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I laughed uncomfortably when I saw this on Facebook
glennlab comments on Aug 16, 2019:
Don't think they can find a uniform fat enough for the fourth one.
Happy Thursday! Two more work days until my vacation! I'm not going anywhere, but it won't be to ...
glennlab comments on Jun 11, 2020:
complex, simple, easygoing
DOJ prosecutors and Trump attorneys arrive for closed-door hearing on request to hold ex-president ...
glennlab comments on Dec 9, 2022:
I hope the judge slaps them with $100,000 day fine until all the documents are delivered retroactive to the date of the subpoena.
Today's topics include Republican hypocrisy, clumsy misdirection, and moral bankrupcy.
glennlab comments on Jan 15, 2023:
There is no hypocrisy like a republican hypocrisy
Bless her heart!
glennlab comments on Apr 12, 2023:
sleep lightly my friend.
Only 32 percent of the patients with altered mental functions from COVID were able to do basic ...
glennlab comments on Oct 6, 2020:
There could very well be a second trip to Walter Reed, contrary to appearances he has only moved from ICU to the covid ward. The Whitehouse medical unit is set up for everything short of level one trauma .
If u only had a brain []
glennlab comments on Dec 10, 2018:
Can't happen soon enough
Not even one, anymore...
glennlab comments on Dec 24, 2021:
What would it take the president to do for you to gain respect for him?
glennlab comments on Jan 9, 2019:
Hari Kari
Let's make it interesting this holiday season. What is/are your fantasies?
glennlab comments on Dec 16, 2018:
beach front home in the tropic to spend the winters
Every damned time!
glennlab comments on Mar 14, 2022:
It's the vegetarian thing to do
Consider yourself lucky, mate.
glennlab comments on Apr 23, 2023:
Diabetic coma time.
Keeping it simple in Alabama
glennlab comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Texas also has a ban on sexual devices, so they are sold as novelty items, "massagers" can be openly sold.
Marjorie Taylor Green Denies Knowing She Spoke at a White Supremacist Conference Congresswoman ...
glennlab comments on Feb 28, 2022:
When they come looking for the white racists, I'll just direct them to the GOP conventions.
The Young And Secular Are Least Vaccinated, Not Evangelicals
glennlab comments on Aug 7, 2021:
This survey does a snapshot of a moment in time in MAY. This was a time when the under 60 crowd was not on the priority list for the vaccines yet, so it would make sense that the young would be the leading group. There is also significant presupposed bias on the author, an ordained minister to cherry pick. By the end of May only 39% had been fully vaxed, by Aug 5, 50.37% of all Americans had been vaxed. a link to the most current vaccine data
This is a lot more believable than what the mainstream media had posted about the sunken Russian ...
glennlab comments on Apr 20, 2022:
lets look at the undisputed facts: 1. The Moskva is at the bottom of the Black Sea. 2. There are unaccounted for Russian sailors. 3. Russia denies it was the result of hostile action, and Ukraine claims they sunk it. I have never trusted anything either the Soviets or Russians presented. Many times their claims are scientifically proven false.
OPENING Agnostic today and the first dozen posts are BS from @Puff and @patriot1.
glennlab comments on Sep 17, 2023:
They both seem to be so full of themselves and have a complete disregard for the facts.
Perhaps I need a new hobby.
glennlab comments on May 31, 2022:
That's what he gets for standing behind you.
I have to say, it eclipses all the stupid shit I've done, too!
glennlab comments on Feb 2, 2022:
He has a mind like a steel trap, doesn't he?
Not even one, anymore...
glennlab comments on Dec 24, 2021:
bad mom
Happy Tuesday Friends! What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?
glennlab comments on Sep 15, 2020:
none, if I like them they are not weird. Other people might be better able to describe my weird tastes though.
Not even one, anymore...
glennlab comments on Dec 24, 2021:
as long as you don't ask me to eat it
3 Years In Prison, 2 Porn Star Pay Offs and A Putin in a Penthouse
glennlab comments on Dec 22, 2018:
I would hope that since we are at war, treason would be punishable by death.
Coming soon to your local station:
glennlab comments on Sep 22, 2022:
They won't run out of plot lines.
Thank France backbone and brains about lockdowns A reported 200,000 protesters hit the street ...
glennlab comments on Aug 2, 2021:
Pure bullshit, this has been debunked on nearly every level, but you don't care because you just want to spread lies.
First the copy editor, then the censor.....
glennlab comments on Nov 1, 2022:
That was a bit strained, the editor should have asked for a rewrite of the whole sentence, but it makes it easier to remember this way.
Donald Trump Rants About ‘YMCA’ Song When Asked About Allies Getting Involved In Middle East ...
glennlab comments on Jan 11, 2020:
Typical schoolyard bully tactics, you can't come up with a serious reply to a serious question you tell a lie and then chide the asker of the question.
Just a reminder to the MAGA-its
glennlab comments on Mar 6, 2024:
Bizzarro Superman, maybe.
Happy Friday Everyone! What’s one of your Pavlovian responses?
glennlab comments on Oct 23, 2020:
If I smell the brand of perfume my grandmother used to wear, hunger pangs, I think Avon discontinued it, so my weight has stabilized
When someone writes or says, "I'll pray for you, " do you think they actually do?
glennlab comments on Sep 19, 2021:
Does it even matter, it does nothing more than wishing and hoping?
The first picture is the person you took home from the bar.
glennlab comments on Jul 30, 2022:
times are tough, he had to let his makeup person go, and the guy who does his hair.
Any news of Alex Fuck-the-Truth Jones?
glennlab comments on Feb 17, 2023:
Last I heard he is trying to get a bankruptcy judge to hear his case.
The new way?
glennlab comments on Nov 9, 2019:
Nailed it.
Of course it would come to this
glennlab comments on Nov 24, 2021:
That's one property that will probably have to be demolished in order to clean it.
US Rep Ilhan Omar is drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump to remove him from office.
glennlab comments on Jan 6, 2021:
He can do a lot of damage in 2 weeks, 25th amendment time, since he threw Pence under the bus, it may just happen later tonight.
The classiest first lady our country has ever had!
glennlab comments on Aug 23, 2020:
The new look reminds me of her minimalist Christmas decorations. total lack of emotion and beauty.
LOL (insert 20 characters)
glennlab comments on Feb 3, 2022:
Good old farmers
Why isn’t a questioner held to the same rules as the witness in the impeachment hearings?
glennlab comments on Nov 11, 2019:
The questions are held to a lower standard than are prosecutors in a grand jury procedure. They are held roughly to the same standards as police in an interrogation, any lie they tell is only to mislead the witness. Until the trial in the Senate, where basic trial type standards apply, but then the house has a floor manager that marshals the questions and is a much more professional presentation. Most of the questioners in the committee are grandstanding for their own reputations and playing to voters back home.
Sure seems that way.
glennlab comments on Sep 1, 2022:
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Makes sense to me.
glennlab comments on May 9, 2022:
Read, I didn't know he could speak in public until a few years ago.
I'm going Turkey hunting this Thanksgiving because prices are too high.
glennlab comments on Nov 13, 2022:
Free turkeys at Walmart, to anyone that can outrun security.
Meanwhile in the projection booth....
glennlab comments on Oct 3, 2021:
More rapist than just that one.
'He's just a bad guy': Judge destroys lawyer claiming Trump is part of 'protected class' - Raw Story...
glennlab comments on Feb 17, 2022:
That argument should have been a" get out your checkbook councilor, you're in contempt of court" moment. We do have laws about officers of the court bringing frivolous arguments.
Trump Appears to Straight-Up Call GOP Candidates Losers []
glennlab comments on Sep 17, 2022:
Even he has to admit that a lot of the people he endorsed are weak tea.
Georgia jury convicts three white men of Arbery murder, rejects self-defense.
glennlab comments on Nov 24, 2021:
I wonder if these three realized last thanksgiving was the last one they would spend with their families? Seems fair.
Reading other posts and other people's reactions.
glennlab comments on Jan 8, 2019:
What idiot did that? The only people allowed to call anyone honey that they don't know are waitresses in East Texas.
A LOT of it "tastes funny" recently.
glennlab comments on Sep 17, 2022:
Seems that happened more than once
Memphis lawmakers call to deny Trump police escort at rally over unpaid bills: ‘He’s notorious ...
glennlab comments on Jun 7, 2022:
About time these city governments stopped kissing his ass and covering his bills for him.
Soooooo very many
glennlab comments on Apr 3, 2019:
It's not polite to make fun of the mentally challenged. Who am I kidding, fire away!!!
they have a point
glennlab comments on Feb 21, 2020:
same is true of the women's vote.
One of the few times Trump was right
glennlab comments on Dec 30, 2018:
I would say more like his marriages, before he has even finished the prenup phase he is already cheating with a younger country that he thinks is prettier. Bad news, that silver stuff was not silver paving the ground in Saudi, it was sand.
For someone who did so much damage to American democracy, and contributed to poisoning the minds of ...
glennlab comments on Feb 17, 2021:
My question is how many days will his grave be urine free this year?
How obvious is it to you when people are flirting with you?
glennlab comments on Mar 1, 2020:
I went out Friday night. I was talking with several people and one girl culled me from the crowd and we talked for about another hour. I thought she was interesting, but she was at least 30 years younger than me. We hugged when i left and i didn't think anymore about it until this morning when my friend that was working as the bartender and cleans my house called me and asks why I didn't pick up on that her friend wanted to go home with me. So yeah, I'm kind of oblivious.
Steve lived all his life in the Florida Keys and is on his deathbed and knows the end is near.
glennlab comments on Dec 3, 2022:
Interesting twist, got me.
Dance Video Vs. Classy 1st Lady
glennlab comments on Jan 6, 2019:
I like the dance video better than the lesbian photo shoot
You can feed 'em tofu, but no big macs.
glennlab comments on Oct 15, 2022:
With MTG, she figures if she has to go the the gym for sex, everybody else should too.
A couple of good ones
glennlab comments on Oct 16, 2022:
flag and Boebert are gold
Waka waka waka! It's Wednesday, let's see your funnies!
glennlab comments on Dec 30, 2020:
words of wisdom
And, she probably got more out of it, honestly.
glennlab comments on Jul 10, 2020:
When this nightmare is over, strong nepotism laws with harsh penalties, with a statute of limitations that does not start until the term is over.
You will see clearly
glennlab comments on Mar 25, 2023:
faces 1
You will see clearly
glennlab comments on Mar 25, 2023:
faces 2
[] Cry me a river cunts
glennlab comments on Mar 31, 2023:
fuck the river, a lake.
Do you feel Facebook has too much impact on relationships?
glennlab comments on Feb 28, 2019:
Anyone that blocks you over a disagreement on FB will do the same thing in person given the chance, Why date someone who's answer to conflict in a relationship is to hide behind a locked door and not talk is beyond me.
Wednesday!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
glennlab comments on Jul 13, 2022:
Since my roommate died, I haven't had to by new lighters, I think it's been 3 years.
They get their wish
glennlab comments on Dec 25, 2018:
We came, we stole, we conquered, the present day thieves are the ones worried that someone is going to take something they didn't earn from them.
It's the empty my cat folder part 1, begging for likes
glennlab comments on Apr 2, 2023:
smarty cat.
I am wondering if the point system is still maintained?
glennlab comments on Oct 25, 2023:
You get your points automatically. The points are heavily weighted toward interaction. a post, a reply, or someone replying to you are all worth the same. you liking or someone liking your post, reply or response are worth 2 points.
Don and Hersch, quite a pair.
glennlab comments on Aug 24, 2022:
They made their beds, now they can sleep in them.
you know it's true...
glennlab comments on Apr 24, 2022:
Some people can't resist.
You will see clearly
glennlab comments on Mar 25, 2023:
Con artist gonna con
glennlab comments on Apr 24, 2022:
and his asshole had been lubed.
Trump isn't even trying to disguise his political rallies from the white house as press conferences ...
glennlab comments on Aug 12, 2020:
Equal time hasn't been the law since Reagan gutted the fairness doctrine.
I recently spent $6,500 on this registered Black Angus bull.
glennlab comments on Jan 6, 2023:
Has the swelling gone down?
Gotta take my mom to a couple of doctors appointments tomorrow, goodnight!
glennlab comments on Dec 19, 2023:
xmas 8
Clearly a good question!
glennlab comments on Mar 11, 2023:
Blind as a bat without echo location.
You have not been normal....
glennlab comments on Dec 15, 2022:
I've been sick.
Selective humanity by GOP
glennlab comments on Feb 1, 2019:
But they want to be able to do whatever they find entertaining without interference.
What a girl!
glennlab comments on Aug 9, 2022:
She must not be the prize she thought she was.
Trump's spokeswoman ridiculed for calling him 'the new Churchill' in tweet of magazine article ...
glennlab comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Like the comment "Trump, the new Benedict Arnold."
Texas of course! [theguardian.]
glennlab comments on Mar 2, 2020:
In several counties in Texas, they changed the rule that you can now vote at any polling place in the county versus having to go to your precinct. Dallas county bought enough voting machines with a paper trail to outfit all the master locations as well as early voting.
So the Chief Mental Defective of the United $tates of Absurdity had a habit of hurling his lunch at ...
glennlab comments on Jun 28, 2022:
Now you know why all his life his employees have had to sign non disclosure agreements.
Real handy
glennlab comments on Jul 5, 2022:
He looks board.
Very stupid indeed.
glennlab comments on Nov 1, 2021:
The ultimate scam by No.
glennlab comments on Apr 6, 2021:
Yes they did, he told them he was a slime ball, he showed them he was a slime ball, then they were shocked when he slime balled them.
Hopefully PolitiFact can keep the meter updated quickly enough
glennlab comments on Feb 1, 2019:
Going to a short speech if it only has 4 digits
🤣🤣🤣🤣 this may or may not have happened to me before
glennlab comments on Feb 25, 2020:
Or using the flashlight function to search for your phone.
Garage sales. Garage sales?
glennlab comments on Jan 10, 2019:
Put frump out on the lawn in a tent until he agrees to negotiate in good faith, better yet they have some nice rooms in Leavenworth he should try out. (the guards will miss their first payday Friday, make for an interesting weekend).
Well the weather is a funny thing, is it not ?
glennlab comments on Mar 31, 2022:
that'll teach you not to brag.
I have just heard that Trump wants to have a party at the same time Biden is swearing in as ...
glennlab comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Trump is so afraid of how he will be treated that he is flying out to Fl the morning of the 20th. I predict that by the 24th the neighbors will have filed suit to have him removed from his golf club since it is illegal to use it for more than 72 hours straight.
Horrific image of family targeted by Russia in Ukraine
glennlab comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Thankfully trump isn't president, or we would be entering the war on the Russian side.
City that works
glennlab comments on Nov 16, 2022:
Math is not strong with city planning.
A new low for Dr.
glennlab comments on Feb 10, 2020:
The reason they say nice things is they like to eat regular meals and sleep indoors. If there was even an inkling of dissent they would be fired faster than a LTC that told the truth under oath.
Always the snake oil salesman
glennlab comments on Aug 26, 2022:
With his super brain, he probably stole the wrong ones.
Well, my favorites in the Democratic primaries have fallen by the wayside or are struggling, with ...
glennlab comments on Mar 2, 2020:
It has been the practice of former presidents to stay out of politics until the primary is over. The amount of weight that his endorsement would carry for the nominee if he had endorsed someone else would be worthless.
What I know of the Kardashians I learned against my will.
glennlab comments on Mar 29, 2019:
Preach sister!
Chainsaw broke and it is just about the same amount of cost to repair the older one then it is to ...
glennlab comments on Jul 1, 2020:
Planned obsolescence
Happy Holidays all
glennlab comments on Dec 24, 2023:
Merry Christmas, even to the mousers.
An Aetheist "Bible" What do people think about the possibility of creating an Aetheist Bible?
glennlab comments on Jan 31, 2024:
Why would we NEED a book of beliefs? You try to place us into the same box as the religious, which we are not. We are not homogeneous, or share a full set of common beliefs save one, that there is no "god".
Just saw on the news here that Trump wants everything back to normal in the US by ...
glennlab comments on Mar 24, 2020:
Fill the fucking churches on Easter, I'll be going to some Kick ass estate sales in June and July.
Only 5,685 points to level 8! I was level 9 in my life before the site went off for people who use ...
glennlab comments on Apr 12, 2024:


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