your faves? Egg and everything for me.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Jalapeno. Brueger's Bagels, here in the Twin Cities, used to have bagels with bits of jalapenos in them. Now they just put melted cheddar cheese on them and embed the jalapenos in that. Yuck.
People say "older and wiser" my question is, how old will Trump have to be?
Theresa_N comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Dementia sort of makes a lie out of that old saying.
"Rear Window" was released on this date in 1954.
Theresa_N comments on Sep 1, 2019:
One of my favorite movies.
I wish we were all hippies and we did yoga, lived in cottages, smoked weed, accepted everyone for ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 31, 2019:
I left the Hippies group because of too much woo. I guess I'm to rational to be a hippie anymore.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 31, 2019:
No they don't. The Unions just need to take that into consideration when they negotiate benefits.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Most of eastern Europe is fascist or close to it. Trump is a fan of dictators everywhere, whether it's North Korea, Poland, Brazil, or Israel.
Anyone had that sandwich yet?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 31, 2019:
I wanted to but I've heard they're sold out.
Doggo in charge. []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 30, 2019:
What a good dog.
I rarely post memes...but Doonesbury nails it... []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 30, 2019:
Excellent. I miss seeing his strip every day.
Socialism no longer scares people. Has the word lost its power to scaremonger? []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 30, 2019:
We'll see if Bernie wins the nomination, if he does than socialism will have become accepted.
article from early 2018, but if many people per day are still dying, then the drug should, in my ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 28, 2019:
Many who started out taking oxycontin have moved to heroin. Banning Oxycontin would just make people switch to heroin. Banning doesn't work, remember prohibition.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 28, 2019:
It is becoming more and more clear to me that Bernie is the only one I'd vote for.
Aha! It's not mental illness they're all just congested...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 28, 2019:
I rely on pseudoephedrine. I have really bad allergies and sinus problems. Every month I go through great difficulty even though I have a prescription for it. Walgreens has trouble getting the quantity I need so sometimes I must buy it over the counter. Let's just treat people who are addicted to meth and let everyone buy pseudoephedrine without any hassles. Those addicted to meth who don't want treatment, well it's their body.
For what reason do so many non-believers get their pants all twisted over climate change?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 28, 2019:
You get the Darwin Award for this comment, as do all who cannot understand that we cannot evolve fast enough to keep up with the pace of climate change. I'm really surprised a person who makes such comments doesn't believe in a deity, as stupid as it is.
A philisophical question pertaining to socialism.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 28, 2019:
It is socialism, as are public streets and roads, fire fighting, public education, university's, a multitude of things in our society are socialist and good. Socialism is the boogeyman in our society.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free: A No-Brainer | Tom's Guide []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 27, 2019:
It's worth paying for.
"Dear Murder-Gods.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 27, 2019:
Very funny.
Such and Easy Target! []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 27, 2019:
She really knows her stuff.
"With reasonable men, I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will give no ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 27, 2019:
A wise man at least as far as this quote goes.
Why is racism is wrong?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 27, 2019:
You are despicable. I grew up in a family of racists and fascists. I've got to fight against racist thoughts all the time. Racism is wrong because it makes us think that people, yes people, are less than us simply because of the color of our skin when really they're our betters.
26th August 1996.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 26, 2019:
Yes one of the many misdeeds committed by the Clintons. It's puzzling why they have so much support among people of color.
A Portable Car 45 RPM Record Player. Ever Heard Of This?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 25, 2019:
I've read about them and saw some pictures of them. They skipped an awful lot.
The line between right & left ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 25, 2019:
Hillary didn't have the enthusiastic support of the left, just of neoliberals.
I never could understand the use of e-cigarettes beyond being a device to aid a person to stop ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 24, 2019:
I vape both THC and nicotine. I used to be a four pack a day smoker. The cases of lung disorder reported on were caused by people using untested illegal thc, not nicotine like e cigarettes. Many people live where there are dispensaries that sell tested for purity thc. This has been unknown to cause any problems. Many others live in places where they cannot get thc thats tested for purity. This is caused by people like yourself who jump to unwarranted and unwise conclusions from the misinformation that is out there.
Yesterday, I went on a day road trip with a friend.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 23, 2019:
Trump calls truth lies and lies truth. You don't need to investigate his claims as they are all lies.
Remember those wonderful Bob Dylan protest songs of the sixties?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 22, 2019:
Chances are he's a repuglican now. Remember, he's a Jew for jesus.
This is wrong
Theresa_N comments on Aug 16, 2019:
The US has traveled down the road to fascism farther than most people think. We've elected a Nazi nearly three years ago just as Germany did. He's instituting repressive policies, promoting Nazi judges, including in the Supreme Court, we might not get out of this.
What would you do?
Theresa_N comments on Aug 15, 2019:
I took my daughter to a UU congregation when I deconverted. It gave her the church like environment without the dogma. I was on the road to becoming an atheist and even though I haven't seen her since she was age 12 I sincerely hope she is an atheist.
Kind of makes me wonder if the DNC wants to lose in 2020 too?... []
Theresa_N comments on Aug 15, 2019:
If they don't get their man in, Biden, neoliberals would prefer trump to win rather than Bernie Sanders. And the DNC is a neoliberal institution.
Today in Hawaii, Indigenous resistance to the Thirty Meter Telescope.
Theresa_N comments on Aug 12, 2019:
Just what the world needs, more prayers and superstition and less science.
So it's looking like Trump wants to finally make a token stand for background checks for guns for ...
Theresa_N comments on Aug 10, 2019:
As someone with a mental illness, I would like to see you provide evidence that the mentally ill are more likely to support trump. I am a socialist and would no more vote for trump than I would for Biden.
If tRump is still occupying the White House past January 20th, 2021 (notice, i did not say he won ...
Theresa_N comments on Jul 31, 2019:
There need to be Nuremberg like trials for all prominent rethuglicans.
This Church Did It Right!
Theresa_N comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Probably a Quaker Meeting House, which is not a church. What I would be if I believed in god or could tolerate those who do.
There may come a time , when I will need to move into assisted living quarters .
Theresa_N comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I'm currently "shopping" for an assisted living facility for myself. Trans friendly ones are unheard of. Most have some sort of religious affiliation. Non private pay ones that are at all decent are not available. I will be able to pay for one for a few months only because I will sell my condo. During this period I will have to pay for thousands of dollars of meds every month because I will no longer be eligible for Medical Assistance. It's all rather depressing and anxiety provoking.
I have a question for the people that are 100% certain that no gods exist. How are you THAT certain?
Theresa_N comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I am 100% certain that santa claus, the easter bunny and gods do not exist.
What are your thoughts on the protests in Hawaii over construction of a new telescope on Mauna Loa?
Theresa_N comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I don't believe that religious arguments (whether indigenous or not) should ever trump scientific ones. Indigenous religion is still religion.
Would you eat the puffin?
Theresa_N comments on Jul 21, 2019:
I'd eat a puffin before I'd eat Minke whale.
What's a colon lobotomy?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 25, 2019:
Bloom County is the one thing I miss from facebook.
Ocasio-Cortez Refuses Invite To Visit Concentration Camps With Holocaust Survivor | Daily Wire
Theresa_N comments on Jun 24, 2019:
Good for her. Too much to do here to go touring European camps. Spend the free time here touring the new Hitler's concentration camps instead.
Fox Host Laura Ingraham Shuts Door on Reparations: 'We Won, You Lost, That's That'
Theresa_N comments on Jun 22, 2019:
Odd because Black americans were supposed to receive reparations after the civil war, 40 acres and a mule but the u.s. reneged on the deal.
"14 Pics from .
Theresa_N comments on Jun 20, 2019:
I don't think of the Chinese communist party as communist. It's more of a confucianist dictatorship. It's certainly not socialist.
Anybody seen “THe Lavender Scare” last night?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Just as trans people are treated today.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 19, 2019:
I have come to believe that Drumpf doesn't know how to read. Perhaps his dementia has caused him to forget how to.
Your Opinion?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 18, 2019:
There is no increase in psychosis in those under 25. Their thesis has been disproven.
[] It turns out Donald Trump's father was the racist landlord Woody Guthrie hated.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Sort of old news. His father was also arrested at a KKK demonstration, he was one of the KKK members.
I remember 'steal this book', people's chemistry, and catholic school.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 17, 2019:
I stole "Steal This Book." Later apologized to the bookseller.
Which do you prefer, regular or fried?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Fried always.
I tried this once, did not care for it. 😖
Theresa_N comments on Jun 15, 2019:
I used to like Squirt, haven't had it in years though.
If the election was held today, who would you vote for and why?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 14, 2019:
I'd vote for Bernie Sanders. Biden is a neoliberal. The drone wars would continue. The species die off would continue, as would global warming. Cannabis would remain illegal. I will not vote for Biden.
So trump says he would like to run against Biden because Biden is mentally weak.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Biden is the weakest, or second weakest if Amy Klobuchar is counted, person running. He's a neoliberal. He won't save us from species extinction or climate change and he won't legalize cannabis. I won't vote for him.
I woke up today to the news that oil tankers had been attacked in the Middle East.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 13, 2019:
We'll be lucky to survive the next year and a half. Trump is ignorant of everything, he'd hardly be wise about the results of nuclear war.
June 12, 1987 -- Reagan: “Secretary General Gorbachev, if you seek peace–if you seek prosperity...
Theresa_N comments on Jun 13, 2019:
Gorbachev was the reasonable one.
Were there any problems in this world BEFORE Trump was president or did ALL of the world issues ...
Theresa_N comments on Jun 12, 2019:
No, Obama was a mediocre president in many ways because he is a neoliberal. He waged drone warfare over much of Africa and the middle east. He made giving money to insurance companies mandatory when he should have instituted tax funded universal medical coverage. He kept the war on drugs going. Yes he did many things for the LGBTQ+ community and kept good relations with Europe. But that doesn't necessarily make up for everything else.
That’s one thing that got me thinking. They can’t all be right so how do we know who is?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 12, 2019:
But this is just what many people say such as Oprah and the Dalai Lama, that all religions are right and it enrages me.
No oneis above the law!
Theresa_N comments on Jun 11, 2019:
What she means is trump is above the law as long as he is president as she won't impeach him.
How about a little humor?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 11, 2019:
All great musical groups, far better than 99% of the music made since.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I won't vote for Biden. He won't save us from climate disaster or species extinction. He won't legalize marijuana either. I'll vote for Bernie or Elizabeth Warren though.
I've always been a Johnny Depp fan.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 10, 2019:
I was Dark Shadows fan when it was a tv series. I liked the movie too.
CRISPR gene-edited babies may be at increased risk of early death, study finds []
Theresa_N comments on Jun 10, 2019:
It's JUST the babies in China that were illegally gene edited. They edited their genes so that they would be HIV resistant. The gene they inserted predisposes to early death.
My wife is Chinese and studied all religious writings in International Literature Class.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 10, 2019:
You should have been on some of my LSD trips.
The stupid is strong with this one.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 9, 2019:
Bishops are so hypocritical. In reality their just a bunch of old queens, and I'm serious.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 6, 2019:
She's such a coward. Nothing stops the justice department from prosecuting him immediately following impeachment. The democrats made such a mistake when they elected her speaker.
The great “dick” debate I keep having this ONE person telling me I’m sexist because I use...
Theresa_N comments on Jun 6, 2019:
Calling people a dick is much better than calling them a cunt. After all most stupid violent things are done by dicks.
Stan Rogers 45 years from now []
Theresa_N comments on Jun 5, 2019:
I saw him in concert. He and his band were phenomenal. I cried when he died.
I must not fear.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 5, 2019:
For me anxiety is the mind killer.
The question is, "Does the DNC really want to beat Trump?" []
Theresa_N comments on Jun 5, 2019:
Biden is not a moderate, he is a neoliberal who will not go against his corporate owners to act on the climate and species emergency. I will not vote for him because if he gets elected we are doomed. I will vote for one of the numerous others committed to the green new deal.
You think this is true? Do most non-religious democrats prefer Bernie? []
Theresa_N comments on Jun 4, 2019:
I prefer Bernie and won't vote for Biden. Bernie is a secular jew an atheist by another name.
Why isn’t this the number one story on every nightly news report?
Theresa_N comments on Jun 4, 2019:
So we're doomed. The democratic party will push Biden to win the nomination and therefore their's no hope.
A "special" menu item for trump's UK State Dinner.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 4, 2019:
What is it? I don't do facebook anymore.
Democratic Party Accomplishments - Something We Can Be Proud Of.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 2, 2019:
There are many things the Democratic Party has to be ashamed of too, especially their treatment of Bernie Sanders and many undeclared wars across the world bombing innocents from drones.
Let's hear it for the patriotic among us.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 2, 2019:
$2500 a year isn't that much.
I did not enjoy Roy Orbison as a kid and certainly not Pretty Woman.
Theresa_N comments on Jun 2, 2019:
I did not like Roy Orbison as a kid either. I came to appreciate him in my old age though.
Have you seen the new series on amazon prime its called " good omens" written by terry pratchett and...
Theresa_N comments on Jun 1, 2019:
Top notch show.
My favorite parody. []
Theresa_N comments on Jun 1, 2019:
Excellent. Never saw this before.
Hey Woody-ites! Well iffin ya like Woody, ya probably like Bobby Dylan! C'mon over to my group Fans ...
Theresa_N comments on May 31, 2019:
Then he sold out to the xtians and messianic judaism. I have experience with messianic judaism and it's nothing but run of the mill pentecostalism with a judaic flavoring.
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