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Basic survival skills
jerry99 comments on May 11, 2018:
I know how to write checks to the people who know how to do stuff!
Community living
jerry99 comments on May 11, 2018:
Judge in Paul Manafort case accuses special counsel Robert Mueller of gunning for Trump's ...
jerry99 comments on May 5, 2018:
This is what we can expect with the Repubs stacking the courts with as many right-wing ideologues as they can find, qualifications be damned! Mueller is doing his job, following the evidence of wrong-doing wherever it leads.
National Day of Crazy. I just watched some of Pence's side show and I'm thinking about jumping ...
jerry99 comments on May 3, 2018:
It’s okay with me if people want to chat with their invisible sky buddy, just so long as they don’t force anyone else to join in the conversation. Hell, I talk to my dog every day and at least she pretends to be listening!
Political Songs!
jerry99 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
Phil Ochs I ain't marching anymore (and everything else he sang) https://youtu.be/gv1KEF8Uw2k
If you’re from a Jewish background, tell how you Bat/Bar Mitzvah was. Mine was a good experience. ...
jerry99 comments on Apr 20, 2018:
At 13, I knew religion was a bunch of crap but was coerced into going through the motions. That was the last time I attended synagogue. Why yes, I probably was a difficult kid!
Why did USA become so incredibly entrenced in religion and EU escaped? We used to say we shipped all...
jerry99 comments on Apr 19, 2018:
The UK sent their criminals to Australia and their religious nuts to America. I think Australia came out ahead.
What is the Origin of the Universe?
jerry99 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Someone asked the Dali Lama if Buddhists believed in the BBT, and he answered, “yes, but bang, bang, bang.”
Evangelical Pastor Claims Traditional Gender Roles Can Prevent Sexual Abuse | HuffPost
jerry99 comments on Apr 4, 2018:
Why be concerned with what morons think?
Pick yer poison. lol
jerry99 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
Buddhists don't worship any gods.
90% of the American people say that it's okay to have "In God We trust" on U.S. currency. Are you ...
jerry99 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
Fine with me if it keeps the stupid people happy!
Did anyone watch the season premier of Roseanne last night?
jerry99 comments on Mar 28, 2018:
i never saw the original, but I'm at my brothers house today and he had it on. Probably the worst show i ever saw! The laugh track was really obnoxious -- it just kicked in based on the rhythm of the lines, not whenever anything was funny!
Any Tom Robbins fans out there?
jerry99 comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Yes, a wonderful writer. I just wish he'd get back to work! :)
Has anyone seen Man From Earth?
jerry99 comments on Mar 16, 2018:
Yes, it was a wonderful movie, well-written and well-acted. A sequel was released recently, "The Man from Earth: Holocene" which I found disappointing. And there's a TV series possibly in the works.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 85 and no signs she'll retire from Supreme Court
jerry99 comments on Mar 15, 2018:
She's wonderful but should have retired during the Obama admin. Too damn old!
BenefIts of books
jerry99 comments on Mar 9, 2018:
I have come to depend on my Kindle, but I wish I could give many of my books away when I'm done reading them. I do love the way I can switch between my phone and my Kindle or iPad and my computer and still pick up at the same place where I left off. I also love being able to adjust the font to suit my vision.
Would You Opt for Immortality? - Quillette
jerry99 comments on Mar 9, 2018:
Well, we're living a lot longer than our ancesters and I suspect another 100 years or so is within reach given modest advances in medical technology. As usual, it will be the privileged who attain the greatest benefit. That aside, it wouldn't take much for us to be able to upload our consciousness to the cloud and have some semblance of ourselves made available indefinitely, though I'm not sure how appealing that would be. I rather enjoy having a body!
Would you eat lab-grown meat?
jerry99 comments on Mar 3, 2018:
Is it healthy? Does it taste good? Is it environmentally-friendly? Is it reasonably priced? Let me know when you get one of those!
I can remember 15 passwords, 5 or 10 phone numbers, addresses I lived at years ago and piles if ...
jerry99 comments on Mar 3, 2018:
Forgetfulness Billy Collins The name of the author is the first to go followed obediently by the title, the plot, the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel which suddenly becomes one you have never read, never even heard of, as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain, to a little fishing village where there are no phones. Long ago you kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbye and watched the quadratic equation pack its bag, and even now as you memorize the order of the planets, something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps, the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay. Whatever it is you are struggling to remember it is not poised on the tip of your tongue, not even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen. It has floated away down a dark mythological river whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall, well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle. No wonder you rise in the middle of the night to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war. No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted out of a love poem that you used to know by heart. “Forgetfulness” from Questions About Angels, by Billy Collins, © 1999.
I like collecting programming languages. What is your favorite programming language? Why?
jerry99 comments on Mar 3, 2018:
LISP, Forth, SNOBOL4 They were ground-breaking and under-appreciated at the time.
Review of More Than 130 Studies Provides Powerful Evidence That Gun Control Saves Lives
jerry99 comments on Mar 2, 2018:
We live in a country where are elected represntatives have decided that our health organizations are not allowed to even research gun safety! we wouldn't want any facts to interfere with their campaign donations.
Social classes
jerry99 comments on Feb 28, 2018:
Any Doctor Who fans?
jerry99 comments on Feb 28, 2018:
I never liked it until the 2005 reboot. For me, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant were the best. I'm curious (and hopeful) to see how Jodie Whittaker does.
Has anyone else attempted university in their 30's+ (after years out of school)?
jerry99 comments on Feb 28, 2018:
I went back for a second Masters at 62. It was a wonderful experience!
I was asked this question about morality as being an Atheist. The question goes like this; Being an ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 26, 2018:
You don’t need religion to know right from wrong.
Why We May Soon Be Living in Alexa’s World - The New York Times
jerry99 comments on Feb 26, 2018:
I have them scattered in various rooms around the house. I mainly use them for music, but I’ve come to rely on them for numerous everyday services: timer, news, weather, recipes, todo and shopping lists, simple orders from Amazon. I sent my daughter one of the Echo Shows so we can have occasional video chats. It’s just another appliance I’ve come to depend on and use often. If you’re worried about being spied on then I guess you have a much more interesting life than me! :)
Which religion in your opinion is the worst? Islam or Christianity?
jerry99 comments on Feb 25, 2018:
All of the fundamentalist religions are awful. The non-fundamentalist versions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are silly but generally innocuous.
Why do premonitions happen from a scientific point of view?
jerry99 comments on Feb 25, 2018:
I suppose there’s a chance people have valid premonitions, but I think it’s likely that they’re subconsciously integrating a lot of data that leads to a good guess. It’s probably more likely that people just remember the times their premonitions came true and forget all the other times when noting happened.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
jerry99 comments on Feb 25, 2018:
At the moment, I’d say it’s The Expanse or Altered Carbon!
Which streaming service should I pay for??
jerry99 comments on Feb 25, 2018:
I have Amazon Prime and periodically add Netflix, Netflix DVD, Hulu, Starz, HBO, etc. for a few weeks or months to pick up any special programs I want to see. I also purchase specific series from time to time (The Expanse, Lucifer, The Good Place, ...) since I'm in a broadcast TV dead zone and since it's still a lot cheaper than signing up for cable. I prefer not to add a regular cable service since I tend to watch any crap that's on and since life's too short to waste!
Do you think everything happen for a reason? how can we know its reason?
jerry99 comments on Feb 24, 2018:
No, I think that's pretty silly. The universe is pretty random and our place in it is nearly infinitesimally small.The only plan it has for any of us is to see that our atoms get disbursed back into the cosmos! Sorry. Of course, that's just my opinion - I could be wrong!
Alternate religions or life philosophies? So just like all of us I was once a teenager and did a ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 23, 2018:
Works for Trump (so far)!
ANNIHILATION opens tonight. Is anyone here planning to see it tonight? Has anyone read the novel?
jerry99 comments on Feb 22, 2018:
I just got the book. Looking forward to it and the film.
After Mass Shooting, FL House Votes to Put “In God We Trust” Signs in Schools – Friendly ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 22, 2018:
I guess that means people no longer need their assault weapons, right?
American Gods? Read it...watch it? Enjoy it?
jerry99 comments on Feb 20, 2018:
Read it, watched it, loved it! I’m just pissed that season 2 seems to be messed up with budget cuts and people leaving. Altered Carbon is my new favorite show.
The Dogma of Atheism
jerry99 comments on Feb 20, 2018:
I’m a non-believer because none of the alternatives make any sense to me.
Atheist Bingo: Can You Refute All 25 Of These? – Friendly Atheist
jerry99 comments on Feb 20, 2018:
I looked at the list and think they mostly arise out of faulty assumptions.
The Dalai Lama said, and I paraphrase, it is not necessarily helpful to believe in god to be a ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 17, 2018:
My best understanding is that Buddhists do not believe in a creator god, that the universe is everlasting. When the Dalai Lama was asked about the Big Bang, he said “yes, but bang, bang, bang!” That said, many Buddhist cultures have a variety of deities and most western Buddhist communities are okay with members maintaining their family/childhood religious practices.
Do you realize if you are an atheist, in the Christian world you are going to hell? As a matter how ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 16, 2018:
Sounds like Hell is the place to be! Plus, I could care less what any religious dumbass thinks of my personal beliefs.
Ever used Craigslist personals?
jerry99 comments on Feb 16, 2018:
Unfortunately, a tiny, tiny fraction of the population is nuts. And you can meet them online or in person. I know it’s riskier for women, but in any case we’re all taking a chance when we meet up with a relative stranger. I’ve been on a couple of online matches with women who were certifiable, but I’ve also met women who were perfectly nice just not a good fit. I think the best approach is to get to know someone with phone chats before any sort of in-person meeting, and even then it’s good to be cautious.
Excellent cartoon
jerry99 comments on Feb 13, 2018:
Our priorities are upside-down!


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