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At this age...
brentan comments on Nov 21, 2018:
They made me smile.
"A man's only as old as the woman he feels." - Grouch Marx
brentan comments on Nov 21, 2018:
It's only a joke. It is, isn't it?
This is how I live my life. Maybe it's a Jewish thing. Maybe it's just because I'm Jewish.
brentan comments on Nov 21, 2018:
I think there is a perception that Jewish people will only interact with other people if they are doing business with them.
Holidays are a little bit sad. Not miserable, just kind of sad. Does anyone else feel this way?
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Oh gosh yes. It's all the sentiments about brotherly love and happy families that makes the season worse for people who aren't in a position to enjoy such things. But how real is it? I suspect that it's great for young families whose children make the magic real through their unquestioning enthusiasm for the occasion. My adult self survives the season in the knowledge that it's mostly an illusion but my inner child yearns for the time of innocence that loved Christmas.
One thing I find I appreciate about being agnostic/atheist is the not needing faith. I'm not so ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
There must be something about faith that bothers you that prompted you to write this post. I had faith so I'm sympathetic to people who still have it. I live contented enough but I must admit the notion of living for all eternity through faith is a wonderful hope.
Quote from the Netflix movie last kingdom tonight. I dream of humping you tonight. It is written in ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I think we were too busy drinking and humping to create an empire in the first place.
What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Disaster, I think. The opportunity to re-think everything.
I may be old, but I cn still remember when I was -- [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Maybe I was always old.
After 35 years of marriage, a husband and wife came for counseling. When asked what the problem was,...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
It makes me think about how woman think of men as more than sexual objects but marriages break down because sex is absent.
Got home to find a note from the missus on the fridge...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Gosh, I completely relate to that. Goodbye and good luck!
"Unacceptable and horrible crime" says Trump. But no sanctions, still allies. Seems to me he's ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Unacceptable and yet acceptable. Maybe he means morally unacceptable and politically acceptable.
I wish I knew how to deal with personal stress a lot better than I do now. I tend to completely ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Is it the sort of stress where everything seems just so hard to do and creates anxiety or is it a war of attrition going on between you and you?
We only use this "C" word when they are small but what about all those young women and men who went ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I guess cult is a mainstream-centric word.
Do you like music in languages you don't understand?
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I listen to several Hispanic singers even though I usually have to translate the lyrics. I really like Robi Draco Rosa but also like Reuben Blades and Juan Luis Guerra.
"Marks and Spencer knickers display branded 'vomit-inducing'" Feminists have described a Marks & ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
They are annoyed because they know sexual attraction is a social construct.
It is truly perplexing to me when Christians act as if their opposition to abortion is rooted in a ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
It's shocking. You give them life, feed and educate them, and when you decide you hate the little bastards and want to kill them, the state behaves like it owns them.
J.S.Bach. - Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott (St.Matthews Passion). Nigel Kennedy live at an open air ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Delightful music, location and man. Everything is right in this music video.
Sounds legit and the treasure catalog is a bargain for only a quarter. :D
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I'm on my way! I hope there's something left to find.
N.W.A 100 Miles and Runinn (Explict ; ) [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
No Whites Allowed!
DREICH. - Adjective....of the weather; wet, dull, dismal, gloomy, dreary or a combination of any or...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
It has an onomatopaeic sound to it. It describes the Irish winter well, sometimes our summer too. I went to live in Seattle in the early 90s and was surprised to see how their idea of their lousy local weather had even become memes on T-shirts - 'Seattle Rainy Season - Jan 1 to Dec 31'. I never found this quite true. I thought their summers were terrific and their winters more extreme and changeable than our permanent gloom.
A federal judge overruled President Trump's order limiting migrants requesting asylum. His order ...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
Checks and balances are a great idea. Could a counter-argument be made in this particular circumstance, and especially in the case of the mass migration in progress right now? I think a change in the law might be in order.
Is there anyone here who actually enjoys being older? There's a lot about it I'm enjoying. I feel...
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I couldn't agree more. For me (being a bit on the autistic side) it's the power I have to stay away from painful circumstance like work, religious group etc.
Brainwash yourself
brentan comments on Nov 20, 2018:
I hope the general concensus about reality is close to objective reality, if there is a concensus and an objective reality.
Opinion on people of faith.
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I've found 2 types: 1. the ones who aspire to a better life 2. the ones who use it like social club
Bible verse on Starbuck's cups? I looked it up this is a real verse.
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
Jerusalem must have been one fucked-up place.
If you have freewill then how did I get you to read this post?
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
You have special powers.
Rolled out a feature to let you completely hide a group from this site. It only works on groups ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
[aish.com] Keeping American Jews Jewish -What is a Greater Threat Assimilation or Anti-Semitism. ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I think they are 2 things Jews would lose through assimilation: 1. the pleasure in believing they are God's special people 2. the drive and ingenuity that resulted from persecution through the centuries Perhaps many Jewish people feel those two things just aren't worth it.
I've been raking my yard. So I don't have...you know....a forest fire.
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I read some time ago that forest land needs to have fires to burn off the topsoil so not to die. I have no idea if this is true or not but if it is, that might mean that fires need to be managed, not stopped.
Make a change.
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
We must be careful not to wreck the economy.
Right Wingers and Ayn Rand. A slight rant, I suppose, but one conservative saintly reference that...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I've heard nothing but bad about her from today's public intellectuals. I watched a YouTube video of a show she did with Phil Donahue and I thought she defended her views very well. That said, I'm a big fan of social democracy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u8Jjth81_Q
Preachers and televangelists are stating that the fires in California are god's punishment because ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
From what I know about the Bible, God is more put out by pride and arrogance than he is about gay people. Here's what he said about Sodom: Look! This was the sin of your sister Sodom and her daughters: Pride, too much food, undisturbed peace, and failure to help the poor and needy. In their arrogance, they committed detestable practices in my presence, so when I saw it, I removed them - Ezekiel 16:49, 50.  Looked at from Ezekiel's perspective, there's a lot more going on there than gay sex.
Seems a member this group here blocked me so I can't view her post. Bit sad for a progressive and ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
The shutters are coming down on discussion.
persiflage -- light and slightly contemptuous mockery or banter “Ziegenhalss, at any rate, ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
That's a good one! We used the term slagging each other when friends would tease each other.
Absolute power corrupts always has and always will.you see it in any branch of our government that ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I wonder has anyone ever spelled out the dynamics of the process.
Another one from Dorothy Parker....The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
It's a delightful part of being a child. Perhaps it was never intended to be confined to childhood but to be a permanent characteristic of being human. I think I see that 'childish' curiosity in the facial features of Albert Einstein and other very bright people. It's a crying shame that it disappears for so many people who must get caught up in a wonderless, repetitive world just to pay their bills.
If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve the man, but degrade the cat. (am pretty sure ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
Ne'er the twain should mix.
At 60, I still feel "uncomfortable" with younger people calling me "sir". Sir was my dad. ...
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I feel there's still hope for society when I hear sir being used.
What are your favorite words for the love of words, language, books, semantics, etc.?
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
Logophile is very uncommon, i think, for loving words. Then there is bibliophile for books. There is a Japanese word too (I can't remember it) for someone who loves books so much, they are always buying them and never get to read the half of them.
I love Leah Remini. She exposed scientology and now she’s going after jehovah’s witnesses!
brentan comments on Nov 19, 2018:
I'm an ex-JW so I would love to see these shows. Can I see them online?
Check it out...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I guess he can breathe and that's enough!
Maya angelou - beacon of strength
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Kindness is a nice virtue. It seems easier to do than love everybody. I would love to see someone with clout advocate a Global Kindness day.
I love Jim Jefferies [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Harsh, and very funny!
Always liked this one by the Beach Boys...Help Me Rhonda. [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
When I heard this song as a boy, The Beach Boys songs were like they came from a different planet and the name Rhonda was so foreign to me. The world gets smaller little by little and would you know, I ended marrying a woman named Rhonda!
AC/DC - Highway To Hell [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Gosh, that song has a lot going for it!
Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives; great Ted Talk! a little under 19 minutes long ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
"Good people can disagree" - Jesus in The Walking Dead. Then there's the idea attributed to Hegel that truth is the sum of different opinions. I think the problems arise, not so much theoretically (in the abstract), but in how yin/yang can be applied to real-world problems. I think Jordon Peterson would argue that the right's compulsion towards order is a basic social necessity while the left's propensity towards change should be effected only within the right's hierarchical order.
The thing I like the most about country music is the stories. This one says "Always stay humble ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
It is a wonderful sentimental but not very realistic.
Need changing...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
It's true but what to do with these left of centre and right of centre parties. It's like same shit, different diaper.
Is there anybody out there. [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I think I would like it even more if I was completely sure what it is about. I don't just like it. I respect it. My guess is it's about childhood trauma and the effect it has on our adult life. There is another song somewhat like it by Supertramp. It's called Hide In Your Shell and I love it too.
Wanted to highlight a small but excellent youtube channel that not many seem to know about called ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I guess this bad god is the Jehovah god of the Kabbalah and 'the ultimate good god' is the Ein-Sof.
Chicago. - Hard Habit To Break.....new 80s Symphonic version. Only released a week ago this is ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
They were different. I can't quite put my finger on why. The lead singer has a very pleasant, vulnerable voice. Maybe that's what I like about them.
The Doors - When the Music's Over [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Is it very heretical to think The Doors are very over-rated?
razzle-dazzle showiness, brilliance, or virtuosity in technique or effect, often without ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Nonetheless, I think superficiality has its place. I'm thinking of those wonderful shows like the Ziegfield Follies.
I'm not good in English.I've been worshipping deity Allah.Still 1.5 billion people worship ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I like the idea of 'live and let live'. I'm familiar with the Western attraction to Christianity but I have no idea what attracts Muslims to Islam in such a big way. BTW, welcome to the forum!
What's the one thing you hated eating as a kid but now love? For me that's celery.
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I was being friendly the other day with a young woman on twitter when she called me pops. I ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
Yes, it's not ideal but think of all the worse things we could be called.
Strong Women (And Men) Lift Each Other Up.
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
That's a world of back pain.
“Curiosity, especially intellectual inquisitiveness, is what separates the truly alive from those ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
I didn't read it as a criticism of religious people. I thought it was more akin to Socrates idea that 'the unexamined life is not worth living'.
FINAGLE. - Verb....obtain by dishonest or devious means. Act in a dishonest or devious manner. To ...
brentan comments on Nov 18, 2018:
There but for the grace of God....I mean..
‘God will not bless America’: Texas pastor curses nation after 'Godless' Democrats win midterms...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
It must be some kind of functional insanity. I just don't get it.
[aish.com] The Women's March Saying No To Anti-Semitism-I Didn't Know This Was an Issue. ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
While I'm appalled by the treatment of Palestinians in 'Israel', it seems outrageous that the women's movement would not include the rights of Jewish women in its ranks. But I wonder have I got it wrong? Is the complaint really about criticisms of Jews in Israel and nothing to do with Jews in the women's movement? Sure, Jewish women can be upset that not all women agree with Israeli policy but they can hardly feel that everyone should agree with their politics.
Religious hypocrisy 673
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
... and a helicopter out back.
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Sometime while I was a Christian, it occurred to me that kindness was more important, or perhaps more pragmatic than love, even though they say God is love and we should try to be like him. This might be true if perhaps principled (agape to Christians) love is akin to kindness by the way it is expressed to other people.
Not surprising that the "alt-right", aka fascists have misappropriated Nietzsche as one of their ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
That's an interesting article.There's always someone feeling hard done by and looking for someone to blame.
Teen sings her way through brain surgery, so doctors can preserve her talent
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Let's hope she stays well.They might have used this technology: A brain positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that allows doctors to see how your brain is functioning. The scan captures images of the activity of the brain after radioactive “tracers” have been absorbed into the bloodstream. These tracers are “attached” to compounds like glucose (sugar). Glucose is the principal fuel of the brain.
CONSTELLATE: (verb) to gather together in a cluster or group
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
So that's what all these electronic companies do in California.
Whats the differance in "exotic" and "kinky"?
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
I think kinky has the quality of perverseness attached to it.
I'm new to this site! Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing some ideas! ?
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Welcome! Pull up a floorboard.
linguaphile .... a language and word lover.
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
That's me too - not just a lover of what the words say, but also of the words that can be used to say it.
Why must it be Us and Them? [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
That's because them are bastards and we hate them.
susurrous....full of whispering sounds Susurrous is used to describe any kind of sound that ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
It's a pleasant word, deal for poetry or prose, I guess. A bit onomatopaeic.
Keeping on the British theme from last week, here is Frederick Delius. - The Walk to the Paradise ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
That was a very pleasant surprise. I never thought that guy was English.
"For most of life, nothing wonderful happens. If you don't enjoy getting up and working and ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
A good breakfast is very important. I was very sad to hear how he was abused a lot in his old age.
I firmly believe there are three main reasons why trump got in. His voters had: 1. The basic ...
brentan comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Lots of the American public were sick of the same old thing in politics. Well, they got something different. I thought they might have concluded that this was a lot more different than they expected and shown this in a blue wave. But I was wrong.
[aish.com] 10 Ideas Judaism Gave the World: Court System, Monotheism, The Weekend, Among Others
brentan comments on Nov 16, 2018:
You mean being Jewish isn't all bad?
PROVENDER - noun (dated) 1. animal fodder. "to raise the prices of provender for cattle, ...
brentan comments on Nov 15, 2018:
It's a whole new world to a city boy.
This is all the truth in everything
brentan comments on Nov 15, 2018:
I think that's true.
ANGLOPHILE /ˈaNGɡləˌfīl/ A person who loves or admires the country, culture or people of ...
brentan comments on Nov 15, 2018:
I thought it was a carpenter's tool.
As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the ...
brentan comments on Nov 15, 2018:
I think the general population is too busy playing its part in this dog-eat-world to want to change anything. It would be hypocritical to criticise the rich and powerful just because they play the game better than you.
More depth for Jordan Peterson. He seems to be tired. But he is not taking shit. And she stands her ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I thought it was a great discussion, very lively and even funny at times when they were very severe with each other.
As an Engineer, I have faith that everything will be ok after I die... An Engineer dies and goes ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
DICK. The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. - Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2
Okay, I joined because, well, I'm in my 50s. When did THIS happen?! Before someone responds "On ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
We should contribute to society. after all, Soylent Green is people.
Indupitably: meaning something that cannot be objected to as it is totally correct. Something that ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I think that was a word used a lot by Stephen Fry's Colonel Melchert in Blackadder. The lower class response to that was 'bollocks'.
The Doors - Riders on the Storm [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
OMG. I thought it was the song L.A. Woman. But Riders On The Storm is a fine song.
It's time for a different economic system:
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Q. What about the workers? A. What about the workers?
Answering the previous post I came to realize being raised as a Reform Jew I was looked down upon by...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I have a feeling you're better off as a cultural Jew than a religious one (well I would, because I'm an agnostic), but how do you justify it to the religious Jews, especially the extreme ones? How do you validate your own Jewishness to yourself if you are a secular Jew?
The strategic adversary is fascism... the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
It's a pity it's too late to set Jordon Peterson on him.
Impact crater 19 miles wide found beneath Greenland glacier (and may be only 12,000 years old, ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Gosh, it really looks like Graham Hancock was completely right!
I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.” - Dudley Field ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Here's the idea from the Bible that I think is around 1000 B.C. (KJV)  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (ISV)  Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens a friend's character.
Sirrah noun, archaic a term of address for a man or boy, often though not necessarily one either ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
This word crops up a lot in Shakespeare. It always implies an inferior status in his plays. I must keep an eye out for other meanings.
She Is a Brave Survivor
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Believe people who come across as sincere, definitely, but rely on the justice system to process allegations.
Valise noun va·​lise | \və-ˈlēs \ Definition of valise : suitcase 1615, in the ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Suitcase sounds very specific compared to valise, I guess.
What proportion of "White Privilege" is due to a white majority?
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I think it has more to do with powerful minority groups nowadays, like the rich and powerful. Sure, they come from a long tradition of WASP monopoly but things have changed over time.
What's the weather like where you are today?
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Dull and cloudy, and I fear it will stay that way til spring. So S.A.D.
Take that......
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Oh, that's mean!
Just to put this group to an use, let me ask you all a question. Places to go on Europe. Places ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
I love Paris but you've got to be careful there nowadays.
Anxiety is like when video game combat music is playing but you can't find any enemies.
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Sweaty buttons!
We're stepping out! [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
Yes indeed, all work and no play...
blackguard /ˈblaɡərd/ noun a person, particularly a man, who behaves in a dishonorable or ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
My Dad used to favour words like that when he was very annoyed. Cur was another one.
Ralph Vaughan Williams. - The Romance (Antantino - Appassionato) from his Serenade in A minor. ...
brentan comments on Nov 14, 2018:
That was really nice. It's always great to get something new. Thank you very much.


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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.
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