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My first level 7 post... Just 39,809 points to level 8. ?
brentan comments on Dec 2, 2018:
Well done! This section will build character or......more character!
Board retains Moses in Texas social studies curriculum - News - Austin American-Statesman - Austin, ...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
Maybe Moses, historically true or not, does have a place in social studies. I've read that the ancient nation of Israel was the template for the English nation, the principles and structures of which were transferred across the sea to America.
Any atheists here have that almost debilitating fear of death? Not knowing that u r dead and u would...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
It wasn't easy to cope with losing the Christian idea of eternal life. I'm content with the concept of becoming part of the cosmic consciousness. That consciousness might be completely impersonal but who know?
Surprise! Surprise!
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
They beat Starbucks! Maybe they got a café inside the building.
A lot of men will give their penis a nickname. I've decided to call mine "Whitesnake" because, "Here...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
No, I enjoy a bit of fun. Keep up the good work!
Delirium Tremens by Jesse Lynn Rucilez
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
Well done!
Is it just me or should the Vatican be more christ like and use 0.1% of their wealth to end poverty ...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
'Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head' - Matthew 8:20 https://www.gotquestions.org/nowhere-to-lay-His-head.html They should give it all away. They completely misunderstand the message.
It Just seems of late CRIME DOES PAY! NO MATTER WHAT!!
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
I think it still depends on who's breaking the law. It often seems that laws are really in place just to stop the poor taking a fair share of wealth.
Hate speech
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
I doubt it. The ones doing the indoctrination often believe their own nonsense. The ones who know they are living from lies are conmen. What about these religious leaders who decry homosexuality? Is that hate speech? I don't think so. We all think some ways of life are less than ideal.
Hello fellow fans of reason and logic! ?
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the forum.
1st Day of Xmas
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
He's one of The Partridge Family, I guess.
It's a braw bricht moon licht nicht the nicht Mrs bricht yer awricht ye Ken. Anyone care to hazard ...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
If you can say, "It's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht", Then yer a'richt, ye ken. http://www.rampantscotland.com/songs/blsongs_deoch.htm
Bit of a harsh sentence, isn't it? .... and why now?? [huffingtonpost.com]
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
It knocks my confidence in the spirit of the law, that I hoped would curb excesses of the technicalities of the law.
Niccolo Machiavelli, (3 May 1469 - 21 June 1527) was an Italian Renaissance historian, politician, ...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
I think the gist of the book is that he believed leadership must involve deceit and harm so he encouraged the prince to understand this, be effective and get done what you need to do in the quickest and least harmful way possible.
Pagan origins
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
In vino veritas.
Bash, bash, bash....
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
Righteous anger is cool - you can justify anything!
Just remembered another good one: A Tennessee redneck couple had nine kids and decided it was ...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
Lol - not too bright, but definitely caring!
The story about the kid named Abcde this week was crazy...and now I find out a friend just named his...
brentan comments on Dec 1, 2018:
You're almost guaranteed to get a daft name if your parents are famous.
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year
brentan comments on Nov 30, 2018:
Is getting drunk the same as getting in the Christmas mood?
What's your favorite brand of watch?
brentan comments on Nov 30, 2018:
I love my Samuel Neverwright. Not reliable but unique.
Truer words were never spoken.
brentan comments on Nov 30, 2018:
He might not be right. It might have started as a genuine concerted attempt to interact with the supernatural.
brentan comments on Nov 30, 2018:
There are two places they see God: 1.in the wonder of the universe 2.in their hearts Scientists are gradually explaining the first one. The Bible itself warns about the heart: “The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it' - Jeremiah 17:9.
Believe it or not, here we are again.... It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!! ( Don't get too excited though, ...
brentan comments on Nov 30, 2018:
Yes indeed! Time is racing ahead.
One for you, Drumf: Lies are like slings and arrows, but the truth is like a nuclear arsenal. Self...
brentan comments on Nov 29, 2018:
I fear truth has become a ideological tool and both sides use it.
I have a 4 hour meeting today that I was honored to be invited to be a part of, because it means ...
brentan comments on Nov 29, 2018:
If you're going to be part of the machine, you might as well be a significant part.
Neanderthals and early humans mated way more often than we thought! [sciencealert.com]
brentan comments on Nov 29, 2018:
Fascinating! I had thought of it as humans v Neanderthals and we wiped them out because they were like animals.
MARTINET. - Noun....a person who demands complete obedience, a strict disciplinarian. Synonyms; ...
brentan comments on Nov 29, 2018:
We had them for years in Irish schools. We called them the Christian Brothers.
Some of our best known pieces of music were composed for either Opera or Ballet, and this is one of ...
brentan comments on Nov 29, 2018:
For me, it's tragedy underlying the swirl of life. Darkness and light, and all the moods of life. Quite beautiful!
This site is distracting. I have things to do and I keep looking up from my work to find I'm on this...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I try not to be but I just can't help it!
Hi guys I am Steve and totally new to all this dating and internet stuff I’ve really recently ...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Welcome to the forum. I wouldn't have thought it likely that anyone would separate after such a long time until it happened to me after 25 years.
It's too late Baby --- [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I love that album but I'm emotionally drained after it.
The thing is, its 13 days UNTIL we get to the shortest day of the year. Dang.
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I wish I was in a pagan group that celebrated the solstice.
Noooooo. The creator of Spongebob SquarePants died
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I loved Sponge Bob's endless optimism and Patrick's ridiculous stupidity. A friend of mine, when we were both Jehovah's Witnesses, told me Sponge Bob and Patrick were not good entertainment for children because there was a homosexual substrate to their conversations. Has anyone ever noticed this in the shows?
What if an advanced civilization existed before us [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I'm intrigued by Granham Hancock's theory that there was a civilisation wiped out by flood around 12,000 B.C. These might be the ones called 'divine beings' and 'the men of renown' in the Bible: The Nephilim were on the earth at that time (and also immediately afterward), when those divine beings were having sexual relations with those human women, who gave birth to children for them. These children became the heroes and legendary figures of ancient times. 
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
But, but, but..... he wrote lots of really nice songs!
She was still a schoolgirl when she topped the charts in 1962 with this song, but what a voice! ...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
For some reason, I'm reminded of Amy Winehouse. I haven't seen a picture of Ena Sharples in many years. A wonderful memory!
Should we accept all speech, no matter what is said? [reuters.com]
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I think we should allow all free speech except slander.
So I'm always checking out meetup.com to get myself out into the world (because I'm a total ...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Bummer. I have no success with Meetup either. Still, I keep trying.
Rainy days
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
He could be raining in Ireland.
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
That's a truly awful joke!
Silly teacher
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
What in tarnation?
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Lol. I feel her pain!
Welcome to Mars!!!
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
It's manifest destiny to possess Mars. Put these weird dudes on reservations.
Old but still funny
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
What a difference 2 years makes..
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
I've heard of voting with your feet, now it's fists!
Outpacing birthrates of other religions and birthing an army for God has always been the true intent...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
That was a curious article. Making babies to become Republicans who will be Christians, or vice-versa. It gives new meaning to 'fucking Christians'.
G.F.Handel. - Let The Bright Seraphim.....Kathleen Battle with Wynton Marsalis on trumpet. ...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
See. Religion ain't all bad!
Fire up the plane!
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
They're worried about losing their lives because of white man's diseases. Don't they understand they're going to lose their eternal salvation.
Make someone's day... SMILE! ?
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Bah. Humbug. Snarl.
Speak for themselves...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
It's a good point and it makes me think how nothing has been claimed as God talking for 2000 years in Christianity and 1400 years in Islam.
I have mixed feelings about non-targeted altruistic giving (I'm not a fan of altruism) but there are...
brentan comments on Nov 28, 2018:
Is it an Ayn Rand way of thinking?
AN ALICE AND HER RELATIONSHIP WITH MANKIND I'm sitting in my space, and in that place in my head ...
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
For the moment I'm just going to delight in your articulation of the human condition. It is as poetic as it is psychological.
The Existentialists Reluctant Guide to Life - Quartzy
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
'The reluctant have to make meaning up. We do things even when most of what humans do seems pretty pointless and stupid given how many of us there are, how briefly we live, and how hard it is to make a difference on this crowded planet'. I do it as an atheist. I make meaning for myself. I also agree with Jordon Peterson that adopting responsibility gives meaning to life too.
Is anyone else right-leaning to anarchistic that is an unbeliever?
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
If it was possible, I would head to New York. That sounds unbearable.
Know your why
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
And then quit.
This meme took the words right out of my mouth. Why are these people demonized not understood?
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
The problem is America feels it cannot take on all the world's problems anymore.
Something to think about
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
So true. It's all relative.
If you are man don't be afraid.
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
What's a "male stereotype" that you don't get why people hate?
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
I don't get why women hate the stereotype where the man goes down to confront the burglar instead of promoting the woman's equal rights.
I work in a recycling warehouse remanufacturing printer cartridges. We encourage customers to keep ...
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
Oh well, it could have been worse. It might have been the Watchtower magazine!
The very first transgender woman (Angela Ponce, Miss Spain 2018 ) to compete at Miss Universe ...
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
It's good to see mostly everyone so well-trained in what to say. Years ago we might have had a lot of disagreement.
As promised, evidence of a Neanderthal/Denisovan . [nature.]
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
I wonder are these the offspring that the ancients in the Bible were afraid of - descendents of the first parents mixing with offspring of the people outside the Garden of Eden.
This above all; to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night follows day, thou canst then...
brentan comments on Nov 27, 2018:
What a peculiar character he was - a contradiction of politics and platitudes that destroyed himself and his family in the end.
DO NOT BUY COMPUTER WITH 32 GIG DRIVE:::: It is mostly impossible to update a windows computer ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I don't get it. A hard drive the size of about 20 films? PCs with much bigger HDs sell for next to nothing these days.
Aja Monet is talking about Palestine, but her argument certainly has much wider applications. ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
It's a case of two peoples behaving like murderous assholes, and one of them has the force of the U.S. behind them.
Anyone in this group had to look for a new job lately? I've had no luck for months, and am starting ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
You might end up much more depressed if you got one. I'll bet living under someone else's roof sucks. The only thing I know is to find things I love. I crave peace too, but have only found it at the cost of loneliness. So I think it's a balancing act, hoping to tip the scales my way.
How have we let scientific study become hate speech? - UnHerd
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I always thought education helped us to hate each other better so I'm not surprised.
When did you “come out?”
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
The tricky part for me was leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses, wondering would it destroy my marriage. As it happened, my wife had more issues with me than religion. So the marriage lasted a few more years and I went from generic Christian to atheist to agnostic, that last step mostly thanks to Rupert Sheldrake, a British scientist who believes in God.
ATM Malfunction In My City!!
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Darn people showing about as much responsibility as bank managers.
Not a very active group, but I joined anyway, just in case I learn something. ? I live in ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I think a guy called Pedro started this group but he doesn't seem to actively run it, so to speak. Maybe he wanted to do it but life got in the way.
[yahoo.com] Christine Blasey Ford is Still Being Threatened.
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
She should come forward when it happened, not when the guy was applying for a political position. But that's no excuse for harassment. It's like sociopathy has broken out out on the grand scale and people have become tokens of hatred instead of human beings.
Test. Will delete.
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Hello, Group Members! I need your input again. :) How should we deal with group members that ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I really must read The Coddling Of The American Mind by Jonathan Haidt. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/09/the-coddling-of-the-american-mind/399356/
Time for a meal. What are you going to have?
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Potatoes, yam, carrots, peas and fish.
One day, some guy is going to see me eating a whole rotisserie chicken with my bare hands inside my ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I'm salivating already! I love chicken!
In the absence of any empirical rules that apply to everyone, each person is free to form her or his...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
One person's human rights stop where they encroach on the rights of another. Preaching might be the act of telling someone to back off. That's as old as the Ten Commandments. If you ask someone to share your values, what is your goal? There was another post about the Dalai Lama's notion of global ethics which seems the right idea.
This girl is funny. Jessa Reed - Meth Piss [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I really enjoyed that. Very dark humour. I wonder might that do more to deter someone than the regular approach?
Antonin Dvorak. - Romance for piano and violin, Op11. Bohuskav Matousek violin and Petr Adamec ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Very nice! I only have the 4th (who doesn't, I suppose) but I know it really well by now and love it.
ETHNOCENTRISM. - Noun....evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I think it might be the most natural thing in the world if it starts with a baby thinking the world revolves around it. I learned a new term recently called 'theory of mind'. It's the ability to recognise and understand another's separate being. They say this usually happens by the age of 4. America has a very bad name for not recognising the values of other cultures and I think it's down to an education that sings its own praises to compensate for its sense of inferiority.
@Admin Thanks agnostic.com! Got it in the mail yesterday! I wasn't expecting anything when I signed ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Bah. Humbug. Jealous.
ANFRACTUOUS: (adjective) characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous: an anfractuous...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
That's a powerful word but it would have really messed up 'The Long And Winding Road'
RAPE It’s the will of god in republican Oklahoma apparently. [churchandstate.org.uk]
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I hope they will consider it God's will that you go to prison for it too.
“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when all the flowers are ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Gosh, that could give a Spanish name a run for it's money! I suppose he means a hateful life would be colourless, unattractive. I was sure I sensed this problem in the combination of hate and ugly council estates. Perhaps it's because the hate there is manifested more physically.
Just a little reality
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I had forgotten about those two. Darn!
[latimes.com] “Religion can to a certain degree help to overcome division. But religion alone ...
brentan comments on Nov 26, 2018:
A global ethic. It would take a long time but it's a great concept.
The Homework Helpers Group is now active. Do you have school age children? Are you a college ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
That's a very good idea! I might have answers to math problems and English literature.
Anal Sex: For You Men. (This is about RECEIVING.) I thought for sure that we'd see this poll, but...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I hoped this thread would be educational but it was like talking to Christians, all defensiveness and nastiness.
Does anyone have any views about Brexit? I’m not sure what it entails, exactly. From what I can ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I think it will be extremely bad for Britain, not so much because of the lack of access to the union but because the political leaders at the moment have been showing no sign of leadership or competence. They will really need professional, busy individuals, committed to start making new relationships and new deals. I got a certain pleasure watching the Conservative party implode (for no adult reason) but I can't say how disappointed I have become with Labour, who have nothing to offer and sit smugly in parliament waiting for the baton to be passed to them.
Get It On. - Marc Bolan and T-Rex [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I watched a documentary about him just recently. Cut off in his prime, poor man!
I take it a lot of you heard about the recent slaying of a illegally trespassing missionary off the ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
It's really hard to know if a vocation is truly altruistic or ego-driven. My experience as a Christian makes me think it's the latter. It's so sad the man died but how could anyone save him from himself?
Conflicted and Curious
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I think monogamy lasted as long as it did because it proved to be the best method of survival for members of a tribe. My guess is that it later became classed as morally proper and a virtue instead of just successful. The jury is still out on whether it is still a necessary tool for survival.
Thoughts? [theintercept.]
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I'm thinking about principles. What price do we put on them and what does it say about our values. I'm depressed about the West's reluctance to help Asia Bibi too. Trump won't justify placing the value of the life of one man above the relationship with Saudi Arabia. He's quite right from a pragmatic perspective. I would risk it but that might just be the evidence of how ignorant I am about politics.
Been reading this one every day trying to remember how it feels.
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
It's a powerful act. Really cheap too. I think that feeling people have some essential good in them is a prerequisite.
Do you know how long it has taken me to go from level 7 to 7.1? Oh my gosh, at this rate it will be ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
It's character-forming, teaching us several virtues.
Here was a great reminder for me. I tend to find myself isolating so much. This is a lot of the ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I'm reading a book about this very thing right now. It's called The Master And His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist. It's about how the two sides of the brain work with each other and lots of the knowledge about brains has been gleaned from brain damage and illness so it's a real education about how these problems manifest themselves.
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I watched the film The Happy Prince with Rupert Everett as Oscar in his time after prison to his death. It's an excellent film, sad of course but beautifully performed and directed too, I think , by Everett.
“Pray all you want, heaven can’t hear you. It’s not going to stop the winter because you are ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I saw one way during my time as a Jehovah's witness that religion could influence life for the better. This, of course, wasn't the result of divine intervention but rather the education people got about sensible living. As you can imagine, many people never applied the teachings and lost out. I appreciated the way the teaching helped me and because they are wise instructions rather than divine, I've taken them with me into agnosticism.
I am a very fast and voracious reader, I have read just about any classic you can think of, I have ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
Dostoevsky would keep you going for a long time. He's free on YouTube. You probably already know. And Tolstoy. I listened to The Master and Margharita on YT too. That's a curious story! I must be thinking Russian today.
I really like the 'Pickin' On Series' - instrumental covers of many great groups and songs. Their ...
brentan comments on Nov 25, 2018:
That's really good. There must be more than one instrument, I think. Guitar, banjo, maybe more.
IMagination gone to far . . .
brentan comments on Nov 24, 2018:
That takes me back so many years to a time when it used to matter. For some odd reason, the memory warms my heart.


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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.
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