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I need a snappy comeback to "have a blessed day"
dare2dream comments on Jun 11, 2018:
"Thank you. I'm an atheist but I appreciate your sentiment."
So, I got called nigger today. Again. If I can get through ONE year of my life where that’s not ...
dare2dream comments on Apr 30, 2018:
Oh my Zeus! In this day and age....
No longer voting for corporate Democrats.
dare2dream comments on Jul 11, 2018:
Elizabeth Warren? She certainly speaks out against special interests and their money.
Separating Families At The Border: The Hysteria Overlooks Some Key Facts [investors.com]
dare2dream comments on Jun 19, 2018:
This article tries to justify separating children from their parents because : - The parents committed the misdemeanor of illegally entering the country. - They might be separated for a short time in some cases. - Some are not related. These are all lousy excuses. They're trying to justify the unjustifiable. This is a new policy. It just started on Trump's watch and he can stop it when he wants. Shame on him. ​
Or has a beautiful soul but might not have the perfect body.
dare2dream comments on Dec 2, 2018:
Does anyone still believe in the existence of a soul?
The last guy I was "seeing", mostly talking and texting, told me he was married and separated 2 ...
dare2dream comments on May 19, 2018:
For me, "Separated" should mean living apart. If they're still sharing the house, they're not separated.
As you are aware, this is somewhat difficult. On April 15, 2018 it will be two years since my ...
dare2dream comments on Apr 23, 2018:
When I lost my dear wife to A.L.S. five years ago my life was destroyed. I knew I had to make a new life out of the ashes of the old. How do I do that? I "put myself out there" by joining new social circles, meeting new people and made new friends as well as stayed connected to the old ones. You don't need to "fit in". Join social circles that fit you. Nothing could make me feel better but keeping busy and following my passions was a good distraction!
Is it important for you to think that you have contributed in some small way to the benefit of ...
dare2dream comments on Apr 21, 2018:
“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” - Horace Mann “The day we stop helping each other is the day we stop being human beings.” ~ from the movie 2012 ​
As someone who is single after decades of marriage & relationships, I'm finding that it's just ...
dare2dream comments on Apr 29, 2018:
I think people can be in a romantic relationship with "no BS, no games and everything discussed beforehand". They just have to be honest and drama-free. Could it be you got a little "gun shy" after some bad experiences? No one can blame you for that! But getting "benefits" without emotional attachment just sounds a bit too shallow and superficial for me. Keeping an "arrangement" on the down low feels a bit sneaky. Just my opinion. But I was married for a lifetime (hers) and single for only the last five.
Are you ethical? Do you have a code of ethics?
dare2dream comments on Sep 24, 2018:
I realize there are other people in the world who are very much like me. I therefore empathize and have compassion for others. This is the basis of my moral code.
Does anyone else who's de-converted from religion struggle with logically knowing / accepting ...
dare2dream comments on Apr 26, 2019:
That's a good example of how feelings are deceiving.
The structure of logic
dare2dream comments on Jun 4, 2018:
It's true that self-awareness and death are mutually exclusive, can never be confirmed, only disproved. On the other hand, to believe that self-awareness and death are **not** mutually exclusive,requires a premise (i.e. there is an afterlife) which has no evidentiary basis.
This was a response to someone's post, but being new to the site, I thought I'd post it here to see ...
dare2dream comments on May 31, 2018:
I agree with much of what you said as I am agnostic as well as atheist. As Rachel said so well, skepticism is my default position until there is a preponderance of evidence for something. This open mindedness is lacking in theists. If an atheist is open to hearing evidence they cannot be absolutist. Being evidence based instead of faith based is a step toward enlightenment.
God is the construct of society ,Philosophy is dead. Afterlife doesn't exist.Longing to know the ...
dare2dream comments on Sep 13, 2018:
The search for truth is philosophy. What is true is reality.
It's WAY early in the morning and meandering about I found this group. I thought it was ...
dare2dream comments on Jun 21, 2018:
If it's time to let go of Ken's ashes and burial at sea is not appropriate, how about this? Take a walk in the nearest national forest and when you find a pretty and peaceful place bury the ashes there. You can visit the place another time if you ever need to.


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