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I read a lot of posts in this group in which folks define themselves as "broken." Can we agree that ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Well, it's all semantics, isn't it? I guess you got your own ideas about how words should be used but we don't all see things in the same way.
Have you ever seriously considered going completely off the grid?
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
I was in Spain recently and seriously thought about going off the grid there. Great weather, low prices, an alcoholic's paradise, beaches to sleep on. I was reminded of Mitchener's The Drifters but I'm not a young man anymore.
I exist in this world without clothes, and all animals have special clothes,why?
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Our fur is mostly gone. Some men are still very hairy but I think less and less over time. Curiously, clothes in the bible are a remedy for the shameful sense of being naked. My guess is that global temperatures made extra covering necessary at some time in our history and hair became superfluous as temperatures rose.
The one thing we all have in common is that we don't buy into organized religion, however, is there ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Truth and kindness - those are my main objectives in my interaction with people. I got the notions from religion and find them hard to discard. I think they are good aspirations but suspect their utility in a world that has evolved rather than being gifted to humans by a god. I think I get away with it because I'm getting old and don't need to compete as much as younger people.
Road to theocracy
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
I think it can be achieved through a legal system that places secular law in the public sphere and religious law in the private. The notion of morality would be interpreted only in terms of crime in the justice system but continue to have meaning (along with sin) in the private sphere.
The world would have been better off without religion. 1) All the money spent on churches and ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
I don't think the past could have been any other way. I think religion has been a necessary part of our journey towards science and psychology. The reason(s) why this might be true or false would be interesting to discuss. I guess it involves discussing possible alternatives to religion in the evolution of civilisation.
Dichotomy. Noun. A division between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
It's like when you reach a dichotomy in the road. Or born disexual.
LASCIVIOUS. - Adjective....wanton; inclining or tending to libidinousness. Synonyms; lecherous, ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
I have an image of a tongue dripping in anticipation. I suppose it's a judgement call because it implies excess.
Rereiteration: a phrase in which many of the words all mean the same thing (bad definition, I'm ...
brentan comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Tautology is a word for unnecessary repetition.
If you talk to God, you're religious, if he talks back, you're delusional. You'd think that the ...
brentan comments on Sep 23, 2018:
It's just a discussion between ordinary you and aspirational you.
I am so freaking tired of people that know nothing about music saying "I know what I like". ...
brentan comments on Sep 23, 2018:
I don't understand your frustration. I must be one of those people.
Why not just tell it like it is? [Insert Name Here] Is indeed still an active member, but has ...
brentan comments on Sep 23, 2018:
I'm sure I'm much too nice a person to be blocked by anyone.
Casuistry cas·u·ist·ry [noun] The use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in ...
brentan comments on Sep 21, 2018:
That one probably needs an example.
Here are some tracks from my latest album. It contains some great performances with artists from ...
brentan comments on Sep 21, 2018:
I bought a download of Gabriel from the Globe Theatre. It looked like good fun. I got an introduction to Purcell's music. Very nice indeed!
Todos están enamorados con canada. Pero los hispanos dan mucho más esfuerzo pero nos quieren ...
brentan comments on Sep 21, 2018:
Is it 'everybody loves Canada but the Hispanics make a bigger effort but they like us less'?
OBDURATE: ob-du-rate. ADJECTIVE. Stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action;...
brentan comments on Sep 19, 2018:
Hitler was bad, Stalin was worse but Trump is evil personified.
Glabrous: (adj) Smooth and hairless "My, aren't we looking glabrous this evening, my dear. I do ...
brentan comments on Sep 18, 2018:
Looking good after your Brazilian.
We said goodbye to my mom on Friday in a lovely service. I know life goes on, but the feeling right ...
brentan comments on Sep 16, 2018:
I actually don't know. I just wanted to send you some fellow-feeling. I'm sure it's a tough time.
The frosted over window pane Hides the death of Summer With a smile
brentan comments on Sep 14, 2018:
That's cold.
The 1st I use to love the fall, As leaves fell from trees, Painting earths canvas, time would...
brentan comments on Sep 14, 2018:
It's a fine poem training our sights on death as a pleasant phenomen in nature when it's not specifically us. Did you stop liking it so much when you became more aware of your own mortality?
Before my passions turned me towards Spanish guitar, this was the kind of thing I was doing. I ...
brentan comments on Sep 14, 2018:
I think if she practices hard, she could make a living playing this music.
Sheherazade (excerpt) composed by Maurice Ravel [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Sep 14, 2018:
Interesting! Now I know there are two Scheherazades.
Men's equality vs machismo. I'm not sure what men's equality means, but I would hope that it means ...
brentan comments on Sep 12, 2018:
You will have to become gay or at least pretend to be.
Hello peeps. Glad to see this group is here. I am a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers, a factual ...
brentan comments on Sep 12, 2018:
Victims, bethehoky - they'd go through you for a shortcut.
anhedonic-- noun...inability to feel pleasure.
brentan comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Maybe 'an' can be prefixed to a few words, like anemployable. I'll check the dictionary.
Benny Hill is one of my greatest creative influences, not merely for his lovely "Hill's Angels" and ...
brentan comments on Sep 11, 2018:
I didn't know he had a philosophical bent.
Yo -Yo -Ma.....Bach Prelude No.1. - Cello [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Sep 9, 2018:
I only know him from his pieces on James Taylor albums. Excellent!
Back off, mofo!
brentan comments on Sep 9, 2018:
Good attitude. The knife might send the wrong message.
Any anti-Feminists here? Just trying to get a feel for the group. Ask any questions about an ...
brentan comments on Sep 6, 2018:
All yesterday's victims tend to be today's bullies.
@Admin, after realising that i just sent a welcome message randomly to a "believer in jesus - leader...
brentan comments on Sep 6, 2018:
Good grief, they're just people. Lots of used to be them!
fri·a·ble /ˈfrīəbəl/ (adjective) easily crumbled. from "The Winter Garden Mystery" by ...
brentan comments on Sep 5, 2018:
I didn't expect that definition.
My wife knows her place and I'm not allowed to sit there
brentan comments on Sep 5, 2018:
It's a sign of the end times.
PERSPICACIOUS: per-spi-ca-cious. ADJECTIVE. Having a ready insight into and understanding of ...
brentan comments on Sep 4, 2018:
i wonder who he had in mind at the time.
nepenthe noun 1. anything inducing a pleasurable sensation of forgetfulness, especially of ...
brentan comments on Sep 4, 2018:
We need it because we don't know where the River Lethe is anymore.
VICARIOUS: vi-car-i-ous. ADJECTIVE. An event or interaction experienced in the imagination ...
brentan comments on Sep 3, 2018:
Jesus is supposed to live vicariously through the popes, his vicars.
I thought this might give perspective to some...
brentan comments on Sep 3, 2018:
When it gets too toxic to be worth it.
Omniscient - having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all ...
brentan comments on Sep 3, 2018:
He must be a lunatic, and Copeland is nuts too.
So this post is about narcissistic exes and their new beaus. So my delusional, lies about everything...
brentan comments on Sep 3, 2018:
Above all, try to keep cool. Let off steam with the counsellor. I hope a little amount of time will sort out the truth of what's going on.
"We can either be governed by fear, fear of immigrants, fear of Muslims, call the press the enemy of...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
That is a good example of a non sequitor. It's bullshit, but it sounds great.
I think I may finally be emerging from a prolonged male midlife existential crisis. Who am I? What ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Is it awful to be ordinary? Or OK because that's what most of us are?
So tell me a story, morning glory
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I'm going to start a revolution from my bed.
Book titles that should be but aren't
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Laughing At Stalin for The Master and Margarita.
OBSCURANTISM: ob-scu-rant-ism. NOUN. The practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Somebody mention Trump. I refuse.
In general, and very simply put, do you think people are basically good but are capable of doing ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
My guess is we're bad people who try to be good but it might be a hangover from my Bible days.
It's a big sport day here in Ireland. Dublin v Tyrone in the All Ireland football final. Throw in at...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Well done - you called it right!
Does society owe lazy or stupid a living? And that leads to the question, are people responsible for...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Eugenics for the stupid, eh? I'm not sure about laziness. My own people, the Irish, were stereotyped as lazy (and stupid). They seemed to be cured on a national level when work became worth doing. I think the same can be said for black people.
China Has Forced 1 Million Muslims Into Reeducation Camps
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I hope that's from some magazine like The Onion.
Russia Is Opening A "Jurassic Park-Style" Research Lab In Siberia [iflscience.com]
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
No end of skeletons out there.
Chekov's Russian Misconceptions - YouTube
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I thought it was about the playwright but very enjoyable anyway!
IMAGINE - apologies to Lennon Imagine there's no levels; It isn't hard to do... Nothing to ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Lefties ruin everything!
Why during christ lifetime wasn't there any mention of him by any scholar of the times
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Tacitus (56-120 AD) wrote about him in his Annals. Here's the core of it: Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judæa.
Do you make the distinction between being skeptical vs. cynical?
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I'm skeptical. I wised up to the evil in the world very, very slowly and now I think it would cost me too much to become cynical.
Pregnant woman who killed intruder in justified shooting now faces felony gun charge due to previous...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Marijuana? The horror!
As the Christian Church Crumbles, is Humanism Ready to Step Up? - TheHumanist.com
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I think the RCC will leave a moral vacuum that humanism isn't ready to fill.
But he used bible verses to justify his actions: [patheos.com]
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
She must have been very evil.
1:30 AM and I have been watching a movie on Netflix. I suddenly realized that I rate movies I see ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
Yes, I loved that film too. The one that had me teary-eyed for the whole second half of the film was Goodbye Christopher Robin.
BOWDLERIZE: bowd-ler-ize. VERB. To remove material that is considered improper or offensive from ...
brentan comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I read that schools prefer to use Julius Caesar because it has no dirty jokes in it. I've just finished Antony and Cleopatra and it is loaded with them.
I just watched a film that can only be described as “insightful,” a directorial masterpiece that...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
The Brazilian version, I guess.
Those few of you that have taken the time to get to know me, and the one that knew me long before ...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Best of luck getting the t-shirt. I'm not sure about the redhead - the market is very volatile at the moment.
Did anyone see "Bishop" Charles Ellis III fondle Ariana Grande. What a freakin' perv. He and other...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Charles Ellis the Turd.
He's constantly peeping..24/7
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Well, he's only human.
There are hiking trails all over the Columbia Gorge, but I favor a particular two mile hill climb ...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
I went there twice, once to see James Taylor and then to see a combo of Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. When the sun goes down over the gorge, it is absolutely beautiful!
Hello September Everybody !!! ?
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Hello to you too from a sunny September 1 in Ireland!
I had my first ever dealings with the morons, I mean Mormons, yesterday . Typical bs, tap dancing ...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
If they were Catholics, they'd be bishops!
I'm on my way!
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
I tell myself I'm on the road less travelled!
The Bible, the old and new testament. I think of the bible as a very important historical book ...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
I see the Bible that way too. For me, the history of thought, culture and morals comes first with myth, then religion, then philosophy. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that although it covers everything from the beginning of time in its own way, supposedly written by Moses around the 13th century BC, it was probably started around the 6th century BC.
I received a message today from the CEO of a Christian youth program nonprofit.
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
I think your conscience would be troubled day in day out. I felt uncomfortable enough just being in a Christian choir. In your case, you get the pleasure of doing some good. In mine, I got to sing some of the loveliest songs around. So it's a tough call.
Hi, I figured I should let everyone know that I’m new to this group, and would love to hear the ...
brentan comments on Sep 1, 2018:
Hello and welcome. I take meds myself. I'm 63 and have been on them all my adult life. There were a few times I thought I could get by without them. I say never, never, never give up your meds.
I let out a trump today in a meeting. I was so embarrassed. The smell was terrible, but not as bad ...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Trump has taken over from Hitler and the Nazis as the comparison that makes everything else OK. I accept you didn't mean to fart but don't use me to condone flatulence as a way of life just because Trump exists in the world.
Does Notre Dame’s Mascot Trivialize The Heartbreaking Genocide Of Leprechauns? ...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Ah, the fightin Oirish! Are dey dyin de det or doon de despoilin'?
I feel like praying for something gives a person the impression that they no longer need to actively...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I think you're right. It's a lazy, disconnecting perspective that not only works on the personal level to do nothing useful, but also on the global level, where taking care of the earth is pointless because God will sort it all out when he comes.
Nothing says Catholic love like a Cardinal telling the victims of sexual abuse by priests to shut ...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
That was a very crude version of 'let him who has not sinned cast the first stone'!
Sigh. You know you're really the unwanted when family doesn't inform you about serious illness or ...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Oh, the power!
Archbishop Alleges Pope Francis Long Knew About Abuse, Calls On Him To Resign : NPR
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
The YouTube blogger Church Militant claims Cardinal Wuerl has gone into hiding and will be secreted out of Washington to gain immunity in the Vatican.
"President Trump told Evangelical leaders that there will be 'violence' if Democrats take control in...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I guess he wants to point towards the violence of the left, as demonstrated by Antifa in physical ways and then the general negativity of the left which has nothing to offer except tearing down the institutions of society.
Four Great Religious Truths ?
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Well, I'm relieved to hear these things. I thought all objective truth was gone!
Anyone seen the film The Foreigner? It's so awful it's embarrassing to watch!
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I liked the way Pierce Brosnan played the Gerry Adams-type character. I'll say nothing about the rest of the film because I'm not a critical movie watcher in general.
You are your own unique divinity...claim it
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I think we have in us a spark of something that's called divinity for want of a better word. It would be a good thing if we looked on people in that way - at least in the sense of potential. But the most important thing would be to try to live up to the potential in ourselves to be very special people.
Two German sopranos that reached the peak of their careers in the 1950s were Elisabeth Schwarzkopf ...
brentan comments on Aug 31, 2018:
I hadn't heard anything by Humperdinck before. That was really nice. I will get around to listening to the whole opera soon.
We're all just walking each other home...
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
It's a lovely picture, and then I thought of Hansel and Gretel.
The sad state of education in the US
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
If you took down the outside clocks, you could fool the weather into thinking everything was normal.
My dads entire life he was an Atheist. He battled cancer for several years and upon his death bed ...
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
She did a bad thing for what she thought was a good reason. I would forgive her. She must have cared for him.
I called to wish my grandma a happy birthday, she's 90, devout Catholic. She started in on me about ...
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
When i was a Jehovah's Witness, I thought nothing was more important than truth. Nowadays I'm convinced that was wrong and kindness should be the priority.
Facebook profited by selling data that helped sway the US Presidential vote in 2016. How anyone ...
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
I don't think people will leave FB for moral reasons. I'm pretty sure it will only happen when it doesn't serve a need anymore. Forums like this will probably drive nails into FB's coffin.
Following Outrage, Retiring Bishop Won’t Move into $2.3M Home Bought by Church | David G. McAfee
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
The apostles would turn in their graves.
That's Life ?
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
Life is a chequered experience.
What is a book that has been important in the development of your worldview?
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
William Horwood's Duncton Wood has a great influence on me as a young person. It is a series of stories about animals in a wood. On another level it is about culture, history, identity and spirit.
Which do you think is more important ?.... To honor [whatever that means ] your parents or to ...
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
If I remember right, the commandment said something like 'honour your parents so that you will live long on the land'. I think it meant your parents would get to live longer because you would help them, and then your children would do the same for you. But it would be daft to think all parents merit honour by their family position. Not enough counsellors advise children to get away from their toxic parents.
Something I've noticed on almost every Disney film
brentan comments on Aug 30, 2018:
I recommend watching Jordon Peterson's YouTube lectures on Pinocchio. He explains the psychology behind the story. Here's a relatively short one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YhVruKGkjs
A referendum to repeal the Blasphemy Law is to be held here in Ireland in October. My opinion is ...
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
I hope so. I can only see Muslims complaining.
Hi world glad to join. So hard to keep friends once they find out u r a non believer
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Hello and welcome!
After this life
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Not many come back after death. So far, none of them have said what it's like in the afterlife. I think that's because life after death is so good, people on earth would start topping themselves in their thousands. I'm going to make a big effort to get back and if I manage it, I'm going to tell everyone all about it.
So what are your plans for Labor Day?
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
I'm glad at least one country honours women giving birth.
Je Suis Charlie
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Hello Charlie. Welcome to the forum!
Sastrugi Noun (plural) Parallel wave-like features caused by winds on hard snow, especially in ...
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Isn't that strange? Just like sand.
Honesty is the best policy
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Oh gosh, yes, fuck 'em! But you can't fuck 'em when your family needs the cheque.
When I was in ballet, my first toe shoe solo was set to this piece. I had the most beautiful costume...
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Works like this are the height of human aspiration. We are carried away on a wave and then return to the shore. I'm glad you had that moment!
One of my favorites - Verdi- Nabucco - Gefangenenchor [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
Nabucco is my favourite opera. I love the stirring tunes. Opposed to them, there is the very plaintive song Nabucco sings near the end of the opera when he gets sense and begs God to help him save his daughter. This is my favourite version of the song sung by Renato Bruson. It's called Dio di Giuda, which probably means 'God of the Jews'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tds4znmgnFs
Women are bi
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
I think that's written on a mirror in an Irish pub called The Glen Bar.
Palliative (of a medicine or medical care) relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the ...
brentan comments on Aug 29, 2018:
My father got that care shortly before dying. It seems to be very skilled work, walking a tightrope between practicality and compassion.


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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.
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