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I've been widowed for five years following a 20-yr. marriage. My late wife had dementia for several years. Seek someone kind for dating, companionship, and hopefully leading to a long-term relationship. Am now retired. My politics are very left-wing, Bernie Sanders-type socialist. Partner would have be at least liberal. Dating range is women age 55-70. See my profile questions and answers to find my interests, but I'll list some of them at the end. But first, I'll save some time listing what seem to be the usual deal-breakers with most women

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Has anyone else found this site ?
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 19, 2022:
Looks like this site already died....
I am jumping back in.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 18, 2022:
Free memberships on dating sites are usually worthless, as they always find a way to limit your access to seeing messages from their paid members or else they prevent you from being able to fully view the profiles of other members. There is always a catch to the free memberships. The free memberships are only there to pad the total membership numbers, as most of the free members are not active on the site for very long.
Ok, I just blocked a bunch of Assholes together, can't waste my time with these sick people and ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 18, 2022:
I agree with only some of your list, but Frayed Bear is the worst. He is an asshole and a troll.
Having been raised in politics and retail, friendly is my default position.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Probably describes me more than I want to admit. I know how to be friendly with women in a platonic, non-sexual way, but whenever I try to flirt or talk to a woman I feel is very attractive-looking, I get tongue-tied and feel awkward, and it's probably very obvious to them. I just have little sexual or romantic confidence in myself, so flirting doesn't work for me if I have any real romantic or sexual interest in them. As the young folks would say, I have no "game" when it comes to talking to women with something at stake for me. It's too bad that most of the guys with "game" regarding women are players and assholes, but most women seem to eat that up and don't mind, until they get treated bad and then generalize it to all guys. They want men to have lots of confidence and game in flirting with them, but the truth is most of the men who have lots of that are not good or nice guys.
A cartoon of a cartoon.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 16, 2022:
Exactly my view of Americans that do Lesser Evil voting, because the end result is, we keep ending up with worse and worse evil.........
They are Putin network
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 16, 2022:
If only someone at Fox had that kind of scruples, much less courage as well. Nope, they all stay there and bank the money from their lies, and even with that, they all sign NDAs so they can't write a tell all book after they leave or get fired...
Is there help for this disability?[]
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 15, 2022:
As one of my former bosses used to say, " Everybody's a fucking comedian!...."...
My father said, "Marry a girl who has the same beliefs as the family.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 14, 2022:
Sounds like my estranged family. I used to say to them, " I don't need to marry someone who treats me badly, I can get that from you all anytime"....
“ Imagine trying desperately to catch your breath, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 12, 2022:
If he uses chemical weapons against white Christians, I think NATO needs to act militarily against him, otherwise they are cowardly hypocrites. If that might invite nuclear war, we will just have to hope Putin is sane enough to avoid it. Hopefully he is not nuts or zealously religious like the Iranians to start nuclear war to bring on the afterlife like they are.
Maryland Will Become Second State to Prohibit Cat Declawing |
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 12, 2022:
I wonder what is the other state that bans this?
Isn't it amazing how a good cartoonist can capture the essence of a thing in one small panel?
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 10, 2022:
That is Repub thinking in a nutshell, either be rich or be a fetus. Nobody else matters to them, unless it's as some martyr or hero in the culture wars, like Rittenhouse.
Stolen from SciBabe
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 10, 2022:
For all we know the 21 grams of weight lost at time of death was all farted out by the body..
Found this at the convenience store by my home.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 10, 2022:
it's happening where I live too. The person or persons is also putting up a decal with Trump on it.
I've seen worse.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 9, 2022:
Fortunately for me I'm male, and not subjected to such idiocy on dating sites, but I have heard stories to this effect from women on Match. Some, such as this guy, have delusions of being babe magnets...
[] If the Shoe fits....
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Both parties are equally guilty of this, as they are funded and owned by the same people, at least when it comes to priorities of budget, war, the military, regulation of business and the environment. Everything else is noise and distraction from the real issues of power and economy.
The DJ on the radio has asked if you had lost your small talk skill because of being isolated?
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 8, 2022:
I don't have them either and never have had much in that department. I have always been a proud intellectual and preferred to talk about big things.
You're welcome
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Less money and trouble, for more rewards and benefits. The main diff is lifespan and the fact that the cat will never provide care for you in your old age, or any age, for that matter. But then again, neither will the kids, in many cases...
Monday morning cuteness
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 7, 2022:
I love those forest breeds of cats with extra layers of fur.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 6, 2022:
I doubt this is a scammer, due to the photo of the OP looking way too average. Unless the scammers are finally learning to be more subtle....
An unsolicited message I received on Match.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 6, 2022:
First off, good thing you didn't send the reply, as the spelling and mentally-challenged twat would be able to report you to Match for inappropriate language and possibly get you booted from there. Secondly, who the fuck asked her to send you all of her political opinions? If you feel like it, you could probably report HER for insulting and harassing language, in case you enjoy doing battle with fools like her and getting her in trouble. I doubt they would boot her, but their customer care team would probably send her a nastygram e-mail telling her to keep her political opinions either to herself or be more polite. I have never gotten that sort of shit for a reply, but I have encountered several who think like her and hide their politics in their profile by either saying nothing about their views or else they list themselves as an Independent or a Moderate politically. That last label is really misleading. I guess they either don't think it thru or else they are willing to date a liberal providing the guy is hot enough physically and or has plenty of bucks they'll spend on them, so they don't want to blow the deal in advance by tipping off their toxic political views. Now you have me curious, how do her looks stack up? Curious how hot crazy looks sometimes...
In LA, ‘Atheist Pirates’ remove religious signs from public streets and overpasses ‘The only ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 5, 2022:
I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but tonite at a gas station, I ran into a pump that had been decaled by Trumpers with pro-Trump and anti-Biden stickers about the high gas prices. I told the clerk about it and they laughed and said it has been a regular thing lately. They remove the decals and more get put on later. My town is mostly Trumpers, so I'm not surprised. I didn't remove them because the pumps are private business property and they have tons of cameras out there.
Little Mary was not the best student in Sunday School.
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 5, 2022:
As they say, "From the mouths of babes.."
"Like two drunks at a comedy show." Trae on the two resident wackos in Congress. []
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 2, 2022:
In any comedy club or bar that had some class, those two bitches would have been kicked out of the room, but in Congress, they suffer no consequences. Aren't the seargents at arms supposed to deal with shit like that? Oh, I forgot, that only applies to non-member people who are visiting congress. Can't have the peasants making trouble for the lawmakers...
[] Fiona Hill says Putin would use nukes
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 2, 2022:
Link won't work.
Man kills 3 children, 1 other and himself at California church : NPR
TomMcGiverin comments on Mar 1, 2022:
I'm guessing the church, like most churches, doesn't allow weapons in the church, but they didn't search him when he came in. The church was probably a neutral site for the supervised visit with his kids and he lost it mentally before he came there. I bet the church will think twice in the future before allowing itself to be used as a parental visiting site for estranged parents. At least he had enough class to kill himself and save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and his imprisonment, too bad he was selfish enough to take everybody else with him.
Hide Nothing From The Masses: An Insider Perspective in the Black Lives Matter Global Network Sham...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 28, 2022:
I saw the Dem Party doing the same thing to co-opt the Occupy Movement a decade ago, until it got to be too big a threat and Obama ordered it crushed....
I'd like to add California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Same with Native Americans....
Just when you thought you had seen every possible online dating scenario!
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 28, 2022:
If the Russian army stays there long enough, wouldn't be surprised if Putin sends some prostitutes there on the sly, to prevent fraternizing between the troops and the local women.
Will you be mine?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 27, 2022:
Kitties do love their boxes...
A recent post from our little community @Unity has spurred a question in my tiny but hungry mind.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 27, 2022:
In elections I vote for policy first. Secondly, I vote based on the record of the person. In other words, does their record match up with what they say they will do if elected, because if they don't match up on policy and record, then they are just another untrustworthy sellout who, like Reingmond said below, will say one thing during the election campaign and then do something else once they are elected. So few voters bother to compare the two and think critically when they vote. Finally, I look at the candidate's character. Are they truthful and loyal to their constituencies and their political allies? Are they greedy and seeking power just to get rich and be powerful, or do they care more about helping the masses?
This would be me…
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 27, 2022:
And that's not including how far to the right the Dem Party has moved in the last 30 years, at least on issues related to economics and class. Being a New Deal Dem, like Bernie, is now called being a radical socialist, thanks to the DLC and the party's embrace of corporate America and their campaign donations.
Holy mole`! I have lived to see Bobby Seale , Huey P.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 24, 2022:
Which espisode is this and when did it originally air? Is it available to watch on Netflix? I would enjoy seeing this.
If you want to join our zoom meeting send me a PM and I will send you the link.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 24, 2022:
Have you taken over from Sassygirl?
Have you ever had a pain so bad that instead of crying it makes you smile?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 24, 2022:
Sounds serious. I would have run to the doctor immediately.
I live in the bible belt and it's getting worst being around those people who keep believing this is...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 23, 2022:
I pity you, young, single, without kids, and living in TX. Your dating pool is even worse, and more hostile, than mine.
And this is why teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are highest in the states that ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 20, 2022:
It was not surprising to me when my evangelical older sister confided in me that her fellow fundy hubby was a porn addict, so much so that he got fired from his cushy govt. job for surfing porn on his work computer during work hours...
Stirring the pot LoL
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 20, 2022:
My late wife used to teasingly call that Male Selective Hearing.....
And this is why teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are highest in the states that ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 20, 2022:
They also appear to have the same attitude about Covid..
Oklahoma bill would fine teachers $10k for teaching anything that contradicts religion More ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Can you say theocracy? I thought you could... There is no way this law would stand as constitutional except with the Roberts court, not any lower court at the federal level...
I have been trying to figure out how to write an effective profile on these dating sites.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Typical boilerplate common sense stuff. Nothing new or helpful here for me. The reality is all you can do in a profile is be open about who you are. The opposite sex will either want that or not. As far as trying to effect or control who you get messages from or the quality of people that respond to you, it's more like a guy recently said to me at a karaoke show we were at regarding rude or boorish behavior by other people, " Control is an illusion". .. And he is so right, you can only control what you put in your profile, not what other people do in response. And no matter what you do, there will be scammers, as well as rude boorish people who will respond from time to time. And even the dating sites don't try to do anything about common boorish behavior, only about scammers, if even that, and the most extreme forms of bad behavior on dating sites like stalking, harassment, and sexual assault outside the site. So be honest about who you are, realize you have no control over others, and keep a thick skin about what comes your way after you have done your part to reach out to those you are interested in. The rest is totally out of your hands, as most of it still revolves around the looks you were blessed or cursed with, and the type or number of photos you use will not change that much, if any. I give Marni credit for at least acknowledging that truth, that looks and physical attraction are way more important than what you write in your profile or your messaging, at least to most people, of either gender.
Humanists UK In 2014, a young man in Greece made a joke on Facebook about a Greek Orthodox elder ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Sounds like the stoning scene in Monty Python's Life Of Brian....."Blasphemy!.. He said the word Jehovah!!"........ Some people really lack a sense of humor....
New to social media. Do you get a notice if you been blocked by someone?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 16, 2022:
No, you never get a notice, at least on In my experience, FB works the same way, no notice. You just discover it when you try to click on their username and get a message that says profile unavailable or you try to click on one of their posts and you get a Content Unavailable message. That is your sign, as the comedian says......
It's one of the things I look for in a partner 🀷‍♀️
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Me too, but unfortunately, my local dating pool appears to offer almost no women that are radical or socialist like me, at least ones that are interested in dating anyone at this time. It appears that about all the women who are lefty like me, are either already taken or else not interested in dating anyone these days. Thus, it puts me in the uncomfortable position, most of the time, of having to settle for dating women that are merely "liberal" Dems, with all the accompanying tensions over their support and approval for centrist corporate Dems like Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi, and their scorn or lack of respect for Bernie. In fact, most of them supported Warren last time simply out of gender loyalty and her positioning herself as supporting capitalism, with few of them being able to recognize her fake progressivism, no matter how much I might point it out. I hate having to choose between accepting their support of neoliberal Dems and biting my tongue, or having nobody to date from Match. It's grating how many of them either care only about ID politics and multiculturalism, and/or are very comfortable with capitialism and the economic status quo, as they are comfortably in the top 10% financially, so they don't ? the system and think folks like us are either malcontents or nuts.... And, of course, the whole fake uproar over Bernie Bros just gave Warren and her supporters cover for helping the DNC screw over Bernie and insure his loss by Warren refusing to concede and throw her support to Bernie against Biden. To this day, I can't see what, if anything, Warren got from the party leaders for making sure Bernie lost. She appears to have sold out all us progressives for nothing.
Has anyone used the Facebook dating app?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 15, 2022:
No way. FB has no policing of scammers, so I won't bother. I would rather pay for a site like Match, which actually does a pretty good job of policing scammers and keeping them out for the most part. It's worth the money, tho Match has some faults of their own as far as deceptive practices, from my time on there.
I don't know if or who has blocked me, just who I have blocked.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 15, 2022:
It's interesting to see that even this group has several people I recognize that have either blocked me or I blocked them, so I guess none of us is perfect in our behavior and comments, lol.....
My first blocking for ages.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 14, 2022:
You're in good company. I blocked both him and LiterateHiker a long time back because I eventually got fed up with how full of themselves they each were. I was hoping they would become a couple on here, lol.....
My dating profile says I'm liberal and that Trump followers need not apply.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Looks like JennyRad blocked me, but I wanted to come back here and validate her point of the post about Trumpers. No idea why she blocked me, as I supported and agreed with all her points on this thread, so it must be about something I wrote somewhere else that she was offended by. Anyway, namely, that in the last couple months I have run across several of them that appeared to be suffering what the pollsters used to call Trump Shame, where people who supported Trump claimed differently in opinion polls. What are these women on dating sites doing along that line? They are claiming political positions or affiliations of Independent or Moderate, when, once you ? them about it in messaging on the dating site, you find that they support Trump and are actually Conservatives, but, like Sticks said in another thread on Agnostic, they don't want to openly identify their political viewpoints truthfully. I see that as false advertising and being purposely deceptive, which is common in dating profiles...
Growing up...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 14, 2022:
I am 63, I grew up in a small city in Iowa, where there were almost no colored people. Six black families total and maybe about the same number of Hispanic families. I would guess that my parents and grandparents were mostly oblivious to colored people in their community and mostly just saw them as different and not people to be socially involved with thru any initiative. If they did end up interacting with colored people, they would appear to treat them fairly and positively. But I don't think they wanted any of their children to become close or personal friends with any of them. It was just something unspoken that I sensed with them. My parents were Catholic and one set of grandparents were Methodist.
Former believers' weigh-in (way out)?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 13, 2022:
That's a tough call. It was either the consistent hypocrisy and phoniness of so many believers accompanied at the same time by getting to know so many non-believers that I admired and that said things making way more sense than the churches on so many issues....
I just found out about this group.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 13, 2022:
I wish the mods and admins would just stay out of pissing matches and let people defend themselves or block, since we are all adults and can always block if someone starts completely harassing or trolling us. Of course, I'm biased because I can trade insults or argue with the best of them, then block later if they get boring or tiresome to deal with...
I don't know if or who has blocked me, just who I have blocked.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 13, 2022:
I'm up to almost the same total. All I can say is, "Well done sir!" I need to get going and do more of them, lol.....
Hey you guys! Good to see this group is still up and running.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 13, 2022:
It's still here, but it's pretty dead most of the time. Probably because most people got tired of being slammed and blamed for any dating woes that they posted about here, so they either left the group or decided to keep their dating experiences to themselves. You are no longer the moderator, Mary, so I don't have to worry about you banning me from the group again, ha ha! I don't forgive and I sure as hell don't forget, either...
Christina Wallace: How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps | TED Talk
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 12, 2022:
All very common sense stuff, but, unfortunately, not very common among the women in my local dating pool on Match. They pretty much are still hung up on using the resume approach that she criticizes, so there's not much I can do about that. They seem to have a rigid, narrow checklist or shopping list of traits the guy needs to have, like full head of hair, athletic body, having kids, being Christian or Catholic, drinking moderately or more, having a successful white collar professional career, etc. In other words, no emphasis on internal or personality qualities, relationship track record, personal values, etc. Of course, they do care some about the guy being intelligent and able to speak in complete sentences while also listening to them. But those last things are just the low bar threshold they have to clear to even be considered for the second in person meeting. I do like that she tells the truth that women only need about 30 seconds to decide if there is any chemistry or physical attraction, which is what I've been saying for years, but most women on Agnostic refuse to admit or accept this. I also listened to a podcast this week from an supposed expert on dating tips, who said essentially the same thing about women, that they are just as visually oriented (and possibly also as "shallow") as men. She said that men's profile photos are just as important to women as women's are to men. Once again, it feels good to be proven right and validated on my personal observations from three years of online dating. Maybe I deserve to have a podcast or write a freaking book on it! I sure have enough data and info from my experience and that of women I've connected with on Match.
My baby girl is 14 years old
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Happy Birthday, cutie!
Just like a cat
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Boy is that the fucking truth. The hooman is also the litter box cleansing device...
Trucker Convoy May Target Super Bowl. []
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Link doesn't work..
But God Didn’t Say That: Religious Community Members Talk God and Abortion - YouTube
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
I saw this segment when I watched the full show this morning. Very funny...
Study: Black and Latino Churchgoers Turning to Pastors for Mental Health Services
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Intelligent, rational people seek mental health help from licensed, trained professionals in the mental health field, instead of clergy amateurs. No wonder most of these people don't get better. Like getting marriage counseling from a priest, lol....
The Sordid Details Okay, friends, I promised to stop tantalizing and start telling, so here goes:...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Living proof that you have to go by actions later, rather than simply taking someone's word early on, about how they feel, what they expect, and what they will do if things go sour. This guy was thoroughly disappointing in all of those areas compared to what he led you with. Lesson learned, I'm sure. Hang in there and keep trying with men who are truly single and emotionally healthy, as well as available in all ways. Maybe the lesson, as you say, is never to even try dating casual with a married man, no matter what their situation....
Yes, we had a kitty birthday party for my sweet Oliver, who’s 3 years old today! πŸ˜ƒ I got him...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 10, 2022:
The video is cute, and Oliver always looks so less than enthused, so Grumpy Cat in his expression... Nice to see how the other cats get in on the action as well.
Our friend @sookiesue has returned.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 10, 2022:
I have missed her. It's sad that so many have left for good and we only have a few hundred active members now. This site is mostly an empty shell nowadays.
“Over 70 percent of the people who died of Covid died on Medicare and some people want ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 9, 2022:
Intelligent folks realize that cause and correlation are two separate things. But morons like this believe they are the same thing.
I might catch some shit for this.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 6, 2022:
This is why when I see a dating profile where the woman either has a few or more pics of their kids and grandkids, or says in their profile essay that they are " family-oriented", I move on. I won't put up with that kind of shit like you did. I can understand and accept that their family will always be their first priority, but if they don't give me the same kind of respect that my friends already give me, they don't belong in my life, even if they are giving me something like sex that my friends aren't giving me. Suit yourself if you want to keep indulging her, but I would cut her loose, unless you want to just dial it back to a FWB, something I am not wired for or interested in doing with anyone. My friends and I have enough respect for each other that, if we got a call from a family member that was not an emergency, we would do the respectful thing and arrange to talk with them later. When we schedule time with each other, we remain present and attentive to each other while in each other's company, so why should a girlfriend give you any less than that? If someone cannot make you that kind of priority in their presence when there is no emergency going on, why the hell are you dating them? And let me be clear that almost all of my friends have family they are involved with regularly or closely, unlike me, yet they would never treat me like this woman did if we made plans to meet up and spend time together. I find it really odd and selfish that she, as you say, was the one who pushed for going exclusive in dating each other, and then she treats you like this. Seems like contradictory and selfish bullshit... No knock on you or fault of yours, but obviously also it appears that sex with you is no longer a novelty or priority with her, so maybe the FWB is something to consider...
The last 2 paragraphs are important to understand.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Very good article, probably because it's a foreign newspaper. The corporate media here in America would never be this truthful about what's going on with Covid or anything else that makes this country look bad compared to the rest of the world. Got to keep up that American exceptionalism, ya know.....
In keeping with the standards that have become the norm on this site (if they were ever different) I...
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 5, 2022:
I agree with you and have no ax to grind with believers. I just want peaceful, respectful co-existence. For them to keep the separation of church and state and for them to leave me alone with my Agnosticism. I identify as Agnostic because I have enough humility to realize that my non-belief is no more empirically proveable than their belief.
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 4, 2022:
You don't need to convince me. I've been a Bernie type socialist ever since I was in my early 20s. The only reason we still have our shitty for profit health care scam is because of the huge amount of money and corruption that is in our political system. If only the majority of our citizens, or even a few million of them, would come to DC with pitchforks and torches, like the Trumpers are willing to do, we could put the fear into our bought pols of both major parties in DC and finally get a decent socialized health care system. But most people are content to just let the status quo stay in place, in the arrogant, foolish assumption, that they will never get screwed out of receiving needed care or go medically bankrupt. Boy are so many of them wrong, same as Covid zombies who won't get vaxed. They only learn when it's already too late for them or their family members.
Notice the difference ?
TomMcGiverin comments on Feb 3, 2022:
The diff is that Trumpers are white and racist, while his critics are of all colors and have some intelligence. And as far as the tiny numbers of blacks that support Trump, well, there's no accounting for stupid....
8 Green Flags 🌬❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 31, 2022:
I had all of those with my late wife, and the longer I am widowed and the more I meet new women thru dating sites, the more I realize I got really lucky and found an exceptional woman in her. It makes me feel both grateful for having been with her and rather discouraged that I will ever find another life partner that I really click with... And let me be clear, I'm not looking for someone just like her, only someone I am equally compatible with as her........
Priorities for next 14 days : No matter what , making sure I have no wear down panties on and ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 30, 2022:
I have no doubt you felt as bad as this poor dog, but I'm sure you still looked much better than the pooch. Sorry you went thru this.
Donald Trump is visiting a school In one class, he teaches the young students about a new word: ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 30, 2022:
This reminds me of the mysterious plane crashes of lefty pols Paul Wellstone and Mel Carnahan. I'm convinced both of those were not accidents, but they were tragedies, in fact, likely assassinations ordered and engineered with the help of Dick Cheney...
Today I realized that matchmakers are still a thing.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 29, 2022:
I have looked into matchmaking services, but didn't use them because of both their high prices and the lack of guarantee that they would produce any real results, plus, having heard stories from women on dating sites who told me about how matchmaking services were trying to recruit them to serve as matches for male clients of the matchmaking services, even if the guys weren't at all compatible for them. My conclusion is that matchmaking services are only for the very rich, who can afford to blow their money on it, or for people who are so unattractive to the average person that they have no real chance of finding a match thru dating sites. Matchmaking services are just an expensive hustle, for the most part. I have used Match and Our Time for dating sites, currently using only Match.
For those of you who have forgotten what life was like before Covid.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 29, 2022:
Fortunately for me, I quit drinking alcohol back in 1996, and even before that, I rarely got drunk, so any women I met at bars were unfiltered as far as my sensory perception, except for maybe rare instances of wishful thinking about their attractiveness.
Lawrence Welk thought the refrain "Sweet Jesus" made it a modern hymn.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 28, 2022:
Just another typical example of how braindead and clueless most listeners of pop music are to the actual lyrics and messages of pop songs. Reminds me of all the sheeple who listen to Springsteen's Born In The USA, and come away thinking it is some kind of patriotic, pro-war anthem, when the reality is it's a bitter, angry song of rage and disillusionment by a war vet.
Entitled white mentality uses language divisiveness to hoard power.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 27, 2022:
The moral here is "Mind your own damned business"...
Something serious to think about.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 26, 2022:
He has dementia, not just a stuttering problem. I said that back during the primary and that's obviously the reason he's had only two press conferences in one year. But half of the voters don't care, they vote blue no matter what, no matter how demented he might be. He's an improvement over Trump, but that's only because the people pulling his strings and setting policy for him are not as evil or greedy as Trump and his people are. The only real improvement we've had with Biden has been better policy on Covid, which is exactly what I was predicting on these boards before he was elected. Man, I love being right sometimes....
Oh, for God's sake...What do they think they are?
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 26, 2022:
Got what they deserved. Guess they learned that Covid does not spare the rich....
France has passed a new law criminalising the use of so-called "conversion therapy" to attempt to ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 26, 2022:
Three cheers for queer rights and PC! Now, if only we could get laws that didn't criminalize being poor and that punished greed, then we might be making real progress, instead of feel-good ID politics instead of positive class warfare... Instead, esp. here in the US, we get nothing but stuff like this from the Dem Party, because it costs their ruling class and corporate donors nothing, so they let their bought pols pass these culture war laws.... merely a distraction from the real issues and policies that both major parties unite on..
Ain't it the truth..🀣🀣🀣 []
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 25, 2022:
That says it perfectly, rage-filled, resentful, but sensitive as a snowflake. My take is " Fuck Their Feelings!"...
Has anyone else found this site ?
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 25, 2022:
I checked it out and joined. Looks like it will end up a lot like this site, way too many groups that are mostly very small, and not much of an involved larger community.
Has anyone else found this site ?
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 24, 2022:
I wonder if it has any members in central Iowa? Maybe it might some day have enough members to offer real opportunities to meet other singles who are non-believers that actually live nearby us, unlike this site.
(CNN)A Kansas district attorney announced he will be filing no charges in connection with the death...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 20, 2022:
The beat goes on. For every Floyd or Auberey, where we get justice, there are several or more like this where colored people are murdered without any punishment. Stand Your Ground Laws just make it easier for the racists to get away with it.
This is my Nala.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 20, 2022:
Such a cute kitty.
It is Janis Joplin's birthday.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 19, 2022:
At karaoke, I recently tried, for the first time, one of my fav Joplin songs, Kozmic Blues, and it was such fun. I was just happy to show all the rest of the people there, mainly country music fans who only know her from the countrified Kristofferson song she covered, Me And Bobby McGee, and have no idea what Joplin was really about or sounded like on most of her songs. I still cringe every time I hear someone sing that latter song at karaoke, as it is so unlike the rest of her soulful, bluesy stuff and was really a huge sellout on her part to record it, at least in my mind. But, sadly, it remains by far her most popular and successful hit.
The Last Resort (2013 Remaster) - YouTube
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 18, 2022:
I actually heard a guy sing this recently at karaoke. What a powerful song! I never had even heard of it before. Don Henley with another songwriting gem. Reminds me of another one of his masterful downbeat songs, A Month Of Sundays, about the demise of family farms.
the love of my life ☺️
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 17, 2022:
She may be a scammer, but she probably is onto something about how if you want unconditional great love, you'd best seek it from cats.....
If men where acting same as women πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ []
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 16, 2022:
I can see the point, but these guys act more like gay men than straight, at least in my experience..
That's like major karma
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 16, 2022:
Payback is a bitch, motherfucker. I love it whenever lefties prove to be exceptions to the stereotype that we are all weak, timid, pacifists who won't stand up to right wing bullies and give them some of their own medicine. I for one will gladly defend myself with force if some right wing asshole takes the first shot or punch at me, as I have years of rage at them that I would enjoy being able to legally unleash on them. I do not own a handgun, but if our current politics leads to the civil war that I see coming, I will probably change that and arm myself, out of, as Malcom X used to say, " Simple intelligence" or what others call self-defense. This asshole wrongly assumed that Stand Your Ground only applies to and is for use by right wingers like him. So glad he was proved wrong. I bet his family is still going to hypocritically press for charges against the shooter.
Remember this and act now
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 16, 2022:
The point is valid, but I suspect the the two main reasons people don't get involved in politics are simply being too busy or overwhelmed in trying to deal with working and raising kids, simply being consumed with survival as a member of the lower classes, or feeling demoralized by how little difference being involved seems to make, at least with the two major parties. Most intelligent, informed people I know seem to have concluded, as have I, that the only thing that matters to the major parties is the participation of the large donors, not the involvement of the little people in party activities. Of course, there are exceptions to this, like the cultural wedge issues like abortion, but as far as class warfare, the two major parties couldn't care less what the serfs like us think or want.
You know what they say -- live by the sword, die by the sword.
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 12, 2022:
Good, he finally got what he had coming to him. Anyone crazy enough to draw a gun on someone over road rage deserves to eventually get shot. Just glad he got whacked before killing someone else who was unarmed.
"Financial Guru" Dave Ramsey to Landlord: Raising Rent Doesn't Make You a "Bad Christian"
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 10, 2022:
Good ole prosperity gospel, where goodness and righteousness are all about getting and staying rich, no matter how much you screw over others. The most selective form of Christianity... I have no doubt that he secretly is a fraud regarding his religiosity and has no real belief or fear of hell, as he knows that his kind could never get into a traditional form of heaven.
A true genius
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 10, 2022:
No shit. That is why I fear these assholes gaining control of our fed govt. and putting all of my kind in camps or killing us.
"Financial Guru" Dave Ramsey to Landlord: Raising Rent Doesn't Make You a "Bad Christian"
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 10, 2022:
He deserves to end up in a hell where he is the serf or slave to a master who is as equally cruel as him. Too bad it won't happen, esp. in this life...
Presenting the gravy seals
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 10, 2022:
Misfit little boys dressing up as tough guys and using guns as compensation for having small dicks and no balls, playing soldier together. Most of us outgrew playing soldier in the woods by the time we were in our teens.
Liz Cheney Confirms She Snapped at Jim Jordan on January 6
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 7, 2022:
And I bet he either said nothing in reply or had no shame or remorse about his role in the riot.
GOP Lawmaker Tries to De-Pants Referee at Son’s High School Basketball Game
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 6, 2022:
Typical Repub pol, always a sore loser....
Is it okay for a heterosexual married woman to have a heterosexual male friend?
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 6, 2022:
Tough one. I think in the end it has to be a case by case or individual couple basis. What works for one couple regarding outside friendships might not work for another. We all have different temperaments and tolerance levels for jealousy and others competing for the time and attention of our partners. You and your partner can work it out if you keep communicating as puff said below.
If you matter...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 6, 2022:
Very true. If people quit having time for me, it's time to talk about what's wrong or going on with them, or me, that is causing it, followed by deciding if it's time to either work at being more connected or to just cut ties...
Why men are lonelier in America than elsewhere | The Economist
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 5, 2022:
I find a lot of truth in the article. I probably have always had more female friends than male friends, and find that women generally value friendships more than men do. Currently I have more female friends than male, but that may change as the woman I am beginning to date is more on the jealous side and probably won't tolerate me having more than a couple female friends. Like twill below, most of my deepest friendships have been with women, but I have also had deep friendships with men. It just seems like women are more willing to make time for friendships than most men are, at least in my experience.
Right now I am very grateful that we live out here in the middle of nowhere, my mom happens to be ...
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 4, 2022:
You live in NM. Just curious, how far away does she live? I assume it's another one of those Agnostic LD relationships, where eventually one of you will have to move.
My new dating profile
TomMcGiverin comments on Jan 3, 2022:
Refreshingly honest, what a concept!


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