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Half Jewish...?
evidentialist comments on Mar 26, 2018:
Excuse me, folks, but I have to use this thread to contact Admin. @Admin -- I'm having difficulties with making posts. No. Not difficulty. It appears ... no, that's wrong too --- I am unable to write posts. I put in the text. I "Post" the message. I get a blank page. I go hunting and find no posts. Help. Please.
evidentialist comments on Mar 5, 2018:
Absolutely not.
How long...?
evidentialist comments on May 2, 2018:
Um ... what's that?
I find writing these short pieces of imagination interesting. I have no idea if they're worth ...
evidentialist comments on Mar 11, 2018:
@hankster -- What will make it more worth your while and please readers greatly is for you to do all that is necessary to get your work formatted into something easily readable. Readers are not, in general, willing to read anything that they have to work at to understand/enjoy. On the positive side, it is a fun and imaginative piece with commercial potential. I mentioned commercial potential, unfortunately the majority of publishers will not accept things that have been published in any form on an open platform of any kind. So, in spite of its potential, you have essentially killed that piece by publishing it in a public forum. I said "...essentially killed..." because there are a few publishers who will accept it regardless of the prior public exposure. However, if you publish only in closed venues, that does not represent having been published to most publishers.
So many everyday stories from America here about religion being so traumatic in people's personal ...
evidentialist comments on May 19, 2019:
No anger. No concern. I found I was unable to accept what was presented, though admittedly I hung around for a few years after reaching my conclusion, then casually announced my departure. Several were visibly shaken and some said I'd be back, that no one can ignore the truth for long. I lost some relatives and a few friends, but we were not even close to the same chapter, let alone the same page, so it didn't matter that much. We, I think, were in different books.
What is the meaning of life?
evidentialist comments on Mar 11, 2018:
The meaning of life is precisely what I say it is. If your meaning for life differs from mine, then you are living a delusion and it is my duty to enlighten you.
This site requires usage ... to gain points ... to be able to see more dating profiles and to be ...
evidentialist comments on Jan 22, 2018:
Why so concerned? None of what you intimated actually occurs. I am not here for the dating aspect, but I understand that there are quite a few who are. You are one of them and I wonder, how do you expect to line up a date potential without much in the way of input? If you can't engage in a bit of conversation, how do you expect to attract anyone? The magical allure of your profile? Not being a smart ass here, just genuinely curious.
How do people feel about people who are childless?
evidentialist comments on May 20, 2018:
Bringing children into the world is a choice. Not bringing children into the world is a choice. That choice is up to the people involved and it is no one else's business. Too many children are born as a result of not thinking about the consequences of an act. Some of them are fortunate to have parents who, though surprised by the results of their passion, were delighted to have them. Sadly that doesn't happen very often. Sometimes it is an inconvenience for one or the other or perhaps both parents. There are many possibilities, but I won't outline them all. Speaking to your specific question, yes, it is an issue for the majority of people in the world. It is how the species is preserved, and increasingly it is how numbers of members in various religions are bolstered. At one time it was important because lifespans were short, life was hard, and it was a matter of survival. Those conditions are long gone for most regions of the world. However, this idea that people should have children has carried over and is in force today as it was in centuries past. The majority of the people in the world make the assumption that everyone should and will have children. This is largely because of the religions of the world, some worse than others, expecting their members to produce children like an assembly line that pumps out more and more obedient carriers of the flame. So, yes, most people think people who don't want children are somehow not normal, whatever that is, and that they need to be convinced to have them. I think this is a wrong mindset. That I think it is wrong does not change it. As in so many other things, it is something we need to outgrow, and I think I see some glimmering of hope that we are in the process of doing that now.
One week and I go to India. I'm really excited about visiting these old temples and hearing the ...
evidentialist comments on Jan 30, 2018:
Architecture, art, music, and history are not religion, even though it may have been done for or inspired by some religious nonsense. I appreciate anything that shows the imagination and skill of the human endeavor. One of my favorite examples of temple architecture and art are the Taoist temples with their incredible displays of human talents. Picture 1 is the temple in Cebu. 2 is Qing Yang Palace, Sichuan Sheng, China. Number 3 is detail of temple Songshan Ciyou, Taipei, Songshan District, Taiwan. The fourth is the temple at Lukang, Taiwan not too far from where I lived for about a year. We had a marvelous temple about 10 kilometers north of the plant in Tainan City, Jiangjun District, but I haven't converted any pictures of it to electronic format. A story about the temple near the plant. Every year they build a beautiful boat decorated with statues of all the temple priests and other personalities that have been important to the temple. They set it afloat in the sea and burn it. All that work, all that talent input just to burn it.
evidentialist comments on Apr 26, 2018:
No captions. Even for foreign films. I find them to be distracting and usually poorly written. When they are translating foreign material, they frequently don't get it right or the connotation is way off.
Does anyone know of any research on the correlation between intelligence and depression? The ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 4, 2017:
I have no problem with depression and I consider myself quite lucky. There has been and still is considerable study into this idea. So far most of the conclusions drawn here and there remain in debate. Some of that is because of methodology issues and some over selective sampling and suspected bias. Here is a brief, interesting, and informative article. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/ending-addiction-good/201503/is-there-link-between-intelligence-and-mental-illness
Do you agree with Milo Yiannopoulos in some issues ?
evidentialist comments on Nov 29, 2017:
I am not one who gives much credence to absolutes in anything. In this case, I'll make an exception. Absolutely not. No. Not even on one of my really bad days.
Forget wedding cakes. ADF now wants to keep transgender women out of homeless shelters. – ...
evidentialist comments on Sep 22, 2018:
The founders of Alliance Defense Fund (now Alliance Defending Freedom) is a mixed bag of nuts. Their agenda dovetails with the American Family Association and I wouldn't be surprised if strong cross ties were to be found there. These are dangerous people on a number of different levels, folks.
If you are hosting Trick or Treat please think about the Teal Pumpkin Project. You provide ...
evidentialist comments on Oct 20, 2018:
The Teal Pumpkin Project is serving an excellent purpose. It allows kids to join in the fun who would otherwise not be able to participate and it goes a long way toward making parents aware of things with which they would normally never come into contact.
Posts by the few conservative members seem to reflect person-centric thinking rather than objective,...
evidentialist comments on Jan 28, 2018:
@astrochuck -- I am registered as a Democrat because my state does not have open primaries and I think the primaries are as important as any other electoral process, at least most of the time. A lot of balancing can be done in the primaries. I am actually one of those independent thinkers who votes based upon platforms, stances on issues, and all the details I can ferret out. It amazes and disappoints me what I see in both camps at the extreme ends. However, I would tend to agree with your observations of the conservatives in general. One change I would like to see is equal recognition of other parties and their candidates as well as all of them being on the ballot. I think that is doable, but as probable as miracles on demand.
Wow, I didn't realize i was this far on points, only 1407 till lvl 8. I'm not going to ask any one ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 3, 2018:
Riiiiight. Sure, you just looked out of curiosity. Well, I'm not going to post any comments on a post like this to help you, that's for sure. Point hog. :P
Now that computers and robots do all work will we have unlimited TV watching ,travel,card games and ...
evidentialist comments on Jan 26, 2018:
For me it is far more entertaining to learn new things, do new things, research, and generally remain mentally and physically active. It is very low on my list of interests to be concerned with what others do or don't do unless it negatively impacts society and the future of this world, then I get very concerned.
Trumpy Bear Official Commercial - YouTube
evidentialist comments on Jan 13, 2018:
Don't want no shithole bears around here.
Do you use any form of the word Jesus Christ when/if you swear?
evidentialist comments on Dec 16, 2017:
Ever heard this one? Damn your son all to hell. This one came from one of my finish carpenters when something just wouldn't fit. Sonofanailhimtothecrossandletimrot. Early morning rush in the subway. Fuck god and his son too. As for me, I rarely use Jesus Christ. It's so much easier and much quicker to just say, "Shit!" It also appears to be the favorite last words on black boxes.
Have you ever been in a newspaper story?
evidentialist comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Yes. Radio, television, newspaper, and magazines.
Ok...educate me. I've been out and about doing life things the last few weeks and haven't been ...
evidentialist comments on May 5, 2018:
@evestrat -- Don't fret about having posted your rant here. It would have gone well anywhere. For me, I don't want to deal with folks who can't stand up to a little guff because I know that under real fire I can't rely on them at all. This site has made it supremely easy to block/ignore anyone who is perceived as being abusive or harassing. If you get a comment/response that irritates your gullet, block and be done with it. If, after a while, they have been blocked by everyone on the site, they'll disappear all by their little lonesome and no one else will have to contend with them. If on the other hand one goes off in a screaming hissy fit, they win and you look ... meh. We have a number of extreme right wingers on this site and an almost equal number of extreme left wingers. Both groups can be and often are aggressive, abusive, foul-mouthed trolls, but they feed off of reactions. Don't give them the satisfaction. Block and ignore. You won't have to deal with them and if you were right about them, they will be blocked out of existence soon enough.
So I'm trying to cut expenses and went looking in a retirement community for a cheaper home since ...
evidentialist comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I like having the younger folks around, but I understand not everyone does.
Thanks to all the gearheads out there for an exact match. @Creative51 and @evidentialist proved to ...
evidentialist comments on Sep 19, 2018:
By the way, we had a 1927 Oakland Landau Sedan up on the farm. I tell folks about this one and they, most frequently, have never heard of the Oakland automobile. My cousin and I are sitting on it in the center of the pic. There is some confusion with this car because it was made during the transition from Oakland to Pontiac. They are most often referred to as Pontiacs, but they were being manufactured under the Oakland marquis.
If a turtle in your vagina is not odd, i'm not sure what qualifies. [rare.us]
evidentialist comments on Mar 27, 2019:
Well, that's a new one on me.
Dress Code for atheists: I remember watching a very old video taken in a bar where if memory ...
evidentialist comments on Jul 15, 2018:
I voted that I will wear boldly, but that does not mean I wear things like that always or with intent. If, on the other hand, I am wearing something that identifies me as a rationalist, I have no problem with dealing with any issues that might arise.
I know it's the Holidays, so most of us indulge in unhealthy but fun foods. But come January, most ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 4, 2017:
Hotdogs and Twinkies.
Is evolution a fact or still just a theory. I'm an agnostic, and therefore, by nature a doubter. A...
evidentialist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
There is no doubt that evolution is established as fact. We know it happens. It has been observed. We know a great deal about how it happens. We can make reasonably accurate predictions based on the theory. The only area open to question is the element of natural selection, the Darwinian posit, however, even that is now pretty well pinned down. Short, sweet, and enlightening article: http://www.nas.edu/evolution/TheoryOrFact.html
Some have alluded to it, but let me be the first to say humbug
evidentialist comments on Dec 11, 2017:
@JLFowler - you missed the most important part. 'Humbug' on its own misses the flavor of the season. BAH...! Humbug...!
Walking to work I'm approached by an woman with a pamphlet. She tries to hand it to me and states ...
evidentialist comments on Mar 31, 2018:
Because of my amiable and congenial treatment of door knockers, I haven't seen one at my door now in a bit over 10 years. Not even the JWs enter my yard any more. Good on ya, @idlopalev -- keep up the good work of shredding - er - spreading the gospel.
As agnostics and atheists, we all know the corruptibility of all religions - that's a given. But,...
evidentialist comments on Nov 29, 2017:
There are bits of wisdom to be found in all 'holy writings', but a lot more can be found outside of them. Most of the bible's wisdom is, in fact, self evident. It doesn't take a lot of thought to uncover every bit of wisdom contained in the bible and a great deal more without ever looking at it, plus you save yourself a lot of messy wading through bullshit. Take my advice, don't wade in the bullshit. It's untidy and you might catch something.
How good are you at striking up conversation with a stranger? Do you allow your prejudices and ...
evidentialist comments on Sep 19, 2018:
I've always seen strangers as friends I haven't met yet. After the first encounter, the picture is developed and the details emerge. Before that time, they are merely unknown friends.
What's your favorite thing about the winter season?
evidentialist comments on Dec 7, 2017:
My favorite thing about Winter now is knowing that Spring is on its way. Since my thyroid went on the fritz, I can no longer tolerate cold well at all. Before, I was a fanatic skier and bobsled junky. Now, I watch for Spring.
How many men in politics are sweating bullets now ???? :)
evidentialist comments on Dec 8, 2017:
Betcha more than a few.
Favorite pholilosophere? I am a huge fan of Nietzsche, Zhuangzi, Focucault, and Harry Frankfort! ...
evidentialist comments on Mar 30, 2018:
Simpsons are my favorite philosophers. As a collective their outlook on life is superb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em983XdGQBs
I was watching this interesting video, and the lecturer dropped “teleology” like everyone knows ...
evidentialist comments on Jan 16, 2019:
Yep, knew that one from prior studies, but I've used it no more than a couple of times outside the context of the college. It's just not a particularly useful word and it is definitely limited jargon.
How long should a question be?
evidentialist comments on Mar 5, 2018:
A question follows the same rules as a statement. It should be no longer than is required to present the needed information unambiguously.
Are atheists a growing population?
evidentialist comments on Dec 24, 2017:
The young ones are. Old farts like me are the dying population.
If you don't have a photo.....
evidentialist comments on Dec 4, 2017:
I maintain a 'what you see is what you get' policy, but I must tell you the pics I have on here at the moment were taken before the ILLNESS got me. I now look like an Aushwitz survivor. 6' - 1" and 118 pounds, sporting wrinkles that make a prune look smooth as a baby's butt and not a single tooth to be found in my head. Want a recent shot?
New Study: Owning Firearms Will Turn You Gay
evidentialist comments on Jan 25, 2018:
This whole town is going to turn overnight. Think I'll be staying inside for the next few days while they shoot it out.
CIRCUMAMBULATE - verb; walk all the way around (something). “Let’s circumambulate the ...
evidentialist comments on Oct 20, 2018:
Upon having circumambulated the Pantheon we can then write in our journal that we have circumcised the Pantheon. :P
I'm admitting I dont have a high IQ but i would like to learn from those who do. I also love ...
evidentialist comments on Jul 30, 2018:
@MrChange -- Please, explain what it is you think IQ means. Your ideas about it would help me understand and respond appropriately. Let's talk a bit.
Drink up to human kind! I've always thought of Bette Midler's version of the Peter Gabriel song ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 29, 2017:
Bette Midler is the best. The song is interesting. I'll have to think on it.
Making America great again are you Donald? [bbc.com]
evidentialist comments on Dec 4, 2018:
As a food scientist here is a good word: Thixotropic, a property of a substance that when left to ...
evidentialist comments on Jun 5, 2018:
The word 'thixotropic' gave me an opportunity to post my ***Tribute to Lippi*** The majority of Anchorage, Alaska is built on thixotropic soil. It was an incredible quake, 9.2, and damage was inevitable, but the greatest amount of damage was from liquefaction when all that earth under the city became a fluid. Lidia *Lippi* Selkregg, state geologist and my one time boss, had suggested the construction of a buttress (retaining wall) for Anchorage prior to 1964, but the idea was shelved because of the cost involved. The cost of rebuilding the city after the quake plus the construction (finally) of Lidia's buttress greatly exceeded the original estimates for a retaining wall. Lessons learned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE2j10xyOgI
susurrous....full of whispering sounds Susurrous is used to describe any kind of sound that ...
evidentialist comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Bernard carefully lowered himself into the plush leather cockpit of his new Zoomerov 200. He passed is hand over the ignition recognition pad and the machine susurroused to life. *Where's the roar? The pop-crackle-pop in the exhaust note? I spent 500 grand and all I get for my buck is a susurrous whoosh, then nothing? Might just as well have bought a Tesla if all I wanted was a susurrous whoosh.* Crap!*
When/how did you realise you were an atheist?
evidentialist comments on Jan 14, 2018:
No catharsis. No epiphany. I had established that it was all nonsense sometime between 6 and 7, probably closer to 7, but it didn't dawn on me to say anything about it. Everyone around me was playing this game, so I probably thought it was something we were supposed to do. Then, sometime between 16 and 17 ... I announced. There was an explosion. Some screamed. Others wept. Many, tight lipped, walked away. I laughed. For some reason, the realization that these people were actually serious about that nonsense was intensely funny. 1957 was my year. Since then, freedom has reigned.
Yay. I got the app!
evidentialist comments on Mar 6, 2018:
Don't worry, folks, I hear they are close to finding a cure for App.
CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity
evidentialist comments on Dec 16, 2017:
vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based, and fuck you too.
Where is the Garden of Eden located
evidentialist comments on Dec 12, 2017:
2133 Gladtobee St. Euphoria, Illinois
Anyone else get a Jehovah witness like "visit" from Scientologists?
evidentialist comments on May 4, 2018:
Odd. I've never heard from a Scientologist. Everything from the ordinary list, yes. I might be tempted to invite one of them in, though. They sound like they might be fun to play with for a while.
Lost in Translation
evidentialist comments on Apr 21, 2018:
What a dumbass straight up thing to say. ;-)
Do you feel as lonely as I do?
evidentialist comments on Mar 5, 2018:
This may sound harsh at first blush, but think about it for a while. If you have determined that rational, critical thinking is the more productive path for you to follow, then by applying that sort of thinking will automatically point out that there will be problems with relationships as a result. An extension of that thinking will quickly reveal that there is only one way that you can be happy with your decision. Yep, that's right. You suck up the bad elements or mitigate them or better yet, eliminate them. Meanwhile, you build up the positive elements. I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means.
Men, what would you think of a woman if they were forward with you and asked you out on a date. ...
evidentialist comments on Jul 4, 2018:
Roles are for acting. In real life they tend to divide and segregate.
A small piece from a book I'm working on: All ideas and thoughts are merely mental constructs laid...
evidentialist comments on Apr 27, 2018:
I'll try this again as my original comment seems to have disappeared for some reason. You have written yourself out of a book in the first paragraph. Whatever else you may have to say after that is negated by the original statements.
Recruiting Tomorrow's Satanists - The Jim Jefferies Show - YouTube
evidentialist comments on Dec 8, 2017:
Do luvs me a bunch o' Jefferies. Seen his bit on gun control?
Anyone believe in luck?
evidentialist comments on Feb 13, 2018:
Here's another way to think about luck. Statistically your chances of winning on one roll of a single die are considerably better than one pull on a slot machine. The odds for the die are 1 in 6, whereas the odds on an average slot machine are about 1 in 262,144 with a three reel machine with single stops. The odds can only get worse from there. So, it's obvious that there is more luck built into the die than in the slot. In other words, there is no such thing as luck no matter how one decides to view it. Life truly is a crap shoot and often the shot comes up crap.
Did something bad that happened to you as a child turn you away from religion
evidentialist comments on May 16, 2018:
Something bad? Oh, yes. Horrible. It was all the stupid. It burned. It hurt. Okay, that was a little tongue-in-cheek, but it really was the reason for me to walk a different path. I asked questions and got dumb in return. Sometimes I got a little sputtering and not even an attempt at dumb.
One of my favorite words in Spanish: Pobrecito (or Pobrecita in the feminine aspect) - Literally,...
evidentialist comments on May 11, 2018:
Que padre....
shoes laces or slip-ons? I myself am partial to laces.... actually I'm partial to Converse All Stars...
evidentialist comments on Sep 22, 2018:
Yes to all.
These words came to me.. as I was sitting on the Beach in Florida.... I have been the Eagle ...
evidentialist comments on Nov 4, 2019:
Nice, but I have one shot to take at grammar. **I *swam*** **I have *swum*** I think I would have said for that line: **I swam through placid bays, the water carressing, healing my wounded soul** Try to avoid passive voice in the rest of it and give it some immediacy. The idea is a good one, its images profound. With some work it could be a nice piece.
Hello. I am interviewing for a position at my company. My potential boss is a holy roller at a Mega ...
evidentialist comments on Feb 7, 2018:
@Breathe -- Sorry Breathe, but I'd lose my breath in a situation like that. I am not you, so you will certainly have to decide for yourself and that decision will be based on your circumstances -- but I would leave, or I would stay specifically to fight the bogeyman even knowing who would lose. Make your decision.
What is your beer of choice? How did it come to be and what if anything does your beer say about ...
evidentialist comments on May 5, 2018:
Dos Equis Dark. It came about because I lived in Mexico for several years and that's the one I settled on. What it says about me? That I like dark lager.
Here is an old saying . When you die....."If you believe in God, and there is no God, you've lost ...
evidentialist comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Pascal's wager. Well ... more nonsense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afQ9zMWR7Ag
Getting sick is expensive
evidentialist comments on Dec 6, 2018:
Not just meds. I recently had a 1/2 hour helicopter ride to a hospital that ran just shy of $16000.00
I discovered a new term today. The term is from the German Language Lexicon. The term refers to the ...
evidentialist comments on Aug 17, 2018:
'Sektlaune' is the one I know, but I suppose there could be others. Another common usage is Champagnelaune. Laune is mood. "Er war in Champagnerlaune." He was is in a champagne mood. German is famous for its gathering of words into a single word. As Mark Twain put it, "Some German words are so long that they have perspective." This is an example of rigidity in language. Where it would be easier and more logical to incorporate a foreign word that already has the intended meaning or to coin one to do the job, they string words together to do that. A good and rather extreme example is the word 'Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften.' This is a not too common but everyday word that merely means "insurance companies providing legal protection." Now, I realize that it saves a little space on the printed page, but WTF?
Solving the Pronoun Problem "I propose that simple solution, a small change in language that ...
evidentialist comments on Jun 8, 2018:
Who wrote that song "Breaking Up is Hard To Do"? Not any more:- [bbc.co.uk]
evidentialist comments on Jan 4, 2019:
The main man behind that one was Howard Greenfield, and Neil Sedaka provided his styling input. He and Neil worked on several as partners in the early 1960s that hit the charts. Howard did more well known songs than most. Quite a talented guy.
Okay, I admit it, I love Sarah Silverman. Yes, it will forever be unrequited, but she's got me, like...
evidentialist comments on Nov 16, 2018:
Leave it to an atheist to resort to magic to make the shot. I'm in. Oh, and Sara has my vote.
Any of you out there firm believers in science, logic, and philosophy. Tired of the ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 6, 2018:
Science doesn't care whether I believe in it. Philosophy and logic lend themselves to what I think of as scientifically principled and irrational behavior equally well. What that means to me is that science suspects and governs itself where philosophy and logic require suspicion from the observer because they are fickle little shits. So, I rely on science directed by the scientific method. Philosophy and logic I can only partly trust, they are two-timers after all, when they too are reined in by a methodology to keep them reasonably honest.
Can people get together to talk about science?
evidentialist comments on Jan 23, 2019:
They can, and they do.
Is the presdent Trump speaking for all America with his remarks on line ?
evidentialist comments on Nov 30, 2017:
The Orange Menace is officially the president, so technically, yes. Factually, not at all. A small but significant percentage of the population shares his peculiar version of the world, but the majority range from much less so to absolutely not. If he doesn't opt for a war with someone, anyone, to divert our attention and save his presidency, he will probably not see a second term. It is possible he may not complete a first term.
Trump Fears Next Election Will Be Decided by Americans | The New Yorker
evidentialist comments on Oct 13, 2019:
I trust no one who has to borrow wits.
Why do you think some people have such an aversion to homosexualtiy, trans etc. Is it an innate ...
evidentialist comments on May 8, 2018:
Learned/societal. Consider the three major forms of Buddhism. Although homosexual activities may be in one degree or another considered sexual misconduct, there is no general consensus regarding issues of the LBGTQ community and one is referred to the third precept which basically says: Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct: *I undertake the training to refrain from using sexual behavior in ways that are harmful to myself and to others. I will attempt to express my sexuality in ways that are beneficial and bring joy.* A general conclusion may be drawn that homosexuality appears to be not an issue in many cultures and religions. On the other hand, Abrahamic religions in general are against homosexuality and the opposition covers a broad spectrum from simply trying to discourage people from engaging in such behaviors to actual execution. Contrast that to the "savage" indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere who had an entirely different view of acceptance and in some instances actual reverence. The Two-Spirit concept was a general notion on both the North and South American Continents. All cultures have come to us through the long process of evolution, so it is quite apparent that views on sexual identity have arisen mainly through cultural worldviews and those have been strongly influenced by the dominant religions of their various regions. I think my personal testimony can help underscore this: I was taught as a young child that there are multiple ideas about sexuality in the world, but that all people are people nonetheless. That is to say, however a person identified themselves was unimportant, but how they conducted themselves was. I am a straight male, but have never developed any negative opinions about those who identify in other ways. Outside of my home, I was of course exposed to all sorts of prejudices, but happily my home education prevailed.
What is the meaning of "institutional mechanism" in the following sentence: There should be some ...
evidentialist comments on Oct 3, 2018:
As I read it, we are talking about legal policy being in place relating to a specific set of crimes. An act/statute with actions defined for dealing with infractions. Am I being too general?
WERSH. - Adjective...Scottish (sometimes used in England and anglicised to WEARISH) meaning ...
evidentialist comments on Jul 28, 2019:
I've heard it only once in my life in the form 'wearish'.
It feels like I'm afraid of being successful or that I'm afraid of having my work rejected. Almost ...
evidentialist comments on Mar 25, 2018:
See my response to cosmickate on the same subject.
I haven't seen anybody from Ohio. Is this site a waste of time?
evidentialist comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Two things: 1) The site is worldwide, so your chances of getting somebody from Ohio is as good as my chances of getting someone from Zimbabwe. 2) It is if you think it is. If you think it isn't, then probably not.
How many people actually think about this when they go to those xmas programs and see this ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 16, 2017:
Too bad they don't teach them the languages that went along with the personages. At least that we they'd learn something.
What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?
evidentialist comments on Jan 26, 2018:
Couldn't vote. My musical tastes are eclectic to the extreme and I only draw the line at most Country/Western, Experimental, Rap, and Heavy Metal. Everything else is fair game and I listen to all of it with equal appreciation. I do have a soft spot for Celtic and early Folk Music. The latter may be driven by the fact that I supplemented my income as a folksinger/musician for a while during the mid 1950s to late 1960s.
Do you ever imagine what the sky looked like to early man?
evidentialist comments on Jan 28, 2018:
I have spent a good deal of time at sea, and in areas far from any civilization. I don't need to wonder about it, but I do wonder why man has such a terrible fear of the dark today. There are lights everywhere that lights can be. In 1948, I joined the Junior Astronomer's Guild at Griffith Observatory. I remember the concern then about light pollution from the city. The same was true for Mt. Wilson. Later, it was encroaching on the usefulness of the Hale instrument at Mt. Palomar. Now it is so bad that kids raised in the Los Angeles basin see only a few stars, the moon, and the sun.
[myjewishlearning.com] Tatoos - if you have them can you be buried in a Jewish cemetary if that ...
evidentialist comments on Feb 12, 2019:
Yes, you can. Some resistance may be encountered in a few places, but the whole business of not being buried in a Jewish cemetery is a myth. Qualifier: *To the best of my knowledge.*
Focus on one objective until successful. Is this why some people are successful and others not? If...
evidentialist comments on Apr 27, 2018:
Depends on what one calls success, don't it?
Pascal's Wager is bullshit. Pascal's Wager is the philosophical concept that puts the Christian...
evidentialist comments on Jan 24, 2018:
Let's take a sideways glance at the reasoning and how it might be applied for the sake of guaranteeing entry into the eternal Kissass theme park: Ask this question of any christian and the likely answer will be, yes: Is it true that when really young children die, they get a free pass to Buttkiss Park? Using this reasoning, it would be wise of the faithful to kill their children to make sure they get in rather than risking the chance that they may convert to some other religion or even worse, fall away and become ... become ... Ohmigod ... atheists, or even scientists. Then there's that other weird angle. The wager makes a godawful assumption. What if the Big Guy in the Sky is really Zeuss, or Bacchus, or Balder, or ... well, you get the idea. It seems that the wager is being made against an even bigger wager. That is, it assumes the deity is this one and not one of the others, but no one can know that with certainty. So you bet on the wrong one and ... holy shit, there goes all that effort down the drain. What if ... there are an infinite number of gods and antigods? Your odds get worse than the national lottery. The list of possibilities and potential logical fallacies is almost endless and faced with that, it becomes obvious that the wager is not all it's cracked up to be. It begins to look like Old Blaise wasted a lot of verbiage. I'd like to go on, but I'm getting old and I tire easily.
Agnostic Mouse Your mouse is wily. Your mouse is wise. So treasure it highly For all that it...
evidentialist comments on Apr 22, 2018:
Fondling a mouse? Oh my.
Now here is a slightly different twist to what is normally discussed. In these days of day glo ...
evidentialist comments on Sep 21, 2018:
Are we talking about using all the letters in dungarees to form 9 letter words, or are we forming words of any length using only the letters available in the word "dungarees?" I suspect the latter. If the latter, there are a good deal more than 90 words, and there are only 3 if the former.
Hey guys! I created an Infidelity Support Group. Please share and/or join! Thanks! ❤️ ...
evidentialist comments on Oct 15, 2018:
Do you think it's a good idea to support infidelity? :P
Hi. I qualified to join Mensa years ago, based on a high school test score. I submitted the ...
evidentialist comments on Apr 21, 2018:
@Hope4US -- I was a member for a while and was active in various SIGs. After approximately 3 years, I let my membership go because work got busy busy busy and my interest slacked off as well. Would it be worth your time? Only you can say that. Give it a go. After all, the only thing you'd be out would be a little time and some dues. Who knows what you might find?
Guilty verdict in 2010 Wilton Manors double murder - Sun Sentinel
evidentialist comments on Dec 3, 2017:
Just a comment about the death penalty. I see the death penalty as state sanctioned murder for one thing and also as a form of revenge. Some people like to call revenge 'closure', but it is the same thing. We also know that the death penalty is not a deterrent to 'capital' crime and in many cases it serves as a reward to the person so sentenced. I would hope that you and others who were close to these two discover some other way to find closure and not to take solace in the death penalty, should it be invoked.
Knobjocky - Donald Trump
evidentialist comments on May 16, 2018:
Good description of our Trumpenfuehrer.
Could a Star Trek future happen?
evidentialist comments on Mar 12, 2018:
Possible but not probable.
I travel between Brookings, OR, North Bend, OR and Eugene, OR about every 2 months. I've been ...
evidentialist comments on Sep 3, 2019:
Any author who is serious about selling product needs to get over being shy/nervous/uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with the public. That doesn't mean you have to become the 'life of the party' or a slick showman, but it does mean starting the process and continuing it. Fortunately, Oregon is a friendlier atmosphere in general than many places. Before you do it, make sure you have your delivery and presentation in order. I wish you kindly audiences and fair weather.
How do you deal with pain?
evidentialist comments on Aug 16, 2018:
I just live with it. Tylenol on rare occasions. Sorry.
Trump Claims He Got China To Remove Tariffs On U.S. Cars By 40%. But No Agreement Exists.
evidentialist comments on Dec 4, 2018:
Creo cuando veo. I believe when I see. This man has made it so that nothing he says has any credibility without mountains of evidence to support it.
Is it OK to be racist against white people?
evidentialist comments on Aug 16, 2018:
Couldn't lodge a vote because there is no such thing as race. There are no such things as white people. Even albinos aren't white. Pale, yes. White, no. We are a species with variants. So, if one variant holds another variant in contempt, a word is needed to describe that. Race is not the word because there is no race. It appears that the problem the 'hater' has with another variant is an internal psychological malfunction so I suppose it would boil down to being a mental illness directed toward a human variant. My head hurts. You figure it out.
A HUG BASED ECONOMY - I've got the solution to all this income inequality, the minimum wage ...
evidentialist comments on Dec 9, 2018:
This new economy would be a burden on the CDC. It would also be prejudicial toward people with certain birth defects and some amputees. It would definitely be a problem at retail outlets on Black Fridays, major film premiers, and sports arenas/stadiums/parks. I can see myriad ways in which this system would lead to disaster. Perhaps it should return to committee to be considered more fully.
Is constructive dialogue possible anymore?
evidentialist comments on Dec 18, 2017:
Of course it is. All you have to do is find the right people. Therein lies the rub.
if your mother was on her deathbed and she begged you to pray with her. would you do it, would ...
evidentialist comments on May 19, 2019:
Hypothetical questions are a lot of fun, aren't they? Well, in this one we use a situation that I know something about. Been there, done that. Not my mother, but someone very close. She asked and I said, "You know me better than that. You know how I feel about you, isn't that enough?" She responded, "Yes, I do, and I'm sorry for asking. You are my one true and honest friend." So, the answer is, no, I would not, but one does not have to be cruel about it.
Great attitude.
evidentialist comments on Aug 8, 2018:
We write whenever there is time, wherever we happen to be, and on whatever writing material is available.
I believe in the power of faith. I’m in sales I see first hand how people who do not have faith ...
evidentialist comments on Jan 2, 2018:
@DonCoryon -- you're way off the mark here, but I don't think you're being foolish. It's a pretty natural assumption to make -- but it's not right. Confidence and faith are two different animals. Sales demands a high degree of confidence, a facility with language, and a positive physical presentation which allows you to pitch whatever product effectively. I doubt that when you fail to close you simply chalk it up to the breaks of the game. The most likely thing a person in sales does after losing one is ask themselves what they missed; what went wrong. Then write it off. The whole process is based on you maintaining control over a flexible situation. Good sales people make good cat herders. So, what you do is actually the opposite of church/religion style 'faith'. The church teaches to supplicate the self to the deity. To approach all things in humility. Faith does not automatically endow the faithful with confidence -- it suppresses it. Most forms of self confidence are mistaken for sinful pride. I have a hard time imagining the balancing act the religious person in sales has to maintain. That old take the initiative away from the client without them knowing it has happened, pin them down and control them to make the sale, all the while in opposition to the character they are supposed to have.
Hi fellow Atheists etc. Are there any Woodwind Musicians amongst you out there in the big wide world...
evidentialist comments on Nov 23, 2017:
Flute and alto sax. Embouchure left many years ago and hasn't returned. So has the wind, so the only thing left is the wood.


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Conference: Fact vs Fiction -- 2001
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My wife: Julieta
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Granddaughter: Ayrie Pauline Chaboya
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My youngest daughter: Alexandra Rachel Jacobs-Chaboya
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My eldest daughter: Leah Kelly when she was 3 years old in our stilt house at the west end of Galveston Island, TX in 1969
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My eldest daughter, Leah Kelly with me at the studio in 1968. Yes, she actually knew a few chords when she was a little over 2 years old.
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My son, Oscar, when he was playing police officer in 2002. Datsa my boy.
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My grandson, Logan Jay Chaboya and Gramps performing an experiment. We luvs science.
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Me in front of 'the wall' in 2004
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Copied from a newspaper article in which I was featured during Astronomy Day at the UACJ in 1999. I was lecturing on impact mechanics and how to identify meteorites in the field. At the university I also displayed my meager collection of meteorites and related materials.
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Founding members at the signing of the papers of incorporation of the Planetary Society: Carl Sagan (seated to the right), Bruce Murray (seated to the left), and Louis Friedman (standing on the left). The man standing to the right is Harry Ashmore, an advisor, who greatly helped in the founding of the Society. Ashmore was a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and leader in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and 70s. What a fun group. Never a dull moment.
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Upper left: The four room farmhouse in which I was raised. Top right: Lovely little me on a rarely seen city sidewalk. Lower left: Me and my hotrod. Center: Aunt Lou, little sister, Lou, with me seated behind, and cousin Skipper with our 1927 Oakland Landau Sedan. Lower middle: Uncle Leroy riding my back. Lower right: Me and my tough row to hoe.
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A rather odd tale of first contact with a strange twist.
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The Earth travels in a random shooting gallery and one never knows.
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"Xenogenesis is one of those rare books that manages to catch even the most jaded of sci-fi readers off-guard. Somewhere between the description of cities in stratified levels of wealth and the injection of nano-machines, we realize we are somewhere between the world we inhabit and the world we only dream about, which makes the entire book something beyond a simple novel of escape. This combination of biotechnology and space travel with a hefty dose of hard-boiled detective fiction in the character of Patrick Dalworthy allows Jacobs to create a work that is both fantastic and close to home, one that tackles the subject of what it truly means to be human in a rapidly advancing world and answer it with aplomb." ~ Jamie A. Hughes
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IN THIS INCREDIBLE, SWEEPING SAGA across thousands of years and hundreds of light years we come face to face with our fears and deep prejudices. It is here, in SEEDS OF MEMORY, that we get an idea of what it means to be "HUMAN" and what "HUMAN" really means. It is here, in SEEDS OF MEMORY, that we are confronted with the need to know colliding head-on with reality. Are we, HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS, truly the only form that humans can take, and is our history the only history? Might there not be others, or others created out of the very stuff of life who are, after all, our brothers and sisters?kith and kin? In this story we find that the lines that divide have indistinct, fuzzy edges, and that we are the ones who make those divisions. Here we discover humanity at its magnificent best, its seething worst, and everything imaginable between, while we make an uncertain attempt to reunite two peoples separated by time and space...and other things.
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The follow-on to Storm Cloud Rising. Maelstrom and the third book have been included into the first book of the trilogy so that it is now a single novel.
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My short story, CLOUD, appears in this anthology.
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My short story, I NEVER SCREAM, is in this anthology.
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My short story, GOD SHIP, can be found here.
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