I am an eternal student, full of curiosity about all experiences. I find the idea of god and creationism as cop outs to the deeper truth behind existence and it's mechanisms. I tend to be an overthinking introvert (INTJ) and I seek to connect and conversate about the observations, experiences, and knowledge of existence.

When/how did doubt about God's existence occur?
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I used to be a Jehovah's witness and was taught that Jehovah's witnesses were God's anointed group and their governing body were the only guides to "the truth." I was raised and brainwashed to believe that Jehovah's witnesses were the one and only true religion. Then, I took AP European History and learned about the history and formation of the Catholic Church. I realized all of Christianity basically derived from the Catholic Church and Jehovah's witnesses were no different. Once I began to doubt the Jehovah's witnesses and their version of history, I was able to doubt the Bible, then Christianity, and, soon, God.
Favourite song lyric to quote? There are a lot of good ones out there; curious to hear what everyone's answers will be. Mine, ATM: "Presuming that all things are equal/ who'd want to be men of the people/ When there's people like you?"
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Not just a manic depressive Toting around my own cloud I've got a positive message Sometimes I can't get it out. -can't get it out by brand new
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Sativa for any stimulation (sexual or mental) and indica for pure relaxation. And a hybird sativa dominate when I can't make up my mind. It also depends it's flower, wax or edible
Does anyone else here enjoy punk rock or post-punk? I'm a huge fan of both and would love to hear from you.
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What do you consider post-punk? There is a sound, not necessarily just a band, that I gravitate towards that sounds like 80s, synth, new wave rock of today. I think of Interpol, White lies, and VNV nation.
If you had to answer ( I don't know is not an answer ) what would be your answer to what I believe is the most important existancial question : WHY do we exist?
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Physically and biologically we exist because our parents procreated and we are supposed to do the same. Because we are sentient and "cultured," I personally think each life's aim is to find happiness and pleasure. No, pleasure cannot happen 24/7 but it is a net effect and goal.
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