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Me in my Vampire Costume for Halloween 2020 before the big election.
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Not interested in dating, completely asexual for around 20 years.
INFP personality type, l'll block you if you want to turn personality types into an argument.


Trying to dream up a story to tell Joseph
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Pregnant virgins that's an easy trick. Lets see god impregnate an asexual trans-woman and I'll be impressed.
Can't fix stupid, attempting to do so will get you accused of having pride.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
I joined this group just to say I relate. I'm so sorry you're temporarily stuck in Florida. I hope for your sake you're in an Urban area at the very least. I was doing a project for Toms Foods in Perry Florida and my startup was postponed because the KKK was having a protest rally at the plant. That was in 1989, I've never had my schedule interrupted by Clan activity anywhere else on Earth.
Robotic police dogs: Useful hounds or dehumanizing machines? []
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
They should have robotic police cats because real cats aren't fascist enough to become cops.
Boy were they wrong
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
These kind of people have been around for ages.
This is just one more reason I would never go to Texas or any other Red State.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
By that standard there’s no place on Earth for us. When I left the military I moved back to Alabama where I had lived ten years of my life and I stayed there another eight years, so eighteen years in I decided I had to get out, not for their old atrocities and there are many, I left because conservatives suck at conversation, they’re just all into getting you to agree with both their dumb ass religion and their dumb ass political positions. Have you any idea how good it was to have people in California tell me they weren’t sure who to vote for yet because they needed to read up on Clinton to compare him to G. H. Bush? In Alabama you already knew who just about everyone was going to vote for, Conservative actions are stupid easy to predict.
Sarah Palin teases 2022 Senate run in Alaska [nypost.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
I hear that exorcising a demon only makes it stronger, and they love the cardio.
The Ring of Fire - Newsmax Has Lost Half Their Audience Since January []
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
I’m just relieved that their missing 50% just stopped viewing and aren’t dead from Covid-19. I love Ring of fire.
Electric power, fueled by hydrogen and radioactive waste? []
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
You’re like a Flat Earther with this crackpot BS and persistent as any other cult member. Shameful how you’ve compromised your intellectual capacity with this drivel. The stupid hurts you, but I find it entertaining. As I’ve said to other cult members, show me one functional technology produced by your weird little cabal, just one, anywhere. Then I’ll hear you out. Your people don’t believe relativity is a thing. I wrote my own GPS software in college, without factoring in the Lorenz transformation for time dilation it wouldn’t work because time passes faster on satellites then it does on Earth exactly as predicted by relativity. You see gravity is caused by time bending when mass is present. You really have no idea about what you’re preaching do you?
Justice Department says Russians hacked federal prosecutors []
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Government computer systems are a good twenty years behind the times and their security is worse. In many places the “Next” computers manufactured and sold by a company owned by Ross Perot, they were shitty computers when they were new. In movies the FBI has sci-fi level computers but a couple of years ago I had a friend in the FBI and his crappy laptop provided by the bureau was still running Windows Millennium. This is decadence and part of our crumbling infrastructure.
The Ring of Fire - Laura Ingraham Says Capitol Police Can Blame Themselves For Getting Beaten By ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
It’s almost fun to watch this bimbo throwing away her credibility, as if her career won’t be over within five years.
Job well done?
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Quality assurance needs some heavy investment, perhaps if we call it infrastructure?
I'm too cheap to buy the archival service for my nest doorbell.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Maybe it was the ghost cat walking away from the camera?
Boston Dynamics Robots - dancing.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
OMG! I love this! The first line of robots I programmed was for Sony Magnetics on highway 84 near Dothan Alabama in 1987 or 1988. Industrial arms with four or five axis of freedom are about as advanced as I’ve had the privilege to work with. Mobile units like this with such balance and agility are fantastic. Maybe I should take a job at Boston Dynamics. Yes sign me up for a domestic robotic roommate. We just got to the 21st century, but the flying cars are still behind schedule.
Heartbreaking reality of a teenage girl's sex life | Daily Mail Online
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Porn is fine, as I understand it no one keeps watching porn after they finish rubbing one out, so there goes the theory of people watching for hours and hours. Most porn is consensual and the small fraction that isn’t is criminal and deserves to be prosecuted as much as possible. Most of the concerns about pornography is extravagantly exaggerated. Repressive social dynamics lead to abnormal sexual appetites that require extensive therapy and is a mental health issue but not a pervasive issue. You do know that most of the gay porn is watched in the Bible Belt and Deep South where sex is shameful right? When someone logs into my work website we know by the IP address where they’re logging in from unless they use a VPN, and it’s tracked for us automatically by Amazon Web Services who also hosts about 33% of the World Wide Web which is far more than google’s 9% and all web services provide these statistics. So you can bet your ass the porn industry knows exactly where their customers are so you can bank on the statistics, which also show that all of Europe watches less gay porn than the state of Texas. It should be obvious that less outrage about porn actually relieves the issue rather than making it worse while the opposite is true about firearms.
Has Albert Einstein lost his metaphorical throne? You decide. [] []
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 1, 2021:
Doubling down on stupid are we?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
Bill the Boomer strikes out feebly again. I suppose he’s cool with fascist attacking our greatest gymnast of all time for taking care of herself. No Bill is at war with Liberals and Progressives, the Fascist Republicans are just fine.
Science and Religion compatible? []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
Steven Weinberg Is exactly right. There’s no compatibility between science and religion. Religion is about finding purpose where there’s probably none. Science is about how does reality work whether there’s purpose or not. You can’t make either embrace the other since they’re entirely different tools for entirely different purposes. Anyone that insist they’re compatible is trying to steal the undisputed validity of science in an attempt to apply it to their religious bias. Especially new age spirituality and attempts at western versions of eastern religions. It’s almost better to be anti-science like Protestant Christianity, at least they aren’t redefining science in such a dishonest way. Religion is just bad psychology to let us feel better about human hubris and nothing more really. Hardly worth notice to anyone rational.
Love the Farmer's Market. What is your joy of summer?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
My joy of summer is the arrival of fall.
A conservative radio host who downplayed vaccines on his show is on an oxygen machine after a severe...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
Good, he deserves to die, as all people giving deadly advise to the public. As Rush Limbaugh taught us, sometimes the only way a hateful ignorant dick head will ever shut the F up is when they stop breathing.
Just saw this on Facebook.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
Every business should do this.
Just like her
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
MTG is a swamp bitch from Georgia, she also buys into misogyny like all conservatives she just acts alpha male to give the delusion that Conservative males may be stronger than Conservative women but Conservative women are stronger than Liberal women and Liberal women are stronger than Liberal men. Hence her shitty ape workout and photos with firearms and incendiary rhetoric, because these "know nothings" think of force as the only form of strength when it's clearly an indicator of weakness and insecurity. You can call her anything you want, like "Ultra Karen", but I'll always think of her as "Thunder Cunt"
He watched too many cop shows....
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
The mouse police that never sleeps.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
I’ve never heard any of this and if it’s true then it’ll come out, everything that can does. Like the JFK assassination we can believe and imagine any number of conspiracy theories. I watched all of it live, then the closeups which gives me two perspectives on every moment when armed backup finally arrived I remember the men on the floor, but the weapons they had were not guns. The officers had guns. To be fair I need to play it again to see, human perception and eyewitness testimony is frequently wildly wrong and the worst evidence that exists. That’s why we have video.
The Young Turks - MyPillow CANCELS Ads on Fox News Over Trump's Big Lie []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 31, 2021:
Mike is just another Trump side show clown with all the other human tragedies like Steve Miller, and Rudy Giuliani and oh so many others. Living cartoon characters all, too stupid for media to ignore, thus chaff to throw off the portion of the public that are easily distracted so Trump could commit one atrocity after another. Chaos as camouflage for the biggest crime spree in history.
Trump: Jan. 6 Cops Who Spoke to Congress Are ‘Pussies’ []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
Trump is grabbing himself all the time, but even more now that Melania walked out with a terse “I don’t hang out with losers Donald”
Ulta Makeover.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
I remember using foundation for the first time, I stopped at the neck and looked like a clown. I seem to do better by not using it. Makeup is so easy to get wrong by over doing it. Nothing like washing it all off to try again three times in one day.
A friend pointed out that very few people know the term for “hello” in even one of the many ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
A racist cowboy was incensed when he heard a positive stereotype about Indians that they had incredible memories. At the general store he saw an Indian and challenged him, what did you have for breakfast the fifteenth of last month, the Indian replied “eggs” not even knowing why the cowboy would ask. “Aww bullshit, everyone has eggs for breakfast, you don’t have a better memory than I have” and he walks away from the baffled Indian. Fifty years go by. A town in another state is having a parade for the local high school and it turns out both the cowboy and the Indian are in attendance after not seeing one another since their last run in. The old cowboy not recognizing the old Indian shows his racism by walking by the old Indian and saying a sarcastic “how.” “Scrambled” reply’s the Indian.
Earth Overshoot Day 2021 has arrived. What does it mean for the planet?: []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
It means time is up, we have to shit or get off the pot.
Another little-known part of our white supremacist history. []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
There are many of these, far far more than we know. I know more about Native American victims of white atrocities but you would be shocked at how many African Americans didn’t know about Tulsa. A lot of white washing of American history has to be undone. American whites don’t want to hear it. At least Germans acknowledge the crimes of Nazi Germany. That’s race, we need to investigate women victims through the decades too. I knew many girls my age that just dropped off the face of the Earth since the 1960’s.
There is nothing more obnoxious to me than an evangelistic Christian trying to convert me.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
I'll heap scorn and insult on anyone I consider harmful to the freedom of people to be themselves or who fight on the side of ignorance and closed mindedness especially when it comes to science deniers, thank you very much! F the lot of them.
The Young Turks - Anti-Vaxx Guest EMBARRASSES Himself on CNN []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
He's obviously deranged.
I'd join this protest.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
God hates perfectly good wasted coffee! God also hates computer viruses, Trump, Religion, Florida, Texas, anime, caviar and insurance companies.
From what little I've read, the Delta variant would seem in a notable percentage of cases to break ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
Get vaccinated, wear a mask, it's as easy as following directions. Remember evolution IS the biological reality and there will be more variations. Hopefully we'll reach herd immunity one way or another before a variation that ends our species evolves. We have to get past this and potentially other pandemics so we can seriously address CO2 based global warming before we all die of heat exhaustion. We have back to back existential crisis at hand. Trust the science, our intuition is as flawed as our parents intuitions were, we need to listen to our experts.
Hot on the market
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
That'll vibrate your b ass!
I'm glad I don't live in Anchorage Alaska ...but wait I live out with the Wasillabillies?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
The Delta version is as contagious as Chicken pox, it's no wonder they named it after Delta Burke.
Gets me in a Halloween Mood
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
See, that's the kind of costume I can't pull off but always wanted to be able to. No wonder I love a Canadian artist and clothes designer that calls herself Toxic Vision (Sharon Ehman of Toronto) as much as I do.
Biden offers $100 to anyone who gets the COVID vaccine. [] Updated with new link
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
That’s not good.
Biden offers $100 to anyone getting the COVID vaccine. []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
That’s good
Texas Deputy Attorney General Denounces Gymnast Simone Biles As "A National Embarrassment"
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 30, 2021:
Fuck him. I bet he’s anti vax, anti choice, anti mask, anti democracy. Sheesh talk about a fucking embarrassment. He’s also an obvious racist and misogynist.
“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 29, 2021:
I like it. I’ve noticed that when I unplug from media for extended periods of time my world shrinks to manageable size and I forget about all those enemies I have out there in Congress and the State Capital and the very real issues of personal and professional life remind me of my personal limitations and I start to become overwhelmed by the tragedy of my existence as I slowly become more depressed. Then I plug back in, get mad, and forget my depression and personal insecurities. That’s where life keeps me wavering between desperation of humans in general and frustration at my own very limited capacity to run my own life. It’s enough to overwhelm my fear of death in anticipation of the relief of nonexistence.
Received this latest post on my facebook timeline: People mocking the emotions of cops from January...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 29, 2021:
Fascist are going to commit fascist crimes. They've always been there, but previously they were aware enough to keep a lower profile. Now they have Facebook and they're clearly a bad influence on one another. This could escalate into a hot war, which they'll lose for all the same reasons the Confederacy lost, but the damage to national unity will be epic. This is what happens when ignorant people feel under represented and a stupid person rises to leadership that validates their hubris, because willful ignorance is a form of intense arrogance. You can understand it when you hear these know nothings openly challenge medical professionals and scientist as if these professionals are every bit as ignorant as they are. Why do you think I left Alabama, the most religious state in the country, and chock full of ultra dumb shits. Don't get me wrong there are smart people in Alabama but they're treated like shit and have no representation in state government. I miss the time when competence had value, and ignorance wasn't a virtue, or at least it was safe enough to enjoy the delusion that that's how it was.
The absolute, willful stupidity is overwhelming..😳😬 []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 29, 2021:
It's notable that people like him aren't being murdered, it's people like him that do the killing. You can tell there's something wrong with his mind pretty much the moment he says he's anti-vax, just like everyone else that's anti-vax.
I have often been mad as heck for about five years and this week, I am mad as heck again.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 29, 2021:
Perfect! I suspect some of these people are attention whores, because if I had what I consider a damed good reason to not get vaccinated I'd keep it to myself and these assholes loudly brag about it, like attention starved children. Better to get negative attention than no attention at all in their sad little scrambled stupid minds. It is notable that they aren't being murdered for this considering these kind of people aren't above murdering the rest of us for us doing the right thing.
Here at last
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Thank god only two cats were killed to make this meme.
I just spent a great day and a half with our friend Strarving Artist.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Your cat is an asshole because all cats are. Lovable little assholes.
I agree with a lot of what Robert Reich, former Secretary of State, has to say.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Republicans are for smaller government like they’re for blue lives matter. Government spending is fine so long as the money is going towards a police state.
Tucker explained..
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
I’m just mad that I didn’t come up with it, it’s the sort of thing I’d come up with. I mean I own “Bitchcraft”
What's the difference between a toy and a collectible?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
Don't murder anyone with it, then it won't be a toy or a collectible, it'll be evidence.
I am totally aghast and gobstopped today.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
When I was six my Father beat me with a belt for a half an hour while I was naked for telling a lie in an attempt to not get in trouble, you can kind of see why I didn't want to get in trouble I think. That was 1965, he hurt me so bad I'm still hurting today at 62. Imagine how it felt when I went to work with him after I got out of the Navy on the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. He was a cook and I was a galley hand. Dad would talk to the other people working on the rig and it was just one lie after another. I couldn't lie that much if I tried. Dad was a conservative and a Luddite, and he never knew what a Luddite was, they never do, which means he was an alien species to me. Thankfully the old bastard died in 2001 of colon cancer and I think he got off too light.
I try to get the zucchini before they get this big.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
You sure have a big zucchini. It's good that you have other uses for it than eating it.
Those of you hunting for the perfect man need to up your game
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
She must be a method actor.
Racist AZ Lawmaker Says Don't Be a Traitor, Stand Up for White Culture: 'I Like Redskins, Aunt ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
I bet when they're busy doing yard work they sing the Frito Bandito song. If you never heard of the Frito Bandito song it's for good reason. The Frito Bandito was the cartoon mascot for Fritos corn chips from 1967 to 1971. Fritos did not get rid of their Frito Bandito mascot because they wanted to; it took a lawsuit claiming Frito-Lay's cartoon mascot, depicting an unwholesome Mexican stereotype, defamed the character of everyone in the US with Mexican heritage.
[] There is money to be made in quackery
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
There’s another sucker born every minute.
New Yorker to fellow New Yorker.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 28, 2021:
What a Walmart social tragedy America has become. I had hoped the internet would improve humans by the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Sadly the Capitalists found out they could monetize bad ideas by selling what people WANT to believe. The facts don’t matter if I don’t want them to. Facebook set their algorithms to feed the wolves as much red meat as they want to eat, more and more down the rabbit hole of our own pet theories. The internet you experience is whatever you want, Facebook learned that from advertising algorithms. So uncle Jake likes to hunt and a news feed tells him Congress is negotiating stricter gun laws. He’s not that concerned, then he watches Fox News and they project shocked outrage that the constitution is being trampled on. This happens twice a day every day for weeks. New news feed there’s been a massive mass shooting in a large city. He thinks, liberals murdered those people as an excuse to get my guns. He talks with all the other concerned citizens on Facebook, he Googles for liberal gun policies but he only subscribes to conservative media and Google provides conservative answers from conservative YouTube channels so everywhere he looks his fears are reinforced. We self radicalize with conservative corporate propaganda leading us to enlightenment. It’s Brazil the movie, but by self inflicted psychological manipulation alone. However the system can be manipulated like old 1970 Enquirer style News feeds painting a candidate with character assassination disguised as news items. Just to nudge you into being a bit less secure, convinced the candidate you don’t like is in league with whichever form of evil you prefer. To cripple a society they can feed both sides.with misinformation. Free yourself, learn to see through the prison they’ve made of your own mind.
Screenshot of an ad in my news feed. 😂😂😂
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Just like Nancy Reagan and Mr.T. It’s hard to get them together but when you do they’re going to fuck.
Painting painting
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
An old commercial artist trick, making pictures out of negative space. M. C. Escher did that a lot but it’s overdone these days. However I do love art and I also make art every few years. This picture is from one of my favorite artist A Andrew Gonzalez, it’s not painted, it’s white plaster on a black surface. He uses a palette knife to sculpt it, like a cameo.
CANNABIS BUSINESS 7/27/2021 Bluebird Botanicals acquired Precision Botanical.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
You keep making these intense cannabis post that I keep falling for when I’m high AF on marijuana only to realize I don’t give enough of a fuck to process the information in the post. Just saying.
I don't see a jellyfish, I see a rocket ship.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I can’t go anywhere on the internet without one of those poking about on my screen. I hate projectile genetics.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I’d love to give him to the Florida alligators and let them witch hunt his ass for a few hours.
from "Awakening Code": She said, “Don't call the doctor, I want to fall asleep peacefully, with ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Some of us die alone, I have to many opinions to die otherwise.
Washington Post requires employees to be COVID vaccinated on return to work in September.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Good! Every employer should do the same, like when vaccines became available.
Makes sense.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
This could get way worse before it gets better. The U.S.A. has way too many entitled children of God, and they'll cut off their nose to spite their face. I remember when they were flinging poop because seat belts became mandatory. It was Communist and against God. These are the same foolish whiners that like to call Liberals and Progressives "Snowflakes" while we've endured their brain dead administrations. It's a culture war alright, fuck their culture, they have no culture, unless being spoiled children is a culture.
Memorial for Kroger worker harassed into suicide by manager for wearing face mask
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Wrongful death charges, that's not criminal it's civil. It won't help her now, but the money might help the family after their loss. I'm sure there's a law firm that will take it on pro bono.
(These 'people' are unhinged.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
They think they’re right so they do embarrassing stupid shit like post here. I keep wondering how long it’ll take before they figure out that we view them as low grade moron criminals and for each of them there’s 10 of us. They’ll never win which doesn’t bother them because they’ve been losers all their lives.
I believe that Jesus as a historical figure. Am I wrong about this?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
You're probably right that it's what you believe. As for Jesus, well there was a guy, I'm sure, but he had a different name, lived about forty years after the date given for the crucifixion, didn't say any of the crap in the Bible and led a revolt against Rome that was part of why the Temple was destroyed in 70ad. In the 30's there's no indication of any revolutionary activity in Israel. He was born in Egypt and obscured from history by Josephus. He had a partner that was beheaded at the Jordan River and wasn't John the Baptist who had lived some 40 years before. He was a descendant of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, a grandchild in fact. Beyond that we know practically nothing of the man other than being called "The Egyptian" and he led a raid on the marketplace in the Temple where about 200 of his men were defeated and he vanished from history, there were no mentions of him since that raid. The Gospels are Roman propaganda that urge people to "render unto Caesar" and encourages slaves to be obedient to their masters. Do you honestly believe the God that told his people to genocide Canaanites wants his "children" to be submissive sheep? Don't worry God's not real either. So you understand, it's as if someone wrote a story about Donald Trump being killed in the 1960's after writing the 1964 Civil Rights act for Johnson right before giving an "I've got a dream speech." thus providing salvation for white people, but changing his name to Charles Manson. Then since I'm the only historian in the area I make sure to never mention Trump (aka Charlie) ever being our first criminal president. It's kind of like that.
What the Dairy Industry Doesn't Want You to Know - Neal Barnard MD - FULL TALK []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I don't do dairy, unless you count cheese, eggs, and butter as dairy.
Facebook Helping Churches Spread Their Message is Bad News for Everyone | Hemant Mehta | Friendly ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
And people are confused that I refuse to go to Facebook, fine.
Let's beat Covid together.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
He's just doing it for the boob view.
I actually had one back then...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I love Steampunk!
He has a point.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
It makes me think of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, John and Lorena Bobbitt. etc..
After Saying COVID Could Bring “Spiritual Revival,” Evangelist’s Son Has Virus | Hemant Mehta ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I don't know which would be better for her congregation if her son lives or dies, whichever is better at ending all this hateful foolishness is fine with me.
TX Man Jailed for Setting Home on Fire to Punish Family for Not Following Bible | Hemant Mehta | ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
American style Christianity is a mental disorder and always has been.
Some beautiful photographs of the remote Norwegian Lofoten Islands, above the Arctic circle taken ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
That's so far north my ears would pop and I'd become a hick-sickle two seconds after the sun goes down. Thanks for posting the video so I don't have to go see it myself.
Local News.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
The one time I was in danger of being shot I took the guys gun and ran him off with it, then put it in a gift bag and went to the police to drop it off with my statement.
Texas Pastor Admits “I Was Wrong” About Vaccines After His Own COVID Scare | Hemant Mehta | ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
He thinks we'll change our minds too after we face the "final judgment", to bad he'll never know he's wrong about that too.
Whats everybody doing?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I'm watching the House select committee on U.S. Capitol riots live from my office at work today. I'm waiting to see how we deliver justice to the terrorist, who stands in the way on the behalf of the terrorist and how we handle these anti-American sympathizers that choose to side with terrorist and their leader Trump against the American public. I'm waiting for Trump to be punished for being fucking Trump and screwing everyone everywhere across western civilization.
Watch the 1/6 hearings.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
This should be the equivalent of the September 15, 1963 Church bomb in Birmingham Alabama that killed four young black girls. That was the day my racist father got rid of his clan costume. It's time Republicans recognize themselves as the terrorist they are, you can be an American or you can be a terrorist you don't get to be both and still play the patriot game with real patriots.
What shoes to buy 2021?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I am not a runner, but I think these shoes are so ugly they're cute, like pug puppies.
English tradition ain't what it used to be! :-D
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
It looks like Eastern Europe in the mid 90's.
Hello, I've recently moved to Denver, Colorado. What to visit first?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
The marijuana dispensary.
I’ll be watching; will you?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I'm watching it now, at work, I'll be doing this all day.
A car full of Irish nuns is sitting at a traffic light in downtown Dublin, when a bunch of rowdy ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Nuns are fun..
Crows are smarter than anti-vaxxers and those who still support Trump: []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I love crows, I'm currently on good terms with at least three murders. I see these clever birds doing brilliant things every day. When hawks chase them they bring the hawk to me if I'm around, and I do ape things like throw things at the hawk, which inevitably drives the hawk away. It helps that crows know who their friends are, something Trump supporters don't know.
A new Lincoln Project, naming names.. []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
If the Democrats were as underhanded and criminal as the Republicans and I were a Democrat instead of an Independent I'd join something similar to the Lincoln Project, however even under those circumstances I'd still be a Democrat, just as members of the Lincoln Project are still Republicans. I admire their ability to insult and humiliate Trump but they're still Republicans and not our friends.
That one button on the remote you never touch
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
My very first smart phone was an iPhone 3gs. I was playing with apps all weekend. Then suddenly the damn thing rang and scared hell out of me, I'd forgotten it was a phone too.
“The doctrine that future happiness depends on belief is monstrous.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
If faith in Christ has a therapeutic value then faith in literally anything else would too, it's the placebo effect. I put my faith in Joe Pesci, just as George Carlin did, if it's good enough for George, it's good enough for me.
This was posted by one of my over 50 single groups in NY lol. I am a Virgo lol.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I'm a cancer, but I'm asexual which proves your chart is quite wrong.
Now that will give the republicans some pause
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
You also have to survive until the next election which probably will not happen if you don't get vaccinated.
Is it me?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
It sucks being an actual boomer, the generation which had the Who song "My Generation" has now become a joke, an insult. I guess it serves us right for making fun of every generation that followed ours, and we were responsible for the Reagan rise of conservatism which led to these times of overt treason and insurrection. To be sure there were many of us that didn't buy into the tyranny of conservatism, but conservative populations deserve the disasters they imposed on this world and themselves, there was this consistent minority of liberal thinkers, greatly scorned by the majority of boomers that really did struggle to make the world a better place, or at least slow the fall into fascistic insanity that only really revealed itself just since the election of 2016. Before you decide to attempt to shame me by calling me a boomer just understand that I can't be any more shamed by it then I already was back as early as when someone first defined Gen X, which has double downed on conservatism, and they represented themselves disproportionately on Jan 6th 2021 in Washington DC. A bunch of middle aged people pretending to be patriots and revolutionaries at the same time all the while only serving a tyrant. Few of those people were over 60, and all boomers are over 60 now. Come to think of it the most radical conservatives I know are all Gen X, only a few years younger than myself but insanely angry at anything and everything that's not 100% fascist.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Most people concerned with wood have something other than actual wood in mind. That's what happens in a population that thinks that monogamy is a type of hard wood. I have no use for any type of wood and avoid all volatile compounds organic or not.
Fauci Wants to Make Vaccines for the Next Pandemic Before It Hits If funded, a government program...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
That’s a great plan, but according to Republicans competence is communism. Apparently democracy is going through life ignoring everything except money, at least according to conservative standards, and they appreciate nothing else including human life.
We are definitely in need of a more fair and balanced narrative on matters of COVID 19.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 27, 2021:
It’s pretty cut and dry, if you enjoy breathing get vaccinated. If you have a death wish don’t get vaccinated and Damn you for risking everyone else’s life by being an obnoxious stubborn fucker.
Perhaps you’ve seen this argument from Patrick Tomlinson against folks who are anti-abortion ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
The offensive thing to me is the anti abortion people actually think that choosing isn’t traumatic for the woman. They use that emotional baggage to manipulate overwhelmed women that need a child at this time in their lives as much as billionaires need rocket-ships, which is to say not at all. This manipulation is monstrous.
Another Gervais...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
And atheism is a religion like an Off TV is a TV channel.
Now that is very different
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Every single occupant restroom with a door that can be locked should be good for any gender. Yet I still see single occupant restrooms gendered, which makes no sense. I knew a guy where I work that was mad that our two single occupant restrooms became all gendered. He was an incredible engineer but a serious conservative, he died of COVID-19, I never told him it was me that suggested it.
But she's the proof of evolution
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
She could use some FFS for sure. For you cis folk FFS is Facial feminization surgery. I know this photo is modified, but I had the same impression watching her on the news. Especially when she went all gorilla in a strange pull up exercise that reminded me of a trip to the zoo.
The Oldest Confirmed 'Message in a Bottle' Contained Some Fascinating Questions
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Even the seashells I’ve ever found had holes in it somewhere. I have found syringes in the surf.
The amount of wrong here is amazing.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Each of us are infinitely more powerful than any God of any religion that ever existed, since none of the deities ever actually existed, not one. The stories are fun, like me identifying a lot with Marvel’s Loki. It may seem religious but it’s fan adoration, I had a similar sense of identity with Spock. I relate to alienated and misunderstood characters that display character. You can’t be odd and not get it. Christians should do the fan adoration of beatnik Jesus and give us Loki variants a break.
when can I smoke weed again []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Let's hope she heals soon, she has a rare talent and an acquired taste. I can picture her Mom looking for guys at her daughters school who's faces have caved in.
Michael Flynn Jokes ‘Maybe I’ll Find Somebody in Washington’ With New AR-15 ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jul 26, 2021:
It's a shame he never got with Rush Limbaugh but it's not too late.


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