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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.

I'm 66 years old. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, being Irish. As an adult, I was a Jehovah's Witness for about fifteen years. I'm separated for the last four years. I have two sons who are both grown up and living their own lives. I'm an avid reader, fascinated by mythology, religion and psychology. I love all kinds of music, play video games and watch TV. I exercise under duress. Although technically bisexual now, I have never had any homosexual interest during my married life (perhaps it was repressed) and don't want to start now. I would like to meet a woman to share my life with, to talk and share and laugh and have sex and make life worthwhile as the world goes mad around us.


Originally published in 1968.
brentan comments on Jul 16, 2019:
Hey...robot.... leave those kids alone.
Smart cop. :)
brentan comments on Dec 3, 2019:
That's a man who is house-trained.
Yesterday at work a woman my age (but better 'preserved') was rude to me.
brentan comments on May 2, 2019:
The price is too high.
Revolutionary War part 2
brentan comments on Jul 17, 2019:
"I will", says she, "as soon as I make a pot of tea".
It's quite lonely here in the 50+ group, tumbleweed just went passed my screen along with whooshing ...
brentan comments on Jun 17, 2019:
I died in here so I could see what it was like.
An interesting look at the collapse of the ancient world and correlations with our current ...
brentan comments on Apr 10, 2020:
That's a great video! For me, that period brought about the Axial Age. Who knows, our current calamity might do the same by moving the evolution of our consciousness along again.
When I share this with Christians online I get crickets.
brentan comments on Apr 16, 2019:
AND he got promoted.
Company Recalls Tammy Lahren Sex Doll Because Its Mouth Never Stops Moving - Alternative Facts
brentan comments on Nov 9, 2019:
Artificial intelligence returned under warranty. Not fit for purpose under the Sales of Goods and Services Act 1992.
Be kind to animals
brentan comments on Oct 21, 2018:
It's a great indicator. I think watching how friends and family treat other people tells a lot too.
This sound right ?
brentan comments on Nov 2, 2019:
A homuncular drunk.
Awww, dare you not to smile.
brentan comments on Feb 18, 2019:
She needs a smack.
If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.
brentan comments on Apr 7, 2020:
"Alexa, help..."
New Math???
brentan comments on Mar 17, 2019:
Close enough!
Sometimes it's just about being there It occurred to Pooh and Piglet that they hadn't heard from ...
brentan comments on Mar 20, 2019:
They were lovely stories.
I love math!
brentan comments on Apr 21, 2019:
I didn't see that coming.
Blind Faith by Ben Elton is a must read if you like disturbing dystopian novels.
brentan comments on Jun 18, 2018:
That looks like a good read. Ben Elton is a talented man. I was reading recently about Giambattista Vico who believed that history is circular and each cycle has 4 phases - the age of gods, the age of heroes, the age of men and the return to the age of the gods. If he is right, we are well along in the age of man and I think I can feel a change in the air....
Sounds personal to me.
brentan comments on Dec 13, 2019:
Just cut that out!
I heard on the radio that the average American uses three rolls of toilet paper a week.
brentan comments on Feb 22, 2019:
If it's true, they must be using TP for everything from wiping their glasses to wiping their arses.
The art of the deal. Guess who's the better deal maker?
brentan comments on May 11, 2019:
He's the best at everything!
The five day rule
brentan comments on Mar 22, 2019:
That's cold.
I hope everyone does
brentan comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Not to be sniffed at.
There is nothing divine about morality; it is a purely human affair.
brentan comments on Apr 17, 2019:
There is an odd message in the apostle Paul's letter to the Galatians where he tells about the fruits of holy spirit: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance - Galatans 5: 22, 23. The context is given in verse 16: This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.  We don't look on these virtues as spiritual. We see them as human virtues. I can't tell whether Paul saw all virtue as the spirit of God manifesting itself, or he thought the Holy Spirit added a layer to human virtue that improved on it or perhaps perfected it.
Norfolk man, 101, has hilarious obituary -
brentan comments on Sep 28, 2018:
I wonder was his humour part of the recipe for such a long life? Reading between the lines, he seems to have lived a very fulfilling life.
Human beings are the most evil and ungrateful animals on the planet...
brentan comments on Jul 9, 2019:
I think it's going to take something like a flood from the North Pole or a nuclear war to knock some sense into us.
Every time I scroll through comment sections on this site, I feel joy.
brentan comments on Jul 16, 2018:
Yes, so far so good. People really do seem to make an effort to express themselves and understand the other person.
Big news out of Buffalo, New York.
brentan comments on Jun 12, 2020:
Fingers crossed - that's great news!
Even if he's not first, might still be the one?
brentan comments on Feb 17, 2019:
I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. - Ecclesiastes 9:11.
She's thinking.
brentan comments on Feb 20, 2019:
Imagine feeling threatened by a car. Imagine if it had shift gears. That hussy would be headed for hell.
I don't think that the Teathugliscums even care any more that "Trickle Down" never worked
brentan comments on Feb 25, 2019:
I'm as tired of socialism being paraded as social democracy as I am of anti-Zionism being paraded as anti-Semitism.
By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, ...
brentan comments on May 4, 2020:
So much of it has to come from experience, unfortunately. We won't listen to our parents and our children won't listen to us so every generation learns the hard way.
How romantic!
brentan comments on Feb 7, 2019:
A problem shared.....
Groucho, harpo, donald duck, mickey, daisy, buggs, marma duke, Calvin, Hobbs and Ms. Piggie.
brentan comments on Jul 6, 2018:
We must be careful not to make the same mistakes as the religious groups. We have the same tendency to make doctrines and glorify people. We also shouldn't become smug or self-satisfied and feel contempt for the non-believers. It is good to see atheist groups becoming charity conscious. I guess they can be fairly accused of not wanting the religious organisations to have a monopoly on virtue but it is a fine thing to see and I doubt competing with religion is not the only reason. Some religious groups find little reason to take an interest in ecology because they believe the earth is meant to be destroyed by human greed and then saved by Christ. The atheist community can highlight the problems and communicate ways to improve the earth's condition.
Please, please, please is there a way for this to not become a porn site?
brentan comments on Jan 26, 2020:
I don't know how it happens. I have very few problems with porn (morally or aesthetically) but never see anything on the forum that has porn in it. Could it be pure accident or some darn algorithm?
Came across this, and thought it was quite funny!
brentan comments on Mar 9, 2019:
"It's art if I say it's art!"
If it quacks like a duck
brentan comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Historically, white privilege converts idiocy to intellectualism.
Does the term "agnostic atheist" imply that those who self identify as such should accept that it is...
brentan comments on Mar 23, 2020:
I think both agnostics and atheists should feel it is acceptable for people to believe in gods. I'm not sure whether we should think it's reasonable. That's subjective. But live and let live is most important.
So many new members saying not much, including me.
brentan comments on Nov 4, 2019:
The bastards!
Interesting times these
brentan comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Gosh, I didn't recognise him!
Moms Kicks Out Her Gay Son From Home, Grandpa Steps In And Disowns Her
brentan comments on Jan 8, 2020:
Yay granpa!
Monty Python
brentan comments on Feb 7, 2019:
Yes. My favourite is The Lumberjack Song.
Just unveiled in a church in Zacatecas, Mexico - a Jesus I think we can all believe in.
brentan comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Well, that's a Revelation!
Thoughts for Us..
brentan comments on Apr 27, 2019:
I have a bit of that in me too and I'm not apologising to anyone (well, maybe my poor ex-wife who had to suffer a guy too dumb to know who he really was). But these days.... not a chance!
I hate all politics, I don’t like either political party.
brentan comments on Jun 1, 2019:
I think we can see that the moment we enter into a relationship with at least one person, our freedom to express ourselves honestly is compromised.
Church membership is dropping fast. That may be good news for LGBTQ rights. / LGBTQ Nation
brentan comments on Apr 30, 2019:
Let's hope it encourages a live and let live attitude.
I'm turning over a new leaf
brentan comments on Feb 17, 2019:
I fought against the bottle But I had to do it drunk - L.Cohen
I've just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am seeking therapy to improve my coping skills.
brentan comments on Oct 4, 2018:
Oh. Don't teach her anything. Look after yourself. Get a professional therapist.
I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking. - Albert Einstein
brentan comments on May 12, 2019:
Yes indeed. Scientific knowledge begins with an act of faith.
A 'game-changing' prehistoric city was just unearthed []
brentan comments on Jul 21, 2019:
Mainstream history is very slow about admitting error and making official changes to the traditional story. I'll be very interested to find out what they learn from this site.
Richard Dawkins says that some people believe that they draw their morality from Science and some ...
brentan comments on Mar 7, 2020:
I think morality can be drawn from life experience. Religion and science can talk about it but not create it.
The British and their tea
brentan comments on May 24, 2019:
I remember when it was a ritual, not just a hot drink.
Logorrhea - log-uh-RI-uh: Noun, An excessive flow of words.
brentan comments on Jul 8, 2019:
That brings logos down to size.
Secretary Of State Pompeo Promotes Bible, ‘Evangelical Christian’ Identity In Cairo Speech | ...
brentan comments on Jan 12, 2019:
It's scary to see a powerful politician driven by prophecies in the Bible. His objective in the Middle East can only be guided by the wish to support Israel's dominion in Palestine and set up the third temple on the Temple Mount to usher in the prophesied kingdom of God.
What's the difference between a practicing christian and a schizophrenic?
brentan comments on Apr 7, 2019:
One is mentally ill and the other believes in a god.
It's so hot that mussels are cooking in their shells and highways are buckling []
brentan comments on Jul 1, 2019:
So where are we at now? Have we gone from deciding what is causing it to deciding whether we give a fuck or not?
Speaking of biased news reporting, this just in from CNN:
brentan comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Don't worry. The moon landing was a fabrication.
Please post your name below or like the post if you want a PM the day of the showing.
brentan comments on Oct 10, 2018:
I'm brentan I would appreciate a PM.
I find it reassuring that most of the developed/ educated world is embracing atheism or at least ...
brentan comments on Nov 16, 2020:
I wonder if sense of community has something to do with it. We tend to think (I think) of America as very urban but large swathes of it are not. Religion fits in very well with sense of community.
Your groaner for today...
brentan comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Well, we can't say we weren't warned.
Life has a very funny way of teaching us.🤗
brentan comments on Sep 14, 2019:
I would kick it's ass but I would just be kicking my own.
A good referee notices everything!
brentan comments on Oct 29, 2018:
But, but, .....butt!
agelast Noun.
brentan comments on Jun 21, 2019:
That baby looks like he's doing some serious thinking.
Seems fair eough
brentan comments on Feb 1, 2019:
I wonder if it is very unusual for an animal to understand quid pro quo. One thing's for sure - it's really cute.
The worst thing about aging is that you occasionally get very forceful reminders of your mortality.
brentan comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Make the best of it while you can?
The last two days, opponents to Madero have taken to the streets of Caracas, Venezuela in protest.
brentan comments on May 1, 2019:
I wonder will Guaidó turn out be another American puppet if he manages to get control? Those poor people! Screwed either way.
Lucky indeed
brentan comments on Jun 12, 2019:
It's true. Sex is fine but you can't beat the real thing.
Don't fit in, that's a good thing..... []
brentan comments on Apr 25, 2019:
That was good. I enjoyed the fairly recent spate of TV programs that linked autism to brilliance. Monk comes to mind. There was a movie with Claire Danes telling the story of an autistic women who studied cattle and set up new more humane ways of slaughtering them. It is really good to see the amount of videos available on the workings of the autistic mind and the value non-neurotypical people can add to society. This and the continued study of the brain and how it works will open up great understanding for anyone who wants to value the differences in people.
Weltschmerz: worn down by the world's ills.
brentan comments on May 27, 2019:
The Germans have some great words!
American women expect to find in their husbands a perfection that English women only hope to find in...
brentan comments on Jan 27, 2020:
That's a hoot! Jeeves 1 - 0 Hubby.
Why am I so depressed today?
brentan comments on Jan 9, 2019:
That sounds like Irish weather, or perhaps Washington State. If I lived in America, I would think about moving to somewhere like Phoenix. I'm in Ireland and I have thought a lot recently about living in Spain. For the moment, we better hang tight because spring is still off in the future.
If you don't imbibe thats ok too.
brentan comments on Jan 12, 2019:
Alcohol is my preferred poison. Tonight's gift from the gods is cider.
Pretty much part of the human condition
brentan comments on Jun 16, 2019:
They did, and the level of sophistication of the shit has been awesome.
I never heard this pick up line!
brentan comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Bad to the bone!
Trite but this came to me the other night. Dead heroes, who would you like to share a meal with?
brentan comments on Sep 28, 2018:
James Joyce Shakespeare Dante Milton
We got a more than a few of us here that are of a certain age range.
brentan comments on May 19, 2020:
I'm relieved! How we really are isn't too bad in comparison.
The absolute best part of this were the comment from people telling their substitute words.
brentan comments on Feb 20, 2019:
I've always thought of it as Murphy's Law. Recently, I saw it referred to as Godelian, after Kurt Godel.
Are places of worship really places of God?
brentan comments on Nov 3, 2018:
Not if there is no god.
Just let things flow??
brentan comments on Mar 7, 2019:
Meaning. If we can find meaning, we can find happiness as a by-product.
Forgiveness is a form of letting go, but they are not the same thing.
brentan comments on Jul 6, 2019:
I think positivity is at the core of your post. I remember not being ready for so many years so stolidly keepin' on truckin' was the order of the day, just to exist. I wish positivity came for everyone eventually but I'm not sure about that. I'm lucky and I guess you are too. Forgiveness, I think, comes from a good place.
I do not want that.
brentan comments on Nov 4, 2019:
I like duck. I think I'd spend the extra $6 for the Crispy Duck by Half.
Bernie Sanders announces he's running for president 2020. What do you think?
brentan comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Great news for America.
Three points!
brentan comments on Aug 14, 2019:
Wow! That wasn't in 50 ways to leave your lover.
Not doing this
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2019:
That guy looks like me. I must give it a try.
Recently a question came up about how the quality of writing in the fiction world could be improved ...
brentan comments on Oct 11, 2018:
It reminds me of that joke 'everybody has a book inside them and that's where it should stay'
Expert flirting
brentan comments on Feb 14, 2019:
At least it's a change from 'do you come here often?'
The only thing that i miss about a relationship is having someone to lay in bed with.
brentan comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Spooning was nice. Having the covers stolen from me was not.
How do you respond when somebody you have never met in person and only exchanged a sentence or two ...
brentan comments on Jul 1, 2019:
Best be careful.
Happy Monday Hippies.
brentan comments on Jan 28, 2019:
Best of luck in your new home.
from: Pascal Boyer: "Religion Explained.
brentan comments on Feb 1, 2019:
That’s a nice change from all these silly cartoons saying religious people are mad. I think that we developed the ability to create scenarios in our mind so as play out different eventualities in our minds. This means that we wouldn’t die from every bad idea we tried out. This ability to imagine has become more sophisticated through the progress of evolution and gradually was able to create the concept of intangibles like god, heaven etc. I got this idea from one of Jordan Peterson’s videos.
"For most of life, nothing wonderful happens.
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
A good breakfast is very important. I was very sad to hear how he was abused a lot in his old age.
My all time most puzzling aspect of Christianity.
brentan comments on Mar 26, 2019:
My heaven would be perfect knowing my family is in Hell. But that might disqualify me from heaven anyway.
It's like a buffet!...
brentan comments on Apr 6, 2019:
Where to start?
Fractal of the day.
brentan comments on Nov 24, 2019:
I think that tree is looking at me.
I truly think when we start disrespecting Indian burial ground, it will be the beginning of our ...
brentan comments on May 26, 2020:
Should we respect practices we think are not worthy of respect because others do think they are? I think yes, out of some notion of basic respect for others whether we think they deserve it or not. They must be some circumstances, though, which complicate the matter.
Some interesting facts
brentan comments on Aug 23, 2020:
How times change!
I just see a beautiful countryside enjoying a refreshing drink 😂😂
brentan comments on Apr 27, 2019:
Guilty, your honour.
The difference
brentan comments on Apr 6, 2020:
Uppity atheist!
"In the World Wars, people were perfectly able to shoot other people just because they belonged to ...
brentan comments on Jan 4, 2020:
Part of the attack was to villify the enemy so as to dehumanise them.
brentan comments on Feb 13, 2019:
Homer is sleeping the sleep of the just. Just what, I wonder.
Hello all.
brentan comments on Apr 1, 2019:
No problem at all! Just glad you're feeling better.
Good morning! With New Year's Eve fast approaching, what are some of your regional traditions?
brentan comments on Dec 28, 2018:
Dinner For One is a hoot!


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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.
Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Freethinker, Spiritual
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