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I grew up attending a Disciples of Christ (fairly liberal) church, but always considered religion as mere lessons/mythology. I was quickly driven away from "real church" by the anti lgbtqa bigotry and misogyny that I encountered upon attending college.

I am an independent nature lover with a wicked, irreverent sense of humor, and am an unapologetic cat person, who is also drawn to less "popular" things like snakes, frogs, insects etc. I have retired so that I can spend more time enjoying what life has to offer. (“All work and no makes Jack a dull boy”, no?).

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Hey everybody! What's your favorite form of transportation?
Zster comments on Sep 17, 2019:
Yesterday I came up with an argument about dress code with an women who is around 50 and some men ...
Zster comments on Sep 15, 2019:
I might ask if the same applies to men and if not, why not. 🙄
It is more unusual these days to see somebody who does not have their "device" in their hand than ...
Zster comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Oooook... but reading a paper filled book is somehow more acceptable? Why? I can carry 1000+ ebooks in my phone and I don't give a rat's ass who "sees" me reading them. WTH?
Where were you on September 11, 2001?
Zster comments on Sep 12, 2019:
I was on my way in to work (where I worked from 1998-2018). The second plane hit before I got there. I spent the morning alone in my lab, listening to events unfold on the radio, while having a conversation with an intern in France who at first thought I'd lost my mind to make up such a tale.
How do you deal with muscle cramps?
Zster comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Mine are mostly due to spinal nerve root compression and respond to to a quick small dose (approx 2 mg) of cyclobenzaprine. The most severe spasms strike in the dead of night and are internal, not limb associated. Without the relaxer, I will often pass out.
Happy Sunday everyone! It's about the time that everyone's at church, so I'm heading to my nice ...
Zster comments on Sep 8, 2019:
Camping and/or being on the water.
Good morning Lovely People! That begs the question: are you early birds, or night owls?
Zster comments on Sep 6, 2019:
Night owl, all the way! It nearly killed me working a 9 to 5+ job. In retirement, I tend to sleep from 2AM to 10AM, often running errands between 10PM and midnight. It's an interesting crowd out there at those hours. (: Seems to be genetic. My parents and kids have similar tendencies.
Battening down the hatches! Hope my family is ok in Beaufort, SC.
Zster comments on Sep 4, 2019:
Watching mine in Savannah, so I get it...
Santa Maria Style BBQ.
Zster comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Beautiful color! I can see the juiciness...
Happy Tuesday! I'm back at the grind, and had a departmental meeting first thing.
Zster comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Mostly with an online calendar, alerts and notes on my iPhone, and LOTS of post-it notes to myself.
Good morning from Amsterdam! We are having a great time! This trip makes me realize just how out ...
Zster comments on Sep 3, 2019:
In pretty decent shape due to regular exercise. I damaged two discs in my back in 2007. Physical therapy got me pain free. I continue those exercises to avoid surgery. So far, so good!
Best Day / Worst Day? What's your best day and your worst day?
Zster comments on Sep 2, 2019:
Best day? Any day of our Fort Pickens FL vacations. Pristine white beaches, body surfing, seafood, bike rides... Worst? The morning that I told my young children that their father had passed away during the night.
Hello! The kids and I are all back safe at home in Kentucky.
Zster comments on Sep 2, 2019:
A little cosplay now and then, and watching anime with the kiddos. I also adore SciFi.
If a person's profile says "Here For Community", but they include a smiley face afterwards, does ...
Zster comments on Sep 2, 2019:
If I was looking for dates, I would say so. "Here for community" means that I seek platonic friendship, only.
Good post? Interesting meme for a demonstration?
Zster comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Sadly applicable. It's too bad the sacrifice was not freely chosen.
Happy Friday! I'm taking the kiddos to the ocean this weekend.
Zster comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Fresh fruit, almonds, carrots and hummus, whole grain crackers, cheese... I prepare iced coffees and iced herb teas to avoid the need to buy either commercial drinks (sugar!) or bottled water.
Good morning everybody! I love cook, but since I shifted a four 10 hour day work week, I'm not ...
Zster comments on Aug 28, 2019:
“Breakfast for dinner” if I have something different on hand than I had for actual breakfast, or microwaved quesadillas (salsa, cheese, +/- meat). Otherwise, I freeze back portions of numerous soups and stews that make dinner easy, but healthy.
Name a song with an animal in the title.
Zster comments on Aug 24, 2019:
Year of the Cat (Al Stewart)
What's the nicest way to tell someone to F off?
Zster comments on Aug 19, 2019:
"Would you bea darling and fuck off, please?"
What's the biggest red flag when meeting new people?
Zster comments on Aug 19, 2019:
Negatively fixated people: they complain about others, possibly themselves, the food, the weather... I've got to expect to make their shit list eventually, plus, that sort of littany is a total drag to be around.
Lesbian Gets Nasty Letter from MS Pastor, Kicking Her Out of His Baptist Church | Hemant Mehta | ...
Zster comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Aaaannndd another nail smacked into the coffin of christianity... No one needs to "attack" the religion. Members are doing a fine job of killing it themselves!
just ran over this in my old pics file
Zster comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Awesome! Count me in...
True, I prefer to keep my land free and brave.
Zster comments on Aug 18, 2019:
I agree!
Good morning! How's everyone's weekend going?
Zster comments on Aug 18, 2019:
Thanks to social media, I am. A few high school friends and college room mates, along with our very best neighbor friend from early child hood who lived directly actoss the street from us.
Created a cat shelf for buttercup I think it pleases her
Zster comments on Aug 14, 2019:
My mom gave us a set of cat shelves for Christmas. I am amazed how much my boys love being up high. I built a down low "bridge" for my old non-climber. My youngest LOVES it! (models: Nova and Jasper)
Curious what men here think when a woman describes herself as “about average” on a dating site ...
Zster comments on Aug 14, 2019:
I list "average" meaning the healthy range on the weight chart, neither under nor over. To state "ideal" sounds vain, to me. Funny if that means people have thought I must be obese by that word choice. Sigh.
Good morning! What was your favorite show/cartoon when you were a kid?
Zster comments on Aug 13, 2019:
The Pink Panther, Road Runner, Ant and the Aardvark, Scoobie Doo.
Good morning and Happy Monday! When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on David Cassidy - along...
Zster comments on Aug 12, 2019:
I had two crushes in first grade: a boy in my class and another who lived near my maternal grandmother's house. Hubba hubba! (;
Good afternoon! Chuck and I are a bit anxious today .
Zster comments on Aug 12, 2019:
Mostly my finances and whether they are sufficient for retirement.
Can you logically be both a White Supremacist and a Christian?
Zster comments on Aug 10, 2019:
Apparently they can, as many in this part of the US are. I am not sure what bible they use as they claim whites being god's chosen and superior is biblical. Just yesterday a neighbor posted that jesus really was blue eyed and blond as he was divine.
Is Bernie correct?
Zster comments on Aug 10, 2019:
I am!!! My monthly premiums cost triple what my mortgage does AND pays for nothing as our deductible and out of pocket limits are each in the thousands. My daughter's doctor visits (should call them nurse visits as we seldom see a doctor, guess that must cost millions instead of mere thousands?) are now covered at 80% as an ER visit cost us enough to hit the insurance limits on her. I am the only member of my generation on either side of my immediate family with medical insurance at all. My brother's and inlaws' lives will likely be cut short because of it (BIL has heart failure that could not be treated at 59, SIL and brother both possibly have cancer going undiagnosed, other SIL has diabetes but cannot treat without affordable insulin). All of this and I had a "good" corporate job with "great" insurance (PhD and medical degrees). If it's this dire in my upper middle class family, what are those with less suffering? It's unbelievable! We work(ed) hard and always paid in full and on time, never abusing our policies. Now four out of five of us are not wealthy enough to deserve to live? What crime did we commit to deserve this? If this is a "great" America, those responsible can shove it!
Walmart pulls violent game displays, will still sell guns
Zster comments on Aug 9, 2019:
Human lives aren't worth shit to them, only $$$ are.
Good afternoon! Back in May (was it in May?
Zster comments on Aug 9, 2019:
Any formal gathering requiring/judging women's fashion sense, any function filled with politics be it corporate or government, where kissing ass and/tossing others under the bus are the name of the game, any gathering for "proper" submissive super feminine women are to be seen but not heard.
US policeman refused to train female officer because of his faith - was fired and is now suing for ...
Zster comments on Aug 9, 2019:
If he has so little control of his "base urges", why is he a cop? Heck, how can he even leave his house?
Best thrift store find recently?
Zster comments on Aug 5, 2019:
I scored some rather high end designer salad plates. They are almost too pretty to use! $0.50 each. (:
Do you think taking yourself out to eat alone is weird?
Zster comments on Aug 5, 2019:
No. It's a food providing business and I am in need of food.
Why should agnostics/atheists hide this about themselves?
Zster comments on Aug 3, 2019:
Where we live (rural southeastern US), people around me HAVE been fired for suspected or known disbelief. My children were ostracized by friends and teachers for my disbelief or for their daring to question christian/historical claims. These are not exaggerations or hysterics, but what happens with a majority comprised of poorly educated religious bullies. Be glad if you live where disbelief is not feared and reviled by most, as it is here.
Hi everyone! I will come home to a cool house tonight! Landlord is here and already got the air ...
Zster comments on Aug 2, 2019:
Glad to own and not depend on a cheapskate landlord to respond to maintenance/service needs in a timely manner.
Saw the post - How important is sex in a relationship Taking the other stance How inportant is a ...
Zster comments on Aug 2, 2019:
In a general sense, relationship is not a prerequisite for sex. However, for certain individuals, it very much IS. If the question was directed toward me, personally, a close relationship is needed before I consider getting physical. Conversely, physical attraction is needed up front for me to feel romantic toward someone.
Good morning! I am grumpy this morning after a crazy evening and a bad night.
Zster comments on Aug 1, 2019:
I love heat and abhor cold. I moved to Georgia to fit that preference.
Good Sunday afternoon! We are relaxing today, about to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix -- I ...
Zster comments on Jul 28, 2019:
Streaming. I use a Roku box and subscribe to NetFlix and Amazon Prime. I used to pay for HBO, but am dropping it dince GOT is done. I bought a second gen Apple TV first, but find their offerings much more limited. "Stranger Things" rocks, BTW! You're going to have FUN! (:
How did you deal with the empty nest syndrome?
Zster comments on Jul 28, 2019:
My nest was empty for three months, then my daughter came home after a hospitalization got her thrown out of school. My youngest came home for the summer, so we were all together until just last week. Youngest moved to a nearby apartment and eldest moves into one in September, four hours away. My first stint on my own hurt for a couple weeks, but I got busy getting my house the way I want it. This time around, I also have a few trips planned. I've been widowed over a decade, so what I make of this is solely on me. Want to be empty nest buddies while we adjust?
Grapefruit, love it, hate it, red/pink/white, raw or baked... never had it?
Zster comments on Jul 28, 2019:
Fave way, halved w sections cut free w/ a knife, top w a little table sugar and eat. I drink a lot of grapefruit, too. Juicing 3-4 whole grapefruits with two sweet apples. So far, this has turned out just sweet enough every time.
They advertise back to school sales on TV! Come on! We're still in July for goodness sake! It's like...
Zster comments on Jul 27, 2019:
School resumes Aug 2 here. That's less than a week away.
Good morning! On a more silly and fun side today, what will you not do for love?
Zster comments on Jul 24, 2019:
Wont give up my pets or my waterbed.
Atrial Fibrillation can be treated best by changing your diet and lifestyle. - YouTube
Zster comments on Jul 23, 2019:
Prevented perhaps, but treated? That's not been the experience in my family.
Not sure how I like the way most bands are touring these days.
Zster comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Not hearing from my favorite band for longer than a few songs would frustrate me. The concerts (a headliner with a warmup or two) that I've seen recently have been long enough for the artists to "play them all".
When did I start to hate summer?
Zster comments on Jul 21, 2019:
I love summer, except for the biting mosquitos. I live in the deep southern US, but grew up in the north. I personally find excessive air-conditioning to be problematic. With rooms reasonably cool, but not freezing, the outside feels warm, but not stifling to me. If I expose myself to the heat gradually more and more, I can live in it and function quite well (camping trips, weeks of lots of garden work, etc). Of course, that could all change if my health does.
What's the most you've ever paid for a concert ticket, sports ticket or theatre ticket?
Zster comments on Jul 20, 2019:
"Hamilton" on Broadway during it's original cast run: the summer of 2015, $186 per seat x 3 seats.
Good morning! I had written a long post earlier, then the internet went out, and POOF, my post was ...
Zster comments on Jul 18, 2019:
Had the front suspension spring break in half on my car when I was in my early twenties. The repair exceeded my entire bank balance, so the repair shop opened a credit card to charge it to. 75% of the cost was the labor to rebuild the front end of the car. I told them to fix all of whatever needed it while apart. The day I picked the car up, there was a clicking noise in the front end when moving. The repair guys only fixed the spring, not the CV joint or boot. It would cost me double to have the front disassembled and reassembled again. I was visibly upset about it. The owner of the shop came over to me, took my hand in his and, while patting my hand, said "don't worry about it sweetie, your HUSBAND can explain it to you." My husband was raised with privelege. He NEVER touched a car in his life except to drive it. I'd worked on tractors and trucks to finance college. I was pissed! It took me forever to pay that $1000+ bill!
Just a silly meme, since I honestly forgot to post today (shame on me).
Zster comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Are you voting?
Zster comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Yes. I always do.
Do you listen to music from another country whose language you don’t understand but like the song ...
Zster comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Yes. I love world music despite not being fluent in most languages.
I am in Western Ohio visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and mostly my 4 month old grandson.
Zster comments on Jul 15, 2019:
Nice!!! I love the small frog...
I think crabs are adorable. Saw tons of shore crabs today hiding out in the rocks
Zster comments on Jul 15, 2019: Are you near Port Lucie, FL like this guy?
Census Question - Church and State
Zster comments on Jul 15, 2019:
I thought the census was for the collection of objective data, not an opinion survey...
Why would, or wouldn't, you date a believer?
Zster comments on Jul 15, 2019:
That depends on the ultimate goal: casual date for companionship/fun or serious relationship with hope for a long term committment? As long as we can respectively agree to disagree, not trying to convert/deconvert the other, I don't see that as a reason not to enjoy a show or dinner together. OTOH, a deeper committment would require authenticity, mutual respect, and attraction. Deluded thinking is not something I have any respect for.
Good morning! A Sunday morning quote from Bill Gates, to which I can totally relate: "Just in ...
Zster comments on Jul 14, 2019:
For me, it's been much more a point of what I DON'T do on Sunday: rush around doing the bidding of ANYONE (after jumping through endless hoops for bosses, teachers, etc). Sunday is one day of the week where I'll rest, rising leisurely, taking time to prepare what I actually WANT to eat, play with my pets, converse with my children, basically enjoying a day MY way. (which can involve activities, get togethers and whatnot).
Flavored Coffee?
Zster comments on Jul 14, 2019:
I drink coffee because I like the coffee taste. About the farthest I'll go with flavor adds is some cinnamon or dark cocoa.
Barry is no ordinary storm. May become hurricane. The levees may overflow. []
Zster comments on Jul 11, 2019:
The start of this one has been interesting. Looks to be a potentially big rain producer, forecast in an area that needs no more...
Good morning 🌞 Today is picture day at the office for our website.
Zster comments on Jul 11, 2019:
A little concealer below my eyes and some lip gloss. My glasses render eye make up largely invisible. So, it's seldom worth the effort.
Agriculture Dept. Suspends Crucial Tracking of Plunging Bee Populations.
Zster comments on Jul 8, 2019:
The article cites the USDA having to pay farmer subsidies in response to the trade war as a contributing budget constraint.
Good morning! Now I want to know what concerts you've seen live.
Zster comments on Jul 7, 2019:
John Denver Heart Kansas Eddie Money Tom Petty Bob Dylsn Styx Moody Blues Stevie Ray Vaughn The Kinks Rolling Stones Huey Lewis and the News Aerosmith Page and Plant The Chieftains Indianapolis Symphony Pink Floyd Faith No More Metallica Guns and Roses Vince Gill Mary Chapin Carpenter The Mavericks Trans Siberian Orchestra Jeremy Camp Sigur Ros Steam Powered Giraffe Passenger Lord Huron Thank You Scientist Caravan Palace Gaelic Storm Lindsay Stirling J Roddy Walston and the Business Gary Clark Jr. Mountain Goats Apocalyptica Panic! at the Disco Twenty One Pilots I wanted to see the Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" tour, but they fired Lindsay Buckingham and tickets were $1200 per seat! I hate to think my concert attendance will stop due to extreme prices, but if that's they way things are going, I have limits.
Watermelon for dinner.
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Really good lobster dipped in lemon-butter. Or a rare, high grade, char broiled ribeye steak.
Ain't it true
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
I agree, but have to be very careful who I admit that to. Such an opinion is very unpopular.
What could possibly be in the Trump presidential Library? The man doesn’t read?
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Picture books and cartoons?
I'm so curious, what stages did you all go through to get to where you are at?
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Belief in Bible as illustrative myth: Raised in Disciples of Christ church. No literalism. Jesus as a love message. Fairly sheltered faith with almost zero ugliness. Golden Rule christianity. I generally believed in a non participative but benevolent god. Never believed in a devil if god was omnipotent. Baptized into my childhood church at age 12, along with an entire class of other 12 YO. (ages 5-18) The big turn off, "Real church/christianity": From college years forward, witnessed "christians" as haters, bullies, bigots - agst gays, atheists, other christians, everyone. Understanding religion to be a human construct, seeing it weaponized to justify any hateful/selfish belief, turned me off to church. Considered this a human failing. Still loosely held on to a personal god concept, though questioned how such a deity could allow such abuses. Took our kids to a few churches to teach them about religion, not indoctrinating them. Husband and daughter got baptized. Husband died of cancer in 2006. Attended unprogrammed (no sermons or dictated belief) Quaker meeting for three years. (ages 18-44) Books grant me permission to question ALL of it: My dad, who was very well read in world religions and secularism, gifted me with books by John Spong and Neal Walsh. ("A New Christianity for a New World" and "A Friendship with God"). These books seemed to grant me permission to critically evaluate religion, including mine, and to consider discarding religion altogether. Ultimately brought me to where I am now: non-religious, nontheistic. I don't believe in a god being, figuring "god" is how many humans explain what they do not know. (ages 44-46) My "fuck religion" phase: early in my no-longer-believing years, I read and discussed a lot, shooting as many holes in religion, and especially christianity as I could. I was pretty angry at the many wrongs religion has dished out and felt a need to rail about it. I shudder to think how anger-constipated I might have been had I actually experienced a more authoritative/abusive brand of christianity personally. (ages 47-52) Present: I tired of being angry and of rehashing the same anti-religious arguments over and over. I understand the need to vent such sentiment, especially for the newly disbelieving. I personally want to move past that and enjoy a more peaceful and satisfying life as a humanist, with reverence for all life and the environment.
Instead of scholarships I think any high school or college kid (not to mention 20 yr olds) who can ...
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
I've spent a lot of time around teens and twenty-somethings and honestly don't hear those overused much at all. I wonder how regional or demographic it is (recalling Valley-speak of the 1980s). In these parts, I hear the dreaded "whatever" more than anything, and not nauseatingly often at that, thank goodness. I hear a lot more snippets reflecting the latest internet craze, which are full on while hot and then replaced completely in fairly short order. The pace of "in or out" is crazy quick and tough to keep up with.
Good morning! Chuck and I are going to the ELO concert tomorrow in Tampa.
Zster comments on Jul 6, 2019:
Rock (esp Classic and Hard), New Wave, Alternative Rock, 70s Funk, Indie Folk, Cinematic, Prog rock, Folk (traditional and modern Indie), Celtic, World music, Swing (classic and modern electric), 50s and 60s rock, Blues rock, 90s grunge and metal, and some Country. Not much into rap or pop, esp pop since the late 70s. Enjoy the ELO concert!! Sure wish I was going to hear them! They were my number 1 around the time of their New World Tecord and Out of the Blue albums. Never have heard them live.
These are probably the most succulent and awesome ribs I have ever created.
Zster comments on Jul 5, 2019:
It should not be possible for me to feel hunger after all we ate here today, but... you've somehow managed to get me thinking about good AGAIN! Nicely done! (:
Hello my fellow creepy crawlie enthusiasts! Any snake owners and herpers here?
Zster comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Yep! I am the herp mom of five snakes, with many other snakes, lizards, and frogs just outside my front door (a perk of living in the southeastern US). I tip my hat to your being able to breed. I did it once, but found homing the babies to be very stressful. Here's a peek at Luna (long striped Cali King), Siri (Mex Black King named "Sirius Black"), Coolie (Bull), and Seven (one of Luna's babies):
Here'd Pixie, playing with her 'ball of food' this morning...and enjoying the food.
Zster comments on Jul 4, 2019:
I give my four cats diet-appropriate "treats" that way. Since each cat is on a particular prescribed diet, I have to use four distinctly different balls and keep a real close eye on them to assure no mix ups. It's a fiasco once I put the loaded spheres down! Great entertainment! (a lot like soccer).
Good morning! What are you all up to today?
Zster comments on Jul 4, 2019:
Cooking and eating! Both kids are home this summer, so we'll make this one count! It's fresh blueberry season, so pancakes will be for breakfast and pies this afternoon. Burgers, corn on the cob, and watermelon are on the dinner menu. We've not had rain in quite awhile, so fire crackers wont be part of the plan, this round.
Beautiful pictures of humming bird in flight against sun
Zster comments on Jul 3, 2019:
Gorgeous! (thank you!)
American pride falls to 45% in latest Gallup poll, an all-time low
Zster comments on Jul 3, 2019:
The ads made the article unreadable for me. I winder what the % of Republican vs Democrats made upbthe data set. 45% seems way too high for how most around me would reply.
Good morning! Coffee or tea?
Zster comments on Jul 3, 2019:
I am REALLY into both, preferring a good dark roast espresso or French pressed cafe in the morning with a leisurely cup of herbal or white tea blend in the afternoon. A golden (tumeric) milk tea at night is also delightful.
I think I found this site by accident. How did most of you find out about it and does it work?
Zster comments on Jul 2, 2019:
First found Ag via an ad on FaceBook when it first launched. Not sure what you mean by "work". It's a social site that is mostly free of religious BS. In that sense, it works. As to therefore also being a site of openmindedness, intelligence, and tolerance... not so much. Those seem to be decreasing as membership increases.
Have you ever changed your opinion about an important issue because of a better argument ?
Zster comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Not sure if I have changed a full 180 degrees on any, BUT, I have moved a bit more centrally between two poles based on hearing other points of view explained in more detail than I initially understood.
Good morning, happy Monday, and can you believe the year is half over?
Zster comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Wisteria blooming in the spring, beef roasting in the oven, and the fragrance of wood burning in a campfire.
Well, a "thump" in the night awoke me.
Zster comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Lolol! I hate it when I check with my cat and he's looking just past me as if he's never seen such a huge spider before...
Some of the Attacus atlas larvae I'm raising, indoors, on Syringa (lilac).
Zster comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Stunning caterpillars and adult moths!
Eastern Tiger Swallowtails!! My second experience with raising them.
Zster comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Neat! I am trying to cultivate what swallowtail larvae like to eat here. Not having the best success, but might catch some broods later this summer. NEXT year, I'll try starting small plants, rather than trying from seed. I hope you can share updated photos as the babies mature. (:
I realized that I accidentally left the porch light on and noticed these moths sitting on the glass ...
Zster comments on Jun 30, 2019:
Lucky you! The large was most likely a polyphemus moth. I get pretty thrilled when I see any around here. Not sure of the smaller one. I will see if I can come up with any ideas... (
Son wants a snake.
Zster comments on Jun 29, 2019:
If your son is a minor, he might not be allowed to take his pet snake with him to a college dorm or to an apartment. A well cared for snake can live for twenty or more years, so one really has to look at meeting its needs now and in the future.
What's the oldest thing you own and still use?
Zster comments on Jun 29, 2019:
Hmm... strangely, I just discovered that the Ball canning jar holding my grandmother's corn cob holders that I inherited was made in 1915. I still use it to store her (now my) cob holders. I also have an EAPG glass pitcher of hers made in 1867, but I do not use it (and neither did she, but I cannot confirm that her mother or grandmother didn't).
Why are my bosses religious ?
Zster comments on Jun 26, 2019:
This segment discussing origins is interesting...
Good morning and happy Monday! I wish the weekend wasn't over yet.
Zster comments on Jun 24, 2019:
By myself, I will more fully drop my social veneer, giving way to more cursing, singing, and dancing. (:
What has been your motivation(s) to advance and succeed in your current career?
Zster comments on Jun 23, 2019:
My career was mostly demotivating, moreso as time went along. My position got eliminated post merger, 5 months before planned retirement. In retirement, I might want to keep SOME income trickling in for fun spending. However, it wont be tied to working FOR someone or having anyone working for me, flexible hours where I call the shots, according to my needs and customer's desires.
Good morning! No, I didn't forget yesterday.
Zster comments on Jun 23, 2019:
Pet chores, mostly. Feeding and cleaning of snake cages, outdoor bird feeders, and the fish tanks.
Good afternoon! Time got away from me this morning, chatting with Chuck after breakfast.
Zster comments on Jun 21, 2019:
I retired!!! Both of my kids are getting their own places this year. I also am in the best health that I've ever been, according to my doc. (:
Good morning! Here's today's question: What is the first thing you remember wanting to be when you...
Zster comments on Jun 18, 2019:
I REALLY wanted to be a field biologist, like Jacques Cousteau, etc...
How and when did you lose your religion?
Zster comments on Jun 17, 2019:
I grew up liberal christian, taught that the bible is myth and that, like fables, there are lessons within. Upon departing for college, I was exposed to christian hatred and bigotry for the first time. I have never cared to be associated with those who use religion to justify their prejudices. I’ve been on my own since. It blows my mind that others do not see religion for what it is, a social weapon of man.
How closely tied are pride and confidence, in your opinion?
Zster comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Often disconnected. I honestly care very little about what others think of me, which many think translates as confidence. On the other hand, my self esteem is ok, but I am not boastful or proud in much of any way.
Good morning and Happy Father's Day! When thinking of your dad, or any dad that's very special to...
Zster comments on Jun 16, 2019:
Laughter and curiosity! Dad was always one who found humor in almost anything. He also was always reading something new and loved to have scholarly discussions with us. I sure do miss him!
Happy Friday! What do and don't you like about the state in which you live?
Zster comments on Jun 15, 2019:
I LOVE the mild temperatures and tge geography! We are 1 hour's drive from mtns and 4 from the ocean. I very strongly dislike the blindly red and pro gun politics of the area, along with the insane religiosity.
I find it sad that no matter where we go in life there is ridicule and intolerance.
Zster comments on Jun 13, 2019:
I don't know! This unfortunate aspect of humanity has always confounded me.
Just wondering here.
Zster comments on Jun 12, 2019:
I cast votes for individuals based on their positions on the issues and the feasibility of their plans for dealing with said issues. Past performance, including any big snafus or scandals are also considered. I therefore do not vote along party lines or relative to how family members vote now or previously.
In a marriage/relationship, are traditional gender roles wrong, if you both are happy and prefer it ...
Zster comments on Jun 12, 2019:
Roles agreed to when mutually chosen can work just fine. It's having roles imposed that is cause for concer, IMO.
Just curious. Who would not have joined this forum if it was called
Zster comments on Jun 10, 2019:
It's too bad that you did not make this a poll so we could see a trend. Atheist/agnostic matters not to me. I just wanted to escape rabid believers!
Neo Nazis, white nationalists are currently the biggest threat to world peace.
Zster comments on Jun 9, 2019:
Try googling "white supremacy" or "christian identity". I had commonly heard that, here in the SE US, the idea has been/is preached from many church pulpits. Reading about the origins online just now, it's not so clear cut as that.


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