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The boulder found me
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At. the Salang Pass

Retired army, lived in southern NH 3/4 of my life. Well traveled, 2 sons, biophilia, oxytocin, permaculture, human touch, volunteer for nature, environment and soical justice. Have considerable health, fitness, nature, logistics, risk management background. I am a forest therapy Guide among many other things. I spend time in nature all 4 seasons. I try to be minimalist in life. Enjoy working with stone.

Profile Questions

Do you believe in a god? Maybe How certain are you that there is a god? 1% Are you interested in meeting members for dating? Yes, open to meeting women How long have you been nonreligious (if agnostic, atheist, secular, etc.)? 20+ years Did you use to believe in a god? Yes, not now Did you use to regularly attend a place of worship? Yes, not now Which religion did you follow/attend before? Christian Which Christian denomination did you follow/attend before? Catholic How long were you involved in an organized religion? 10-20 Why were you a member of an organized religion? Raised by parents At what level were you involved within an organized religion group (e.g., church)? Bible Study Jobs? Business, Government, Health Care, Research, Customer Service, Science, Education, Management, Manufacturing, Training, Nonprofit, Social Services Skills? Writing, Public speaking, Home Repair, Board games, Card games, Coaching, Motivation, Strategy, Listening, Observation, Car maintenance, First Aid, Gardening What kind of music do you like? Rock, Country, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Blues Which best describes you: Both Introvert/Extrovert TV shows? Stand-up Comedy, Movies, History, Science, Sports, How-to Do you believe in ghosts? No Is there more than a 10% chance that the following are real or work? Homeopathy Could there be an as-of-yet undefined supreme omnipotent being? Maybe Morning person or night owl? Both What do you eat? Meat, Fish, Chicken Favorite movie genres? Action, Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sport, Thriller, War Adventurous or cautious? Adventurous Which sports do you like to watch? Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Volleyball, Track, MMA, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Olympics, Weight Lifting, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo Which sports do you like doing? Soccer, Basketball, Yoga, Run/Jog, Football, Volleyball, Track, Skiing, Softball, Baseball, Bowling, Gymnastics, Hiking, Frisbee, Kickball, Kayaking, Body Building, Wrestling, Canoeing, Fitness, Darts, Table Tennis, Racquetball, Shooting, Dance, Aerobics, Weight Lifting, Climbing, Taekwondo, Bocce, Handball, Karate, Badminton, Judo, Rowing Beer or wine? Beer How do you get around most often? Walking, Car, Bicycle Is having similar politics important in a relationship? Somewhat Do you have pets? None Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Half full Do you like to celebrate Christmas? Yes Is sexual compatibility important to you? Yes Do you exercise regularly? Yes Coffee or tea? Tea Which languages do you speak? English Do you do meditation or yoga? Both How far would you go to meet someone? < 50 miles Kids? Yes (grown), Open to have If you found your match, would you be willing to relocate? Maybe


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The boulder found me
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At. the Salang Pass
Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Spiritual
Open to meeting women
  • BirthdayFebruary 19
  • Interested InFriends, Dating, Long Term
  • EnjoysDrinking, Weed, Food, Science, Music, Books, Outdoors, Sports, Art, Love, Theater, Sex, Games
  • EducationGrad School
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  • Joined Jan 12th, 2020
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