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Wish to make FRIENDS not date. I'm around the tampa area and am open to go out to intresting places. I have a boy that I adore. If you're looking for convo, Im here to eloborate or hear a fellow mate out(women/men). I'm married but open to talk about personal or just randoo topics. 👌😁 I like thrills like roller coaster or other stuff, want to try bungee jumping. Love comedy stand up. Also enjoy hearing podcast, my favorite is Philosophize This. Admire Stephen West, Joe Rogan, and Jordan Paterson for there way to control a conversation to not be boring and its understandable.👌

Agnostic Atheist. Believe in seperation of church and state. Here for conversation with people that arnt on a extreme spectrum.


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Agnostic, Atheist, Skeptic
Here for community
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