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So Sweet ❀?
azzow2 comments on Dec 1, 2018:
That seems like a mane reason.
A Senior Citizen's Reflection If my body was a car, I would be trading it in for a newer model. ...
azzow2 comments on Jul 17, 2019:
I love that, I will have to send that to my dad he will get a kick out of it.
Love Over F--kery! My daughter told me, the summer before she left for college, just where she ...
azzow2 comments on May 28, 2019:
This is the type of parenting that should be taught as a mandatory class in 7th and 8th grade. I too agree with you kids should be the highest priority.
And it's not even a particularly good story.
azzow2 comments on Nov 3, 2019:
They are still making shit up.
Yes indeedy.
azzow2 comments on Sep 18, 2018:
Sometimes just to challenge my self I will quit caffeine altogether. I am usually high energy either way.
Has anyone been FWB? Can you really only be friends? I am not doing this but am curious. How do ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 6, 2018:
Never have gone there never will.
Ancient Greek dating service
azzow2 comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Sounds like a segway to patricide.
How country are you?
azzow2 comments on Jan 12, 2020:
Redneck fishing gear.
Fellow conservatives, I'd advise you guys to block a member on here who goes by the name SukiSue, I ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 9, 2018:
Seems like she wants to do some bullying which is one of those things that makes me angry and sad at the same time. IRL I have found that the best way to deal with this type is to do as SpikeTalon suggest ignore and block.
“Autobiography in Five Chapters” by Portia Nelson Chapter I I walk down the street. There...
azzow2 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Those holey walks will get you every time.
This is warped.
azzow2 comments on Sep 25, 2018:
This is illogical.l What are men supposed to video record all of our life events to protect our selves?
Thinking about posting this in the regular 'political' section... think it will be well recieved? ...
azzow2 comments on Aug 5, 2018:
The f...ken liberals that wasted all that tax money should be brought up on charges and be responsible to pay back all that wasted money.
Are You Lonely?
azzow2 comments on Mar 22, 2018:
I love having company and I can talk just anything. I also know how to be alone.
This is my 2nd try, I just did this and then don't know what happen but hit something and it all ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 22, 2018:
Get some pumpkin seeds they help a lot.
We really need to do something about these universities and colleges draining our economy through ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 4, 2018:
They cut the space program for that B.S.
I'd like to thank everyone that reached out to me recently. A very special thank you to @SukiSue ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 3, 2018:
Have fun enjoy your adventure.
Some people are beyond recovery: A guy was very pissed off on account of the Ambler alert ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 4, 2018:
Figures, some out there just do not have a clue. The guy must think he has his own personal cone of silence.
Not looking for sympathy or pity, but sharing about the sd fact that this is my 3rd Valentine's Day ...
azzow2 comments on Feb 14, 2019:
Hey everyone. Come join me and my group at "uncommon words and their meanings". We'd love to have ...
azzow2 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
So you think poets know uncommon words? That is very ambrosial of you to think so highly of us.
You Are Granted One Wish. Please Share.
azzow2 comments on Sep 1, 2018:
That I can inter-dimensional travel at will with no consequences.
I was always told that I'd "find religion" in times of crisis or chaos. I was just in the worst ...
azzow2 comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Animal likes instincts I have relied on those on several occasions. Crazy enough I never panic just react accordingly as if I have rehearsed what should be done.
So what did everyone do for Labor Day? I slept until 11 then read and binge watched Intelligence on...
azzow2 comments on Sep 3, 2018:
Kids had school. I worked some on the novel I am writing.
And they wonder why more and more people are starting to question the mainstream medias... Woke ...
azzow2 comments on Mar 14, 2020:
I don`t go to town much after going to Walmart in Las Vegas New Mexico yesterday and seeing the panic the media had caused to make people clear the shelves off made me think the freedom of the press needs to be redefined.
Some of the 4th of July events that I will be avoiding this year: The Vegan Picnic with Stevie ...
azzow2 comments on Jul 4, 2018:
So you are being a conscious objector to the otherwise revolting events.
We are not afraid of falling we are afraid of falling in front of someone else Dhiman
azzow2 comments on Jun 30, 2018:
Pretty sure I am afraid to fall 6 foot 3 inches tall that is a long way down and when the body comes to sudden stop it hurts.
Don't worry about Beto. His gun-grab statement has backfired. His points are dropping. Just ...
azzow2 comments on Sep 17, 2019:
That was the gun toatenest dude of all movies. There is no actual word toatenest so I invented it.
10 of my favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes: because he's just so quotable 1. The good thing ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 12, 2017:
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is true with things that are not tangible as well.
Just posted this in G & Hs explaining how this is how it should go down.... Let the hating begin! ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 14, 2019:
More business needs that same policy. These spree shootings would come to a quick halt.
Listening to tina turner, Whats love got to do with it,just a second hand emotion what good is a ...
azzow2 comments on May 10, 2019:
Reminds me of a adage. A tree can only be chopped down once then it is made into many useful things.
Hope you like to cook!
azzow2 comments on Feb 10, 2019:
Just need a goldfish and a parakeet to have a rounded meal.
Men who never learned to cook
azzow2 comments on Sep 22, 2018:
I love to cook, so many different things to try. I keep threatening to buy my self a wok to home cook Asian authentic. I have dated women in the past that could barely burn cornflakes.
Well folks, I went to my house in ferndale, NY for the weekend as usual and because of the ...
azzow2 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
Those East coast winters can be the most brutal. Keep warm watch out for the black ice if you go out.
I honestly don't understand how so many people escape the bonds of religion, to remain entangled in ...
azzow2 comments on Jun 30, 2018:
A better question could be why do so many people that know that religion is fake buy into something even more fake politics.
[youtu.be] "Lefties are literally garbage human beings " Saltys quote of the day. " Thick ankle ...
azzow2 comments on Mar 28, 2020:
As always a double edge sword for conservatives.
Man... hated to hear this. I can just hear the 'anti-gun' nuts now spouting their retarded hate ...
azzow2 comments on Feb 13, 2019:
Collateral damage always sucks.
A few puns
azzow2 comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Titillating tidbits.
1) Just enjoyed the most delicious double espresso! 2) Proud to wear my made-in-China MAGA hat. 3)...
azzow2 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
van Gogh did a magnificent job on the Mona Lisa, The Right brothers flight was 26 seconds out of Pussy Cat North Dakota. The space knitting needle is a wonderful attraction to visit in Jackson hole Wyoming.
The one thing we all have in common is that we don't buy into organized religion, however, is there ...
azzow2 comments on Sep 23, 2018:
Good morning, beautiful people!
azzow2 comments on Nov 13, 2018:
Good Morning
Man.... "Alexa, I feel like having sex." Alexa... "Most certainly. I am dimming the lights, ...
azzow2 comments on Jul 17, 2019:
I asked Alexa to cook me dinner . Her reply is I can't do that yet.
Lol my spirit plantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
azzow2 comments on May 25, 2019:
Somehow I knew it would have 5 protruding branches or leaves.
Are you a good tipper?
azzow2 comments on May 5, 2018:
Depends what is being tipped cows seem to be too heavy and can tip my hat for a pretty lady. Tipping the cradle I might be a dirty man most of the dirt I have comes from some adventures endeavor.
What is the best prank that you ever pulled? Back in high school, a guy I knew thought that his VW ...
azzow2 comments on Jun 22, 2019:
One of the guys that I had worked with did this it was a classical prank. When I worked for Stroh's the machine that fills the bottles has a safety feature. When a bottle burst because of a flaw in the glass this is a rather large boom it is like a fire cracker. So one day my friend Dan and a butcher were slaughtering pigs. Dan had kept one of the eyeballs from earlier that day. Dan just so happened to be near the bottle filler. The supervisor called Dan up to the filler for reasons unknown. Dan still had the eyeballs in his pocket from earlier that day. Just as the supervisor was talking to Dan a bottle burst. Dan took the eyeball out and covered his eye with his hand and displayed the eyeball in his other hand saying my eye. The supervisor passed out.
One year sober today! We were told not to date the first year and I should have listened. The man I ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 3, 2018:
Can't say the exact day I quit drinking just gave it up without a thought need to have a clear head to take care of my kids was over 7 years ago. Just like when I have up cigarette smoking quit like 10 or so years ago have no idea when I quit just did not want to do it any more. If a anniversary works for for you glad you have that it is a mile stone to have achieved.
Lets see how long before a liberal troll gets on here and yells ''THIS IS SOOOO RACIST!!! ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 24, 2018:
The liberals all worship that fool. He did so much damage to foreign relations.
Found this online
azzow2 comments on Feb 15, 2019:
Give the machine operator a ticket for another ride.
Time spent with the right person....❀
azzow2 comments on Jan 30, 2019:
coralisthee wants to know if you blocked her by mistake.
Pretty much how I picture @omen6actual and his crew over in the Sandbox. Some things never change:
azzow2 comments on Sep 8, 2018:
That is us set it free.
Tonight's target had this to say: I"m looking for a woman,my life.someone who with a big heart ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 29, 2018:
That sounds just like an add in the Ghana personals.
Feeding off of @Sheannutt 's post about self-love and picking yourself up at 3am when you're alone ...
azzow2 comments on Sep 12, 2018:
The Dugong never looked better.
Good morning!
azzow2 comments on Dec 27, 2018:
FYI I have very blonde, fine hair. When I was 9 we moved, new school. Being the new kid I was ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 24, 2018:
The spelling of my last name was all was a teasing issue. This was my nickname (Hornyman) the kids in grade school and high school would call me I hated it. Later in life, my friends would use it, never in a derogatory way. Like you, mine went from demeaning to rather cool.
azzow2 comments on Jun 27, 2019:
Your brain puts it in order as if it needs to set the world straight.
Just had a very interesting exchange on Meetup.com, of all places. I received a message from a guy ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 31, 2018:
Sounds like a scamming trick to me.
I got this Christmas present for my 5 year old grandson. What do you think?
azzow2 comments on Dec 18, 2018:
Does it come with an act of Congress?
Good Sunday morning! When dating do you judge someone on the type of work they do or just be ...
azzow2 comments on Sep 9, 2018:
That would be ridiculous. If they are doing what they want to and enjoy the work all the better. If it pays the bills what does it really matter? When you meet someone they have a piece of art that is their life and you have the canvas you have added memories too. So you stretch out a new piece of life canvas and you start to make a new piece of art full of new memories.
Some positive news here... [bearingarms.com]
azzow2 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
More places need this. This will save people from being victims to arbitrary shooters by giving the public a means to protect itself.
Reality can be stranger than fiction! [wfla.com]
azzow2 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Ha ha
Why is it that people can't just say they don't want to chat anymore, I. Getting so frustrated with ...
azzow2 comments on May 2, 2019:
You think ghosting on the www is difficult try it IRL.
azzow2 comments on Jan 14, 2018:
I am going through this currently. My kids want to go to Sunday school I allow it but then I reassure them that it is fiction.
Saw this and made me chuckle
azzow2 comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Thought it was flat bottom girls?
After driving 2500 miles this past week, i have come to realization that all the inconsiderate ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
The traffic in California is the worst.
Did I hear them correctly? In the news, just now, I heard a resolution has been signed about ...
azzow2 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Pathetic what the liberals will do to try and gain power and enslave the country with socialism.
Which one is your favorite breakfast? My favorite is eggs but also love oatmeal.
azzow2 comments on Jun 18, 2018:
You did not have other. Mines biscuits and gravy.
My post in @Sassygirl3869 's group [agnostic.com] -- which was, as I wrote, one of my best ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 17, 2018:
This was when I was about 18 my dad and had just finished splitting and stacking a cord of wood. I barely knew my dad at this point this is one of those good memories you mentioned. The time before this most of it was of memories I would rather not remember.
Opening our hearts ❀❀❀
azzow2 comments on Dec 17, 2018:
If you came to visit from a far away galaxy you would would assume it was about piling a bunch of paper under a dry out kindling to try and build the biggest fire.
You're not behind in life...
azzow2 comments on Oct 27, 2018:
What a relief I had thought that I had misplaced the manual.
English is fun.πŸ˜€
azzow2 comments on Jun 24, 2019:
You cannot and can't fathom the ramifications of the misconstrued grammar.
Good Morning People. Feeling optomistic this morning. Booked a flight this morning to go visit a ...
azzow2 comments on Aug 15, 2019:
Looking for motivation have about 1000 projects that need work.
So, while I'm waiting on my knight in shining armour to sweep me off my feet, or take me to a gig. ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 5, 2018:
That I would not mind trying. Still trying to get my head around how those people do the polar bear plunge. That is just too frikin cold to think about.
Very dark.
azzow2 comments on May 11, 2019:
Of unvaccinated children under a priest supervision.
PPP...(i.e. Paul's Preferred Pets) 1. cat 2. hamster 3. ferret 4. mantis 5. spider 6. fish ...
azzow2 comments on Apr 12, 2019:
3 dogs 3 cats 2 ferrets 8 bunnies 3 chickens 3 geese 4 Turkeys 3 guinea fowl 1 king snake oodles of ducks it is rather difficult to get them in a row though.
Got a text this morning from someone named "Kelly. ".. She said I emailed my telephone number to her...
azzow2 comments on Aug 24, 2019:
If you put the image on Google image search she comes up as an escort.
Just curious as to what everyone's most embarrassing moments have been?
azzow2 comments on Jan 21, 2018:
Was at my brothers house some years back he has a wood staircase went up was watching tv had taken my shoes off. Went down the stairs about half way down did not account for the dust on the wood. There was no handrail to grab took the quick way down.
Eventually you will meet a man or woman.....
azzow2 comments on Jan 28, 2019:
That should not be gender specific.
A new rule when visiting the beach.. If everyone did this could be good..
azzow2 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
3 miles off the coast of California there is a ball of plastic 85% of it is plastic bags the other portion is just debris. It is twice the size of Texas is 800 miles in diameter.
This is so stupid!
azzow2 comments on Mar 17, 2019:
Fine every texter and phone company for every stupid text and double fines for text that cause accidents.
Have you noticed that some of the people whom commented on a lot of your posts when you first ...
azzow2 comments on Jan 22, 2018:
Some people are fad or novelty people. Or are looking for a quick hook up. Quick never works.
WHY I LIKE CATS If I posted this in 'Feline Fanatics' it would be like preaching to the choir so...
azzow2 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
Cats are some of my most crazy companions.
I would date the guy who owns this and pay for the date, lol! Actually, I didn't know where to put ...
azzow2 comments on Jan 30, 2019:
Not for me I hate cars and only use them as a tool to achieve a task.
This weekend I got to go to an actual range (my buddies nearby have quite a nice spread) finally got...
azzow2 comments on Aug 26, 2018:
My kids want to go deer/elk hunting. We even have gazelle here odd an African animal running around New Mexico. Some of the game requires a lottery to get the tag to hunt it. Our neighbor at the end of our street owns a ranch. The husband has a license to sell firearms he is a firearms enthusiasts. They have sheep on the ranch, he had told me this year the coyotes have killed almost half of his flock. I might ask if they would let us hunt for game on their ranch.
My prediction for the Super Bowl. SPOILER: I don't care about sports.
azzow2 comments on Feb 1, 2020:
They can always call game interference on behalf of stupidity and hold the science Olympics instead.
Peter Popoff is promising money if we will just let him send us a free sample of his Miracle Spring ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 26, 2018:
Tell him Titillating Tony is going to tung tie his toenails into tulips.
I started buying plastic models LS and build a whole bunch of replicas.Later I bought real guns and ...
azzow2 comments on Jan 21, 2019:
The last several big wars there was almost no military action on American soil this for the most part never happened because Americans are armed. Take this away and we would hear the marching of foreign enemies boots outside of our doors.
Is this what I have to look forward to?!?!
azzow2 comments on Dec 19, 2018:
You will discover that is by far the easier part.
Oso me, how's about you? ?
azzow2 comments on Dec 26, 2018:
That is pro procrastination syndrome.
Not needing words and knowing when we smile at each other that we are meant to be.
azzow2 comments on Nov 17, 2018:
That only works if you are with a great communicator.
I’ve experienced this: “But you’re ethical, so how can you not believe in God?”
azzow2 comments on Feb 20, 2019:
Is she the surprise or is she giving the surprise?
New game. Mental health hampered my sprint at Level 8. Reaching Level 7.9. New game, since I have ...
azzow2 comments on Nov 16, 2018:
Rum balls
It's a good topic. How do we stop gun abuse? -Rounds restriction? -Licensing? -Required...
azzow2 comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Safety training, make guns familiar to the young and novice, teach proper storage. The last one applies to more than firearms pay attention to details.
Happy Monday! I have been gone for quite some time, and I’m happy to be back. Work has kept me ...
azzow2 comments on Feb 25, 2019:
We're you dimensionally traveling?
Soooooo...like..... for us old-sters (I hate it too.... but sixty two, is sixty too, boo hoo, boo ...
azzow2 comments on Dec 13, 2018:
Not all about sex, I need someone smart and can stand being far out in the country.
Did you ever find your calling? Or, are you still looking?
azzow2 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Only if shout really loud and the sound waves bounce off the walls. lol, Too many interests to settle on one.
Not the most masculine he man
azzow2 comments on Mar 23, 2019:
Just an FYI. My roommate Our_existance (Dan) is back in the hospital for evaluation in cardiology. ...
azzow2 comments on Sep 9, 2019:
Too much pow wow. Hope he feels better.
So I have a question. What, to you, makes a good dating profile? Are there things you look for and ...
azzow2 comments on Oct 7, 2018:
Avoids: Don't care for kissing a smoker. To much politics. Drugs are a turnoff. Clubbing not good.
Gonna whoop it up on New year's woohoo!!!
azzow2 comments on Dec 31, 2018:
It has already started we just need to catch up to it in our own time continuum.
These Prank Stickers Will Make You The Most Hated Person In The Office
azzow2 comments on Feb 13, 2020:
Lock the bathroom stall crawl under and place the sticker on the door.
What if poverty was not a priority to fix because it is profitable for some? [theguardian.com]
azzow2 comments on Jul 28, 2019:
Churches would collapse because they rely on the ignorant to put money in the collection plates. The more wise people become the less the business of religion. Keep people poor they do not get the quality education keeping them dumb makes them easy to control.
Yesterday was this day for me
azzow2 comments on Sep 18, 2018:
That could get stuck in your nose lol.


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