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Me in my Vampire Costume for Halloween 2020 before the big election.


Virginia Pastor Lies About Being a Navy SEAL, but Gets Caught Thanks to His Own Stupidity | Hemant ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 23, 2020:
You can always tell the fakers, first if they seem a bit low on intelligence, because you have to be a little stupid to think you'd get away with it. Next they'll claim to know all kinds of "Top Secret" stuff, I had a "Crypt Secret" clearance at one time, but it's not like they give you the keys to the secret libraries when you get the clearance. It's on a need to know basis only. If you have a top secret clearance and there's a confidential message going around you don't get to know what that memo is about unless you NEED to know. I don't think I ever needed to know anything, so I still don't, despite my clearance. I'm sure it's expired now, as if I ever needed it.
In case you had any doubts about why anyone objects to those who kneel during the national anthem.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 5, 2021:
Clearly racist overreaction. I'm a vet, a white vet. I'll be executed before I stand for the anthem again, not for a country that does this, this isn't why I served six years. We have real patriotism that doesn't require props or magic spells and chants. It's about OUR people, and OUR people come in all sizes shapes and colors, and excludes no one except those that despise us. Those that despise us are a small loud belligerent minority of posers that are step by step being dealt with.
Hey guys, have a wonderful night/day 🌞 I got a question 😊 - What is your favorite place in ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 18, 2021:
I loved Hong Kong but it’s not the same since 1999, I was there several times between 1978 and 1981.
@boyscouts At least 92,000 have filed sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts, legal team says ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 17, 2020:
I joined in 1969, I was 10, they said I was too old to be a cub scout, and too young to be a boy scout. I was a WEBELOS! Exactly how could an organization like that NOT attract pedophiles?
As a third grade teacher Shel Silverstein was my favorite poet.
Willow_Wisp comments on Mar 13, 2021:
I couldn't tell you how many times I was beat for day dreaming, when I was really just disassociating with life because of the previous beatings... But I remember in Carl Sagan's book "Cosmos" a fragment of the "Four Quartets" by T.S. Eliot that I still remember. We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. I clung to it because it means that I'll someday look back on my life and it'll make sense. In a sense it has, but it wasn't as comforting as I had hoped.
God's True Purpose The way I see it, God's only real use is as an escape from death.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 9, 2020:
Again with purpose, the most important use of God (God has no purpose) is to for men to claim authority over other people. It's nothing more than a tool for mans misrule over man. That's why Trump wanted a picture of him holding up the ultimate magic charm, the Bible, then the dolt claimed that his opponent would hurt religion, hurt God. Never has there been a more transparent indication of what religion has always been about.
Nazi Germany was a Christian movement. They seem to leave that part out a lot. 🤔🤫
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 17, 2021:
Funny how populist conservative Christianity will pretend they had nothing at all to do with right wing extremists even after the Capital building building terrorist attack on January 6th even though we have literally thousands of hours of TV evangelicals and Protestant ministers not only profoundly and incredulously upset that Trump lost but angry and convinced it was a trick by Satan and all but calling their followers to violence. Personally I lay the bulk of the blame on Conservative North American Christianity Cult leaders. They NEED to be Taxed, because they refuse to stay out of politics.
While on a long drive recently, I was listening to a show on NPR about immortality and time.
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 8, 2020:
They could at least let me try... If I was immortal I would have time to find a way to "End" it all if I decided I didn't like it.
Pastor Recited Bible Verses While Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Underage Girl | David Gee | Friendly...
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 11, 2020:
It's not like religion guilts them into being better people does it? Objective right and wrong my butt.
If i read things correctly, one of the reasons Covid vaccinations are going very slowly is a lack of...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 6, 2021:
Insulin is just sub dermal needles, like Bill Bar, just a little prick. Covid shots go deep into the muscle, and not nearly so easy to do it yourself. We should train more nurses, free education, and offer citizenship to nurses all over the world. Most of the nurses I know are Filipino and great at their work.
Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to a fucking WRESTLING CHAMPION?
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 8, 2020:
Idiocracy wasn’t supposed to be a prophetic movie, but we know how it turned out.
Coolest dog EVER! []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 5, 2021:
I love it. As a kid all my dogs were cat killing egg thieves. Not that I got to choose them. Dad kept them chained outside to trees. Rural Alabama, I wonder how many of those dogs might have been like this dog. I won’t own a pet unless I can spend full time with it.
For those in the us: — President trump’s overt broad daylight attempt to undermine and cast ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 12, 2021:
Of course it's ONGOING, who the F doesn't know that? Anyone pretending it's over is typically a Republican buying time for the next phase of the coup to happen.
Bon appetit what's for dinner?
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 15, 2020:
I ordered a salad from Grubhub, ten minutes before it was supposed to be delivered "Something went wrong with your order, your money has been refunded." So I ordered 2 spicy tuna rolls and strawberry mochi ice cream. So good.
"There's a war on for your mind!" - Alex Jones
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 19, 2020:
And Alex Jone is tying to lead the attack.
The theme from 1993 movie The Piano, written by Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First.
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 19, 2021:
I had just got married when this came out. We watched it like four times.
Idaho lawmaker resigns after a 'terrified' 19-year-old aide detailed rape allegations
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 30, 2021:
This is far from over, resigning from a cushy job where it's easy to crime isn't punishment, even if it feels like it is. He wants us to see his "sacrifice" but that was going to happen with or without his consent.
Faces of the insurrection: []
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 26, 2021:
This is what happens when people party like it's 1999 in 2021. Technology will get you unless you're somehow immune. Do you think you're immune to technology?
The new. Hubble
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 1, 2020:
I want the one they aren’t using. Conversation piece.
Supreme Court will not hear Kim Davis same-sex marriage case - The Washington Post
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 5, 2020:
Kim is a Karen. I don't care if none of her dreams ever come true.
What did you learn in 2020?
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 30, 2020:
I did a post on this, the number one thing I learned this year was that fascist don’t know any political definitions including fascism. Socialism is just a synonym for Communism and “bad” again knowing the definition the way first graders understand compound interest. Other things stand out as well, like.., Corporate Democrats are just Republican moderates and the only group with plans to get their foot off the breaks and on the gas for quality of life improvements for everyone policy wise are the Progressives.
With our Supreme Court now swinging decidedly more conservative, religious rights will undoubtedly ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 25, 2020:
It's a concern but not necessarily as much to fear as we expect. Yes we need to address this. Judges are more tightly constrained in their opinions then you might think. I know of no higher court judge that pulls opinions out of their ass because the opinions can only be built on precedent, not personal opinions. The worst situation they seem to achieve is being nudged toward using harsher language in their opinions. For example RBG couldn't just make an opinion that women should be treated fairly, she had to show how gender discrimination adversely affected everyone, even white men, before her opinions could carry the weight they needed to effect change. Republican politicians in particular find it perplexing when conservative judges don't tow the party line, but the line they're being called on to tow is to arbitrary and superficial for the judges to allow the nonsense to continue. But yes, if presented with the right case and with the right precedence they could overturn Row V Wade, but they can't and don't do such things the way politicians do, otherwise they wouldn't have ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights act article 7 covers LGBT+ issues, it's illegal to fire someone because they're queer or trans, not a ruling I would have expected from the SCOTUS that did it. Yes their faith disturbs me.
I have to face facts
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 21, 2021:
I'm confused, that's a lovely face. Every living thing is beautiful until it starts making life shitty for it's fellow creatures that are powerless to prevent the abuse. You know, like abusive police and republicans, now that's ugly AF.
Male model in India
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 18, 2021:
Well fed, not expected.
‘Deaths of despair’ are rising. It’s time to define despair | Science News
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 6, 2020:
I remember terrible disruptions in each stage. The message was clear, I was neither wanted or needed and anyone that put up with me was making huge personal sacrifices that I should be grateful for. I was also married for 14 years to a Bulgarian that had come to the US for political asylum but communism had collapsed so revocation of her visa was inevitable. In 2007 at the start of the Great Recession I found myself unemployed long term for the first time in my life, so she divorced me. I ask myself if it’s a case of escaped hostage, I think not, but isn’t that always the case? So when I consider my year of isolation I wonder how it’s different than the five years before it. All I can tell is that I haven’t had to tell people to back off as much as I once did. I always despised hand shaking and crowded seating. Alone and loving it.
Did you know that the modern toothbrush was invented in West Virginia?
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 1, 2020:
In Alabama the old people from the last century would cut a twig from a sweet gum tree then chew it to form a natural toothbrush, but it pointed straight from the handle since it didn’t have a 90 degree angle.
Damaged by some "serious pussy"! []
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 30, 2020:
Human you will stroke me exactly five times, if you stop before hand I'll bite you and if you stroke me six times I will bite you...
These incredibly selfish mask-refusers are making it dangerous to get a broken bone, fall, get cut, ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 14, 2020:
There's always going to be potential contact in any situation where you've been near other humans. Even a Gethub delivery guy that's wearing a mask could give you a bag of food with just enough viruses to infect you. It only takes a few people that don't take things serious to dramatically increase the risk for everyone, even those trying very hard to be responsible. I find a cavalier attitude to PPE and common sense to be more insulting then hate speech because that's all it is, weaponized hate speech.
Just want to encourage everyone to exercise patience while ALL votes are counted.
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 2, 2020:
I feel like I did after the medical procedure to burn off my melanoma. You don't know if it worked until you know it worked. This administration has been like sitting on the electric chair all strapped in with people walking by the switch and at any moment someone might throw that switch, for four long years now... I'd rather someone throw the switch honestly.
Something to look forward to ??
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 28, 2021:
What a weird group of fat guys. You're right those hats are an embarrassment.
But he's covered with cartoons!!! Kids love cartoons!!! Teacher says his tattoos and surgically ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Sep 30, 2020:
You just have to admire people with opinions so strong they tattoo them on their face. I kind of get art, but like a swastika on the face is seriously a bad judgment indicator.
"Last words are for fools who haven't said enough." - Karl Marx
Willow_Wisp comments on May 9, 2021:
My favorite last words were from a Brit who got shot in the British Navy. “If this is dying I don’t think much of it”
Republicans bite their tongues following Trump's election threats
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Republicans never believed in principles, they talk about principles until it's more convenient to violate the principles they talk about. It was all about balancing the budget until they had the check book then they spend like a manic meth head. They talk about family values, until they find a pool boy they want to watch have sex with their wife. Republicans are gross virtue signalers and their virtues are lies. They share that with fundamentalist Christianity.
How many courtrooms have they used in their attempt of a fake coup?
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 13, 2020:
There’s nothing magical about wishing karma on those that desperately need karma in a their lives. There’s no karma, but I’ll settle for justice but that takes action by the people we voted for to represent us in the Senate. They’ve been dishonorable their entire public life, why would anyone think it’ll change without effort? If you can support the Democrats running for the Senate in Georgia please do, or we’ll have Mitch constipating the organs of government until he kills democracy.
For the record, I have problems with C.S. Lewis, but this has a humanist feel to it.
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Now is always the beginning.
I have a friend that constantly says.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 13, 2020:
You know there's one in every crowd. Religious people can call themselves anything they want... just as valid as pagans or christians, which is not at all. Calling yourself denomination X is as binding as Trump calling himself a businessman, president, or politician, when he is none of the above.
Gewgaw GYOO-gaw Part of speech: noun Origin: Middle English, unknown 1: A showy thing, ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 28, 2020:
My favorite term for trash was "offal", Late Middle English term for waste from a process, frequently referring to dung, but even more often to pieces of meat that today is probably mostly used in Vienna Sausages or hot dogs.
Another trumpster projecting his wildest desires. []
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 21, 2020:
From another Christian man married to a cow, figuratively if not actually.
Just remember, national health care is national wealth care.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 23, 2020:
Just to be clear, I had a minor skin cancer, they burned it right out. $2,300 out of my pocket. A shot of Cisplatin that hurt me for a month $2,000. Cancer screening including a colonoscopy $1,800. Lab test and medications. And on it goes. But it worked, no cancer detected. That’s two medical victories within one year, I also recovered from type II diabetes. So I’m lucky, and broke, I went $23,000 in the hole more or less. So far, anyway. But I met people that were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. So I’ll say again, I am lucky, and I have a job a really good one. Even if I live in Motel 6 or my car.
Coat them with chocolate and give them out for Halloween?
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 24, 2021:
I love them steamed then buttered and salted. I love boiled okra as well, it’s ok fried as well but I love them slimy and soft.
Dudeism - a special kind of religion
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 26, 2021:
I like the Dude, but I have my own destiny to meet. It's a little weirder than Dudeism.
When a cat has not been fed for a hour. (According to cats).
Willow_Wisp comments on Feb 10, 2021:
They’re developing advanced camouflage techniques and developed stealth technology millions of years before humans had evolved.
IMHO both Snowden and Assange should be pardoned by the current president. []
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 16, 2020:
Certainly Snowden, he should have a job with national Active Cyber Defense (ACD), but there's some weirdness with Assange; he's responsible for Chelsea Manning being imprisoned under the charge of espionage, if prison is good enough for her it's good enough for Assange.
So, for all the people going around saying that black people commit more violent crime than white ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 31, 2020:
There’s no significant difference in the behaviors of different races that come from the same culture. Behaviorally each race would be identical. We don’t live in the same cultures though. The difference is in how we decide to perceive other people. Start by exercising some empathy.
I'm a little late with this one.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 19, 2021:
I did the love emoji not because I approve of the suffering of the beautiful Ella, but because the TRUTH has to be shown, and this photograph is a step toward that, a small step.
McConnell reportedly eyes constraints on possible Biden cabinet picks
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 5, 2020:
Thankfully Mitch is Crypt Keeper old so he will die soon, and being in the senate we may get to see his passing live on TV. Just a little happy thought for you.
Tempe Town Lake Reflection, Tempe, Arizona.
Willow_Wisp comments on Mar 25, 2021:
I like such places when I'm especially high. The lights make letters, and there's a secret message, but as if in a dream you just can't quite make it out.
At tonight's debate, Trump came across as an unintelligible moron that just cares about himself.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 23, 2020:
I wish it had been against Obama, and I wish Obama wasn’t constrained by his fear of showing rage. He stuffs the anger down and it turns his hair white because he knows nothing scares white people like an angry black man. That can’t be healthy.
I was listening on the radio to a bit of a philosophy last evening where the person being ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Sep 6, 2020:
This sounds like Terry Pratchett's Discworld. There's an infinite number of deities that can swell up to full power if given attention but mostly they start out as a bit of ego hungry for attention.
I was wondering where this term came from. Did anyone else know this?
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 18, 2020:
We can thank Dawkins for the meme concept, in the end it may be his most notable contribution to the world. No doubt he worked harder on almost every other aspect of his career, but he has the notoriety of naming a concept that was already around but unnoticed or at least unnamed until he put a tag on it. Life's weird like that, you try to be profound and you end up with a meme.
Pluto caused autism, obviously. 😂
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 11, 2021:
Vote early if you can, just be sure to vote! I was going to vote by mail.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 23, 2020:
I’ve seen drivers extending the finger at arms length out their car windows to flip off political adds along the street. Sadly I’ve seen it from both sides, but I get it.
How are the polls do far??? How are we doing?? Did we win yet?😃👍
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Too early, we wait for the polls to close.
Joe Biden signs sweeping executive order fighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination / LGBTQ Nation
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 22, 2021:
Slowly the stink of DJT is washing away...
Imagine that Karen
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 9, 2021:
This happens more with software developers than anyone else. Do you know BACnet? No!, you have this weekend to get up to speed before we start on Monday, you'll be leading the development effort.
The "macaroni" in ‘Yankee Doodle’ is not what you think. 😆 []
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Like the hair of “flock of seagulls” the macaroni was doomed to have a run time of none. It looks like a Edwardian attempt at designing the alien from alien.
No one was really surprised
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 21, 2021:
We still call Doug "Ass Hole", since "Uranus" isn't specific enough.
Entire U.S. West Coast Now Covered By Earthquake Early Warning System []
Willow_Wisp comments on May 5, 2021:
I want it on the thing that sets off my Apple Watch with an amber alert. Loud AF
Sunrise in Canberra.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 26, 2021:
It must be Australia, it's upside down.
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Faith is useless, hope however is important. The last four years have left the majority of Americans pretty hopeless.
There's a lot going on here, but in a good way.
Willow_Wisp comments on Mar 28, 2021:
I like the feline defense system, to prevent intimacy I assume. I should strap on a cougar. Oh! Grow up!
Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday!!! Hope yours is better than mine!!!!! Just had the worst day ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 5, 2021:
In the 90's every time I used my card online they canceled my card. I switched banks and ended that shit. BOA, just couldn't get it through their heads, I will buy online, stop canceling my damned card. They never stopped, now they have fewer customers...
Saagar Enjeti: Trump’s Third Party Will DESTROY The GOP, No Matter What Happens [youtube.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 26, 2021:
The beauty of it is that the "Patriot" party being based on lies won't survive either. The Republican party had a foundation in truth that they wandered so far away from that they won't last despite being around well over 100 years. Same was true with the Whig Party, study them and see the Republicans destiny.
Might have been for some..
Willow_Wisp comments on Feb 1, 2021:
I bet that illuminated some areas where the sun doesn’t shine. It appears ribbed.
truer and truer every day
Willow_Wisp comments on Feb 16, 2021:
I like my Jesus the way I like my black liquorish, candy corn, Mexican salt candy and Christmas fruit cake. Not at all...
Antiabortion groups don't mind Trump used drug tested on fetal tissue - Business Insider
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 11, 2020:
Growing up in rural Alabama can you imagine how many times I’ve heard “I never owned a slave” as if it had bearing on a honest conversation about racism. These people are back stabbing two faced manipulators that will stoop to anything to do what they want regardless of the consequences.
You again?
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Dogs are fascist, show me a police cat. My dad had three cats.. A Siamese named "Neko" A Calico named "Gato" And a Tuxedo named "Cat"
Back in March or April, I predicted that Trump will not get more than 42 percent of the vote at the ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 2, 2020:
The entire party has to be dismissed as a criminal organization. Someone has to file RICO charges on the RNC.
Trump refuses to donate to his own re-election, leaving his campaign with one third of Biden's war ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 25, 2020:
But Trump could raise WAY more money than Biden, according to Trump last debate, but, get this, he doesn’t want to. Like a bully scared off by a big brother, “I could have kicked his ass too, but I didn’t want to.” I don’t understand how stupid Americans are, I can’t believe so many support this waste of cholesterol. Apparently it’s not about his genius, it’s all about the racism and meanness, it’s the only way any of it makes sense.
Now that i am locked in a battle with cancer I got to admit it's more then frustrating to hear the ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Sep 22, 2020:
I hope you get better. I don't have much more then that to give.
So, earlier today, I'm on my bicycle, on this wonderful trail in a 3900 acre conservation area of ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 13, 2020:
Bless your little heart. Not every turn of phase is part of a war. Relax. There's a lady from India working at our convenience store, she always says namaste to me and I respond in kind. I don't get sullen and say "namastay away from me."
Irish Farmer Stumbles Onto ‘Untouched’ Ancient Tomb Archaeologists think the well-preserved ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 21, 2021:
This story is the only reason anyone should ever consider farming.
Trumpers are upset already
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 29, 2020:
Every Friday is white Friday.
Cookies for who?
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 9, 2020:
If we all buy cookies for Satan we'll have a vaccine soon, that's the deal, that's what I'm doing.
We Need to Stop Calling Armed Rightwing Groups 'Militias' | Time
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 15, 2020:
I agree, and why do they call womens prisons penal colonies?
Hey guys, Good Morning 🌞 😊 - do you have a secret fantasy?
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 6, 2021:
My secret fantasy is to hang around until the fascism machine is shoved out of the way so people can have hope instead of fantasy, then tell my daughters that we defeated the two horrors of the twentieth century, communism and fascism with the fall of the GOP. I did all I could, the rest is up to you guys. Good luck, but beware both are undead and will rise again from the shadows if you’re not vigilant. Then enter my eternal rest comforted by the defeat of the metaphorical Gog and Magog.
A few more hours.
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 20, 2021:
I can’t sleep, I keep watching the clock. It’s 3:25 on the west coast. So that’s 6:25 in Washington DC. Less than 6 hours to go, but only an hour and a half before Air Force one flies to Florida.
Wisconsin Lawmaker Calls On State’s Electors To Choose Election Winner, Ignore Voters - The ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Very dangerous, this is stupid people pushing for an armed conflict now.
Dust From Asteroid That Ended Dinosaur Reign Closes Case on Impact Extinction Theory
Willow_Wisp comments on Feb 27, 2021:
We've know about the iridium layer for an extremely long time now, by way of human history. 1980 was a damed long time ago, at least according to my reflection in the mirror.
Good night ❤💙❤
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 3, 2020:
Method actors....
Real Proof that Jesus was NOT real - YouTube
Willow_Wisp comments on Sep 28, 2020:
This isn't very well done, and some of it is N O N S E Q U I T U R. I just keep it simple, I don't believe it. Atheist with theological backgrounds have dismissed most of the Sun worshiping theories from Zeitgeist as seriously lame, and this is just carbon copy Zeitgeist paste Zeitgeist and that just sucks. It's not enough to dismiss religion and dogma, it is important to look for competence in all data. My atheism isn't a social club like Fox News, it's a personal quest for truth and competent information. This video is no better than religion itself, just an opposing argument that was at best a flawed hypothesis. Misinformation is my enemy, Christianity is my enemy because it is a carrier of misinformation, the toxic isn't the God stuff, it's all the lies, remove all the lies and the God stuff is gone too.
Facebook bans President Trump ‘indefinitely’ after Capitol riot - The Verge
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 7, 2021:
I normally hate Facebook in a sense they're the DJ Trump of social media. However, in this case I think they're right and everyone should follow their example concerning Trump. DJTJ should be banned as well. I don't think Eric Trump can read, if he goes to Facebook it's probably to look at pictures.
I constantly watch/listen to this at least once a week.
Willow_Wisp comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Damn woman get it together show some self respect. Key word "self" respect. Try being a transgender atheist from rural Alabama. I had to be honest with me, and I had to slam the door on family after they turned their backs on me over and over. I am alone, but I am not sad, nor do I give in to morbid self reflection. I have a brother that's alive that I keep blocked, he got a new phone and called me, so I blocked him again.
Got super close to this guy.
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 9, 2020:
The way he's holding his claw makes me wonder if he's the reincarnation of Bob Dole, but he needs a pen.
Bill Barr has resigned (The Guardian). The administration is crumbling :)
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 15, 2020:
Barr has to keep taking the entire Trump shaft, which from what I've heard isn't much of an accomplishment, at least until he gets his Christmas pardon.
Should Prisoners Have The Right To Vote?
Willow_Wisp comments on Aug 17, 2020:
No prisoners shouldn't, nor should they be prevented from voting once they're released, they've done their time. Even if they're on parole.
Trump Demands Georgia Sec of State Find 11,800 Votes for Him Rather than denounce President ...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 4, 2021:
He’s like fucking Thanos, he just keeps popping up. They need to pull the 25th amendment on him and let Pence handle the transition to the Biden administration.
Eff it, just enjoy yourself.
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 4, 2021:
I proved I could loose weight, then December 21st I had a heart attack. I've gained back 50 pounds of the 80 I lost since then. Life's short and I love good food, don't worry I'll stop soon, one way or another.
Good info
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 11, 2021:
It’s a fascinating biography Joe Biden. He had to overcome so much. As for stumbling on the ramp, at least he didn’t drop his shit paper and step on it to drag it all through Air Force one like a fucking pig.
Today's PSA...
Willow_Wisp comments on Jan 24, 2021:
Some have been fed so much bull shit they’re 80% Bull shit by weight.
[] Another theory competing with string theory
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 9, 2020:
Relativity explains gravity because time dilation causes gravity. Here's an instructional video. I went for the easy to understand video. :)
Quality Euphemisms
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 12, 2020:
You have to zoom into the picture to read the sign to understand my post.
US quietly restores transgender health protections denied by Trump
Willow_Wisp comments on May 10, 2021:
This is good news, but I’ve learned to not buy it so easily, not to mention all these new transphobic state laws.
A basket full of cuteness!!!
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 17, 2020:
Mischief has yet to be managed.
Did we win yet?
Willow_Wisp comments on Nov 6, 2020:
In every way except officially, the counts aren't finished, but it's a formality at this point. I mean there's a slim chance of horror, but damned near none. I'm more concerned about the reaction from Vanilla Isis at the moment.
Atheists sneaking into churches and putting googly eyes on all the Christs.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 10, 2020:
Googly eyes cost money, so no I didn’t. If googly eyes were free I would.
MAGA minister goes on rant claiming Jesus was 'tough guy' unlike the 'effeminate, almost homosexual'...
Willow_Wisp comments on Apr 12, 2021:
How is gay effeminate? You best believe there’s a lot of gay men that could easily beat this preachers ass one on one with one hand tied behind their back. Not being loud and obnoxious doesn’t make people weak, being loud and obnoxious does. Scared stupid children Christianity.
"What shall we hang — the holly, or each other?"
Willow_Wisp comments on Dec 18, 2020:
We're all barbarians.
Can you spot the Copperhead Snake on the path.
Willow_Wisp comments on May 2, 2021:
Likely the first primate word was a bloodcurdling scream because a monkey was.startled by a snake.
Who here is interested in Norse mythology aka the Viking religion.
Willow_Wisp comments on Oct 14, 2020:
I'm done with it all, the only thing I still care for might be the art...


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Norway... worlds highest natural diving board. With no water within landing range...
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Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker
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