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Being told how sexy you are in the first few messages. What do people think about this? I would ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 24, 2019:
I disliked pet names so much I put it in my profile for guys not to call me a pet name in a first message. Like come on dude you don't know me like that, slow your roll. Some offended russian twat told me I needed to calm down and learn how to take a compliment soo naturally we got into a fight and I cussed him off and blocked him. As if I was just sitting around waiting for some guy to say hi hunny, deary, sweetheart, etc. No I was not. So I hate it myself.
Happy 100th birthday to Ms. Katherine Johnson, NASA human computer who calculated trajectories for ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 24, 2019:
why hasn't she won a math award yet?? goddam sexist male dominated math award giving institutions. blah
What are you unashamed of?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 23, 2019:
These are things my toxic fam consistently tries to shame me about to no avail: ** I am unashamed about graduating from university or pursuing a higher education I am unashamed about graduating with honours from the social sciences I am unashamed of being agnostic I am unashamed of being messy and not a little neat freak housewife type I am unashamed of helping the downtrodden, including the homeless, or volunteering my time and efforts to help charities I am unashamed of being a feminist I am unashamed of having an opinion I am unashamed of stubbornly sticking to my core principles and values in life I am unashamed of spending my money on prepared food or junk food to survive I am unashamed that I am choosing to go childFREE I am unashamed that I do not believe in marriage for myself
Reunion By Len Hazell "What am, I doing here?" Sean Mc Connel checked his watch again; it was ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 23, 2019:
why was my comment deleted exactly? The first guy is abusive, so I was just stating a fact. :s
Job satisfaction.
demifeministgal comments on Mar 23, 2019:
I keep getting contract jobs and while I have helped people resolve their grievances in customer service related or information assistant roles, nothing has been my dream job yet. None of them gave my life purpose or meaning and if they were meaningful jobs or jobs where I help humanity, perhaps getting up early for them would not suck so much. heh
Searching Online on Job Applicants So what are your thoughts on companies who take applications ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 23, 2019:
I guess it was a good idea I never used my real entire name on social media, even in my teen years. Not that I had anything to hide, but given conservative or religious hiring employers may not like my swearing posts or, more recently, my anti-theistic views.
Calling Women "the Office Bunny"
demifeministgal comments on Mar 23, 2019:
ughh why do they ASSume that the only reason the woman got the job is cuz of her looks, breasts or sexual favours?! Could it be because in an actual meritocratic hiring process men are losing out on jobs because of BETTER qualified women, and the way to ease their egos is to blame nefarious reasons for the woman being hired? Methinks so.
I wanted to share a few thoughts and memes on dating. It sure has changed since the days when I was ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 22, 2019:
LOL! manpons.... looove it! too many man-babies or man-childs out there need these. XD
Who was that masked man By Len Hazell “You are cordially invited?” Terry looked from the ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 22, 2019:
this guy comes across as an abuser... perhaps a TW for domestic violence themes next time around? >.>
There are posters here who are depending on MSM for their opinions. Here is a more in-depth look at ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I've been broken up with my ex for about 4 months now. My question is when will the depression ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 22, 2019:
If I may ask, how long were you two together? were you in love?
Ok, this might start world war three, but I'd be interested to hear from this group members to sound...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 21, 2019:
well I have read from women that using a covering their babies will throw it off or refuse to eat under it. And the only way their baby seems to eat is with the full breast exposed. So, logically, those fussy lil sh_ts seem incapable of doing so while covered up. Now as for others where the baby is not a lil fussy thing, they could cover up, however should not have to, especially during humid summers/weather. I am made uncomfy by it too but I just look away, in this case it's my problem/issue not the mothers'.
I don't know if this topic is truly appropriate for this group, but the situation IS driving me ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 21, 2019:
Honestly I don't know how people do it, being friends with religious and/or conservative people, but especially ones so vocal about it. If I had a friend that for example was sick and thanked god for healing her/him I think I'd cuss them off and be like ooh really?! Because my devout, god-fearing mother and granny both put their hands and lives in God's hands and died. So clearly you god is a biased sack of shit. I personally do not have the patience to be friends with anyone that reminds me of my fam members, but that is just me.
For your entertainment, today's old folks online dating site "flirt" winner...lol: "Hello Queen, ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 21, 2019:
This legit made me LOL. He's is relocating to your city is he? heh
In my online (dating site) profile I have stated what I hope to convey is polite caution... Women - ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 21, 2019:
You put it much nicer than I ever did! heh
When you show a friend (and I use that term loosely now) a photo of your new beau and she tells you ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 20, 2019:
ughh what s superficial c_ntbag. I had dumbass female fam members that prioritized looks and appearance over the person's morals, values, character, personality, etc. and they ended up with abusive fckers or shackled to someone completely incompatible with them and always fighting. I used to be this way as a teen and early 20s myself but I have realized that shared values and open and honest communication and compatible temperaments trump empty pretty boys any day. Your friend needs to grow the fck up, her adolescence is showing! :/
Now I have a table and small loveseat. I’m slowly getting recovered from a year of gastroparesis ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 20, 2019:
Perhaps make peace with not ever knowing? Easier said than done, I know! OR that you MAY one day know but may need to wait until your deathbed to know. My sis kicked me out at a really shitty time in my life too. I had a psycho ex causing drama which caused me to spiral into a depression I hadn't had in 2 years, with suicidal thoughts cropping up again. It was the first time I experienced dissociation. And her attitude was all meh I am done helping you now. tough shit you are dealing with this. we gotta move. get out. So I feel your pain in a sense. *hugs*
What is your idea of a good death?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 20, 2019:
I will disagree that one needs to live a long life. But rather, one should live a fulfilling life in which all their needs, as per Maslow's hierarchy, are met. And any (realistic) goals or desires or dreams or wishes of theirs are met. And a pain-free death would me ideal for me. Were it not for my aversion to pain and fear of vomitting I may not be here right now. heh xD Also, to have closure before one dies and sort out all one's affairs and say one's goodbyes or farewells and make ammends. For me, closure is important and I would probably right all my loved ones letters.
?? Everyone's very first sexual encounter is the most memorable according to historical accounts and...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 18, 2019:
Probably the most memorable would be the first time my ex got me off with his mouth without any help. That may seem like no big deal but it took a long time for that to happen for us/me. :)
is your dog Irish?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 18, 2019:
I think his breed may be part Irish. He's a wheaton terrier :)
This is my tattoo guy. The client in the picture is not me. But I have been in that position with ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 14, 2019:
honestly the ear extenders are gross to me. :/
[cbc.ca] From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 12, 2019:
oh sweet. I didn't know this was happening here. Frign awesome :D
Has anyone tried marijuana with low THC and higher CBD for depression and anxiety? From my research,...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 12, 2019:
I have tried just CBD oil and it did not do shit for me. It was such a tiny little bottle and so bloody expensive and i tried even using more drops than recommended or directly on my tongue and no less anxiety. fck it :/ But I was told by a pharmacist it does not work for everyone and yay me it does not work for me. blah
Got time for that?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 12, 2019:
You can have him! I never saw the appeal of mamoa myself but soo many people in my life, male and female, love him. heh
I haven't done one of these for a while. Be still my heart.
demifeministgal comments on Mar 12, 2019:
Love the arms... but the chest needs to be less hairy and a bit less bulgy ;)
To answer some questions Kinktionary Roles Dominant A person who consensually takes ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 9, 2019:
I didn't know that princess one was a thing. :o It sounds pretty nice. :)
I turned 50 in October 2018. Kind of a big deal for me, maybe not for all people. My Mom did not ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 8, 2019:
I do not know how to do what you are doing. I was very LC when my own mother was dying and my sister ended up taking up the brunt of the chores and emotional and physical labour. My subconscious just would not allow me to do it would give me terrible nightmares night before I had to see her and make it impossible to sleep. What my sister did is not what I would recommend you do; she drowned her sorrows in booze and weed and other drugs. But, she was also in therapy at the time so maybe she used that too idk.
Idris Elba to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2 [comicbook.com]
demifeministgal comments on Mar 8, 2019:
both are yummy in different ways ;)
I haven’t been very active in this group but I’m really struggling tonight. I know I can’t ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 7, 2019:
If that works for you, that is fantastic! Unfortunately for others we believe the negative we were taught and any new negatives thrown our way and disregard or do not believe the positives. Gotta love negative reinforcements :/
Is being self-sufficient only rewarded in “winning” people?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
I think you have bought in to the stereotype of all or most women loving the bad boy or asshole and I would challenge you to develop some self awareness or introspection about the types of women you are chasing. It reminds me of the men that whine about all women being gold diggers as they go out of their way to only date materialistic women who expect lavish lifestyles. heh
Question for the ladies: If you had 5 men, all meeting your personal physical prerequisites for ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
Pros: intelligence (particularily about our shared society, politics, social science and hard sciences), empathy and caring about helping others, able to maintain an intelligent conversation, sense of self awareness cons: if he remotely resembles or talks like a conservative or libertarian blegh If he is a proponent of pseudo-science or New Age foolishness and swears by it If he's an edgelord and doesn't give a fck what he says to others, even hate speech If he cannot maintain an intelligent convo and it is like pulling teeth to try and get him to talk
I encourage clients not to define “having sex” as intercourse, since there are so many paths to ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
yea the way we tend to think of and conceptualize sex is very heteronormative. Though I would not personally describe masturbation as "having sex". But to each their own
I still get these abusive messages all the time:
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
almost every single one of these things is currently done by my breeder (he's not much of a father, nor has he ever been much of one, just less crazy than my narc breeder, but a different kind of crazy nonetheless).
So I need some advice. I'm a survivor of sexual, mental and physical abuse. I'm 22 I've already had ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
You may need to go NC or LC with your family of origin. I have read stories from people with narc mothers and flying monkey (aka enabler family members like fathers) that had to cut off their parents once they had kid(s) for the protection of the kid(s). It can be done, but of course it is a difficult decision to make to cut off one's family and essentially live life as an orphan. Not everyone is strong enough to do so.
I cross posted in an online dating group. Would like input from ya’ll as well. Background: ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
ughhh what a bloody man-child! He brings up cost, again, and then he plays that teenage BS card of trying to make you jealous saying he has all these other options. FCK THIS GUY! You deserve better than this and than him. Let him return the book at low-cost and after that I'd be done with him. I hope he got bronchitis from being a cheap man-whore and paid the wrong sex worker for it. As in she was sick and didn't give a fck about getting clients sick. heh
I wanted to share an update on my "Romantic Situation" here at agnostic since it is This Site that ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 6, 2019:
Got any wedding pics? ;)
If you're poor, would you date?
demifeministgal comments on Mar 5, 2019:
It depends on your area and the expectations of women in your area. If y'all have a good public transportation system and the women do not expect to be picked up and dropped off it can work. That's how I dated when a poor student nobody picked up nobody and we met at halfway points along the subway or bus line. However, if you live in rural America or in an area with underdeveloped or shitty transit systems, then you may be shit out of luck with your dating prospects unless she is willing to drive to you/your area.
Although I fully anticipated a return of depression following the huge fire that took my home and ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 5, 2019:
Although I fully anticipated a return of depression following the huge fire that took my home and ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 5, 2019:
There are articles about when you need to distinguish regular grief and complicated grief. Feel free to read up about it: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/complicated-grief/symptoms-causes/syc-20360374
Got Mardi Gras Hunks? It's Fat Tuesday even in Australia. Thank god. Feel free to post your Mardi ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 5, 2019:
left one has waaay too much hair for my liking.... my generation was not socialized in the hairy chest man envt, though I know previous generations were. ;)
demifeministgal comments on Mar 2, 2019:
seems kinda slut-shamey for a deviant group... but whatever floats y'alls boats
Does anyone else feel like they are not living up to their full potential thanks to anxiety or ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 1, 2019:
Sometimes parental figures can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. I would say if they are toxic and impacting your mental health, you may need to consider cutting them out of your life either through low contact or no contact or setting boundaries for them against emotional abuse. Who's a success in their careers in their 20s anyways?! Your family has pretty damn high expectations imo! There's a reason successful people in their 20s are written about because they are exceptional outliers, not the statistical norm! There is still time for you to be everything you want to be don't give up yet.
I finally made it into the Growth Zone this year, but I occasionally get kicked back to the Fear ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 1, 2019:
:( :$
I'm absolutely posting this pic of Ricky White (American Gods) for the cute puppy in it.
demifeministgal comments on Mar 1, 2019:
OMGGGG cuuuuute diggy and cute guy! Be still my beating heart! ;D
i got a rejection email today for that job as a [youth] peer counselor i put in for. I still have ...
demifeministgal comments on Mar 1, 2019:
The fact you drive your daughter to work and support her employment endeavours already makes you more valuable than many breeders or abusive "mothers" out there. Not only would my mother (or father) never have done that, but the former actively psychologically abused me in relation to jobs to the point I needed counselling to get over her toxic shit. You are a great parent and should be proud of that imo :D
dr thomas szasz. dr carl hart dr john breeding they will all tell you the truth. what is the truth? ...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Your scientific illiteracy, ignorance and confirmation bias (3 quacks out of millions of doctors... great research there... NOT) are noted. I guess all those people in pharmaceutical studies and pharmacology are wasting their time cuz 3 docs said so... pfffft
Woohoo! Beefcake. ??
demifeministgal comments on Feb 22, 2019:
whenever I see veins bulging like that it skeeves me out... the muscles are fine the bulging veins not so much ;)
I need 6,649 more points to hit LEVEL 7.Should I offer sex or continue posting amazing questions? ...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 14, 2019:
What happens at level 7, that you are offering the sex?! Is that the t-shirt level? o.O
What’s the worst break up you’ve had?
demifeministgal comments on Feb 14, 2019:
In terms of relationships and dating I have done the breaking up.... in terms of talking and going to date I would say a guy just ghosting or disappearing is annoying or a first date where a guy treated me like I had some contagious disease and kept a firm distance on the subway as we went home were the worst. I know it's not what you asked but still wanted to contribute something! heh
Help! I need advice. I found someone on here I really like, but he's married. I've been reading ...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 14, 2019:
To be clear, how do you KNOW he is such a great guy?? I have found that people can devise online personas where they are this awesome loving nice guy, but in reality, they are not the nice guy their persona would have you believe. Is it not possible that you have fallen for his online presence/persona and the idea you have of him as a person? Rather than the undoubtedly flawed human being (all humans are flawed) that he is? Food for thought @nixjoiner
Love at first sight
demifeministgal comments on Feb 14, 2019:
I would say it would be lust or attraction to another's endorphins or pheremones at first site. Love is so much more than that. First sighting you know nothing about the person so you love the idea of the person or the fantasy in your head of them, not the actual person.
Can you be a close friends with someone who once your lover??? I'm on thin ice, folks.... I can't...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 14, 2019:
I think it can be done but both parties MUST be open and honest with one another and with themselves... and I think if either party starts catching feelings they need to tell the other party and either take some space apart or break off said friendship. Not everyone is capable of being just friends with a former lover.
[motherjones.com] Elizabeth Warren makes formal announcement today in the mill city of mostly ...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 11, 2019:
Apparently kamala is supporting for profit prisons and is a real detriment to minority communities based on her track record. I think she is a better option than kamala by a long shot.
My husband and I were cleaning the house earlier because friends invited themselves over to watch ...
demifeministgal comments on Feb 5, 2019:
I've never known what that is like. I would treasure and cherish what I used to have as it has shaped and helped build who you are today more than you will ever know.
Spotted on reddit. Sister insists on not paying sibling for childcare. Plays dumb when confronted ...
demifeministgal comments on Jan 31, 2019:
Wow what a fckng Cuntbag. She sounds like an entitled narcissist. Terrible lesson for the sister to have learned that she cannot trust her using sister. Honestly, sometimes family is worse than strangers and will stab you in the back worse than any stranger could. fck this bich. If she ever comes back asking for help this sister should give a firm NO. Fck off.
I asked a couple people, both genders, about some sextual . One female declined then thanked me for ...
demifeministgal comments on Jan 31, 2019:
The first time some guy seemed to be flirting with me but did so briefly, respectfully and backing off when I was obviously not interested was such a damn shock, I also was just thanking him for his non sexual compliment (he liked my long hair and commented on it). That physical distance and respect of my lack of interest was such a foreign concept in my 20 something short years, I was in a state of shock. This is not about a matter of feeling obligated to thank him mind you. It was more like thanking someone for being a decent human being to me when attracted to me. Sad experience of life as a young woman.
I ran across a friend who was in a similar situation that I was recovering from...so I shared this....
demifeministgal comments on Jan 31, 2019:
What the heck are these supposed seven centers of consciousness? How does this author define or conceptualize consciousness?
OK, I have a lady friend who forgot how to fuck. The other day she said she had a memory from 30 ...
demifeministgal comments on Jan 29, 2019:
Yes it is valid, she is experiencing traumatic flashbacks. She may not be ready for a sexual relationship at this point. Try using some empathy would ya?
Hi folks.. I've been following along with the group for a month or so. Humbled to be in such great ...
demifeministgal comments on Dec 25, 2018:
I guess try to discover the reason one became addicted in the first place, to gauge if it's not just a chemical dependency but also a psychological dependency. For example, some addicts become addicted by self-medicating since they never received treatment or care for undiagnosed mental health issues or for trauma or adversities they experienced growing up. Identifying and addressing those underlying issues is well worth the time and contemplation.
Ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking (what traditionalists call addiction) is a normal response ...
demifeministgal comments on Dec 25, 2018:
So does this person completely ignoring the chemical dependence that is often a part of addiction? And that one does not have had to endure childhood adversities to become addicted? A limited and poorly thought out article, imo.
The entitlement is staggering.
demifeministgal comments on Dec 25, 2018:
Is this real life? Not a satirical post? I wouldn't even give the $20. I'd be like too bad your kids need gifts but it is not my responsibility to buy them extravagant gifts. I don't even buy myself extravagant gifts why would I buy your spawn such gifts? heh
So today I'm sitting eating breakfast with my Dad. There's a squirrel outside eating the festive ...
demifeministgal comments on Dec 25, 2018:
I don't know if my father has these thoughts about animals but he has genocidal thoughts about non-whites, especially jews, at least weekly, if not daily, so I get where you are coming from, sort of. :/ they both suck -_-
@SiteSupport I'm trying to make my posts private but as I go back in time im not given the option......
demifeministgal comments on Dec 10, 2018:
I cannot do it on my laptop or desktop either. :/
My daughter is such a bitch. Everything is always about her, her overreacting, The way she literally...
demifeministgal comments on Nov 22, 2018:
I don't think anyone should shame a woman for needing to use narcotics or other substances for pain management. I don't get why mothers have to shit on other mothers for not doing things just as them or being as strong as they were. So glad not to be in the judgey mom club. Childfree living is great. Sidenote they should not be abusing or neglecting the granddaughter. fck that
Get away from me with your sense of entitlement and attempts at emotional blackmail.....
demifeministgal comments on Nov 19, 2018:
when all else fails, breeders resort to manipulative bullshit to get their lil crotch fruits more gifts they will forget about in a few months time. Pathetic.
Day before yesterday I woke up at 5 AM. I am still up. Earlier yesterday afternoon, I wanted to ...
demifeministgal comments on Nov 19, 2018:
Have you tried doing a sleeping study to see what's wrong? I am doing one soon :D
Do you have days when you simply wish you didn't exist? It's not like wanting to die... I don't ...
demifeministgal comments on Nov 19, 2018:
Yes. I often wish my breeder had had the balls to do what she was considering and aborted me. And I know she was considering this cuz the cnt told me so as if I should be fckng grateful she didn't do it! -_-
A Strong Woman Doesn't Seek Revenge. She Let Karma Do Her Dirty Work
demifeministgal comments on Nov 12, 2018:
Meh. Karma is not real. If it were good things wouldn't happen to shitty people and bad things wouldn't happen to good people. Fck moving on. Get justice where it is deserved and stand up for yourself dammit. None of this let things go bullshit. If a person mistreats or harms one person without consequence they are more likely to harm others!
Sex on the first date... good idea, or bad idea? Let's say you are looking for a life partner. Do ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 27, 2018:
I think people that rush into such intimacy and expect to find a life partner out of such an encounter are playing with fire. If you are looking for a life partner, you should probably determine if y'all have compatible values and temperaments and other things. The sex will come once a solid foundation is built/established. Otherwise it may just be HOOKUP or casual fling for either or both parties. I've noticed people looking for commitment but jumping into the sack too quick tend to have difficulty in the romance department. I could be wrong. Just my 2 cents ;)
[yahoo.com] Sexism Not Racism is What Lauren Underwood is Facing in Her Run For Office
demifeministgal comments on Oct 27, 2018:
Technically one can face both. It is called intersecting oppression. So racialized sexism.
If anyone can relate and give me tips with how they dealt with similar or the same situation, I'd ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 23, 2018:
Update: one of my bosses tried to teach me something complicated today, way beyond what I have been exposed to. The top manager looked at us and scoffed good luck! Then she took the envelopes from me and the packages and started doing things herself because I was not fast enough (they are damn behind since their previous admin went on maternity leave and their replacement left in september). It just left me feeling demoralized and down. Then she asked me why am I not answering calls or doing other stuff and I'm like I was told not to! Not to mention nobody fckng trained me on calls yet! I have no idea what the company policies are were a caller to ask!! Talk about feeding into my self-doubts today. FCKKK :( >:( :/
Give The Survivor a Right to Receive Justice
demifeministgal comments on Oct 20, 2018:
ooh we are giving first time offendors a pass for their first offenses now? How mighty fucking convenient. Shall we all commit one heinous crime just once and get a slap as well? Or is that only reserved for rich and well connected scumbags?
Senator Elizabeth Warren has been proven to be a liar! She claimed to be Native American to take ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 16, 2018:
whats your source of evidence? And how are you able to validate she used her Native American status to get a job? Or is that just a petty ASSumption on your end?
It's only 1:30 not seriously late but I don't see sleep in sight. I've been dealing with plantar ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 14, 2018:
I would recommend practising good self care now... if you are not at your best or cannot walk you cannot help him... work on getting yourself right and good so you can in turn, eventually help him. But in the meantime try NOT to feel guilty for being human and needing some down time... you're still a great friend imo (Y) (Y)
I started a new group that was denied. I was told by admin "Yeah... it doesn't help us promote ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 14, 2018:
Yeaa the groups dedicated to posting sex/sexy pics or talking about sex ad nauseum do not promote agnosticism either and yet...
When the man is more intelligent
demifeministgal comments on Oct 13, 2018:
Because teaching your sons about consent is too bloody difficult... better to let them go about as sex obsessed beasts with no impulse control and load em up with tech devices... fckng handmaidens :/
My foul mood just got worse. I just LOVE being reminded that everyone else I know has no problem ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 13, 2018:
Sidenote your career of helping low income people and being their advocate is very noble and admirable. You should be proud and I respect the hell out of your (past?) career choice. Keep being a good human (Y) :)
My foul mood just got worse. I just LOVE being reminded that everyone else I know has no problem ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 12, 2018:
I too am struggling to find a new job. And it's hard as a relatively newish grad without much experience. I feel your pain. *solidarity hug*
A question for all my female friends: As a woman, do you feel society has achieved gender ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 11, 2018:
As you can see the USA ranks 49th and Canada ranks 16th. Still have a long way to go. Understanding the topic first from an economic, political, and historical standpoint helps. Most people seem to think because their personal lives are going okay that gender equality has been achieved. That is false and they are wrong. https://www.undispatch.com/heres-every-country-world-ranks-gender-equality/
A question for all my female friends: As a woman, do you feel society has achieved gender ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 11, 2018:
From a sociological standpoint gender equality has not been achieved anywhere in the world, though the nordic countries are pretty damn close. Do not take my word for it. https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/blog/2015/09/no-country-has-yet-achieved-equality-between-men-and-women-un-human-rights-chief/
The worst date you've ever had. (Mine, the guy's in-laws walked in and he quickly ran out, not ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 11, 2018:
We went to the movies. The guy was very distant and did not talk much. We had amazing intellectual convos online, but in person he became a shy quiet hermit. On the subway home he intentionally sat two seats away and put his feet on the seat next to him so I couldn't sit next to him. When he was getting off to say bye, I was going to at least shake his hand or hug him bye, and he stretched out his arm to keep me at a distance and yelled bye! It was as if I had some super contagious deadly disease. When I called him out on it online he rebuffed me by saying it was not a date when CLEARLY in our messages there was evidence of us arranging said date. Blocked him after telling him not to be so damn rude on dates.
Permission to step outside the marriage?
demifeministgal comments on Oct 9, 2018:
I do not know if I agree with the sentiment that "loving someone means ensuring their happiness above yours". Also, I would be paranoid the guy would get an STD/STI and infect us both. I guess he could get a sex doll or sex robot (if affordable) to meet those needs. heh
Men who cannot express their feelings
demifeministgal comments on Oct 9, 2018:
Yes this is a frustration I have with my male FWBs at the moment. He sucks at communication and against all odds, I try to get him to open up. Interestingly, he opens up when we are arguing to one up me or when I become more distant from him. ughh super introverts :/
My ex called last night. His wife left him. Those two have made my life miserable the last ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 9, 2018:
I take no pleasure in being the bigger person. For me it would be I told ya so or that's what you get sucks to be you attitude. Do what makes you feel best. :)
Greetings , I not" Out" as yet to my friends as an Atheist/ Agnostic , too many religious friends. ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 4, 2018:
I had/have the same issue in reverse with black/Latino men. Very religious and/or spiritual and difficult to find the atheists among them I have shared values with (aka a conservative atheist is just as bad as a religious person in my book). My thoughts? It sucks when attractive and intelligent men are "God fearing/God loving" heh
Not (HOW) .. But (WHY) the whole universe existe?
demifeministgal comments on Oct 4, 2018:
You are conflating abiogenesis and evolution, as many religious tend to do. Here is a religious man that you may listen to explaining the difference to you: https://thinkingthroughchristianity.com/2011/01/evolution-vs-abiogenesis-know-the-difference.html Also evolution is defined as the change in allele frequencies that occurs over time within a population. Not this monkeys to humans hogwash you have been brainwashed by your preacher/religious leader to believe.
Friends I find myself confuzzled.... I was talking to a gal on OKC and she turned me down based ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 4, 2018:
ughhh.... bullet dodged in my opinion. Who knows how many superstitious or illogical beliefs she had. I find I am drawn and attracted to the nerdy intellectual types more than the creative New Age spiritual types. What a foolish reason to reject you. I would guess she's had bad experiences with saggitarius' in her life OR she's heard bad stories about saggitarius men OR some stupid article told her that her sign should avoid those types of men. In any case, I'd argue it is an illogical coping mechanism she uses to try to keep herself safe. That's my 2 cents.
Do you believe that a cure for cancer exists, but it's not available to the public because medical ...
demifeministgal comments on Oct 3, 2018:
I have to wonder how many of the yes votes come from jaded Americans, who cannot see past their American bubbles to realize if a cure existed in another nation, that information would be leaked or made available. Now whether the treatment would be made available to most Americans, by their insurance companies, that I would argue probably not.
Do you think a boy really knows how to act with a girl and how does he learn that?
demifeministgal comments on Sep 28, 2018:
Nobody comes out of the womb knowing instinctively how to act. This is stuff that is taught to the child through socialization, role modelling by parents and loved ones and through conditioning. So if the only examples of behaviour a boy sees is toxic and aggressive and bad, whether it be from parents and family as well as from media and peer group/mentors, odds are high he will grow up to be a shitty guy. Now if he has some positive influence or receives negative repercussions or consequences for his poor behaviours he may unlearn what he was taught. But that's a big IF.
It's been two weeks since my mother passed and I know I'm not holding up very well. My friends ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 28, 2018:
That facebook group I told you about is still an option if you are willing to try and join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GBBGroup/
Opposite beliefs in a relationship
demifeministgal comments on Sep 24, 2018:
A big issue in relationships, especially in cases where both parties are not willing to compromise, is lack of shared values. The fact that he is so damn stubborn and you go above and beyond for him may begin to wear thin in time, and you will grow to resent him or be bitter against him. Open and honest communication with him is key and some self reflection and introspection on your end if you wish to continue with him as a partner long term. Good luck
Physical feature that is the best turn on?
demifeministgal comments on Sep 24, 2018:
Interestingly, same for me: nice smile is key trait, nice arms (not a fan of skinny or slim arms) and a normal shaped head. There is something about a slope head that is off putting.
There are days I understand, and the are days I don't. I've been rolling this over and over in my ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
Someone very close to me had seizures and I would definitely be on your side with calling her out, or heck, even cussing her out. The few times I've seen people have seizures in public the response was one of shock, fear and stepping in to help. And this wasn't even in an emergency room setting. But then I am in Canada and maybe we are just different here? o.O
Should one bring/send flowers on a first date? Not a coffee. A real date. Dinner and a show, or ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
LOL "not coffee. A real date" Real date? heh
Seriously? Please tell me there aren't still guys out there asking this question like it was still ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
There is also an assumption among some that all women can cook or are pro cooks... this becomes evident in the phrase do you like to cook? Or do you wanna cook together? ummm no.
I got my puppy! Everyone say hello to Roxy!
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
awww sooo cuuute :D <3 hello roxy! May your daddy be good to you and may you have a long awesome life filled with delicious doggy treats and nice belly rubs.
Societal religiosity has fostered this notion that sex is this holy spiritual enactment. News Flash:...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
Why should it be as frequent as drinking water and eating food though? So daily? Or multiple times per day? According to what medical or biological standards, exactly? Or are your thoughts based simply on your high libido?
I remember! For years, I've had this feeling that there's been something I'm forgetting. Something ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 17, 2018:
I disagree that everyone is a bit insane or a bit clinically disordered. But there is a VERY high proportion of the population that does struggle with mental illness or disorders and many more that go undiagnosed due to dumbass religious or spiritual beliefs.
Early this week, two of my close family members passed away within 24 hours of each other. Going ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 14, 2018:
Yes. That is one of the two things I have stated being jealous of christians of when my granny passed away: their sense of community/closeness AND their methods of being able to deal with grief easier/easily. :/
Hey I don't know if this belongs here or not If so I'll take it down later if people complain about ...
demifeministgal comments on Sep 14, 2018:
I don't think you should basing your self worth and feelings of worthiness on how much money you earn. Because ANY time you have money struggles or eventually retire you will feel like shit and depressed. I would try to fill that void with something better something that can be sustained in your life long term.


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