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I am an eternal student, full of curiosity about all experiences. I find the idea of god and creationism as cop outs to the deeper truth behind existence and it's mechanisms. I tend to be an overthinking introvert (INTJ) and I seek to connect and conversate about the observations, experiences, and knowledge of existence.

Hi all! New to this app and to this group. Basically raised a JW since about five or six years old. So was in the cult abt 40 yrs. 😳😳 Pioneer for total 13 yrs & elder for 7. Damn, crazy how much time I wasted. Anyway, three years faded now, and can’t believe all the info and dirt I have found on JW‘s which has led me to research further and become an agnostic atheist. Soon I will be sending in my disassociation letter. They will be some repercussions but I’ll be finally free to be completely me & celebrate the holidays if I want without threat of being disfellowshipped.
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I was born and raised within the organization and my mother was in it as long as you were. I was not baptized so I left with little struggle. My mother was baptized in her youth and decided to disassociate herself. I say go through with the disassociation. My mom simply sent her letter and refused to meet with them, and they just left a message with the date for the announcement. Many don't understand that the religion is not just a church, it's an organization and society that will try to control you unless you sever ties. And when members choose to fade away or quietly quit, the organization will find and try to punish and/or ring you back in. A dissociation letter is a stand and great apostasy to them. It is the only true way to cut them from your life and start anew. Congratulations on finding the courage to look at the forbidden and question the society. It is always great to see other JWs have their light truely be brighten by knowledge and not dimmed by the false words of the society.
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I've exchanged good Lord for good grief. They seemed like good synonyms for each other.
Money root of all evil? True or false?
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Money, nor the love of money, is not the root of evil. Money is a tool that people use to accomplish evil (and good), while the love of money to an extreme is greed. And, that greed is a symptom of a greater evil within.
When/how did doubt about God's existence occur?
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I used to be a Jehovah's witness and was taught that Jehovah's witnesses were God's anointed group and their governing body were the only guides to "the truth." I was raised and brainwashed to believe that Jehovah's witnesses were the one and only true religion. Then, I took AP European History and learned about the history and formation of the Catholic Church. I realized all of Christianity basically derived from the Catholic Church and Jehovah's witnesses were no different. Once I began to doubt the Jehovah's witnesses and their version of history, I was able to doubt the Bible, then Christianity, and, soon, God.
Favourite song lyric to quote? There are a lot of good ones out there; curious to hear what everyone's answers will be. Mine, ATM: "Presuming that all things are equal/ who'd want to be men of the people/ When there's people like you?"
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Not just a manic depressive Toting around my own cloud I've got a positive message Sometimes I can't get it out. -can't get it out by brand new
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Sativa for any stimulation (sexual or mental) and indica for pure relaxation. And a hybird sativa dominate when I can't make up my mind. It also depends it's flower, wax or edible
Does anyone else here enjoy punk rock or post-punk? I'm a huge fan of both and would love to hear from you.
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What do you consider post-punk? There is a sound, not necessarily just a band, that I gravitate towards that sounds like 80s, synth, new wave rock of today. I think of Interpol, White lies, and VNV nation.
If you had to answer ( I don't know is not an answer ) what would be your answer to what I believe is the most important existancial question : WHY do we exist?
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Physically and biologically we exist because our parents procreated and we are supposed to do the same. Because we are sentient and "cultured," I personally think each life's aim is to find happiness and pleasure. No, pleasure cannot happen 24/7 but it is a net effect and goal.
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