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Sunrises and New Horizons are for The Young and the brave.
brentan comments on Aug 5, 2018:
Ah no. Well they're for the brave, I guess, no matter what age you are.
Is "believing" in karma superstitious or is it scientific based? Does karma even exist? For me,...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
I think the idea of people getting what they deserve is just to keep us tame. Hell might be just an extension of the same wishful thinking.
Belief in karma is as much garbage as belief in an afterlife. There are no rewards or punishments ...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Well, that's that then!
Studying the cause of the Civil War...funny, and not very funny at all.
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Apu knows his stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFwHQYDqf6c
Written by my close relative. Feedback will be appreciated To the U.S. Congress Equations for...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
It seems not only religious people feel a deep sense of impending doom. Quite a lot of entertainment reflects that too. If the fundies are right, Armageddon's a-comin' and things will get very much worse belore the Messiah comes to solve our problems. I don't think non-believers are articulating any unified alternative message. Everyone believes the problem is a cause of the economy. I believe it's a hole in people's lives caused by lack of meaning. The meaning given to people by their various religions has dissipated and there seems to be nothing to replace it.
Watched lo and behold ruminations on the computer age I think the internet is one of the best ...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
It's a huge part of my life. I love it.
How the American left is rediscovering morality | US news | The Guardian
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
It's bizarre that socialism, treating everyone the same, has a kinship with religious morality and yet frightens conservative Americans like the devil was in their midst.It's not so bizarre, I guess, if you know anything about the history of Russia and China in the last century.
Not worth a title The president spews hate You can see it in his eyes In his face At his ...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Very good. I think the Bible says many people will mistake the Antichrist for the Messiah.
Do you read "fiction" or "non fiction" or maybe "historical fiction"? When I was younger I read ...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
I progressed the same way. The only history I learned was from historical fiction like James Mitchener's Texas or Gary Jenning's Aztec. I think it was because there was meat on the bones of the story. These days I find there is more meat on the bones of philosophical books. My father used to call stories that were easy to digest - pap. I still like to read a pap story every now and then for a break from the heavy stuff. It's usually historical fiction about Shakespeare's England.
[m.facebook.com]. . ....I just joined on here THANK you. And as I'm aware this group is basically...
brentan comments on Aug 4, 2018:
I'm not usually stuck for words. Maybe I got struck by cognitive dissonance at the positive nature of your post. And I trust you managed to turn your life around. He must have been a great and unusual man to offer such kindness in a world set up to be unkind to him.
You can order your DNA profile, which can tell you how much neanderthal DNA you have, and can trace ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I'll bet my siblings and my ex have lots of Neanderthal DNA. I'm probably from a tribe of Arian Africans.
Genome Study Upends Our Understanding of How Language Evolved... [scientificamerican.com]
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I never thought our biology had anything to do with language. Maybe it has to do with how the sounds of language are produced by the tongue.
I want to open a bottle of dry, red wine, gaze up at the stars, and become lost in the thousands of ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Control yourself. Chastise yourself. Pinch yourself. Now go out and make money!
John Hartford - Steam Powered Aeroplane [youtu.be] Some of the biggest old time/bluegrass ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Now that's very enjoyable - lots of talent on that stage!
“You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.” Amy Poehler
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Or you have to die to get where you're going to end up.
Haiku for a sexy weekend... After we made love smelling of great memories I left you smiling
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
That's what happens if you don't shower after sex!
So, after talking to my mother she believes my lack of belief or lack of of tolerance for the ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Love your mother if she will let you.
Just my thoughts : linear perception has space/time locked into a paradoxical loop of various ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I need a clarification. Is 'linear perception' another way of saying 'thinking about the future' or do you mean that our perception of space-time is linear instead of multi-dimensional? If it's the latter, where do our emotions fit in?
Locus Mundi There should be a place Where feet have not trod Where eyes have not seen ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I guess we'll never lose our fascination for discovery of something new. To the universe and beyond!
Isn't the word "consciousness" becoming an excuse to replace the outdated "god" word?.. the reason i...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I think there is a change in the air. Perhaps people are unsatisfied with the Richard Dawkins-type notion that consciousness resides in the brain so that when the brain dies, that's it for our personal consciousness. I like Rupert Sheldrake's concept of consciousness being out there in the meta-world, and the brain working as a tool to retrieve, process and store thoughts. So in Sheldrake's world, the brain can die and consciousness lives on.
Right Said Fred singer finally able to wear his shirt after sexiness reduction procedure
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
It must have been torture to be so sexy. I'm happy for his sake.
I have not been active on this site for a while..
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Hello and welcome back.
This new book called "Squeezed" looks really good. Does anyone feel like the middle class is slowly ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
I think it's very true. It'll be a return to the bad old days when there was only rich and poor.
Another one I'm moving over from Poets' Corner, about a certain someone who's still making my heart ...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
It's short, sweet and concise.....in a word, excellent!
People who are unaware tend to be unaware that they are unaware !
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
It's time to be woke. Even Jesus talked about it 2000 years ago: Blessed are those aware of their spiritual need - Matthew 5:3. Wake up, people!
Are you currently reading several books? I nearly always have a number of books on the go. At the...
brentan comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Yes. Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky and The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.
Is it odd to occasionally look up and wonder... Is any of this real? Can this shitstorm that people ...
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
Here's a potential antidote to the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP5ohTF4epE
I am going to vote for the cantidate who vows never to attend a "prayer breakfast".....
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
You'll end up voting as often as a Jehovah's Witness.
How did you escape narcissism?
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
The only cure I know for that problem is travel.
I know this guy's a 'tad' religious, however, I can't help but agree with a lot of what he ...
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
It's weird to think his opinion on the subject is important because so many people think he's inspired by God. Saying that, I don't know if he claimed this opinion is infallible. He's such a fake. Even some Catholics say he is a 'pope for the unbelievers' because he does nothing for Catholics and spends all his time trying to make Catholicism look good to unbelievers.
Vicente Fernandez - Aca Entre Nos - YouTube
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
This was great. I began feeling sure it was a parody. Now I'm not sure. Here's a translation of the lyrics from Google: Here Among Us sung by Vicente Fernandez For showing off I told my friends That in love No pain annihilates me What to prove them I forgot your kisses And they were enough A few shots of tequila I told them that I found With another love And that in her arms I was ceasing to love you I hate you From the day of your betrayal And that there are moments That I have wished until your death Here between us I want you to know the truth I have not stopped worshiping you There in my sad loneliness I have wanted to scream Run out and ask What has happened to your life Here between us I will always remember you And today, next to me, you're no longer There is nothing left to confess That I can not stand That I am hating without hating Why do I breathe through the wound And there is a martyr There is no doubt that pain is also sung When you cry you can not Here between us
Johnny Flynn, theme song from 'The Detectorists'. A brilliant series and beautiful theme <3 ...
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
Very nice, a fine gritty voice and nice finger-picking. Is that the TV series about the two English guys who search for old treasures in the ground? I saw the first series and loved the easy pace of the story and how human the main characteres were.
If one has these 3 gifts. That's all one needs. LOVE,UNDERSTANDING AND SUGGESTIONS to help ...
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
I think you'd be on your way to a morally good life. In the business world, you might not stand a chance. In marriage, your wife might prefer a man out kicking ass for a living.
I hate memes, except those that are true !
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
Sometimes we think very similar to the way Muslims think. Here's a link to a Muslim cleric explaining why women shouldn't drive. He's boldly saying what many men are thinking. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/saudi-arabia-woman-driving-ban-remain-lack-intellect-men-sexism-sheikh-saad-al-hajari-islamic-leader-a7960501.html
How do you decide which books to keep and which to let go?
brentan comments on Aug 2, 2018:
Keep the books you've read and have made a big impact on you. Never dump these. They are your soul. Dump the ones you always intend to read. They'll always be there and never read.
Call me Dave brought up an interesting question. I have one question for the guys. Do you get a ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I do get a thanks 90% of the time. The thanks matters to me because it signifies that politeness, which I think graces a society, is still alive and well.
Tommy Robinson freed on bail as court orders retrial Appeal court quashes finding of contempt ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
It will be a judicial case of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.
Im kinda a socially awkward person, any advice on how to become more casual with my social ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I think reading something about Asperger's Syndrome would help, whether you're on it or not.
I don’t know how historically legit this message is but it sounds cool ?
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I'll bet they loved him!
I am, at the same time, deeply saddened and deeply angered by the degree of fraud and corruption ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I think there's no pretense anymore with free market capitalism. It's survival of the fittest totally stripped of the laws and morality that restricted excess. Sadly, I think it's what our parents wanted and also what we wanted, as we all joined in to gradually lower the bar and promote the focus on the individual.
Do you usually root for the good guy or villain in a movie?
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I like those movies where the good guy wins out and the bad guy gets his ass kicked within 2 hours. I think it was the law in America that the bad guy had to lose out in the end. They didn't want to encourage crime.
This was pretty interesting: [youtu.be]
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
Christopher Hitchins claims in his book God Is Not Great that Stalin's Russia was superimposed on the Greek Orthodox doctrines of his time. Sam Harris repeated this idea recently at a conference in Dublin. I haven't got or read the book and haven't found the relevant information online. The only information I've read so far is here: https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4076
All of reality is one. We're still in the singularity.
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
You must admit it doesn't feel like it.
I'm perhaps the most secular person in my intermediate family, since I've join this site I no longer...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
It's good you've found a place where you can be yourself. I remember well not being able to say what I thought in religious company.
This is what theism is all about.
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
What - you mean the Plymouth Brethren weren't martyrs?
I am often a woman of few words - but lots of deep thoughts. Below is a grouping of Haiku that I ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
That's crafted very well! Not just the 5-7-5 style but also using the motorcycle ride as the vehicle to tell the story of a great start and a bad finish to love.
The ultimate hustle.
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
What's better than a good story but an eternal story, an archetypal story. Jordon Peterson explains these stories as enactments of dramas used to convey philosophical intuitions that had no language as yet. We have a lot of the language now and can express so much that we don't really need the dramas anymore. I hope, though, that we respectfully store these dramas so that future generations can always study the world we come from.
I am challenging myself in writing a short poem, thought, ideas, or anything else, every day. Here ...
brentan comments on Aug 1, 2018:
Time and images, and those images make a strong claim on reality. Well done!
109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I dread to think what brought her to that conclusion.
That's my favorite position
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Or you could be itinerant about it. I mean that in the literal sense of the word, of course.
Another recent poem: The Busted Neon Loneliness I drink overpriced Chardonnay in a ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
As another poet said, 'a terrible beauty is born'. Or a film director portrayed in Taxi Driver. And as true as it is, it simply cannot be allowed to be everything. I hope Dostoevsky was right when he put the words into the mouth of the idiot 'beauty will save the world'. Well done for a wonderful poem!
Christian Zionism: The New Heresy that Undermines Middle East Peace – Middle East Monitor
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Maybe these people look on it as the price necessary to pay to bring in God's kingdom, making Palestinians collateral damage in the process while American fundies are safe at home. I doubt if the damage will stop there. Due to the inevitability that prophecy is always found false, no kingdom will come and who knows how bad things will get. I'm sure Christians will put the devastation in the Middle East down to prophecies about the Battle of Armageddon and delight in the carnage.
One of the delightful outcomes of the weekend byelections in Australia was the failure of a member ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Not such a downer after all! Best of luck with the new person!
I was hoping to post these two versions of a poem side by side, but didn't manage to do so. It was ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Well now, remind me not to mess with you! That poem is fierce and to the point (rapier point) and it was a clever idea to paraphrase it.
You guys are soooooo good for me! You don’t know how many times I have tried to write about this....
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
It's very helpful, hopefully as much for the writer as the reader, to outline what it is to be a human being.
Men. Does your testosterone motivate you besides sex? Women do your hormones motivate you ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Haven't they known about this in sport for a very long time? For me, it means it puts 'pep in my step'. This 'pep' is an energy that can be applied to anything.
Moses, the real deal
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I can't remember what those little cakes were called!
Children are our past, present and future [facebook.com] I do hope this works
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
It brought me to a Facebook page where I had to request to join to see the full page.
The all new born babies are atheist before cheating them
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
They're probably atheist at birth because of original sin, according to at least Catholicism. I think that's why their parents want them baptised as soon as possible.
If at first you don't succeed, try try the gin!
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I don't drink gin but I agree with the 'spirit' of the post!
YouTube Punishes Atheist for Exposing Christian Who Wants Gay People Executed – Friendly Atheist
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I guess this has nothing to do with right and wrong. YouTube probably only cares about who might sue them.
So many chat rooms on this site.... ..yet I only see two used...? Is this common ?
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I didn't know that. Stagefright?
"You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument." - Samuel Johnson I think the same...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Maybe Sam had got to the stage where he had a retinue of yes-men when he wrote that!
Is virginity moral law for atheist?
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I say no. Sex is not immoral. It's not to be trivialised either, what with serious consequences attached.
Any ideas for cutting back on caffeine?
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Sounds to me like your whole lifestyle is nothing but stress. But what to do if it's needed to pay bills? If it's a bit self-inflicted, may be time to go smelling roses instead of coffee.
Today give a stranger a smile. It might be the only sunshine they get all day.
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
I can testify to that.
Can't remember if I posted this one in one of the other groups or not. Anyway, here it is. Strong...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
That's a seriously well-made poem. I got the sense of the young girl's death, your death and my own.
New Atheism, Worse Than You Think
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Could it be a new church for belief in science - whites only, please! With a copy of The Selfish Gene in one hand and a firearm in the other, we'll track down out and extirpate the unprivileged, ignorant believers!
Last Journey Will I know death is coming for me? Take one last trip east, climb the fence, stand ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
That's sad and evocative. I love the names, I guess they're Native American.
Antinous: the Man-God Who Rivaled Jesus in the 2nd Century CE | The Autarkist
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
That's interesting. He's a kind of gay Jesus. I have always thought that Jesus was portrayed throughout history as a gay guy on a cross. Maybe that's because the painters were gay.
FLASH FICTION -- 101 WORDS OR LESS PEACE OF MIND? Lance sat at his dinner table head in his ...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Was that Checkov's opinion that if a prop was present on the stage, it must be used? If only the Lances of this world (and I count myself among them) realised that in life, there can always be a new act, a new scene to be experienced if you don't close down the play.
Hi All. New here. Here's a recent poem. Comments welcome. The Sigh of the Night Shift Waitress...
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Super poem. I wonder how one finds the music, or perhaps the harmony, in such grey situations. Would a god, looking down simultaneously on both the good and the bad in this world, think it's all good, by some kind of divine rationalisation?
This will likely drive people away from Microsoft [computerworld.com]
brentan comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Fingers crossed it will open up an opportunity for some other company to supply the need in the market.
Snort!!! as a sick human..this is so funny to me
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Oh dear!
Just wondering...
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Anything to keep socialism out of the country, I guess.
Making new friends
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Every so often I leave my computer and venture back into the 'real' world. I get reminded very quick why I left it and go back to my computer.
This came up in conversation, one of my more favorite tidbits about human evolution, from a favorite...
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
OK. That is seriously fascinating!
Are the odds actually in favor of the notion of a creator , at least as a creator of us , us ...
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Such a difficult question. What was the Prime Mover? Did the universe need one? Were the Anunnaki the aliens who travelled to earth and created people to do their work for them? My belief is the universe always existed. I think that is what we can't get our heads around. The question has been changed into believers trying to get their heads around God always existing.
I do not understand why this country thinks Socialism is so bad. One aspect of Socialism is the ...
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
I thought social democracy with Keynesian economics was an ideal compromise in society. I hear that that economic model won't work in today's free-market economy.
Watch This Ex-Evangelical Explain Why She Finally Gave Up Her Belief in God – Friendly Atheist
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
She's hot! A formidable woman.
This is what greeted me when I came home today. They always take my breath away.
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Wonderful sight.
Stephen King: 'My Imagination Was Very Active — Even At A Young Age' : NPR
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
I loved the human element in his stories.
Jeff Sessions announces a ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ to protect hate groups / LGBTQ Nation
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
....and liberty for all. The freedom to buy a gay cake. The freedom to refuse to add a message to the cake that goes against your conscience. This reminds me of how better it is to solve marital disputes without lawyers. In a similar vein, it would help to resolve differences without support organisations. Compromise is key.
I would like to meet friends.
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Hi there. You're very welcome!
It's Emily Bronte's two hundredth birthday today. She wrote just one novel,Wuthering Heights, and ...
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
Great story. Weird and wonderful family.
Me and my mate Brendan on fiddle [soundcloud.com]
brentan comments on Jul 30, 2018:
I enjoyed that. Very adventurous.
Reality, what is it? It's the zone in which human comprehension exists. Extend the low side 'till ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
I guess it all started with people believing gods lived inside that reality. Then they pushed the gods outside. Then the number was reduced.
People don't need RELIGION, religion needs people. Religion doesn't make people better rather, ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Yes indeed! Religion is looking very silly in my country these days what with all its institutions but no people.
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
That was great fun!
This is perfect!! [youtube.com]
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Very well done!
Dealing with "church folk"
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
They're there to test your faith!
Well I finally filled out my profile questionnaire. One question was. How do you mostly get ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Lol. Messing with the profile might have disastrous results.
How many people are still experiencing blistering heat?
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Second day of rain today, very badly needed.
First time trying this site... I've been off online dating sites for at least a year... This is ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Hello and welcome.
I love the quote " It is not a measure of good psychological health to be well adjusted to a ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
I think a lot of people get through the day self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. I'm old-school so I had nervous breakdowns.
How many of you agree? We don't need a religion
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
I fear that there is a problem, a malaise in Western society since the decline of religion.
New to non belief.
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
See what she makes of 1 Corinthians 7:14-16.
Is our nation under god or is this country supposed to be secular............incongruency?
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
It's time for a clarification.
Finished reading the book A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future by Dr Jonathan ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
It's good to hear something positive, or at least hopeful. I believe Steven Pinker's new book is quite positive too about how things are going these days.
It can be so exhausting to give a damn, can't it? It is my personal and professional experience ...
brentan comments on Jul 29, 2018:
And remember - no good deed goes unpunished.


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This is taken right in front of the Alcazaba in Almeria.
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