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Brought up Baptist. Currently Agnostic. Have doubted religion since I was young. Did not come out openly as an atheist/agnostic until I was in my 50’s. I have been married to the same woman since 1976 and she is the love of my life even though she’s somewhat religous. Lifelong cattle rancher and farmer. Life member National Rifle Association, member Oklahoma Cattlemans Association, member National Cattlemans Beef Association. Avid reader of history with college degree in history.
Enjoys outdoors travel and motorcycle riding.


Had a fellow shootist send this to me today.
Trajan61 comments on Apr 29, 2019:
Your chance of being struck by lightning is greater than being shot by a mass shooter with an AR15. Unfortunately some people will abuse them just like some people will abuse cars. Why not ban cars.
Any other bikers out there?
Trajan61 comments on Feb 1, 2018:
I’ve owned 4 different Harley’s, 98 Electric Glide Classic, 2003 Fat Boy, 2006 Fatboy and a 2015 Road Glide Special. The Road Glide is the smoothest and easiest handling bike I’ve ever owned and I’ve already driven it over 26,000 miles. What is your bike? It’s hard to tell in the picture.
Greetings Union Members! Today, here by the Clear Creek, we are going from 56 degrees to 19 degrees...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Are you sure your not moving there for the booze?
Capitol Officer Dunn: Donald Trump did not help us
Trajan61 comments on Jun 11, 2022:
Jan 6th is noting but an attempt to distract from the disastrous policies of the democrats which have lead to rampant inflation with the highest fuel prices on record. Jan 6 unlike the riots of 2020 in democrat controlled cities very little property damage occurred and no law enforcement people were killed. There was very good reason to be upset about the 2020 presidential election as there were definitely a lot of irregularities in that election.
Got a chuckle out of this one.
Trajan61 comments on Oct 31, 2020:
That was hilarious.
Immigrant caravan patterns- []
Trajan61 comments on Nov 27, 2018:
It’s lnly logical that terrorist would try to cross the unsecured US southern border.
[] This is how society will end up if the left had their way. It's just a joke.
Trajan61 comments on May 22, 2018:
A hell of a world!
A few weeks ago, after reading the news I noticed something different, but could not put my finger ...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I’m offended by those rino republicans who failed to support Trump and hope every one of them draws a primary opponent and looses their seat.
I've recently seen comments in several posts here about personal lives vs government spying.
Trajan61 comments on Oct 9, 2018:
Yes I think it’s a concern especially if a crazy liberal government like Obama’s is the one doing the watching.
Plus millions of non commies but let's focus on the positives!
Trajan61 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Censorship never accomplishes its intended goal. Google "The Streisand Effect". []
Trajan61 comments on Jan 8, 2021:
I wish they had a decent social media website that wasn’t so left wing.
How many of you are going to watch the debates tonight? I know I am...
Trajan61 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Why would I want to watch those looney democrap idiots. Trump’s going to win anyway.
I just hope we can prevail:
Trajan61 comments on Feb 3, 2019:
I fully intend to stay with him in 2020!
What is everyone's thought on this? []
Trajan61 comments on Sep 12, 2018:
Obama’s bathroom policy was idiotic just like a lot of the other stuff he did. I fully support Trump’s overturning of that policy just like I support overturning the other stupid regulations put in place by that idiot.
BLM/ANTIFA march through DC calling to burn it down if they don't get what they want- ...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 8, 2021:
And they probably have the full support of our radical Vice President.
Miseducated or Stupid? by Walter E. Williams | []
Trajan61 comments on Dec 8, 2018:
Resentment and hatred for someone who has more than you is a big part of the problem. Some people feel entitled. Maybe we should teach more history in school. If people realized that the communist had to build a wall to keep people from fleeing maybe they wouldn’t embrace it.
Anyone else ever hear of John Tiegen? []
Trajan61 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Never heard of him but he sounds like a patriotic American.
I don't know why I cannot stop crying.[]
Trajan61 comments on Oct 11, 2018:
Trump has done more for African Americans than Obama ever did but try telling them that.
I discovered why NPR is garbage news now it is because Facebook is a major financial contributor to ...
Trajan61 comments on Oct 27, 2020:
Facebook is definitely very liberal biased.
An outstanding example! Strikes home with me. I love ice cream.
Trajan61 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
That kid looks just like my grandkid’s would if I did that!
We really need to do something about these universities and colleges draining our economy through ...
Trajan61 comments on Nov 4, 2018:
Yes I’m sure a lot of money is wasted. That’s what happens when the government starts running things.
What is a 'good person' to you? How would you personally define a good person?
Trajan61 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Honest hard working, loyal, smart and loving. Couldn’t get much more perfect than that.
This isn't practical for self defense, but I'm sure the gun control crowd really hates this piece as...
Trajan61 comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Might not be real practical but never the less it’s better than nothing as a 22 magnum is a very lethal round.
Getting into this trapping.
Trajan61 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Coyotes are awfully rough on sheep and sometimes on baby calves especially with first calf heifers so I’m sure your neighbor will appreciate you thinning them out.
Looks familiar. 🀨
Trajan61 comments on Feb 22, 2020:
A perfect match for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.
I'm a conservative atheist.
Trajan61 comments on Jan 22, 2018:
I’m also a conservative atheist myself but have some views that are more liberal. I think marijuana should be legal for recreational use nationwide. I also fully support a woman’s right to an abortion in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and longer if the woman’s life is in danger or there is something wrong with the baby like Down syndrome. I’m also a strong Trump supporter, very pro gun and a life member of the NRA. I believe in protecting the environment but I think common sense needs to come into play. Obama’s clean power plan was overreach and also unconstitutional as he did it without congressional approval. Taxing cow gas is also ludricous.
Michael Gerson: The return of America's cruelest passion | Columnists |
Trajan61 comments on Aug 3, 2019:
Obama who was visited by that racist trouble maker Al Sharpton over 70 times during his presidency did a lot of damage to race relations here in the US. The left wing liberal nitwits in this country have a bad habit of calling us conservatives racist every time we disagree with them. Trump is not racist but Obama definitely was.
Biden has gone longer than his 15 most recent predecessors -going back 100 years-without taking ...
Trajan61 comments on Mar 10, 2021:
That crooked senile SOB doesn’t even know what’s going on half the time. I still can’t believe 80 million people voted for that idiot!
From personal experience, < If Commies count as terrorists > I can attest to the truth of the first ...
Trajan61 comments on Dec 10, 2018:
As long as that education is not administered by a Muslim cleric!
Our Southern Border is so overwhelmed that anyone can bring in anything they want to bring in.
Trajan61 comments on May 2, 2021:
Biden is a sorry, crooked SOB. I still can’t believe that senile idiot is president.
This is a riot, I had to share this! I want one of those high capacity magazines that hold tank ...
Trajan61 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
The liberals don’t even understand how guns work and often want to pass idiotic laws based just on a guns appearance! I’m sorry but just because a gun has a folding or collapsable stock doesn’t make it a weapon of war! The liberals will never be satisfied until they’ve banned all guns!
Tulsa mayor said we are not shooting African Americans as much as we should be
Trajan61 comments on Jun 13, 2020:
He’s making a good point! I’m sure Trump will be very welcome here in Oklahoma! I for one am glad he’s coming.
You'll Only Be Able to Buy One Gun Per Month In California
Trajan61 comments on Aug 13, 2020:
The communist republic of California has a lot of looney gun control laws!
Do you folks think maybe Mike's group is really against "Freedom"?
Trajan61 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
I’ve always though Mike’s group are against freedom.
In my little corner of the world, pretty much everyone has a CCW permit.
Trajan61 comments on Jun 6, 2018:
That’s a lot better solution than banning guns!
Thanks to capitalism, grocery shelves keep getting restocked during emergencies- ...
Trajan61 comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I’m sure those shortages will sort themselves in short order.
This is a good one...
Trajan61 comments on Oct 20, 2018:
That’s a good description for a lot of the liberals on this website.
Sounds like a crippling disease...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 18, 2019:
Sounds serious and a lot of the democrats seem to have it.
Talk about a freaking nightmare:
Trajan61 comments on Aug 21, 2018:
That would be a hell of a nightmare.
You know.
Trajan61 comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Everybody should get the vaccine unless they have allergy problems from them. I’ve had both rounds of the Moderna and will get the booster when it becomes available. I don’t believe in tormenting those who haven’t taken the vaccine but I have no problem with business mandating vaccine as terms for employment.
In a collaboration between ViaCyte and CRISPR Therapeutics, a new clinical trial is investigating a ...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Thanks Spike. I’ll forward this to my sister. Hopefully this could help her 13 year old grandson who has type 1 diabetes.
[] clip - hope you enjoy :)
Trajan61 comments on May 25, 2018:
Wish we had more black people like him!
The Hoax of Liberalism has been exposed.
Trajan61 comments on Mar 4, 2019:
You hit it right on the nose as that’s exactly the way the Democrats are. Sounds like your not a supporter of Trudeau.
For sure this would get some smart-ass remarks on the main chat.
Trajan61 comments on Mar 30, 2021:
Right on!
Trajan61 comments on Mar 4, 2019:
Trump has tried to address that issue to get us cheaper drugs.
?Here's another blast from the past!
Trajan61 comments on Feb 16, 2019:
Why didn’t they aim the camera a little lower?
How do you deal with Trump fatigue?
Trajan61 comments on Nov 12, 2018:
Trump’s going to be re-elected in 2020 so he will be around for longer than 2 years.
So much for due process...
Trajan61 comments on Oct 4, 2018:
Yes I agree and I hope the democrats get kicked out in November.
Trajan61 comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Pretty typical for the morons running the government today.
[] Why is the NRA losing money and membership? What do you think can be done about it?
Trajan61 comments on Feb 12, 2019:
Cumo and some of the other gun control idiots have hurt the NRA with lawsuits. Also before the 2016 presidential election people thought Hillary was going to win so they donated a lot to the NRA to help them in their battle with the gun control people.
Prosecutors drop gun possession charge in Rittenhouse Trial- []?
Trajan61 comments on Nov 16, 2021:
Since the jury is taking so much time I’m afraid for Rittenhouse. Hell I thought they’d come back with a quick not guilty verdict.
The Trump bashers sure have some sick fantasies.
Trajan61 comments on Mar 8, 2020:
Those people are obsessed with getting rid of Trump, no matter what the cost to the rest of us.
I'm getting a little too old to shoot. But I can spot for you youngsters:
Trajan61 comments on Dec 17, 2018:
Great attitude to have!??
Trajan61 comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I bet that was a real shocker. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
l love how a conservative news channel (OAN) is using a clip of Christopher Hitchens explaining how ...
Trajan61 comments on Sep 17, 2018:
I’ll have to look for that.
The truth.
Trajan61 comments on Apr 1, 2021:
Right on! πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ˜‚
The Only Wall America Needs
Trajan61 comments on May 17, 2018:
If we don’t stem the tide of immigration from Mexico and Central America we’re going to become just like them!!
Would you rather live?
Trajan61 comments on Feb 16, 2019:
Seeing as I’m deaf and hear only with the aid of cochlear implants I’d rather live without the music.
The opposite of laziness is doing.
Trajan61 comments on Nov 27, 2020:
They need to shut their lying, hypocritical pie holes.
Trajan61 comments on Jan 8, 2021:
I agree!
Trajan61 comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Hell that crooked senile SOB doesn’t know where he’s at most of the time!
I don't live in America , but America & Americans are very important to your Allies.
Trajan61 comments on Feb 28, 2020:
It will be catastrophic if Bernie happens to be elected as president and might result in civil war.
There is nothing that will prevent from Trump being re elected again.
Trajan61 comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Hope your right.
Are there any conservative Atheists who don't support Trump?
Trajan61 comments on Aug 31, 2020:
If you don’t want the left wing idiots to take over the country you have to support Trump.
My mom's concern for me and my husband's atheism.
Trajan61 comments on Feb 23, 2020:
I never told my mother I didn’t believe but she suspected and worried about me. It’s quite pointless to argue with a religious person about their religion.
It's 5 o-clock and I see Biden on the news channel talking.
Trajan61 comments on Aug 13, 2020:
I can’t stand listening to those idiots either! πŸ€ͺ😜
Sad but true!
Trajan61 comments on Jan 11, 2019:
You got that exactly right. She’s crazy as hell.
Ukraine's Nazi problem is real, even if Putin's 'denazification' claim isn't.
Trajan61 comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Stalin starved and killed millions of Ukrainians before world war ll. You can’t really blame them for welcoming the Nazi’s when they invaded and had the Nazi’s treated them decently they would likely have had a great ally in their war against Russia. However the Nazi’s squandered that opportunity and killed many Ukrainians themselves. Then when Russia took over the country again they killed many Ukrainians for collaborating with the Nazi’s. You can’t blame them for not liking the Russians and I wish them the best of luck in their fight against them.
Meme is right, ANTIFA does appear to equate to anti First Amendment...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Good one!
Good morning fellow Deplorables!
Trajan61 comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Try telling that to the blacks. The polls indicate they may be coming around but the overwhelming majority of them still support the liberal idiots.
If the Vatican cared more for the quality of life and less about the sanctity of life, the world ...
Trajan61 comments on Jul 3, 2019:
Yes I agree. Right now we’re are serving as the overpopulation relief valve for the predominantly catholic Mexico and Central America which suffer from overpopulation due partly to the policies of the Catholic Church.
Why do you need a gun?
Trajan61 comments on Feb 2, 2022:
I agree 100%!
@kenriley started the 'Dylan cure' for me this evening.
Trajan61 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Those were some very brave men.
The man has no chance with a sordid history like this:
Trajan61 comments on Sep 27, 2018:
That’s some damning evidence. They should probably investigate!
Qassem Soleimani killed before having a chance to inflict harm and human loss turned into just plain...
Trajan61 comments on Jan 4, 2020:
The left has a bad case of TDS and will appose anything Trump does even if it’s for the good of our country. Hell they need to change the name of the democrat party to the communist party as that’s pretty well what they have become.
Bernie!!! Tell me more about this "Socialism" of yours! πŸ™„
Trajan61 comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Try telling that to some of the left wing idiots on the main forum. πŸ€ͺ🀣😜
Once again, gun prohibition lobbying groups are locked in silence after a legally-armed 22-year-old ...
Trajan61 comments on Jul 19, 2022:
To bad more law abiding citizens don’t carry. We’d probably have a lot less mass shooters.
I need to share this one on the general forum when I get a chance.
Trajan61 comments on Feb 20, 2020:
That is very appropriate as that guy is so full of bullshit!
Here in New York I’m sick of these chickenshit Liberal Democrat politicians who are scared ...
Trajan61 comments on Jun 3, 2020:
It must be hard being a conservative in New York. Maybe you should consider moving to a more conservative state, Oklahoma perhaps. It’s one state that not in any danger in turning blue for awhile.
Want another example of government overreach?
Trajan61 comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Liquor stores should not be owned by the state to start with. Sometimes the religious people so the same thing. Here in Oklahoma you can’t buy liquor on Sunday because they think it’s inappropriate.
I'm glad he publicly shamed Smollett... []
Trajan61 comments on Feb 22, 2019:
So am I.
This is what people seem to be thinking on Facebook.
Trajan61 comments on Nov 5, 2019:
You have a good point. The democraps have gone completely bonkers and are obsessed with getting rid of Trump.
I'm about fed up with the drama on this site.
Trajan61 comments on Feb 23, 2019:
I’ll take over the group if you don’t want it but I implore you to stay as your doing a good job.
I will vote for him again in 2020.
Trajan61 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
Yes I will vote for him and I will vote against anyone who’s against him.
You've got to be kidding me?
Trajan61 comments on Sep 25, 2018:
If we don’t get a handle on those liberal professors this country is going to be completely ruined someday.
Lovely, womanly curves.
Trajan61 comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Nice curves at that. ?
Wish somebody would have told me about this place a while ago there's quite a bit to explore because...
Trajan61 comments on Feb 5, 2019:
President Trump and first lady Melania test positive for Covid-19... []
Trajan61 comments on Oct 2, 2020:
I hope they have a speedy recovery.
I'm new to this site.
Trajan61 comments on Jul 9, 2019:
Welcome! It’s definitely a good place to discuss your atheism without fear of discrimination’s.
I think that it's sad and also unfortunate that many people jump right to blaming guns for the ...
Trajan61 comments on Mar 23, 2020:
It’s disturbed people not guns that cause mass shootings. It try telling that to the looney gun control nuts.
Trajan61 comments on Jun 3, 2021:
Hell Biden and Harris have no intention of securing the border as they are wanting to get more democrat voters up here so they can stay in power forever. That’s all they care about!
You can put lipstick (and apparently fake eye lashes) on a pig,,, but.
Trajan61 comments on Jul 2, 2021:
She needs to be kicked off the US Olympic team without delay! The fact that the current administration in Washington supports her just goes to show what a radical POS we have in the White House.
As we prepare for this mass marked holiday, Take a moment and remember the people alone out there ...
Trajan61 comments on Nov 21, 2018:
Yes they deserve our attention.
Out cleaning up downed tree limbs this morning and I hear the sound that still raises the hairs on ...
Trajan61 comments on Dec 2, 2018:
That was a big time reliable workhorse chopper during the days of the Vietnam war and was used extensively during that time. That there is still quite a few of them still in use is testimony to there reliability.
OH my.. Just noticed I'm 76 points away from getting my shirt... XXL PLEASE! ?
Trajan61 comments on Apr 12, 2019:
I don’t think you’ll ever get a shirt. I applied for it a long time ago and have yet to receive anything.
It’s time for us to have an unapologetic atheist in the Oval Office
Trajan61 comments on Nov 20, 2019:
I think we are ways off from that happening here in the US. I suppose you want them to be a socialist as well as an atheist?
If Build Back Better was a swing set...
Trajan61 comments on Jun 24, 2022:
I doubt that one would work very well just like the purposed build back better!
I have recently lost my beloved daughter to suicide.
Trajan61 comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Sorry for your loss. It’s always tough losing a family member especially one of your children or grandchildren.
Way tooooooo long. Bring them all home. []
Trajan61 comments on Jan 4, 2019:
Bring our troops home and let those Muslim idiots fight it out. As long as they’re killing one another don’t bother them.
Would You Be Ok With Your Child Choosing To Be a Believer?
Trajan61 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
Unfortunately both my children claim to be believers and have asked me not to discuss my lack belief with my grandchildren. My 6 year old grandson is already concerned I’m going to hell as he asked me if I believed in god and I told him I don’t believe in something that doesn’t exist. Maybe he’ll see the light someday.


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