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Hey, gentlemen, do us both a favor and please add a picture to your profile! It's not so much about...
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
Happy to help you out with a surefire answer. As many people said here, you can't tell if the pic is genuine anyway, right? So you get a small photo of your favorite movie star smiling at you, or guy model's face, and then put it on a sticker. Just hold that up to the comment you are reading and your prayers are answered to be smiled at! lol Just kidding by the way. :)
Are You Lonely?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
Thanks for the good ideas and info on the kinds of loneliness. I am a 1,2 and 4 as well, but more heavy on the 1 side. I am older, at 69, and gay, and over the last 5 years I thought perhaps my needs for the close contact for things like a bit of sex and cuddling, and holding someone tight would be fading away! But I was wrong. I had been married to a loving woman for 20 years and also have a terrific son. ( long story but no regrets) After a short time of turmoil and personal growth for me, my wife found a new man in her life, and I found a new man too. I had a great long term relationship with a guy but our age difference eventually came into play and we decided to part as partners. We still remain close friends though. I am feeling lonely, and common sense tells me I have had my share, so I should just suppress my needs. Then my common sense also says what do I have to lose to search for another guy to build a genuine friendship and relationship with? To hold tight, give love and respect, give warm oil massages to, and give tender unexpected kisses on the neck to make that person feel loved like I hope will happen in return? lol Am I just a silly old man that should let it go? What does your high IQ, and obviously fine mind, have to say about my dream for more love in my life?
Would you date a woman that had sex on the first date?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
It's fine for women to have sex with whom they want, when they choose, if it is mutally agreed upon, yes? If the date went well, perhaps sex with her date would be fine. If the date went badly, she might find relief by having sex with someone else, or by her own hand, or buy a pizza and watch a nice movie at home. I see no reason why women cannot have the same choices as men. Well, except for that prostste checkup thing! :)
Atheists make up their own fantasy morals and meanings of life. []
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
So sort of like Theists do a lot of the time as well I guess. Theists in various regligions make up their own ideas on morals and the meaning of life from their own interpretations of their man-made writings. Atheism makes no comment on morals or the meaning of life, so there is no reason that the people who happen to be Atheists would not be allowed to decide for themselves what their views are on those things, correct?
Forest for the trees
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
Being a victim of one religion or another brings with it the false idea that the person is special and perhaps superior to others. Thus relgions often cause division between people in families, communituies, nations, and between cultures. In their indoctrinated efforts to prove their personal invisible god version is the "real" one, we see throughout History how religious followers are often willing to die for, and to kill for, their heartfelt beiefs in man-made stories they are trained to take on faith. Those not afflicted with relgion are more free to evolve to be more enlightened to see the truth that we are all one family in one species on this little spaceship Earth. So a soldier aiming a rifle at "the enemy" is in truth aiming at a member of his own extended family that he is having a dispute with. Sad really.
Sexual proclivities stifled by religion?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
I am surprised there has not been 5,000 comennts mentioning masturbartion yet. lol
Should religion be taught in schools?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
NEVER! One of my pet peeves actually. Innocent children are vulnerable to being trained to just believe things at a time when they have not yet developed good reasoning and skeptical thinking skills. Teach them basic common sense morals, and leave Allah's, Jesus', Yahweh's, and Kishna's relgion businesses out of it.
Do we have a soul? I don’t remember who wrote it, maybe it was Richard Dawkins, but someone ...
WalterWhite comments on Apr 2, 2018:
We do have a real human spirit as that part of our minds and selves realtied to our higher thoughts of love and compassion, and how we relate to others and the Universe around us. The word soul was actually used in a medical sense in Pscychology as that part of the psyche until about a century ago. But as for religious "eternal souls", that idea was not fabricated until fairly recent times on mankind's long 200,000+ year timeline. There is zero evidence that any supernatural souls exist in man any more than in rats or maple trees.
With out any diplomatic answers,..... Do you consider age, look, culture and educational back ...
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
All those and more! Their personality, communication skills, bad experiences in the past like addictions, and of course the biggies like do they throw dirty socks under the bed, or leave the top off the toothpaste!
Is there something out there ?????
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
Could be just raccoons digging in your garbage out back. Or aliens of course. :)
Why do theists believe in their book without reading every book?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
Because beliefs by defintion do not even require good evidence or proof to have them. People usually have comforting emotional and psychological reasons instead. "Mom and Dad believed so I did too fit in better."
How would everyone feel about being refused a date because you’re an atheist? Im good friends ...
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
It might be useful for you to consider how the relgious beliefs of your prospective partner might affect your future life. It is not only about how YOU feel about them. Often Theists value their addiction to their belefs over anything else, so while you might be tolerant, many Theists are not. For common things of how to love your gay child who came out to you, or what to do if an abortion is needed, you might find yourself with a very stubborn partner to deal with. Relgions is probably more important than things like looks, or money when chosing a partner.
Are Atheist hateful towards spiritual people?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
There is a difference between spritual people and religious poeple. I have always been a spiritual person for having love and compassion and caring about others and the big questions in Life, but I am defintely not a religious person. Hate is not related to being a relgious person, or being a non relgious person, but to the person's own nature. Hate is more common in unellightened people, and Theists have proven themselves very hateful at times for various reasons for many, many centuries. I hate nobody myself, and I find nothing useful or productive can coime from it. I can love the people as human beings, and still dislike very strongly the misguided things they may do or believe.
Do you believe in free will?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
While scientifically we may not have true free will, we do have a sort of pretend free will to be able to use in our lives in adeuqate ways that convince us we do have free will. We do not realy have nearly as much free will to make chices as we thinkg we do! It is utterly impossible for example to make a free will choice for things like thinking up a "random" place name. Tests show such things happen a second or two in our subconscious mind that makes that decsion, BEFORE our concsious mind is made aware what the decsion was for what was selcected. We all have a MASTER brain silent partner who make a lot of our decsions for us!
Can Reality be defined by the variable amount of pain an individual can endure before it breaks?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
I don't think so. That would fall under the Personal Experience Fallacy as one's own view or perception of things which of course has little beaing on Reality itself. In the Reality of a joyous celebration you will still find some people feeling down or depressed or suffering from mental or physical pain, even though most everyone experiencing that real joyous event are very happy, yes? Both strong physcial and mental pain can change brain chemistry in an individual to make things seem worse than it really is. It can wear down a person's resilience. So people in those situations should probably seek professional medical help. Just my view and maybe others will have some ideas too. peace
How do you feel about religious text associated with Easter?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
Sometimes a Bible, or Qur'an, or the weighty Hindu Texts can be helpful at Easter to use as a doorstop to keep it open for welcoming guests to your Easter party. Have lots of good food, wine, light music, and lots of smiling and laughing friends. Should your Bible get dirty you can call up the Gideon Company and they will mail you another doorstop free of charge. Hope that helps!
Can you recommend a book, please?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
Captivating, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For rme it's just about any recent new Science book. This may be too close to your work, but learning more about the Neuroscience and Psychology of how religous indoctrination and heartfelt beliefs affect brain chemistry might be useful. To understand better why people cling to their beliefs over wanting real truth, and even in the face of contrary evidence may be useful. I did some volunteer work with addicts as well, and if THEY wanted a magic invisible God idea in their head to help them have the power to change then we would go along with that. But what Therapists found what worked best long term, was building up the person's own self-esteem, and their own strength by baby steps, without using religion as an artifical crutch. Each case is different though. Sorry, no specific book in mind but a Google search on relgious belief in Neuroscience might bring something up. Good luck!
Do you ever experience euphoria? What's usually responsible for it?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
Euphoria comes from changes in brain chemistry when the brain generates "feel good" chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. That can happen for many reasons to stimulate the subconscious mind to do that. it is not a conscious decision, but can result from strong emotions like romantic love, or heartfelt religious beiefs, stimulating music, or some drugs, delusions, some illnesses, good exercise, and even things like environmental influences such as being out in Nature and being at peace in the beauty and wonder of it all. The cause of everything inside your mind for thoughts and feelings, including consciousness itself comes ultimately from complex brain chemistry. Hope that helps.
Should women still act like women and men like men?
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
As a man I can tell you most men whether they are straight oir gay act in masculine ways and look masculine and have the usual masculine interests. Same for the woimen I would expect. Also I know some gay men do act more feminine, and a few straight men do as well. Some gay women act masculine of course. My view is that we should let people decide who they are, how they want to dress, whether to open doors for others or not, and who they want ot sleep with or not. Not much value really in trying to require people to fit into stereotypcial molds just to please others.
If a transgender or intersex person shows interest in me but I decline in a friendly way, do that ...
WalterWhite comments on Apr 1, 2018:
You must always be yourself, and as long as you are friendly and respectful as you indicated you were, that is fine. As a gay man I would never expect someone not interested in me to pretend they were just to not hurt my feelings! Being kind, honest and respectful goes a long way to keeping peace in the world. :)
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