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Hello. I am a retired nurse midwife. I worked as a nurse for 15 years and then a midwife for 20 years. I am an atheist/pagan, feminist, liberal, tattooed, old hippie woman. I have a very big dog, a tiny cat, and a horse. I have to admit that I am fat, but not so fat that I can't move. I walk up the hill to the barn nearly every day, except when the snow is hip deep. I live on a farm, with ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, a donkey and the horses. It is wonderful. I take classes, attend seminars, go to movies, take road trips, read, watch the stars and meteor showers, like to watch TV, and feel sick about having Trump as president. I am from a little, conservative farm town in Central Illinois, which I visit from time to time. I am hoping to drive across country to California some day. Anyway, that is a little about me.

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