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I am here for community only. I would like to meet new people for friendship and discussions. I'm not interested in hookups or relationships although meeting local friends for coffee or lunch is a possibility.

I'm an animal lover and a vegan. I love to dance, and have danced many different styles over the years. I enjoy traveling, reading, photography, listening to music, and being active in general. My taste in everything is eclectic. I would enjoy discussing any topic other than politics.

Currently, everything is on the back burner because I'm growing my business. I own and run a pet boarding facility, which just opened recently. Although my background is in academia, I find myself enjoying working with animals a whole lot more.

I'm pretty easy going, so say hi if you like.


My baby boy!!
graceylou comments on Aug 14, 2018:
Handsome guy!!! Sneks are so adorable and lovable. Love all 16 of mine!!!
Who do you look like?
graceylou comments on Aug 13, 2018:
Growing up everyone always said I look like my Dad. When I went to my parents’ 50th anniversary party, everyone (who didn’t know who I was) was surprised I’m my parents’ daughter. They said I look nothing like my parents or my brothers. I guess I look like nobody but myself.
How are you using Agnostic.com? Are you enjoying it? Meeting people? What's the best way to use ...
graceylou comments on Aug 13, 2018:
I’m using the site to help me relax. I like browsing posts on different topics and looking at group posts. They are always entertaining. I might comment on a few, vote in the polls. I’ve met a few I’ve gotten to know well and I have private chats with them. I’m here for friends, flirts, and whatever kind of trouble I can get myself into.
Please people please don't kill spiders just have fun capturing them with a cup and a piece of paper...
graceylou comments on Aug 13, 2018:
Like some people have said, leave the spiders alone. They are beneficial in the house (unless they are deadly venomous of course). If you must move house spiders, move them to the basement or a storage room or garage, some place away from people, if you aren't comfortable with them around. I'm a lover of all spiders and would do no harm to any of them.
Congrats to new group owner, @JeremyTaylor. He has the right combination of past participation, ...
graceylou comments on Aug 12, 2018:
Woohoo. May be we should ummm celebrate hey Jeremy ?
Girls only respond: Have you ever been tied on a bed?
graceylou comments on Aug 12, 2018:
Of course. I've been tied to many things.
Have you ever made love in a barn full of hay?
graceylou comments on Aug 12, 2018:
I have a barn full of hay and I wouldn't want to make love on that prickly stuff.
At what age did you have your first sexual activity? Not necessarily intercourse, butt that counts ...
graceylou comments on Aug 12, 2018:
I was 25 when I lost my virginity to a guy who was 33. I had liked boys before but more concerned about school and winning scholarships that I didn’t care much about going out with boys or having boyfriends. I just thought that was a distraction I didn’t need and there was no boy smart enough for me. I had a few guys in university who asked me out but since I was top of class and they barely made average grades, no thanks.
Relationships-dating topic Spending time with your date or partner. Cuddle or need space?
graceylou comments on Aug 12, 2018:
Both. If I haven't seen them for awhile and I only have a short time with them, then I would want to be close most of the time, cuddle or something else. If they're around me all the time, I would need my own space at least part of the time.
My first post, took me a lot to even join up.? My question is this: Have you ever entertained the ...
graceylou comments on Aug 11, 2018:
I think many who know me would think I would be into swapping, but I don't have any interest in that at all. Never interested in swinging either. I'm not against any of that for other people of course. If you're curious, the only way to find out is to try it out and see how you feel. Like others have said, discuss it thoroughly with your husband and set ground rules. Since I'm non-monogamous, I have plenty of spice in my relationship already. But hey, if you like the idea of swapping, go for it.
Vegan Seafood Is About To Become Big Business--And Not A Moment Too Soon
graceylou comments on Aug 10, 2018:
I have trouble getting excited when new processed fake meats and dairy alternatives are introduced. I know they are great for new vegans and people transitioning into more plant based diets who love meats and dairy. My SO gets excited over this kind of thing as he’s about 90% plant based and is looking to increase that. He even talks to his friends, all big macho guys in trades, to make the transition using vegan alternatives. I don’t complain and I include some in my meals but honestly if I want burgers I make bean patties that look and taste nothing like meat. There are some uses of these alternatives in my cooking but I don’t like depending on them for food. A lot of non-vegans think this stuff is what “vegan food” is and they go yuck they’d never eat that. Omnis don’t realize they already eat vegan food, like fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, grains. And they actually like it.
Good Morning Girls and Boys...Name 5 of your favorite Actors or Actresses that you would like to ...
graceylou comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Jason Statham (of course) Vin Diesel (I love my muscle guys) Shemar Moore (yes, I am into shaved heads) Lucas Till (ok, so he's young, but legal, and he turns 28 today, and usually I'm not into blonds) Katrina Law (just throwing her in the mix, cause she's hot!!!)
Plant-Based Foods Are Finding an Omnivorous Customer Base - BloombergQuint
graceylou comments on Aug 8, 2018:
I'm happy to have gotten rid of animal-based milks in my household. I've always hated the taste and I'm lactose intolerant anyhow, but my SO loved it. Now I'm an almond milk girl (I use some coconut milk in baking) and my SO is an almond/coconut milk guy.
Passive aggressive cross stitch masterpiece!! [awkward.com]
graceylou comments on Aug 8, 2018:
Subversive Cross Stitch has a whole bunch of patterns like this. My friend loves doing them. https://shop.subversivecrossstitch.com/collections/all-kits
You can't call yourself an environmentalist and still consume dead animals.
graceylou comments on Aug 8, 2018:
Yup. My friends are concerned about plastic straws, plastic shopping bags, micro beads in beauty products but then they go have a triple cheese burger at a fast food place.
Do you like to dominate your partner or to be dominated?
graceylou comments on Aug 6, 2018:
Be dominated. But yet I tend to top from the bottom. I can switch if asked but I prefer not to be in a Dominant position. In other aspects of my life though I’m very dominant.
OK here's a question for the men: If you had a choice of watching the superbowl uninterrupted or ...
graceylou comments on Aug 6, 2018:
Definitely the trip. Though I’d probably go by myself. Don’t need to be bogged down by other women and their needs. Sex with anyone I can have anytime if I wanted it.
Hi girls and boys... Married Delight This long legged beauty walked up to me She asked if I ...
graceylou comments on Aug 6, 2018:
Ohhhh brought back some lovely memories.
Ladies. What's the ultimate length /size for you?
graceylou comments on Aug 6, 2018:
Why did you join this website? Not just what you are looking for. I want a deeper background and ...
graceylou comments on Aug 5, 2018:
I just thought it might be an interesting place to have intelligent conversations with like-minded people. I was a little apprehensive at first because I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be a dating site because I'm not looking for a relationship, other than friendship and community. Then I saw the non-dating option for those here only for community and I felt a little more relieved. I've been enjoying the ride so far. Nothing really deep in my intentions and reasons. Many times I come here to read posts and comments as entertainment in place of newpapers or TV.
What are two foreign languages that you are interested or least interested in learning?
graceylou comments on Aug 4, 2018:
I'd like to learn Portuguese. I am least likely to want to learn German.
333...I'm only half evil.
graceylou comments on Aug 4, 2018:
I had that on my Belle's dog tag. LOL. She's an adorable Boston Terrier mix but is rather hellish with other dogs.
What is the ONE thing that makes you the happiest? What is the ONE thing you wish you had in your ...
graceylou comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Just one thing? That’s not easy. I would say the answer to no. 1 would be animals and dance although if I had to choose it would be animals. One thing I wish I had in my life? More time to dance and choreograph. Just more time to devote to dance I guess is what I meant.
What’s the origin of your Agnostic.com name?
graceylou comments on Aug 3, 2018:
Well, my name is Grace. Some call me Gracey (not Gracie). I go by Graceylou when I’m being silly. It sounds like a hick country girl name. I’m a city girl living in the country pretending to be a country girl.
Get rid of religion and become Vegan - would solve a lot of the worlds problems don’t you think?
graceylou comments on Aug 2, 2018:
Yup, those would definitely help a whole heck of a lot. I'm sure most here know how the first relates to solving the world's problems but few would understand how the second solves A LOT of the world's problems.
What is your strangest talent? How did you discover it?
graceylou comments on Aug 2, 2018:
I can impersonate cats and chickens.
Has anyone else had an issue with the messenger today? I've got couple ongoing conversations that I ...
graceylou comments on Aug 1, 2018:
It’s been messed up all morning. I had to send messages through the message button in the profiles.
Location envy. Have you noticed where a member lives and said to yourself, "wow, I'd love to live ...
graceylou comments on Aug 1, 2018:
New Orleans. Not really because some members live there or near there although yes I’m envious. No place has drawn me to it like NOLA. I’ve been there twice and it’s drawing me back, tugging at me to go back. I just feel like I belong there. The anything goes attitude I love that. I might retire there in the far future.
So out of boredom . Do you like to sleep in the nude or pajamas or underwear? Me? I've always ...
graceylou comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I sleep in the nude. Unless I’m at a hotel and alone. Or visiting my parents. It just feels weird to be naked in bed in those places.
This is something I deal with daily: Those of you who have your real name known on here, are ...
graceylou comments on Jul 30, 2018:
I used to hate being called Gracey. Nobody ever called me Gracey except for a now ex-boyfriend. He knew I didn't like it but he kept calling me that, saying that it sounded cute. It made me feel rather immature. But I've changed my mind about it. I now like it. But I insist that it's spelled Gracey not Gracie. When I feel like being silly, I sign myself as Gracey Lacey or Graceylou.
When parents allow their kids to leave pets at their house.. In 2009, my daughter left her ...
graceylou comments on Jul 30, 2018:
But you gotta admit, hognoses are so darn cute.
I love hanging out in my garage making and fixing things. The hours just roll by. Do women have ...
graceylou comments on Jul 30, 2018:
I have a sewing room, which has been taken over by my geckos (and tarantulas) so now it's the gecko room, although I still sew there now and then.
What famous person do people think you look like?
graceylou comments on Jul 29, 2018:
Hmmmm. Any random Asian actress or whatever. Cause you know, we all look alike. Dressed in one of my dance outfits, a friend’s daughter said I looked like Mulan.
A woman changing her surname 2 her husband's after marriage; is it constitutional, religious, ...
graceylou comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Customary and traditional but yes outdated, but it’s up to each individual to choose whichever form. I chose a hyphenated last name. My mother never changed hers though people called her by my dad’s last name.
Pros and cons about having a tattoo/tattoos?
graceylou comments on Jul 27, 2018:
Pro: Having amazing art applied to your skin as canvas, having an expression of something that have special meaning to you always with you Con: as have been mentioned, tattoo healing and aftercare can be a pain, especially the itching; allergies, if you are allergic to metals you may want to rethink certain colours (I’m allergic to black, blue, and green) I’m not sure if the fact that tattoos are addictive is a pro or a con. I have 12 tattoos and I won’t stop until I’m pretty much all covered except for my face.
Hakkim, Qadir, Jabbar, Rashid...these are some of the men I know from the Middle East...
graceylou comments on Jul 26, 2018:
I had a middle eastern friend in high school named John. All his friends called him John the Terrorist. I realize now how mean that was but he didn't mind. We were all good friends.
Do you like it when your partner is the dominant one in bed, or do you prefer leading things? Do ...
graceylou comments on Jul 26, 2018:
I’m a switch but I prefer to be submissive. In other aspects of my life I’m dominant. In intimate situations I take on the opposite position. Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me what you want me to do to you. Hell, just use me. Mmmmm hmmm. If I’m asked to dominate I can easily do that as well.
Newcomer here.... hi all
graceylou comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Hi. I was born in Indonesia. Welcome.
So, the postman delivers 3 boxes to your door...large, medium, and small...in these boxes is ...
graceylou comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Large-a snake, medium-a lizard, small-a tarantula. But I would be suspicious of the postman delivering to my door because I can’t get mail here.
So at what age did you suddenly realise you were getting old me happened at 51 when everything ...
graceylou comments on Jul 25, 2018:
When I was 36 I learned that 36 was the median age of the population. That meant that half the population was younger than I was. That kinda made me feel old. But now at 47 I am in better shape and am stronger and healthier. I feel sort of younger because I can do what some of my younger friends and colleagues aren't capable of doing.
For those people in polyamorous relationships, I'm curious to know if you were poly right from the ...
graceylou comments on Jul 25, 2018:
I don't know if either of those categories fits me. I was already poly before being with my SO, and I continue to be so. It wasn't something he and I planned.
So something has been bothering me the past couple of days. I am polyamorous and date outside of my...
graceylou comments on Jul 24, 2018:
I am poly as well and in a similar situation like you. But I chose not to select “interested in meeting men” because I can see how some might think I’m misleading them. Being here for community has led to many friendships, a lot of flirts, sharing of fantasies. I have crushes, yes, but the likelihood of actually meeting up is minuscule. Since you’re honest and upfront, I can’t see how you can be said to manipulate. That requires deception. Being poly is hard to explain so may be he’s just not getting it.
What's the worst accidental injury you've given yourself? I had pneumonia last year really bad. I...
graceylou comments on Jul 23, 2018:
Oh, ouch. I had had pneumonia that was a complication of my asthma, which was misdiagnosed by my doctor until I almost recovered (about 4 weeks). I coughed constantly for most of that time, and developed a fever of 105F. Worst accident I gave myself though was a broken little toe. Running too fast around a corner where there's a small table, and someone had put a metal tool box right in front of it. Caught my little pinky toe on it and snap!!! Took about 2 years to completely heal because they could do nothing much about broken toes so I never bothered to have it looked at by a doctor and I just went about life as I normally would (even danced with my broken toe). Another would be when I put myself in a compromising position while trying to load a scaredy horse into a trailer. She was going in finally but I had to remove a lead rope from inside the trailer and that spooked her. My hand got caught between the lead rope she was on and the jagged metal side of the trailer window. Tore up my hand and broke my pinky finger, which again I didn't get seen by a doctor and it healed twisted and crooked. But I'd live.
I met a fellow member yesterday for a wonderful day. Not kissing and telling, just glad I clicked on...
graceylou comments on Jul 22, 2018:
Very hot couple!!!!
My last post made me think of something, the next time I saw my older coworker I was already seeing ...
graceylou comments on Jul 22, 2018:
Love the weight of a man on me, especially the bigger guys.
Have you ever been attracted to someone in a position of authority, over you? Your boss? A ...
graceylou comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I did have a huge crush on a couple of TA’s at the university. I went to their office hours and hung out where I would run into them. But I didn’t really pursue anything further. It was painful for awhile but then I lost interest. When I was a TA I had several guys who would hang around after classes I taught. One I really liked too. We hung out now and then as friends but we knew we liked each other for more than just friendship. We never did cross the line though. Where I worked awhile back, my boss, the owner of the business, used to like hanging around me and chatting me up whenever he came by to check on things. He was always complimenting something. It was a little uncomfortable but I did like the attention. He was always pissy with everyone else but always all smiles to me. If he initiated something more I would likely have gone for it. Again, lines were not crossed.
What do you "think" of - Open Relationships? Jealous or what? I personally love it. I also think ...
graceylou comments on Jul 22, 2018:
I would never survive a monogamous relationship. It would feel entirely unnatural and restrictive to me. There is always some level of openness to my relationships although I’m not interested in connecting with others only for sex.
Do you have activities, art, health routines, social responsibilities that just get put on the back ...
graceylou comments on Jul 21, 2018:
I have to put dance in the back burner while I'm working to open my business. It's been hectic and all the funds have to go into my business for now. When life settles I will go back to dance again. It's my lifeline. Without dance I will go insane.
Just look at this ratato! He thinks all ratties live in a house with chef catered meals and a queen...
graceylou comments on Jul 21, 2018:
Rats are so cute and smart. Sadly, they are illegal to have as pets where I live.
Beyond Meat Triples Production Footprint - This is HUGE!
graceylou comments on Jul 21, 2018:
As much as I’m scared the Beyond Burger would taste like meat, I might actually try it this weekend at A&W (the entire burger as it is is not vegan but you can ask them to not add mayo and sauce I think). I just hope I can eat it and get past the fact that many people can’t tell it apart from meat.
We don't "own" "pets"....we have animal companions and roommates. They are our equals and, if we ...
graceylou comments on Jul 20, 2018:
I always say they own me. They all get taken care of before I even sit down to eat in the morning.
What was your favorite subject in High School?
graceylou comments on Jul 20, 2018:
What kind of animal would you be?
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
Some might say I'm a cougar. Don't ask.
Only one word.☺
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
What are body parts you find sexy and feel are underappreciated? For example, I love distinctive ...
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
Earlobes. Love to nibble them. And on darker skinned men, I’m crazy about that separation between the darker back of the hand and the lighter palm.
Do you ever feel that no one "gets" you? Sometimes I feel like I shape shift so much, I almost don't...
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
I prefer that people don’t get me. The things that I do and my lifestyle have some people worry that I might become a social outcast. And I would think, “What’s so bad about that?”
Caption ? Anyone?
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
Yes, I’m the one responsible for all those missing socks.
Is there a tattoo you wanna get? If I got one, I would get a full ripped 3D green Hulk's ...
graceylou comments on Jul 19, 2018:
My next tattoo will be a dragonfly on my belly upper abdomen area. It’s a ticklish sensitive area for me so I’ve left it bare all this time. My next one after that will be one or more starfish on my elbow continuing my shark half sleeve ocean scene. The elbow is supposed to be one of the most painful places for a tattoo. But I’m ready for it.
TATTOOS ... what do you think of tattoos? .... like/ hate them? ... glad or mad you got one(s)? ...
graceylou comments on Jul 18, 2018:
I LOVE tattoos. I have 12 of them myself and will definitely get more (always planning for the next one). Never regretted any of them. Everyone I work with has at least one tattoo, and one girl has more than I do. Workwise, you can always get a tattoo in a place that can be covered up. No big deal. Most tattoos are very personal anyway so people you know may have tattoos in less visible places and you might not even know it. I don't worry about health risks because I go to reputable tattoo studios only, and most of my tattoos were done by an artist I trust. Also, you get what you pay for. Tattoos are ungodly expensive to get here, so you must really want a tattoo and have put a lot of consideration into it before getting a tattoo. I don't care if some people don't like tattoos, as long as they don't mock those who want/have tattoos. There are some misconceptions out there about tattoos that get spread around by those who don't like tattoos and those really bother me.
How important is having the same taste in music for a relationship?
graceylou comments on Jul 18, 2018:
For me it’s less the genre of the music but more individual songs whatever the genre. So I have quite an eclectic music collection with random songs most people probably have never heard of. It’s not likely that I wouldn’t like at least some of the music the other person listens to. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to like the heavy metal bands he loves. Granted most of them I couldn’t listen to for more than a minute. But one I just fell in love with and I’ve become obsessed with their music.
Breastfeeding model causes stir on catwalk - BBC News
graceylou comments on Jul 18, 2018:
I don’t have kids but if I did I would probably find it gross for myself. I don’t care if other women do it with their babies anywhere. I had a professor who was still breastfeeding her daughter who was 2.5 years old at the time. We were on a field trip out of town and she brought her family with her. One day we were in the meeting room at the lodge listening to the professor’s lecture and her daughter came running into the room wanting to be fed. So the prof breastfed her toddler in front of all of us while giving a lecture. That was a little odd but none of us said anything.
Gross on any level ...
graceylou comments on Jul 18, 2018:
We don’t have that chain in Canada and I’ve never seen their commercials. But that just sounds horrible.
Anyone else getting creeped out because there's loads of older men hovering over your profile ????
graceylou comments on Jul 17, 2018:
I've accidentally hovered so many times I feel like apologizing everytime I do that. Ooops. I've even hovered myself. Although I wouldn't mind older men hovering over me, just saying. LOL. Didn't know I could turn off hover mode. Just did and it feels such a relief not to deal with accidental hovers.
Which door will you open?
graceylou comments on Jul 17, 2018:
No. 2 for sure. I could fund a lot of my projects with it, including my business, animals shelters, farm sanctuaries. Don't need no. 1. A good business partner or partner in crime, sure; soulmate nope. No. 3, I wouldn't know what to do with it.
Would you like to? get only a few minutes to talk to each of 10 single women or men you've never ...
graceylou comments on Jul 17, 2018:
Sure why not. I’ve been known to do crazier things.
How to beat the heat in a healthy way! :-)
graceylou comments on Jul 16, 2018:
My SO makes his own frozen dessert with frozen ripe bananas, coconut almond milk, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract. He makes me mine with frozen mangoes, almond milk, maple syrup, and vanilla extract (because I cannot have bananas). My formerly carnivorous SO is now a connoisseur of plant-based frozen desserts!!!
What length of hair do you prefer on your significant other?
graceylou comments on Jul 16, 2018:
I don't actually really care what hairstyle they choose. But I do have a thing for shaved/bald heads. Still, hairstyle isn't all that important to me.
The sign at one of the churches in town says “God loves you whether you like it or not”. I felt ...
graceylou comments on Jul 16, 2018:
This is the only church in town that puts up signs with sayings other than just worship times and special events. Some of the things that they put up make irate. They get pretty aggressive, and some are somewhat sexist in my opinion (something to do with men are this and women are that, or mothers are this and fathers are that). Unfortunately, I have to drive past this church on the way to and from work. UGH.
Let's get personal: What is your worst vice? Mine is smoking cigarettes and eating sugar.
graceylou comments on Jul 15, 2018:
Men and animals.
From a 42-year-old man I didn't get a chance to have children. It was from not having me not ...
graceylou comments on Jul 15, 2018:
My father had me when he was 41, my younger brother when he was 43. Is there a right time for a man to have children? I don't know. As a woman I don't ever feel the need to have children, and at 47 happily child free.
If I go to Canada and declare that our President is killing this country, of which I am a citizen, ...
graceylou comments on Jul 15, 2018:
For a small fee, I can go ask him for you. Eh?
I have never been known for my self control, especially when it comes to food. More so when it comes...
graceylou comments on Jul 15, 2018:
Are you allergic to tree nuts? If not may be try nut butters like almond butter or cashew butter (and treats made with these). Obviously not exactly peanuty tasting but somewhat similar. There are nut free and allergy safe candies out there too that are quite delicious.
I just need to rant. I’m caught in the middle of a feud regarding the care of my aging and ailing ...
graceylou comments on Jul 14, 2018:
Thank you everyone. I think my older brother and I have a plan of sorts. I’m also going to talk to my younger brother. I’m tired today so I will put all that in the back burner until Monday.
I just need to rant. I’m caught in the middle of a feud regarding the care of my aging and ailing ...
graceylou comments on Jul 14, 2018:
Thanks for the comments everyone. I have to work early this morning so I can't get to everybody's comments. Just to clarify further, this is now an urgent matter for a number of reasons. The main reason is that my sister-in-law decided to take over care of my parents and is forcing rushed changes that she thinks my parents need but they don't actually want. She claims knowledge and background in mental health and elder issues and she thinks she knows what's best for my parents, MY parents. She is trying to convey to social services and medical authorities that my brothers (including her husband) and I do not care enough or are neglecting our parents, and it could be a very dangerous situation if we lost control over the care of our parents. The fact is, we the children know our parents best and know what they are comfortable and not comfortable with, and we know what can or cannot be done due to finances. I'm trying to make sure that the things that are done for their care is what they want, and whether we think it's the best for them or not comes second. My sister-in-law seems to indicate that she will report us to the authorities for neglect if we don't agree with the changes that she wants to force on my parents now. We agree there needs to be changes but we need to go slower and give my parents time. So, this is the biggest issue right now: my sis in law's urgency and threats against me and my older brother, with my younger brother basically just going along with his wife.
Save me. I'm surrounded by narcissists ?
graceylou comments on Jul 13, 2018:
I grew up with narcissists, my mother and older brother. I know how you feel. Family, unfortunately, you can't ever really get away from.
Does “size"matter?
graceylou comments on Jul 13, 2018:
I'm a smidgen over 5'3, so shorter men would have to be quite short. I don't really care about height, not really. There was a man shorter than I am that I found very attractive and we got along well. Those I've been with range from 5'7 to 6'2. Generally, I tend to be most attracted to men who are 5'10 or taller.
Question of the day: What are you craving? Anything, anything at all. I want to know. ...
graceylou comments on Jul 13, 2018:
A nice juicy pineapple.
Bohemian Rhapsody New movie about QUEEN coming in IMAX [youtu.be]
graceylou comments on Jul 13, 2018:
That looks really good. And you know I love Queen!!
I am an Arabic language teacher at a major university in Detroit, the idea that the Arabic language ...
graceylou comments on Jul 13, 2018:
That’s so interesting. I learned a little bit of Egyptian Arabic because I’m a belly dancer. I listen to some Arabic pop music also.
For you, is this site primarily dating site or a social media site?
graceylou comments on Jul 12, 2018:
Strictly here for community.
Penises. Let's talk. I thinks it's pretty much universal among us men that we love our penises. ...
graceylou comments on Jul 12, 2018:
What? Who are these women who hate penises? Mmmm. I think penises go great with my morning coffee.
I always hate going to places where I have to give them my age or date of birth. I know I don’t ...
graceylou comments on Jul 11, 2018:
I don’t mind if someone says I look young for my age but looking good for my age I take as a different thing. It implies may be I should not look “good”. Or those my age can’t look good normally. And for professionals in their professional position should not even comment. I will be turning 50 in 3 years. That should be a lot of fun!!!
I've been a Vegan for over 2 decades...I'm still amused when people find out I'm Vegan tell me that ...
graceylou comments on Jul 11, 2018:
Oh yeah, I have been thinking about this recently. I'm not infallible and at my age have several health issues that are minor compared to most people around the same age. But I mention I have to see my doctor about this or that or have to have a procedure done, and people always comment, Oh, is it because you're vegan? My reply is, No, it's because I'm vegan that I'm not worse. My health is better than most people my age. Fortunately, my doctor is nor averse to plant-based diet. My iron level is just an itsy bit lower than the expected normal range this time around (everything else is perfect), but that is common for women around my age. One of my friends, and my sister in law, are both low iron, though both are fully omnis. My doctor says it's probably why I feel tired all the time and fatigued. Ummmm, did I ever say I feel tired all the time and fatigued? Hell, no, I'm bouncing off the walls as it is and have the energy of a 25 year old. He wants to put me on prescription iron pills, at least try it for one month. I refused (mostly because I don't know if the pills are vegan), and told him I would just eat more green leafy veggies. Done!!!
Where does HGTV find these people?! "Hi we are a 20something couple expecting our first child. We...
graceylou comments on Jul 11, 2018:
They'd probably need extra room for the 9-person live-in cleaning crew for a house that size. Even if the house is 2000 sq. ft, it's still a massive amount of space for 2 adults and a child. My house is 1800 sq. ft (two storeys, so total of 3600 sq. ft. of living space), 6 bedrooms, 2 baths, plenty of space for two humans and 53 indoor critters.
Who should make the first move? Agnostic should allow all members to choose and display their ...
graceylou comments on Jul 10, 2018:
May be try not to overthink it too much. There is no formula I’m afraid. Go with your gut. Definitely hint at interest before messaging though.
What's your favorite name?
graceylou comments on Jul 10, 2018:
Madeline-just a pretty antebellum sort of name Richard-sounds very regal But just for fun, I also love Leia and Kylo. One of my dogs is named Leia. I have a stuffie yorkie named Kylo.
Please help pay for the children I can't afford but want anyhow so I can raise them in poverty and ...
graceylou comments on Jul 10, 2018:
Kinda reminds me of all those people who want free puppies or dogs because they can't afford to buy one, and they want the dogs to come with food and beds, and to be delivered to their home because they don't have a vehicle. Except kids are much more expensive.
Do you watch it? American Ninja Warrior is on now! 8pm ET The back stories are so ...
graceylou comments on Jul 9, 2018:
Hah! I’m obsessed with ANW. I say one day, that is my goal. Don’t laugh.
Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? My daughter and I sleep with our doors open ...
graceylou comments on Jul 9, 2018:
Open partly so the dogs and cats and come and go as they want, partly because despite having 5 large windows in the bedroom, none of them could be opened, so it gets stifling hot in there in the summertime if the doors were closed. And, I'm claustrophobic so I leave doors open anywhere if I could.
It's Monday morning. Why aren't you at work?
graceylou comments on Jul 9, 2018:
I work elsewhere on weekends and work at my own place on my property the rest of the week. Technically I’m always at work.
Could you or have you spent an entire week in Vegas without gambling?
graceylou comments on Jul 9, 2018:
Yes. My friend and I went and we didn’t spend a penny gambling. Besides the casinos and hotel lobbies are too smoky to stick around in.
Math phobia?
graceylou comments on Jul 9, 2018:
My mom did the same to me. Didn’t understand how I could possibly not get math. I was locked up in a room a lot to do extra math exercises. Until 4th grade. Suddenly math dawned on me and I learned it like it was the easiest thing. Started taking the more challenging classes and later in life tutored students in math and sciences. Now I love math and I find joy in math. I find joy in helping students learn math and not fear it anymore. I used to have a math teacher who’s motto was “Math is fun”. I believe it now.
What devices and/or services do use to watch tv? If you watch tv. I use a small silver wire ...
graceylou comments on Jul 8, 2018:
Satellite TV. Nothing else available out here in the boonies. Anything streaming doesn't really work well. But I don't watch TV that much anyway.
[facebook.com] nudibranch
graceylou comments on Jul 8, 2018:
Nudies are so wonderful!!!
Down from 237 to 209 now. I've been losing weight since I had a gall bladder attack on May 18th. ...
graceylou comments on Jul 8, 2018:
Right on, John. I hope you keep going on the right track. We will all be here to lend support.
What kind of person are you a sucker for?
graceylou comments on Jul 7, 2018:
Charming intelligent nerdy puppy dog types.
It sure is hot out there but at least it isn't snowing.
graceylou comments on Jul 7, 2018:
Shhhhh, don't jinx it.
I have a frilled neck lizard and a black cap conure anyone have any similar pets here
graceylou comments on Jul 7, 2018:
No birds at this time but had them in the past (including a mynah). I do have 16 snakes, 5 geckos, and 4 tarantulas. And a whole assortment of mammalians.
[facebook.com] I need one of these
graceylou comments on Jul 7, 2018:
Well, it does look and act a bit dog-like. I wonder if my groomer would notice.
10 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food-Do You Eat It?
graceylou comments on Jul 7, 2018:
Nope. I don't eat fast food. I don't go to fast food restaurants. Nope.


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