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Him and his ilk are my summer companions.

It's me!


Who wants a signed copy?
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 23, 2019:
There's an unconfirmed story that a bible signed by Donald Trump was found in the ruins of Nortre Dame's steeple.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 27, 2019:
I'm depending on my Tom cat, Percy, to protect me.
Which fence?
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Cows would be playing space music. **The horror!**
Cynically Open Minded? [youtu.be]
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 11, 2019:
One of my friends said he was a rabid agnostic. "I don't know," he say with his voice rising "**I don't wanta know!! Don't tell me!!!"**
Learn to appreciate where you are on your journey, even if its not where you had hoped you would be,...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
My favorite season is when I'm not being either broiled alive or flash frozen. Moving to Dixie eliminated the flash frozen season.
Home is where the hearth is.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 19, 2019:
## After the 938 time the wind blew down the chimney, Petunia decided we didn't need to use the fireplace.
and flavors
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 17, 2019:
There's this approach:
Good thing Trump has nothing to hide. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Mark Knoller: ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Inclined as in if he releases his tax returns, he'll lying down to get fucked.
I smiled. I won’t be going in.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 8, 2019:
## They welcome them as a pretense to tell them how bad they are.
I am enjoying this way too much.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 30, 2019:
## Mean old Jack.
I share with you the head of a Christian. Happy Valentine's day, though the man himself looks a bit ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 14, 2019:
Is that flowers in his hair?
If the Senate fails to convict and remove tRump, how will future historians write this chapter of ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 25, 2019:
## The rise of the king.
PUERILE. - Adjective...childishly silly and immature. Synonyms; infantile, juvenile, childish, ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 23, 2019:
I wonder how it ties in with a popular hand sanitizer.
What`s worse than your friend going born again? I went to a birthday party on Saturday. Having ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 7, 2019:
>What`s worse than your friend going born again? Honey child, there is no end to the list of things worse than that. Waking up in a war zone is somewhere at the top of that list and the lynch mob at your door step. Discovering you've lost everything because the insurance company is denying your claim for the fighter jet crashing through your house and killing your three kids and your spouse. The list of things worse than losing your best bud goes on for **miles.** The best thing to do is step back and get some more friends. Send her post cards every three months to let her know you're still sucking air should she look around and say "This was a bad idea."
Maybe without the sweater right now because I know it's getting warmer... But oh, how much I really ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 9, 2019:
I need to tell that to Petunia while she's having a "Fetch, love monkey" moment in the recliner. Will she listen? Stay tuned Bat Fans!
I am in tears...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 24, 2019:
Twisted days and twisted nights.
Bart's Blackboard.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Bart's Blackbord #2
Not enough of this in the world today.....
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 15, 2019:
## Camera angle is everything.
Turophobia noun [tur-uh-foh-bee-uh] an irrational or disproportionate fear of cheese. As I am ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Nov 6, 2019:
## Run! It's an attack of the feta!
Every meme has a back story.....here is one of my favorites.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Dick stracted.
NRA steps in to remind Trump of what he's supposed to think | MSNBC
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 8, 2019:
"His track record is one of making bold assurances, followed by pathetic retreats. There’s no reason to assume Trump will be any different now." Sounds about right.
Feeling both a bit sorry for myself yet proud of myself at the same time. Tired of not having ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 5, 2019:
My late buddy, Patrick the crazy Irishman said while he did the laundry "It's not men's work, it's not women's work: It's **dam work and it needs to be done."**
Intermission, since @phxbillcee isn't here to do them.
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 6, 2019:
Awful place to get a splinter.
I was always told that I'd "find religion" in times of crisis or chaos. I was just in the worst ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 11, 2019:
My mother used to assure me as I got older, I'd turn into a Methodist as if she was some kind of fortune teller with God on her side. Later in life, it started hitting me dear old Mom was gullible. One her friends told her if she started a charcoal fire with newspaper ads that included car tire ads, the food from her charcoal barbecue would taste like burning tires. She bought that theory, despite all evidence from the contrary. She meant well but she didn't know what she was talking about. Here I am, collecting Social Security and still waiting for the Methodism to happen.
Care to go swimming? (see comment)
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 5, 2019:
While you folks are waiting at **your** swimming hole.
what I would really like to do would be to watch Interstellar with someone who has an appreciation ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Too late. I married her. She is my trophy wife. Okay, so she's an honorable mention.
The Oranges of the Species
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 4, 2019:
The story is he **meant** to say "originally" and kept saying "orange" instead. He can barely spell now he's going for can barely talk.
Eremozoic [eremozoic.wordpress.com] I like to post words that I have read and which make an ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Nov 2, 2019:
## With so many lonesome stud bunnies complaining they can't meet women and the same story for lonesome women looking for guys, it sounds like an approprate name for our times.
Storm raging up! Heard on Morning Express that he claims that only 25% want him impeached. According...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 10, 2019:
## Heard on Morning Express . . . . Not a news source I'm familar with. Newspaper? TV program? TV network cable channel? Web site?
Fancy bumping into YOU here.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
The early Egyptians who recorded **everything in stone** didn't mention Moses. The travel time between the two countries for a backpacker is two weeks.
So, I have a last minute invitation/request for suggestions, and I thought I'd ask this esteemed ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Have you considered Savannah, GA? It's one of the great tourist stops in Dixie. It's a great place for history, art museums and good eats restaurants. Assuming your car doesn't break down, it's a half day trip. I'd recommend the Thunderbird Motel which is within two blocks of hop on, hop off tour bus companies. If the tour guide mentions something you'd like to check out, you can hop off and check it out. The next bus comes along in 15 minutes. Parking in Savannah is it's own hell, so the tour bus makes a lot of sense. The tour bus companies include a night time haunted Savannah tour as well. The Thunderbird is a retro motel where they give guests a moon pie and RC cola every morning and play 50's music in the parking lot during day light hours. It cost a fraction of what the downtown river walk motels charge. The River Walk district is party hardy central. Good eats, saucy women, great bars and too many places to buy t-shirts. While visiting the River Walk be sure to visit Wet Willie's and order the liquor fueled ice slushies. The Thunderbird is across the street from TWO city bus lines. One of the lines is free and takes visitors to historic district. If your car goes up in flames in the motel's parking lot, Greyhound is also across the street.
Here in Dixie we have a good luck tradition for New Year's day. We eat black eyed peas and collard ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 31, 2019:
For those wanting to know why the possum drop was discountinued, see: https://www.newser.com/story/285017/no-possums-will-fall-from-the-sky-tonight-in-this-town.html
Walter Reed takes a chance.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Nov 19, 2019:
## Trump dictated a press release for them to say how youthful he is. Rumors are his blood vessels are getting so clogged he's likely to have a stint put in.
Is his IQ even that high?
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 9, 2019:
One communications professor said Trump sounds what a person would expect in an age that was on the edge of speech. They haven't quite gotten the written part down, the syntax is shaky . . .
Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich? [washingtonpost.com]
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 2, 2019:
I worry he will consider the 2020 election a national emergency, declare marshal law and himself as our new king once it becomes obvious he has no chance of winning.
That song is stuck there again.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 8, 2019:
The irony is lions, like most cats, are most active at night.
TRump is going to WAR! We have a Secret Weapon¡
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 22, 2019:
Us fans of *Bloom County* know it well.
How one might like to respond to others.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Yell "idealistic bull twinkies" if you disagree and keep it to yourself.
The Trump Tax Cut: Your Personal Guide to the New Tax Law Anyone heard of this shit? Don't know ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 26, 2019:
Meh. There is an ungodly long list of tax loop holes that a person can find taking a course in taxes. It all involves an ungodly ton of book keeping. There does come a point the tax auditor sees a door stopper tome of documentation and figures that's too much reading for them. Honest. My favorite loop hole is you can write off what it cost you to drive your car. The big deal is writing down every trip, every mile, every day you went anywhere that earned you a buck. Went to job hunting? Write how far you went to fill out forms, cost of getting to the interview, etc. Write it off on your taxes. Went to work? Write down every day, every mile you showed up for work. **Major catch:** it has to be a work car only used for the purpose of making your buck. I could rattle on about tax dodging travel expenses and how to turn your storage shed into a tax dodge and such but I'd bore everyone to tears. When you're finished you'll have this door stopper tome for the audit. Tax auditors have written books on how to scare the auditor and too much work is at the top of the list. If you promise to buy me a drink at the bar I'll tell you how to offer them a bribe without getting arrested on the spot. There's CFOs that got off the hook by offering the IRS officer a bookkeeping job with their firm. A well paying job, of course. The author threw in the name Trump to his book on tax loop holes to pick up sales. What's your tolerance for boredom folks? Should I mention I know all this because I used find jobs during tax season?
HERMETIC. - Adjective...1) (of a seal or closure) complete and airtight “ a hermetic seal that ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 23, 2020:
## No hermits required.
White House unveils Trump Presidential Portrait | The Chaser
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 8, 2019:
## We can dream of #2.
To the Hitch.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 14, 2019:
They're more likely to do more to your buns than that.
Working at home today. Had a long discussion with my boss about my week in Syracuse. She had already...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 3, 2020:
>This trial was fixed by Criminal McConnell. Agree/Disagree? ## I'm a disagreeable cuss. The big gig is when the head of your political party says something and shots fire at you if you disagree, it's political suicide for Republicans to disagree with Trump. Since it requires the senate 2/3 majority to bounce his ass out of office, the odds are he'll stay in office.
I have been unable to post. I don't know why. I'm wondering if I have been disallowed to post. If ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 2, 2019:
Blame the high wages the staff gets. ;-)
I hope this doesn't annoy people (especially in this thread, because I like it and the posters so ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 22, 2019:
My uncle who was kind and generous, went to the grave with people arguing that anyone that nice **couldn't** be an atheist. They concluded he **must** have been bullshitting everyone for his entire life.
Yesterday Chump said the Kurds didn’t help us in WWII, that’s why we’re abandoning them. Turns...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 10, 2019:
## Trump? You expect Trump to know history about an ethnic group that's largely obscure to most Americans? Oh, pshaw!
What progress?
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 23, 2019:
How 'bout Nazis with polio?
Easier to keep romance alive if you are not getting bitten
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 22, 2019:
Best natural tick repellent I've used is pennyroyal mint (aka flea-be-gone). Not safe for pets.
Oh Ethel, you should have gone for the face lift...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 25, 2019:
During Phyllis Diller's life time (1917-2012) she spent over a million dollars on plastic surgery. Didn't help.
Well...It's TRUE!!!!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 3, 2019:
## As a child, I'd go "What's *that*?" That was the start of many a dumb question that was richly rewarded. Today I'm shameless enough to keep asking the dumb question.
Gomez Addams ??
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Girl Scout to Wednesday Addams: "Want to buy some girl scout cookies?" "Are they **made** with Girl Scouts?"
Biggest crowd.... PT. whatever... [shareblue.com]
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 13, 2019:
No shock here. Months afterwards, even with photographic evidence to disprove it, he was claiming he had the largest crowds during his swearing in of any current president.
That right there, is some scary shit.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 15, 2019:
## Yep. On her knees wearing a cape. Super shit, able to . . .
Something to think about...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 12, 2019:
## Get 'em to for beastility instead.
Ooooohhhhh, that explains a lot. ;)
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 5, 2019:
Breeding out of your species?
Second whistleblower to testify against trump. People are after his ass!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 7, 2019:
## The second one had *personal* first hand handling of the calls but by the time he stepped forward, they had enough documentation not to need him. All that said, Trump's repeat performance asking **China** to investigate Biden . . . . Hot dam! He might as well nailed his ass to the wall for the firing squad.
Why do we keep consuming poison on cans? Think of this Coke and Pepsi can be used to remove rust ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 12, 2019:
1) Is bauxite aluminum? 2) One major reason aluminum is used in so many things is because it takes three forevers before it rusts. Therefore what ever aluminum gets in your soda is very, very tiny. 3) Studies have not provided strong evidence of aluminum being a risk factor for the development of dementia. -- https://alzheimer.ca/en/Home/About-dementia/Alzheimer-s-disease/Risk-factors/Aluminum?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn8GU84OX4gIVB7zACh1-lgfAEAAYASAAEgIvo_D_BwE The same source says "Aluminum has been studied for over 40 years as a substance that might be linked to dementia. However, there have been many conflicting findings. *Some studies show increased levels of trace elements of aluminum in the brains of people with dementia, while others do not. Studies have not found an increased incidence of dementia in people with occupational exposure to aluminum. Tea is one of the few plants whose leaves accumulate larger trace element amounts of aluminum that can seep into the brewed beverage. However, there is no evidence that dementia is more prevalent in cultures that typically drink large amounts of tea. Unfortunately, earlier animal studies focused on one animal that is particularly susceptible to aluminum poisoning, which has led to incorrect conclusions about the general effects of aluminum on the body.*
Hi Leftists. Sorry I've been absent this week, but I'm a working girl again after 7 years on ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 20, 2019:
>And they want to feed you - so generous - nice people Do you look hungry?
Isn’t there clear evidence that the supreme something that created the universe is an unjust ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 10, 2019:
## Isn’t there clear evidence that the supreme something that created the universe is an unjust twisted psycho? No. 1) It's not a one person effort. Mankind's invention was by committee, evolving over time to satify several needs to explain thing they don't understand. Where we come from? Where we going? What is with that rainbow? Where does the sun go? I know! Let's make up a story. We'll throw in some talking animals just for giggles. 2) What can we say these dim bulbs get their butts in line? God will get you! He's a freaking crazy guy/gal/head of a family of God. Better say a **lot** of nice things. God's crazy. How about some praise songs to calm God's butt down? Can't tell about that thing. Let me tell you another story. 3) We'll need regular services so you won't forge. Throw in some administrative costs like a private jet for the head knocker.
If there was an announcement a Trump Tower was being built in Russia and it was kept out of the ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 15, 2019:
## Trump has tried and failed several times to built the Russian counterpart to Trump Tower. It hasn't been kept out of the news. The Russian appear not to want to have a Trump business failure in their country. Your question appears to presume the Republicans control the news media.
Welcome to 2020!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 1, 2020:
## If the cork flies that high, the bottle was warm.
Well here I go again. Looking through online dating sites. 😣 So frustrating. At 67, I'm not a ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 1, 2020:
Now it's time to be Debbie Downer. >Do I just give up and spend the rest of my life alone? Yes. Not only do older women become less desirable as they age, they become more demanding what kind of guy they'll put up with. That's a sure fire combination for a romance train wreck. Your post continues on about you precive yourself as being undesireable to most men which implies you don't plan to find them. Additionally you see the ones that were interested in you as having "a 12 year old living inside them?" Try not to spit fire in my general direction. After all, I've been wrong before. In the meantime, have you considered a cat?
Trump+pancreatic cancer=justice
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 3, 2019:
## That's a longing to see him suffer, not justice.
Stranded on the toilet bowl
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 27, 2019:
The phone is for **my** convenience. If it's important, they'll leave a message.
FECUND. - Adjective...producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
Sounds like cockroaches on a summer night.
Nearing hurricane season. Time to get the party favors out!
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 29, 2019:
When I lived in Florida, hurricane meant free firewood for the winter.
CURMUDGEON. - Noun...a bad-tempered person, especially an old one, usually a man. CURMUDGEONLY -...
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 11, 2019:
There used to be a newspaper columnist who frequently declared himself a curmudgeon. He was a stickler for painfully correct grammar. His girlfriend could barely stand him until he wrote a best seller about his house cat. These days I credit my tom cat, Percy, as my therapy cat and prevention for curmudgeonly behavior on my part. Petunia says Percy will be our last cat, unaware of what good he's done for us.
Getting tired of looking
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 3, 2019:
It's been my theory that **most** people get married after they've finished formal schooling. The ones that don't get married are the ones nobody wanted.
The other night I was at a club where people go to dance to the blues. I sat down beside one of my ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 12, 2019:
"The United States population is growing at the slowest rate since 1937, when the country was in the midst of the Great Depression. "The national population grew by just 0.6% between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018, according to population estimates released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s due to a relatively high number of deaths and low number of births, and it’s in keeping with a trend of declining annual growth. Source: https://time.com/5485023/census-us-population-growth-2018/ The US population grew the fastest right after WWII creating the baby bomers once the troops came home. If you were born in the late 1940's, you're collecting social security with a high chance of dying of old age especially in the next decade or two. With first world economic status, women can afford birth control thus yeilding smaller families. His premise of "over population" is entirely bogus. Lord knows, staring at a gal's ample cleavage won't make her horny. Research has been done with surly remarks like "My eyes are up here."
CONTRAPUNCTAL. - Adjective....describing music which has counterpoint, which is music which has two...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 2, 2019:
Italians had to describe it; Bach had to create it.
I am not so sure. It depends upon the relationship. All relationships have ups and downs. But I ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 8, 2019:
## Live dangerously and let 'em jump your bones before their shiny wears off. Everybody is going to change anyway. Have some good times while you got the chance. After that, join me at the campfire and we'll swap tales of wild lusty romances. Try not to sound too bitter or we'll all sympathize with the ex. Welcome to one of my **most** unpopular views. The prissy have been following me for a long time and snarling furiously.
Fakakta. — silly or rediculous
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 21, 2019:
Enough already with the Yiddish. One author said: *It’s a fakakta situation and it makes me want to plotz, so last weekend at the beach, I decided to finally say something to my schlep-appropriating friend. I said, “Listen, you can’t just borrow cultural elements from a minority group and claim them as your own. If you’re going to use Yiddish words, you have to own them, earn them, respect them, OK?” *And she said, “Ahhh don’t be such a noodge, Danny! Let this shiksa say schlep and stop kvetching, you schmuck!” Fair enough. She owned it. She earned it. She sold the schtick. Source: https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life-and-relationships/oy-vey-everyone-s-yiddishing-now-and-it-s-a-fakakta-situation-20180222-p4z18b.html The Urban Dictionary says: *a word used to describe something that is not working well or is really crap. Derived from a multitude of yiddish words.* For a Yiddish quizz see: http://www.playbill.com/video/can-you-yiddish-watch-the-stars-decode-schtup-schmatta-and-fakakta-on-fiddlers-red-carpet
Baskin Robbins announced 3 new flavors!!!!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 20, 2019:
They're all out of mocha?
Wow I have to try this diet lol !
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 21, 2019:
She got a tan as well.
Aggg just overheard at this family reunion “I’ve studied the Bible and now that I understand ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 26, 2019:
## Don't say you left for the Upper Room.
Hopefully this isn't a repeat question, but what are your thoughts on the Elf on the Shelf? My ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Dec 10, 2019:
## The elf is evidence the karma wheel is missing a few spokes.
WHINGE. - Verb...complain persistently and in a peevish and irritating way. Synonyms; complain, ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on May 31, 2019:
The word "antipodean" was new to me.
Good point
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 18, 2019:
## Doesn't mean squat. How much real estate does the US rent in their country?
It's been scientifically proven.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Sep 28, 2019:
## My former biz partner (may the parole board be turning him down now) used to say he only had one beer a day -- a beer the size of a bathtub.
Funny foursome
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jan 8, 2020:
## Set and match.
Yes please.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 13, 2019:
## I don't want to hang out with the anthropophagus tribe.
Smart kid. They claims he is all seeing, bullshit.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 12, 2019:
Stealing, printing and hanging high on the wall.
Good Morning All. Up early this am. Thought sun was coming out-rained last night again. Hoping for ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 17, 2019:
After watching the morning news, Petunia perked and said "It's going to be a hot, dry weekened." "They don't know," I said. "Any forecast more than 24 hours in advance is a wild guess." Considering it is mid-June, they may have gotten the "hot" part right. Next weekend we ought to stay home for a six year yard sale. Our place is over running with stuff we don't have any serious plans to use. Anybody want to buy a rough running 16 year old car?
So that's what it's about...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 29, 2019:
## Got a feeling Trump didn't mention the e-mail.
Yipeeee, I have been waiting for this day. Facts of the Day Today is International whisk(e)y ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 27, 2019:
Actually it's International Whisk(e)y Day. The odd spelling is to account for whiskey that is spelled without the "e" i.e. whisky made in Holland.
What do you think? Too farfetched? [theunitedstatesblues.com]
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 31, 2019:
I worry that Micheal Moore knew what he was talking about when he said "You have elected your **last** president."
You know you were thinking it.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
Depressingly common. Tell me why I haven't left this country yet?
Crapulous - immoderate in appetite. Do you think "filled with crap" came from this? Possibly from ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 25, 2019:
Sounds like crappy slang, used by people who think crap isn't popular enough.
I dont like kissing. It feels and looks stupid. Anyone else feel this way?
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 24, 2019:
Kissing what? # So many questions!
Top of the morning to you all!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 30, 2019:
Time for the morning ritual.
Just thought it funny!
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Any direction in a **straight** line. None of those Texas two step moves.
Relationship Goals
WonderWartHog99 comments on Apr 23, 2019:
Fire pictures?
LOBLOLLY - Noun... 1) a thick gruel or porridge served to sick or injured crew members in the ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jul 16, 2019:
## Because I grew up in the piney woods of North West Florida, I'm most familar with defination three (pine tree). Where I live now (foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains) it's mostly hardwoods.
TAUTOLOGY--saying the same thing twice in different words, considered a fault in style, In logic, a ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Oct 21, 2019:
## That is not even half of it. One source (https://literarydevices.net/tautology/) says: "There are several types of tautology that are commonly used in everyday life, in poetry, in prose, in songs, and in discussions, depending on the requirements of a situation. Some of the common categories include: Repetitive words used due to inadequacies in the language Intentional ambiguities Derision Poetic device Psychological significance Speech by inept speaker or narrator
Our system of checks and balances is in shambles.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 15, 2019:
Meh. 40,000 lawsuits to come.
What would you decorate your baked potato with? I have heard of putting peanut butter on them. I was...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 1, 2020:
## Butter, sour cream, chives and bacon bits.
I got a 30 day FB ban for calling the rebel flag a mutt flag. They sure do protect white trash ...
WonderWartHog99 comments on Jun 24, 2019:
Many in Dixie consider the rebel flag their heritage.
Feel better Bro
WonderWartHog99 comments on Aug 1, 2019:
## Moan.
Just trying to be helpful?
WonderWartHog99 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Morning folks. Its a sunny day! Is Spring in the air? Have a good day all.
WonderWartHog99 comments on Mar 25, 2019:
I'm hooking up the pressure washer today. The pine pollen is turning Petunia's red car yellow daily.