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Guys ask why women are so pissed off. Even guys with wives and daughters. Jackson Katz, a prominent ...
jerry99 comments on Sep 28, 2018:
Wow, that’s truly awful! As a father of a young woman, I thought I was pretty sensitive to this, but I guess I still have a lot to learn.
Men who never learned to cook
jerry99 comments on Sep 22, 2018:
After my divorce, I hired a cook to come in and prepare meals once a week. It was fun chatting and watching her cook and eventually I learned enough to feed myself reasonably well. Later, I learned quite a lot more from doing Blue Apron meals and I now am able to enjoy cooking for myself and friends. Cooking turns out to be fun, especially when done with a partner.
Oh.My.God! ... I just had the most amazing day. I was in this little cafe in the West Village and I ...
jerry99 comments on Sep 21, 2018:
whatever gets you through the night.
jerry99 comments on Sep 20, 2018:
Doesn’t sound like an appealing contact to me. I think I’d be more comfortable with someone who had a decent education and could have an intelligent discussion on a variety of subjects, along with the interest and ability to learn and explore something new.
The Roman Catholic church has admitted many of its priests & bishops committed child rape and other ...
jerry99 comments on Sep 13, 2018:
Good luck! 5 or 6 of the 9 Supreme Court justices are Catholic. Gorsuch was raised Catholic but did not identify himself as such.
Can science and religion be reconciled?
jerry99 comments on Sep 9, 2018:
People want to believe in superstitious claptrap and all the science and logic in the world will never convince them otherwise. A reasonable society would just make sure the religious charlatans are unable to steal their money and molest their children.
Rules Are for Schmucks: How to Save Freedom of Choice -
jerry99 comments on Sep 7, 2018:
I'd just like to see them pay their fair share of taxes. And stay the fuck out of politics!
Questions for Democrats: Which Candidate is your top choice to run for President in 2020?
jerry99 comments on Sep 6, 2018:
Much as I like the first three people on the list, I think we need younger people in office. As an old guy, I know how hard it is to put in the sort of work schedule that Clinton and Obama managed. Obviously the current old-fart-in-chief is in way over his head even if he weren’t that old. I hope the Dems can find a viable candidate for 2020 but I’m not really optimistic.
Dealbreakers: Friends and Partners
jerry99 comments on Sep 6, 2018:
Two: smokers and Trump voters
How do you deal with nosy people?
jerry99 comments on Sep 6, 2018:
I have a three-phase approach: 1. A polite but brief response 2. Pretend I didn’t hear the question 3. Explain that I just don’t feel very chatty If all else fails, I get up and walk away.
Who is your favorite Judge on television?
jerry99 comments on Sep 3, 2018:
Pigmeat Markham
Trump Says He Heroically Avoided Capture in Vietnam by Staying in U.S. | The New Yorker
jerry99 comments on Sep 3, 2018:
That was satire; this is true: Donald J. Trump, who received draft deferments through much of the Vietnam War, told the author of a coming biography that he nevertheless “always felt that I was in the military” because of his education at a military-themed boarding school. Mr. Trump said his experience at the New York Military Academy, an expensive prep school where his parents had sent him to correct poor behavior, gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”
Fuhrer Trump Says Libel Laws Should Be Strengthened. It Looks Like We Have Grounds For a ...
jerry99 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots. ALSO All the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. -- H. L. Mencken
Religions: More harm then good? The depth of intellectual damage religions impose on their ...
jerry99 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
I believe that all fundamentalist religions are harmful to the ideal of peaceful coexistence and good citizenship in general. Their moderate and reform cousins seem to me to be mostly harmless, except when they provide a safe haven for their extremists.
Is anyone else scared to death to start over?
jerry99 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
Nah, but I am getting a bit tired of the dating process. Not sure if it’s even worth the effort anymore since I’m pretty happy being mostly by myself with my dog and a few friends.
For those of you who are atheists and were from a Jewish background like me. How do you deal with ...
jerry99 comments on Aug 31, 2018:
No guilt. Usually I forget when it occurs. I am thinking of taking Katz’s Deli up on their special Rosh Hashanah package this year.
IPhone or Android? Why?
jerry99 comments on Aug 30, 2018:
I generally avoid Apple products. Apple does a great job on design and marketing but I believe their devices are functionally equivalent to much lower priced Android models. I confess that I did break down and get one of the newer, larger iPads.
California diocese buys $2.3M home for retiring bishop - KGTV-TV San Diego
jerry99 comments on Aug 29, 2018:
The Catholic Diocese of San Jose has purchased a five-bedroom, $2.3 million home in Silicon Valley for its retiring bishop despite the 640,000-member diocese's mission of charity and serving the poor. ... The nearly 3,300-square-foot (306 square-meter) home's listing boasts of a "grand-sized chef's kitchen," ''soaring ceilings" and "luxurious master ensuite" with a "spa-like marble bathroom" in a "Tuscan estate."
BREAKING NEWS!!!! 300 catholic priests recommended for charges in sexual abuse cases. []...
jerry99 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
And that’s just Pennsylvania!
Well friends, this time it happened on Some of you may remember, several months ago,...
jerry99 comments on Aug 14, 2018:
Best advice is never be in too much of s hurry to get together. Get to know someone first via email and phone chats. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true...
THIS IS WORTH TAKING A FEW MINUTES--Call your senators today to delay Kavanaugh confirmation hearing...
jerry99 comments on Aug 13, 2018:
Elections have consequences. Losing the Supreme and other federal courts is just one part of what happens when you lose the White House. Please explain that to the Bernie Bros and other people who expressed their dissatisfaction with HRC by not voting or filing protest votes.
What is the greatest challenge that civilization faces?
jerry99 comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Problem is with short-term thinking. Getting a tax break at the expense of clean air and water for our children and grandchildren is a pretty bad investment. Makes sense if you only care about yourself, i.e. you’re a Republican.
A Piece Of Me Can I show you what that means? All my pieces were torn apart And thrown to the ...
jerry99 comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Waiting until you’re fully whole may be too big a project for a single lifetime. As they say, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”
Something I've thought about for some time now. Weather it's Christian, Catholic, Jewish or ...
jerry99 comments on Aug 8, 2018:
Forgetting about any possible divine entities that may have contributed to our success, I think it’s important to acknowledge that we never accomplish anything entirely on our own. We all owe a debt of gratitude to family, friends, teachers, society, past generations, and probably most importantly, our incredible good fortune in happening to be just where we are. It’s fine with me if you want to translate “good fortune” as god, but I’d say it’s more accurate to give credit to random chance.
The Comics Section: Shooting Stars, Calling the Whole Thing Off, and Psychic Gifts -
jerry99 comments on Aug 6, 2018:
Humor-impaired comics?
I know the subject of age difference has come up a few times here. However, I'm curious. What would ...
jerry99 comments on Aug 5, 2018:
I’m not overly humble, but if an attractive much younger woman contacts me (as has occurred a few times on dating sites), chances are it’s a scam.
This is a major rant about men not reading profiles. I am here for dating and I have an issue ...
jerry99 comments on Aug 4, 2018:
When I was on POF/OKC, I’d frequently get messages from women, usually elderly, who wanted someone to worship Jesus together with them. And of course my profile made it clear that I was s liberal atheist. I concluded that a lot of people just used a shotgun approach, sending out tons of messages and hoping for a few positive responses, the Spam approach to dating. Best to just ignore them!
Husband is Catholic I am me. We are going to pick up his new Harley tomorrow. I will be riding my ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
I agree with folks who say just quietly wait for him to finish his conversation with his invisible friend, but you might ask him to ponder later if there were to be an accident, would it mean that he didn’t pray hard enough? Or if it’s just god’s will then why bother praying at all? P.s. Congrats on the new bike!
Advantage of religions It occurs to me that one big advantage of religions is that it allows me to ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
I noticed nobody leapt to the defense of any of the groups I mentioned! It’s like finding out someone is a Trump voter — you could go along for an extended period and finally realize that they’re some awful combination of stupid, mean, lazy or nuts! Who has that much time to waste?
I actually gave up on the bible when i found out that pastors have invigilators while sitting for ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
Woody Allen — 'I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me.
Social Gender Roles? Since much of what is expected of us socially has come from religion, how ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
There’s theory and practice. In theory, I think men and women should behave and be treated as equals. In practice, I really, really like women who are easy on the eyes. Of course, both should receive equal pay for equal work, but in my work life I really preferred working with attractive women. Sorry if that offends anyone.
On a recent trip to my local library I found out that there is such thing as " Christian fiction ". ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
Seems redundant.
"God Friended Me" New this fall. Sundays after 60 Minutes. CBS The same network which brought ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 20, 2018:
Given that 90+% of what’s on TV is crap, it’s hard to get outraged at one more example. This is why many of us get our news and entertainment from online and streaming sources.
Words to live by What words or sayings do you live by? Like: Live and let live. Spread your ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 17, 2018:
"In the end, everything is a gag." - Charlie Chaplin
Which door will you open?
jerry99 comments on Jul 17, 2018:
As long as we’re wishing for shit, I’ll go with Steve Martin’s list:
Jim Bakker: God Sent Two Doctors To Cure Cancer, But They Were Aborted - The Intellectualist
jerry99 comments on Jul 15, 2018:
Nah, they died from malnutrition after making the mistake of being born to a poor woman in Somalia.
Just watched George Carlin's review of the Ten Commandments and Christian religion on YouTube. ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 15, 2018:
Sad he’s no longer around, though I guess the shithead-in-chief would have given him a heart attack by now anyway.
Does anyone else here think that the fast food industry should spend just a little more time in ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
My needs are really simple. I just want a 1/4-pounder without cheese. Today (and several previous times) I ordered it w/o cheese and got it with cheese. I’d think without should be the default, but no. I checked my receipt and it says: quarter-pounder with cheese - no cheese. Last time, I checked before I left and sure enough it had cheese. So I sent it back and waited several minutes, but didn’t bother checking again. When I got home, guess what? CHEESE!!!
So why isn't Satanism listed in the profile questions alsong with the other options to believe in ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
I don’t understand this. Isn’t Satan just another deity? Seems to me that devil worship is just another deistic/theistic religion. How can you be a Satanist and reject the supernatural? P.s. Lucifer is one of my favorite TV shows.
Trump denies US opposition to WHO breastfeeding resolution - BBC News
jerry99 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
The list is very long and very depressing. Don’t forget - most of us voted for the other candidate.
So, I was at a book club. It is an atheist/Christian book club. We discuss an atheist book one month...
jerry99 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
Seems weird to me — like reading physics books one month and astrology books the next! Better to just switch between fiction and non-fiction.
We’re lucky in the UK that we don’t experience the aggressive Christian bullying that seems to ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 8, 2018:
Tell us about Brexit!
"The American people are a welcoming and generous people. But those who enter our country illegally,...
jerry99 comments on Jul 8, 2018:
Sounds like someone just trolling to stir up more anger. Don’t feed the trolls! And btw, maybe get an effing life!
This question is going to be controversial, but with the subject matter it's to be expected. Is it ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 7, 2018:
Wow, rough life, kid. Hang in there!
Why Does Palestine Matter?
jerry99 comments on Jul 6, 2018:
Religious extremism is at the heart of a lot of problems in this world.
Read Scott Pruitt’s Bizarre Resignation Letter – Mother Jones
jerry99 comments on Jul 6, 2018:
Dismantling the EPA was his top priority and he definitely was successful at that. Enriching himself at the expense of taxpayers was just a side benefit that his boss was okay with since he’s been busy doing that himself, perhaps with a bit more subtlety.
What is your favorite seafood recipe? I live at the beach and we eat a lot of seafood around here....
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Steamed crab or lobster, melted butter, squirt of lemon juice. That’s all you need!
Do you like to fly?
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
I hate flying, the lines, the crowds, the uncomfortable seats, the long drive to the airport, dealing with checked bags or carryon, everything! EXCEPT, it gets me safely to where I need to be.
Recommendations for what to watch on Netflix please.
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Altered Carbon
I'm interested to hear what people think about Artificial Intelligence. Will we have Android's ...
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Functional AI, on the order of human intelligence is well within reach, probably near 20-30 years. I believe it will take much longer for fully capable android/humanoid robots to become available. Bionic part replacements OTOH sound pretty good to me and are much more like to be developed.
Can infinity replace God?
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
Drivel! Infinity is real, a well-defined mathematical fact. God is a concept, a delusional one at that. Like asking if an apple can replace greed.
My latest political cartoon... .
jerry99 comments on Jul 1, 2018:
What does it say on the crown?
The problem with a two party system is that eventually the two parties get together and decide to ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 25, 2018:
Saying both sides suck so it doesn’t matter, is what the Repubs want you to believe do they can continue to get away with their outrageous activities. The reality is that even with all their faults, the Dems are still miles better in terms of doing the right thing for the people, the world and the environment. The Repubs base their whole campaign strategy on greed and fear. Tired of winning yet?
Unelectable Atheists: U.S. States That Prohibit Godless Americans From Holding Public Office - ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 25, 2018:
Some saw the book 1984 as a cautionary tale; others took it as their game plan. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be prevailing at the moment.
One side says we need less government. The other says we need more government. Is there any ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 25, 2018:
The side that says we need less government really means that they want less government regulations over their business practices. Turns out they want more government interference in our personal lives.
The difference between the three mayor religions: Christians: Talk to the sky. Jewish: Talk ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 23, 2018:
Btw, the Hindus, Confucians, Buddhists might disagree about the three major religions.
Sessions to Those Fleeing Domestic and Gang Violence: Not Our Problem -
jerry99 comments on Jun 20, 2018:
And he’s anti-weed!
GOP Congressional Candidate Wants Mandatory Prayer In Public School
jerry99 comments on Jun 20, 2018:
Might be nice to have time allocated for meditation breaks. No one cares what goes on in your head when you’re sitting quietly. Of course, that’s as opposed to mandatory prayer of a specific religion.
New York Times Essay Calls for More Respect for Astrology – Friendly Atheist
jerry99 comments on Jun 20, 2018:
I’m okay with people finding some entertainment value in horoscopes, but it’s disappointing to see them being taken seriously. It’s a sad commentary that the astrology section of the local bookstore is bigger than the science section.
Okay everyone let's hear it.
jerry99 comments on Jun 19, 2018:
Elections have consequences.
This is the glorious Von Tramp children coming off a successful trophy hunt. Do we need WMD for ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 18, 2018:
Worthless POS’s
I've stopped engaging with online dating sites. I think I'll just focus on the woman that's been ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 17, 2018:
Uh, beer?
I’m so upset with this recent illegal immigrant separation of children from their families. I want...
jerry99 comments on Jun 15, 2018:
When everyone’s done venting about the outrageousness of these acts, all I can say is get out and vote and stop throwing your vote away on extremists and third-party candidates with no hope of winning!
From the Atheist Republic: Infallible prayer algorithm :-)
jerry99 comments on Jun 15, 2018:
Or I did it wrong — my fault.
What's the worst epidemic of our time?
jerry99 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
Addiction to entertainment.
I seem to run into a number of atheists who believe that while theism is an irrational belief in the...
jerry99 comments on Jun 8, 2018:
As I recall, 5 of the 10 Commandments and 3 out of 4 Pillars of Islam are about worshipping god. So those aside, the others seem like reasonable, though woefully inadequate, principles of behavior.
How do all of you manage to live with the fact that the religious have all the power and privilege ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 5, 2018:
I suspect you’re looking at the Trumpian decline of the US as typical, but my sense is that Western Europe and some other places have a far more rational point of view. I recall hearing one European leader referring to the Bible as comforting stories for children.
The US Supreme Court has sided with the baker who refused, on religious grounds, to make a wedding ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 4, 2018:
I'm also of the school of thought that says screw the bigots, just take your business elsewhere. EXCEPT, this establishes a precedent for all sorts of prejudice where LGBTQ can be denied access to housing, jobs, education, medical care, etc. And if you can discriminate against LGBTQ, then why not blacks, Muslims, Jews, ...? Elections have consequences and this is an early warning of what we can expect from right-wing politics down the road if we don't start voting like it matters!
The link below is to a simple 10 question science test on the Mother Nature Network website that I ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
I don’t feel like doing any research on this, but I suspect the quiz was written by and for idiots with questionable motivation. Was it just to make people feel superior? Or was it just to gather page clicks?
DEBUNK? Did some quick searching but couldn't find anything on Snopes regarding this. Anyone fact ...
jerry99 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
There’s lots of stuff on Snopes
An evangelical university is helping make a film that implies God chose Trump
jerry99 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
Given all the creepy stuff in the Bible, I can believe it!
Today, at the gym, one of the women was talking about her year old niece and how wonderful she is, ...
jerry99 comments on May 29, 2018:
'Roseanne' canceled after star's racist Twitter rant
jerry99 comments on May 29, 2018:
I’m okay with that.
What do you do about getting marketing e-mails which have no way to Unsubscribe?
jerry99 comments on May 29, 2018:
Mark them as spam and let Gmail deal with them.
Philosphical, yet whimsical, query
jerry99 comments on May 28, 2018:
Define your terms.
Have you ever wondered about what terrible shots those stormtroopers were. It was the same in the A ...
jerry99 comments on May 26, 2018:
Wouldn’t be much of a movie if the heroes got shot in the first few minutes.
Just wanted to share this- apologies to those who already know it, but it resonated well with me. ...
jerry99 comments on May 26, 2018:
Found it at
The Expanse?
jerry99 comments on May 26, 2018:
I don't watch a lot of TV so I was really upset that my two favorite shows were cancelled: Lucifer and The Expanse. What a relief to get The Expanse back! Last week's episode was excellent. I've read all the books and really enjoy the way it's been made into a TV show. All the actors are excellent, but Shohreh Aghdashloo is perfect as Chrisjen Avasarala. Something about a grandmotherly type swearing!
We can't be having that.
jerry99 comments on May 24, 2018:
That explains the current administration.
Thoughts on "things happen for a reason"
jerry99 comments on May 23, 2018:
I think karma operates at a micro level: you're nice to people and people are nice to you; you're crappy to people and people are crappy to you -- mostly. Beyond that, random chance is all you can expect. The universe isn't out to get you (beyond the fact that most of it will kill you in a few seconds) and it isn't out to make you happy. You roll the dice and take your chances.
Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct
jerry99 comments on May 22, 2018:
I wonder if that’s because they’re now selling AI technology for use in military drones?
Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick is a fucking moron. Instead of shooting schoolkids, why doesn't one ...
jerry99 comments on May 20, 2018:
I watched part of the interview (until I had to shut it off in disgust), and he’s not just a moron; he’s a moron who is totally corrupted by the gun lobby!
What is the significance of this picture? I’ll admit I didn’t realize it until it was pointed ...
jerry99 comments on May 20, 2018:
Great photo!
How many of you atheist are pro-life? Just curious
jerry99 comments on May 20, 2018:
I think, like most people, I view abortion as a last resort, when giving birth will cause immense suffering for all involved. In the past, when abortion was outlawed, it led to risky procedures that often resulted in great harm or death. I don’t believe the state has any business telling people what they’re allowed to with their own body. Obviously, we just don’t do enough for sex education, birth control, and new mother support — actions that would reduce the need for abortions — but the stupids seem to prefer pretending that’s not the problem. So it goes.
I've got my summer reading list ready
jerry99 comments on May 18, 2018:
Good list!
Steven Pinker - The evolution of the way we think - YouTube
jerry99 comments on May 18, 2018:
I’m reading Enlightenment Now. Pinker does a wonderful job of presenting complex ideas in a very understandable way. Highly recommended.
There is a move towards religious fundamentalism in the world, particularly among the Abrahamic ...
jerry99 comments on May 16, 2018:
There is no requirement that every thought must be communicated. I think a wise person considers a number of factors before deciding whether to criticize, correct, or pass judgement on another person's beliefs: Is it helpful? Will it cause harm? Is this the right time and place? Is it the truth? Are you sure? Really sure? For me, I'm happy to engage in friendly debate or discussion, but when words get heated, I prefer think hard about whether it's worth continuing. There was a meme going around a while ago, something like: "your Facebook post about politics has really changed my mind, said no one EVER!"
Who is your favorite Atheist?
jerry99 comments on May 15, 2018:
Tim Minchin
Listening to "The Way of the World" by Ron Suskind...he states that the US government has been using...
jerry99 comments on May 14, 2018:
I don’t believe they’re smart enough to do that on purpose. Of course, it just may turn out that way just because the news media and opposition are too preoccupied with the latest tweets to pay attention to the long-term effects of their actions. ☹️
A friend asked me why I am so much in favor of the space program. I replied that soon they will be ...
jerry99 comments on May 14, 2018:
As long as it’s a one-way trip.
What is your Neil Young birthday song verse?
jerry99 comments on May 13, 2018:
Young man, take a look at my life, I was a lot like you are. Seventy-two and still muddling through.
What is the one extravagance you do just for yourself without feeling any guilt?
jerry99 comments on May 13, 2018:
Since I’ve retired, I take special joy in taking afternoon naps!
The Irreligious Now Outnumber White Evangelicals in America
jerry99 comments on May 11, 2018:
Still seems to be the case that evangelicals wield power far out of proportion to their numbers. The Repubs have been a minority party for years and still manage to dominate national political offices. Thanks to gerrymandering and the Electoral College, I don’t see things changing anytime soon. ☹️
Basic survival skills
jerry99 comments on May 11, 2018:
I know how to write checks to the people who know how to do stuff!
Community living
jerry99 comments on May 11, 2018:
Judge in Paul Manafort case accuses special counsel Robert Mueller of gunning for Trump's ...
jerry99 comments on May 5, 2018:
This is what we can expect with the Repubs stacking the courts with as many right-wing ideologues as they can find, qualifications be damned! Mueller is doing his job, following the evidence of wrong-doing wherever it leads.
National Day of Crazy. I just watched some of Pence's side show and I'm thinking about jumping ...
jerry99 comments on May 3, 2018:
It’s okay with me if people want to chat with their invisible sky buddy, just so long as they don’t force anyone else to join in the conversation. Hell, I talk to my dog every day and at least she pretends to be listening!
Political Songs!
jerry99 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
Phil Ochs I ain't marching anymore (and everything else he sang)
If you’re from a Jewish background, tell how you Bat/Bar Mitzvah was. Mine was a good experience. ...
jerry99 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
At 13, I knew religion was a bunch of crap but was coerced into going through the motions. That was the last time I attended synagogue. Why yes, I probably was a difficult kid!
Why did USA become so incredibly entrenced in religion and EU escaped? We used to say we shipped all...
jerry99 comments on Apr 19, 2018:
The UK sent their criminals to Australia and their religious nuts to America. I think Australia came out ahead.


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