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Me in my Vampire Costume for Halloween 2020 before the big election.
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Not interested in dating, completely asexual for around 20 years.
INFP personality type, l'll block you if you want to turn personality types into an argument.


California no longer a desirable place to live. [reason.]
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
I think it’s a wonderful place to live if you can afford it.
Lest we start feeling all forgivey
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
Exactly, and Republicans we don’t deal with terrorist so we don’t deal with you MFers.
I’ve been scrolling thru this very interesting, sometimes funny group.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
I had many experiences that I perceived as paranormal at the time. Like the UFO I saw in the early 80's which turned out to be a US stealth aircraft that was still secret. The weird thing looking in the bedroom window, which was my brothers piggy bank. I remember when God showed up because I had prayed and fasted myself into a religious experience. ...and oh so many more. However nothing that when viewed objectively wasn't 100% natural. Nothing!
Thursday night, I was sitting in my garage smoking a cigarette.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
Animals can kill or save. Lucky in this case the animals that kill were stopped by the animals that save.
Asking a Palestinian to say: "Israel has a Right to Exist" is like asking the Slave to say: "The ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
If Israel gave up their nation and everyone there left for the lands they originally came from the US backed by Evangelical Christianity would invade, kill all the newcomers, declare Israel a sovereign state and pay any Jews they could find to move back to Israel. Evangelical Christians hate Jews and like the idea of them all being a world away, and they love Israel because some ignorant goat herder in the bronze age wrote that God said he would bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel and Evangelicals will prostitute themselves for a blessing from God especially if it gets innocent people killed. Jokes on them, if God ever existed he cursed Israel so many times in the same book that he destroyed himself a couple of thousand years ago.
Citing “Our Creator,” Texas Governor Signs Bill Effectively Banning Abortions | Hemant Mehta | ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
And they think California's Governor is Lucifer incarnated while there's shit for brains white trash in governors mansions all across the bible belt.
Facebook won’t take down AIPAC ad targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar - The Washington Post
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
Why do people not just boycott Facebook to death? I haven't been on it intentionally in years, sadly sadistic fucks put up links that occasionally take me there, which I immediately leave and then I avoid that persons post from then on. People Facebook sold ALL your information to everyone willing to pay for it, and you still trust them to open their app, what, are you fucking stupid?
Sinéad O’Connor: Ripping Up the Pope’s Picture “Put Me Back on the Right Track” | Hemant ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
I remember, and thinking back on it brings a smile to my atheist face.
And, just like Batman, he's imaginary.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
Everyone that believes in God takes a bit of their own ego and prays to it. It's no wonder that God is always described by believers as having the values that the believer claims to have but without all the believers flaws and weaknesses. This is why atheist insist that faith is delusional.
Now that the Jews have murdered enough Palestinians for their 'evil way' of protesting land grabs (I...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
The “Jews”? It’s a secular country called Israel, hardly the embodiment of Judaism. What did you say when African Countries like South Africa committed atrocities like apartheid? Never mind I shudder to think of it.
If you have not seen these performances... well... you just have to see. []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 21, 2021:
I’m crying for her because she’s like the kid that found the golden ticket in Willie Wonka except she’s the golden ticket herself.
I'll wait for the vegan version... Octopus burger.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
That’s the fifth most disgusting thing a person could put in their mouth.
CANNABIS IN SCIENCE & HEALTH 5/20/2021 A study found that "when low dose THC is introduced as ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
My only issue with marijuana is the cost. I mean I can smoke enough marijuana to be high all the time cheaper then I can smoke cigarettes. It's the Grubhub expense that does me in. I love Indian food and sushi. So $10 for weed and $150 for food has a way of busting my budget, then I have to be hungry till payday, and worse not high.
For those of you who are in favor of the death penalty because the bible says so, here's a list of ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I despise the waste of the death penalty. Keeping the death penalty only buys lawyers vacation homes. Not to mention how immoral it is. So many innocent people executed, life in prison at least gives the innocent prisoner a chance that new evidence might free them. The death penalty is state sponsored murder.
Got my first covid vaccine today. Second shot will be on June 15.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Congratulations! I was pretty excited to get mine. I had my 2nd shot on May 2nd.
It’s time for my bedtime post and I couldn’t go to bed without posting something by Cher on her ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I don't hear much from Cher these days, in the 80's we were all convinced that after the nuclear war nothing would be left alive but cockroaches and Cher.
Israel and Palestinian militants agree ceasefire []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
This conflict isn't going away so long as Palestine is a prison state even if no one is shooting at each other.
Yummy..... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
That's a gag label, I know I gaged the moment I saw it. I remember my Dad cooking a possum in Alabama when I was a kid. For some reason he left the paws on it. So I look in the pot and there's a little possum hand sticking out like the terminators hand in the molten steel. It gave me nightmares for years. I don't think he liked it though because he never cooked another and we had plenty of possums around our area.
Southern Baptists Love This Atheist Who Trashes Feminism and Racial Justice | Hemant Mehta | ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Conservatives love conformity. They don't love the notion that everyone has the same rights because there has to be an order in their minds. The order ranges from "Cis Heterosexual White Men" to "Transgender Homosexual Black Women" that's why so many black trans women are murdered and their murderers aren't found because the police really aren't looking for them. To the Conservative mind most people (whites are just a large minority after all) don't actually qualify as people. This is exactly why we desperately need passage of the ERA, if the law says we're equal then there will be consequences for the injustices that currently happen every day without consequences in 2021. Instead we have to live with one law protecting one group at a time. They fought womens rights, then civil rights, then gay rights, now trans rights. We just need one law, that says everyone has the same rights to end all these battle fields.
A Fungus Is Pushing Cicada Sex Into Hyperdrive And Leaving Them Dismembered []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Dismemberment is my least favorite kind of sex.
Preacher: Christian Leaders Must Help God Defeat “Wokeness” and “Cancel Culture” | Beth ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I think people like Jesus (liberal "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you" and "what you've done to these you have done also to me" not the Conservative followers of "Paul" who said "those that don't work shouldn't eat" types) and Buddha and Rumi and some of their followers are pretty "WOKE" and the world is better off for it. In 2021 atheism is a better way to become woke than religion because religion has been hijacked by conservatives that lean toward fascism and totalitarianism. If we we don't care for one another then no one will care for us. So wake up! Beware, be aware!
Stand Your Ground: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I've stood my ground without a fire arm of any kind against armed people many times. Honestly this gun worship is just an excuse for bullies and cowards to hide behind. Christian gun nuts are especially irritating, when I was a Christian I trusted God to look out for me, so I have no faith in the quality of their faith. Now I just take comfort in knowing that if I'm murdered I might become a cause for social change, it's better then holding my tongue when someone with authentic values NEEDS to speak up.
When you meet someone who really gets you, who knows all your all your baggage, all your damage, and...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I get me, if I met someone else that gets me I'd be really scared, it would ruin my aura of mystery that I wear proudly. I suppose if that happened I'd just have to become someone else. I've done that often, but not because someone "got" me.
Mario Murillo: ‘God Is Destroying Wokeness’ and the Church Needs Gen.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
If they're that Godly why do they only trust their guns? Like if Biden can "Hurt the Bible, hurt God" then is their God actually God? I don't need a weak ass God that can't enforce its will without humans being violent to one another. Useless lying MFers.
A dog can be the support needed to survive.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I love your dogs upholstery.
This sounds stupid to me, more proof, if any was needed, that all the modern GOP has to offer is ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
They almost broke California into two states around 1940, it was a big thing, but the day they would have voted on it in Congress was Sunday Dec 8th 1941. Fortunately or unfortunately Congress was a bit distracted on the day after Pearl Harbor and it was dropped until 1965 when it failed for other reasons. It's a long list of failure and confusion as most things political are.
I’m interested in knowing what the folks in this group think about a particular subject that has ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Morality is about unnecessary suffering and abuse. I see no way that sex work and morality are related other then in the opinions of closed minded people. If the sex worker is underage of course it's abuse. Coercion is subjective, one could argue that the human condition forces sex workers to perform acts they find distasteful. I'd argue that there's alternatives to sex work, which is why I've never done sex work. However I've known some rather happy hookers in my time, and I promise that if they weren't getting paid they'd still be having lots of sex but probably with more attractive partners.
How to easily roast garlic without oil.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
OMG, I love the stinking rose.
NATO increasingly sees its soldiers’ phones as a liability | The Economist
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Israeli troops figured this out in the early 90's when Palestinians used the Israeli cell phone signals to target their troops. Israel has few phone lines due to their expense so they had the highest percentage of cell phone usage in the 90's. It's probably still true today but I haven't kept up with their phone bills in a couple of decades.
Pic. speaks for itself,
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Keith married Adams first wife, Lilith.
10 ways to identify a witch, according to those running the Salem Witch Trials.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I think most of the witch trials targeted introverts and intuitive types. The INFP and INFJ type personalities in particular. It's hard enough to deal with life if you're one of these types today, imagine a couple of hundred years or more ago. Still witches had one primary contribution to history, in the mid 20th century when LGBTQ+ issues weren't discussed in polite company the TV show "Bewitched" used witches as a stand in for the LGBTQ+ community making it the "Gayest" show, and probably the friendliest accidental social engineering project, in history. The INFP personality type is frequently referred to as "Fay" by people familiar with the personality types, and I only know that because I am one. * "That's a fey person, someone who seems like they come from another world, kind of like an elf. ... Fey comes from the Old English word fǣge, or literally “fated to die soon,” which refers to that odd good mood a person is in right before they die." * * INFPs have an innate desire to champion the underdogs of the world. These types aren't easily dissuaded from their cause and, while they may seem serene and gentle at first glance, they can become fiery and intense if provoked.* So while my Dad raged against the Flower Children, I sought them out because they're obviously my people.
I have suspected this for years.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
Some of the people abused, shot, or smothered by police have mental problems too. The rules are the rules crowd is just like shingles, shingles doesn't care. I don't care that an army of mentally ill people invaded the Capital, an army invaded the Capital and something damned well better be done about it or there will be hell to pay. This is no threat from me, it's a warning, a prophecy if you will.
There is a cat hiding in here.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
I remember! Lol
Willow_Wisp comments on May 20, 2021:
The shock of coming out initially as trans, you expect negative reactions but apparently there’s men out there with a trans fetish. So you go from cis male to receiving many unsolicited dick pics and uncomfortable propositions, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how far you’re along in your transition. No one explained to them that trans lesbians are a real thing and valid. My sexual preference hasn’t changed even if my gender did. These are separate concepts and I’m strongly monogamous, so it’ll be another decade or more before I get over my marriage of 15 years that ended in 2007. It’s how I’m wired.
Today daughter Claire put up curtains I made for her.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
If sewing were easy I’d design all my own clothing. I was a member of the SCA where we did Renaissance fair type stuff so I started making chain mail armor and weapons. We had a “Crown List” event where we went to a camp site and stayed in costume for four days. To the point I made my own costume but sewing it together by hand took ages, maybe if I ever get a sewing machine I’ll try again. Carpel tunnel prevents me from doing it by hand again. Love the drapes, I hope they match the carpet.
Wow. This exists!!
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Welcome Moni, you’re new to me. Yes this is a good site with good people, for the most part.
Wait... Aren't human beings mammals?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read. Go ahead and try breathing from your ass, I’m an old fashioned girl I insist on doing it the old fashioned way.
Quite possibly the only thing worse than not having your spouse be interested in you, is finally ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Ultimately we’re all on our own, something to remember when in friendly company even if they’re boring. I find I’ll choose solitude over uncomfortable companionship, but I do so thankful for what welcome I do receive.
Black Lives Matter Supports Palestine: []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Anyone against human suffering will always side with victims of misplaced authority regardless of race or nationality. That’s the moral thing to do.
Look closely at nature.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
It’s so strange that organisms are forged by hardship to fit the environment where they evolved and gives evolution such an intuitive feel once it’s understood, but theist see it as evidence for some intelligence engineering them. Life engineers itself as it gasp for breath and clutches at straws to survive. Only those that have successful orgasms define the fitness of the descendants of the species even beyond the existence of the species. Considering the importance of orgasm it’s no wonder Christianity is against it, they’re altogether unnatural that way.
A very salient point
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
I think I prefer them carrying around Nazi flags, that way we know who the enemies are around us. If they keep Confederate and Nazi flags secret and only use them at meetings that means we have to get to know them to realize how toxic they are.
Somehow this image seems to work
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
I want to know more about the varmint eating the banana.
Ga Hyo Un wants you to get her some coffee
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Oh!, I thought it was a TP strap on?
Scientists Fired Tardigrades Out of a Gun to See if They Can Survive Space Impacts
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
I have a little brother like that, you can't kill a turd.
There is nothing like mail ordered chicks.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
The pheasants are revolting.
Sexual healing baby, is good what?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 19, 2021:
Her vagina may be good, but it's not all that, otherwise no one would want access to any other aperture and if she's like every woman I know then men are after the other apertures that even men have.
No, UFOs still aren't any more real than Santa Claus.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Well angels aren’t described in the Bible the way they’re painted. More like wheels within wheels and they speak with the voice of many waters. So more like a helicopter with a PA system. Not that it means diddly squat.
This giving up smoking idea is getting a bit beyond a joke now.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Smoking helps keep the weight off. I now know it’s because smokes cost so much you really can’t afford to both smoke and buy groceries. All for smoking being discouraged, but just make them illegal for gods sake, I’m an addict and I’ll die broke before I break this addiction. You’d think they’d use tobacco taxes to provide alternatives to smokers wanting to quit, but no it’s just more money for the general fund. There should be a guiding principle here, if there’s a problem and your answer is taxation then a percentage should go toward helping the people that’s paying the taxes, especially if they’re the ones with the problem. Smoking in California is like paying tithes to a church in a religion you don’t believe in and you never attended.
Here are some plant names, you barbermongers and kickie-wickies.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Brits can’t speak English. The letter Z pronounced “zee” by English speakers is pronounced “zed” by Brits. I see a chimpanzee, I suppose a Brit sees a chimpanzed.
There’s a steel/iron sculpture of huge Native American feathers in Ireland dedicated to the NA’s...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Yay Choctaw, my grandma was half Choctaw. My grandma never knew her mother’s name because her dad never called her mother anything but squaw, which I think is tragic. Apparently my great great grandmother’s mom hid to avoid the trail of tears because she was pregnant at the time. They lived in Alabama and Mississippi.
I definitely would eliminate doughnuts. What about you?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Been there done that, until someone develops a sugar free donut my diabetes says no donuts.
"Gone with the Moist Wind" 🤣
Willow_Wisp comments on May 18, 2021:
Avengers, moist end game.
Well, it's a cheap workout I would think. Why pay for a gym membership? Paris fashion wins.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Cool idea, butt not in pubic. I mean not in public.
I want to speak to your manager
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Wouldn’t work on me, I’m at heart a Velocilector. That’s a cross between a velociraptor and Hannibal Lecter.
For those not following the war crimes committed by Israel within the past few days /week, with the ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Israel seems intent on making the holy land a lot holier.
When the Uber driver is sketchy
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
That's more ick in one place then I could handle.
How many of you became atheists because you were "Holy Ghosted"?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
No, not that any of my prayers were answered, but I left it all to the wisdom of God because what I wanted might not be in his plan. What got me was the clarity of science and the fraud of scriptures and that still wasn't even enough. So I'd go to church until the ignorance was too great to endure. So perhaps there was a version of Christianity that wasn't bullshit, so I studied gnosticism and the beliefs of Cathars and other mystic heretics. Gnosticism is like quantum mechanics for Christianity, and like quantum mechanics I couldn't get it to work for me. Obviously there's no "Gnosis" (enlightenment) in practical terms. That led to studying mysticism in general, like the teachings of Buddhism, and Sufism, still no luck. Then at long last after looking through every millimeter of Christianity and all related subject matter I finally could call Christianity out for the BS it always was and became an atheist. It only took me 50 years or so to divorce myself from it and even now I see things like Trump and all the Christians giving him fellatio and remember verses like "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:" and the fear of the anti-Christ returns. I mean Trump is a beast, but the question for Christians should be "Is he THE Beast?" He's certainly qualified, far more so than Obama whom they accused of being "THE Beast". But that's just post religion PTSD on my part.
Traditional Values Restored the Natural Way!
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Because virginity gives you a better credit rating?
Given the complete lack of evidence for any gods (including the ridiculous tripe in the bible) is it...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
The reason for the creation of the term agnostic was to make a "politically correct" word for atheist. New definitions were added to distinguish "knowing" from "believing" If you simply don't believe in God that's enough to be an atheist. If you don't "know" that there's a God then how in the F are you going to believe in that God? Agnostic is just too complicated and cowardly for me. Having no reason to believe something is adequate reason to not believe it.
Yael Aris matching jacket
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Look at her, so lucky. Many of us have taken toxic baths, suffered medical torture, and turned to weird science to look that natural yet most will never come close.
Life is getting more stressful for me i wish i had stage 4 cancer!!!
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Me too kind of, but when I had my heart attack I still dialed 911. The thing is when you die you don't get to enjoy the time off your condition offers. No stress but with no experience isn't an improvement. Take comfort in the fact that it'll happen for all of us one day, whether we want it to or not, so why rush the inevitable? Let a few people down, it'll be good for you.
This Furniture Store Hides a Cross in Each Piece to Spread Jesus Everywhere | Hemant Mehta | ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
Magic charms and fetishes (an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit) is common in all occult practices. Of course this particular primitive would be offended if it were explained to them.
[] It never appeared difficult for me to see fake news is fake.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
When I watch Fox News I feel like someone is pissing on me and telling me it's raining.
Most of the atheists that I meet are what I think of as recovering Christians.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 17, 2021:
I am an atheist, go ahead, approve or disapprove, your opinion on the matter is completely irrelevant. My opinion is of no relevance either, but since you said yours I'll share mine. You're an insufferable narcissist and look down on both theist and atheist making you a terrible person that has no purpose in my life.
I think her and I might be soulmates.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
When my sister was alive she worked at Walmart, and one day someone on a motorized cart ran over her, it put her in the hospital for a full week. She damaged her rotator cuff.
Tell me honestly. You've all thought this, right???
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
It doesn't work, my weird is unique and lonesome.
Gift Shop?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
Everything that exist is natural. My Dad died of natural causes, he had colon cancer so he died. Naturally.
Day ten. "We are HUNGRY!" Both parents stuffing worms in them.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
There's a lot of hunger associated with birds...
[] Just a couple pages will do
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
I've done that. The first time I got in trouble in the Navy they gave us these little New testaments with Songs and Proverbs I think. Anyway they were just big enough to put in a shirt pocket, but since you had so little storage there was no way I was keeping it, so I tore it in two and dropped it in the trash. I was seen doing it and the next three hours I was in the Drill Instructors office being Christ shamed and demeaned. They never gave me another bible and I still told them they were superstitious apes. I had no friends.
It is better to be unhappy and know the worst, than to be happy in a fool's paradise.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
Every single thing that can be destroyed by truth, deserves to be destroyed by truth.
I just caught the first one of the season a gopher snake. Going to release it way down the road.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
That's a Jesus snake, you see it and jump while screaming "JESUS!" Also you can see the beam of divine power coming from to sky to bless the Jesus snake in the photo.
Stella the talking dog! []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
Yea, there's Bunny the talking dog as well. What if you teach your dog to talk and he will not shut up? What if all he wanted to say was HEY! It sounds like what dogs are saying, HEY!, HEY!, HEY!, HEY! Or worse you and your dog try Jeopardy and he beats you.
Very 'Scary' Cat Is Obsessed With A Tiny Almond | The Dodo Cat Crazy | Pets |
Willow_Wisp comments on May 16, 2021:
I want to invite that lady over for a Halloween party, if she's willing to bring the cat.
Trump voter in Colorado faces stunning voter fraud allegations
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
It's all projections, the Republicans accuse the Democrats of voter fraud and all the isolated instances of voter fraud we can find are all Republicans. They also accuse Democrats of pedophilia but they have Roy Moore and Mat Gates. They also accuse us of having a secret cabal that's controlling all non Republican politicians... so what does that mean about them?
GOP Rep. Clyde Asked About Comments Comparing Capitol Riot To 'Normal Tourist Visit' Runs Away
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
I wonder how many are actually under death threats. Lindsy was all done after Jan 6th until that threatening mob of MAGA spoke with him. I bet he thinks if he speaks out against Trump Russian mobsters or Proud Boys or the KKK will send an assassin to kill his family. It's kind of the only thing that makes sense all things considered. He said "count me out" like a mob accountant that just saw the mob execute a snitch. I think this conspiracy of Trump totalitarianism is highly motivated to keep a constant circus of obviously insane distractions going to prevent people from connecting the dots and discovering a truly Machiavellian World wide plot to enslave the planet, but team USA just isn't bright enough to pull it off.
Deep thoughts
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
Ms_Cargill is fierce
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
Strength is beauty!
Lindsay Wagner in the 1970's
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
Weird, she doesn't look the least bit mechanical.
Now that I am 110, I tend to 'think' a bit--- and also lie a lot.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 15, 2021:
I'm working on a new purpose, I served all my old purposes. I'd love to live to 300 if I have purpose. Without it I'd prefer not to continue. That was the odd thing about moving out west a few decades ago, I don't know the native "wild" flora. I can and did consume lots of food from the forest before, but here there are many poisonous plants that don't look poisonous.
Darkside Ransomware Gang Says It Lost Control of Its Servers, Money a Day After Biden Threat ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 14, 2021:
I’m a controls engineer that wrote the controls for the Owens Lake reclamation project. Owens Lake once had a fishing industry, casino boats and vacation homes. LA installed pipes and drank it all to a hard desert wasteland that contributed more silicate particulate pollution then any other source detected in Antarctica even. We tapped into the California aqueduct with an 8 foot in diameter pipe. The on off valve takes three days to open or close because there’s as much kinetic energy in that pipe as there is in railroad locomotive pulling 400 train cars. Something we don’t want anyone to gain control of, so the control network is on an entirely isolated network, hence unhackable remotely. Even if you “NEED” your control system to have remote access you can connect via the dark web with VPN and 2048 bit encryption or stronger when it becomes available. All the banks use the dark web you don’t hear them complaining publicly about cyber security. 20% of the dark web is criminal, they sell heroin on a web page for goodness sake, US intelligence can’t find them so they advertise there. That’s how secure it is. Try the TOR browser it’s kind of jarring.
There seems to be a general notion that America is so polarised that there are Republicans and ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 14, 2021:
It's like the 1860's, we have two groups in the US, patriots and traitors. The traitors attacked Congress on January 6th. I'll never identify with either party because parties change, for example when I was a kid the Republicans were the liberals and the Democrats were the conservatives. They're there to represent me, I'm not here to represent them.
I was about to post about how proud I was for not caving in to have sex with someone I wasn’t ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 13, 2021:
No one should have sex that doesn’t want to have sex. Those that don’t want it shouldn’t judge anyone that does. Sex is private and you owe no one any justification for how you wish to approach it. Be open with people you’re attracted to about your desires but temper it with patience and agree before proceeding. Heterosexual people do not communicate enough before acting out on assumptions. Like the guy that got all excited that his girlfriend said she was so anal, it took four hours to explain what she actually meant so he wouldn’t embarrass himself later.
It's pretty bad when the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has to warn people not to put ...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 13, 2021:
I love seeing nutritional labels on bottled water. Fat 0%, implying there’s better water out there that isn’t so lean.
"The worst government is often the most moral.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 13, 2021:
The worst government is no government. The more order the healthier the government, but I sense that Republican “law & order” types think of order as control, it’s not, order is about predictable security. Give the public security and there will be order. Go into a neighborhood as a cop and kill the first person you “feel” threatened by justifiable or not and you’re killing security and there can’t be order. Easy stuff.
I learned something new today.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 13, 2021:
Nice, I never heard of that and I was raised where that was the kind of thing one might expect to hear. I remember on hot days resting under dogwood trees, it was cool and like a hut under the branches that hung to the ground so you had to push through to get to the space, like hiding under a skirt, but 40’ across. We had wild plants that make juicy succulent blue colored berries but they’re poison. But you take the tender young leaves and blanch them to remove the poison and you had poke salad, which reminded me of collard greens but not as flavorful.
Special lumber delivery
Willow_Wisp comments on May 13, 2021:
Wood is good.
[] shrunken head used in movie as a prop turns out to be human
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
I’m not shocked in the least, you do know the Crypt keeper from HBO was molded from actual human bones, not that they’re part of the puppet now, they were cast in resin from molds created from the bones of a cadaver from India. He also has Chucky's eyes.
Kitty poem
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
Who wrote that? I’m rather impressed actually.
Martha & Snoop.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
Like Nancy Reagan and Mr. T put them together and they’re going to fuck and you know it.
Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature. - Albert Einstein
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
It depends on the people I’m around. In rural Alabama with a 45 minute bus ride each way to and from school through angry abused red neck kid country where the most abundant natural resource is growing bullies you can bet your ass I valued my solitude. I’m an introvert and a daydreamer, a natural born flower child but I carry the attitude one would associate with an innocent kid in Vietnam given two weeks of leave after experiencing all the horrors of a massacre. On the plus side it made me adventurous. I’ve been a motorcyclist (Harley), I was a hang glider pilot, sailor, actor, artist, archer, roofer, blacksmith, armorer, tailor, cook, sword fighter, carpenter, world traveler, and every family role possible except grandparent. I survived it all. The roach coach at my office let’s me run a tab. I tell the coachman that he’s keeping me alive and I resent it. There are things worse than death and I haven’t had the joy of experiencing many of them yet. There was the heart attack, curious sensation. Crap, I forgot I made a deal with myself to not write when I’m stoned. Have fun I’ll be around, I’m cursed to outlive the life insurance policy my ex has on me but keeps paid in full. I can’t let them make another dime at my expense.
Don't wake the fishies.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
He's not asleep.
Probably a little humanised.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
Not even a little humanized, we see deep emotions in animals all the time, we just ignore it because we were raised to think we have "dominion" and that's our flaw, not theirs.
Don't answer that.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
That's not voodoo, that's bitchcraft. I know...
Do you see what I see?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
Shoulders make terrible ass cracks without photo shop.
I put this up as a response in another topic, but I thought it deserved a post of its own.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
My father was a fundamentalist Christian in Alabama that beat me severely, now he's dead, next! (He died from colon cancer in 2001, sadly I didn't kill him.) I hope it hurt him more than every other pain in his life. I never hit my two daughters, they grew up fine.
What a nice shirt!! I’m going to make one up for myself in the near future.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
I don't quite get it. What's 11/9?
Do you like freckles?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 12, 2021:
No, but many do, you’ll be fine, stop trying so hard.
Yes, they are actually trying to use this instead of an actual vaccination card -
Willow_Wisp comments on May 11, 2021:
It’s obviously a joke Christian gift shop novelty item. Not even Christian fundamentalists believe the word “vaccination” is in their Bible. It’s sold next to the bumper sticker of the creation fish eating the evolution fish with the legs.
How old is this kid?
Willow_Wisp comments on May 11, 2021:
They don’t sell that brand anywhere I’ve lived. So the kid is just another picture of a kid to me. It would have been fun to claim it was used when I was four in 1963.
Uhm... I don't think that's how you do that...
Willow_Wisp comments on May 11, 2021:
What do you expect in the Bible belt, it's where they think BLM is terrorist and the KKK isn't. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a Christian suggestion, but an eye for an eye is the law.


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Me in my Vampire Costume for Halloween 2020 before the big election.
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