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I love where I live, yet I've turned into a hermit now that I'm single - I'm not going to thump a Bible covered in a rebel flag with a gun whilst screaming MAGA, and I really don't want to talk to anybody that does; so my solitude is vast yet peaceful. I'm trying to fight all the brainwashing I've received all my life. That includes nationalism, racism, and many other isms. Most people don't want to think about why they believe what they believe, and they get upset if you ask them to question it. I believe in forces in the universe because I have seen them in action - but I'm not sure if its "" or even a variety of entities. For that matter I question the concept of - I know there's something out there, but the identity(s) is fuzzy to me. I do pray and talk to this force(s) all the time, and for lack of another word I call it "".

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