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The Bastards always Have an excuse! []
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 23, 2020:
Casualty 200,001 = CDC
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 22, 2020:
And counting.
Trump, his sycophantic cohorts and Fox news along with the other little shit (pictured) are the real...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Wow! MSNBC is on fire tonight, lambasting the republicans in the senate about the rush to replace ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 22, 2020:
Trump to California Governor: "I said, you gotta clean your forests, the leaves, years of leaves and...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 21, 2020:
I believe the person responsible for the mismanagement of California’s forest should be fired. The federal government owns 57% of California’s forest land. Do the math.
Food for thought!!!!
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 20, 2020:
I created this back in the beginning of April. It was bad enough then.
Today's Most Disgusting PersonS, the State of Tennessee and the United States government ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 20, 2020:
The sad truth is that a lot of poor whites oppose universal health care (e.g., Medicare for all) because they "don't want to have to pay for no black person's [probably not the words the would use] health care."
It's been less than two hours since it was announced that RBG has passed, and the always deplorable ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 19, 2020:
I am perfectly ok with Trump's nominee getting a vote on one condition: Trump has to nominate Merrick Garland.
RBG, no. 😢 I hope there is some way to prevent Trump from choosing another Justice.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 19, 2020:
Anybody remember Merrick Garland? This is the most civil meme I can post about Bitch McCornhole.
Republicans say that if Trump continues to attack mail in ballots it will hurt.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 18, 2020:
The good news is that members of Cult Trump will believe his BS about mail in voting. Meanwhile, 90+% of Democrats know better than to believe anything Trump says.
"The great merit of the capitalist system, it has been said, is that it succeeds in using the ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 18, 2020:
And exactly how is global warming, a direct product of capitalism, anything resembling an ultimate benefit to society?
Not that I believe in jinxes, but I am leery of getting my hopes up too high, only to have them ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 18, 2020:
Trump is too stupid and too egotistical to make the smartest move he could make. He should agree to plead guilty to a federal crime on the condition that all state charges against him would be dropped. He had much better leverage to make this deal before, and during, the impeachment, but he might still be able to pull it off. Why would it be such a good deal for Trump? Would you rather do six months to a year in a Club Fed, or die in a state prison?
Nailed it!
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 18, 2020:
And, let's be honest here, those are his better qualities.
'Completely preserved' Ice Age cave bear carcass found by reindeer herders in Russia (with soft ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 17, 2020:
Pretty amazing. But I have to wonder if they found it just by checking out the smell?
Bob Woodward: "Rage" Is An Opportunity To Enter President Trump's Mind Stephen Colbert interviews...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 16, 2020:
The important point here is that Woodward can back up everything in the book with tapes.
Been a while, so for your viewing enjoyment.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 16, 2020:
Why do I have a problem believing the Secret Service would be ok with Jackson as the moderator?
Ice detainees faced medical neglect and forced unnecessary hysterectomies, whistleblower alleges | ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 16, 2020:
As a rule I don't favor castration as a form of punishment. In this case I coud see where justice would demand a bending of that particular rule for those responsible for the hysterectomies.
Does djt have NPD?
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 15, 2020:
Dear Meidas Touch, Sherlock sends his regards. Sincerely, Capt. Obvious
Why rake the forest floor when we have a garden HOE as president
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 15, 2020:
FWIW, Trump complains about how California mismanages its forests, but that isn't the problem. The State of California controls approximately 3% of the forest land in California. The vast majority of the forest land is either National Park land, National Forest land or BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. In other words most of the forests in California are under federal control. Next time Trump criticizes the forest management in California remember that he is pointing out what a bad job he is doing.
He scared the scary...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 14, 2020:
This is from two years ago. You remember, before he murdered 200,000 people (and counting).
Be careful guys! Rosecute1982 is ascammer !
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 14, 2020:
Could have never guessed. Right?
Jimmy Carter: My son smoked pot with Willie Nelson on White House roof
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 13, 2020:
Jimmy Carter has always been my favorite President.
When you are being sued by almost every artist whose songs you've played, you have to make do with ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
I find it interesting that John Fogerty is not objecting to Trump using the song. If I were him I'd be happy to let them mock Trump with it. Just pay the royalties.
Yes how many
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
As Half a Million Forced to Flee, 'Militia Checkpoints' Patrol Roads and demand "documents"
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
So, the brown shirts are demanding, "Show us your papers."??? Sounds like the Oregon State Police, or the local Sheriff, needs to go have a chat with these idiots.
Rio Tinto CEO Stepping Down Over Destruction 46,000 year old Ancient Aboriginal Site : NPR
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
Would it be justice to have his home blown up and make him live on the street?
Portland passes broadest facial recognition ban in the US - CNN
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
Good news, but I'm still wearing my mask when I leave home.
Yesterday's Most Disgusting PersonS 4 Houston police officers fired after body-cams show the ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 12, 2020:
The Chief in Houston appears to be a decent guy.
Yea, yea, I get it: anniversary of 9/11 and what 'ya know about where you were, blab, blab.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 11, 2020:
The two biggest conspiracy theories of my lifetime were the Warren Commission Report (actually an anti-conspiracy theory) and the 9/11 Commission Report. Both should properly be shelved in the fiction section.
Parasite Warning: This video is not for those with a weak stomach. []
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
A twofer. I like it.
"Of all of the president’s lies, and he is a virtuoso prevaricator, the excuse he offered today at...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
Umm, yeah, right.
I am at a loss as to how the DOJ can represent tRump in the rape trial of E.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
Barr and Trump have no real legal basis for what they are doing, but it will delay things until after the election. One little, tiny, near unto microscopic monkey wrench in their works is the fact that Mary Trump has already supplied her DNA.
Not very bright
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
a.) He didn't read about anything. b.) He absolutely is a f@@@ing idiot.
That's the most precious thing next to the Panda-cam I've seen in far too long.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
The species is endangered but I am happy to see that the baby appears healthy.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 10, 2020:
DeJoy and the entire Board of Governors of the Postal Service should be investigated for reckless endangerment. If anyone has died due to their actions, they should be investigated for manslaughter. If the evidence is there to support a case, they should be tried, convicted and sent to prison.
Sadly True
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 9, 2020:
It wasn't quite that simple. He also bought the NRA and Bitch McCornhole.
The party of family values
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 9, 2020:
One of the truest examples of Republican family values is found in the fact that George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, were found guilty of trading with the enemy during the first year of the U.S. involvement in WW II. This was at the same time that their grandson/son, respectively, George H. W. Bush (a.k.a., Poppy) was in basic training to go fight in the war.
Things in short supply!...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Two out of three are actually real.
Absolutely yes
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 8, 2020:
Trump’s ‘plane loaded with thugs’ appears to be a Salt Lake City flight with Black Lives ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 7, 2020:
Nunes is an idiot.
Dear Santa...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Which is more likely?
Portland clashes: Trump accused of encouraging violence after shooting Police say it was not clear ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Only true losers would follow orders from Trump.
QAnon conspiracy emerges in some state legislative races
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
The truly troubling thing about this is QAnon has the marks of a classic psy-op. I have to believe it is being run by the Russians with access to information from inside the Trump "administration".
Donald Trump made derogatory remarks about fallen members of the military, going so far as to call ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Trump ended his trip to France in 2018 after uploading the art to Air Force One | FR24 News English
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Interesting that all of the items he chose were copies, not originals. What would you expect from a fake?
This made me smile: []
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 5, 2020:
My only regret is that they were polluting a fine lake.
THIS is Where the Cult of Trump Has Taken the Country, for Now, Who Knows What Special Shit will ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 5, 2020:
Sounds like Rep. Spillane may be changing his job soon. Have any friends in New Hampshire that need a license plate?
Operation warp-speed was conceived to save just one person in America.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 5, 2020:
I have friends who are very pro-vaccine who are saying there is no way they will take any vaccine released in less than 18 months. It takes at least that long to prove safety and efficacy.
Admiral Gene LaRocque
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
True. At best they die defending their buddies who are also being sacrificed.
LOL! 😂 I always find a bunch of humor when tables turn.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Karma, who knew your name was Ring?
Army shakes up Fort Hood leadership after Vanessa Guillen's murder
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
Let's see just how much is investigated and what comes out.
Can you spot the difference?
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
I'd be curious as to who would win a fight between the two groups. I wouldn't bet on the posers in the blue truck.
Like a Religion? []
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 3, 2020:
As far as I can tell QAnon is a psy-op run by the Russians with help from someone (or a group of someones) with access to high level information in the Trump "administration".
This is a direct message to D J Trump! :-D
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 3, 2020:
And that's the truth.
Let me tell you the secret that has led to my goal.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 2, 2020:
Most people have no idea what he had to go through to get the world to accept his work.
Truth Sister!
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 2, 2020:
Truth. And I wonder if Ivanka and Melania would have done it if they had not been under orders from Russian Intelligence?
“I didn't know then what a sperm was, and so wouldn't understand his answer for several years.
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 2, 2020:
A friend was giving a speech and intended to use this idea as the basis for her words of encouragement. I don't think she was going to use the quote, just the idea. Instead of a full outline she simply wrote the word "sperm" on a sheet of paper and stuck it in a manila file folder, which she placed on the podium. One of the other speakers had also brought his notes in a similar folder and left them on the podium. He got up to speak before she did, opened the wrong folder, and stood there turning red and speechless until he realized what had happened. After the event he told her, "After that sneak preview I was dying of curiosity and couldn't wait to hear what you were going to say."
Ammon Bundy comes out FOR defunding the police and in support of Black Lives Matter This may not ...
mcgeo52 comments on Sep 2, 2020:
"RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE" is a bit of an understatement. But the Bundys are really libertarians, not neo-fascists posing as libertarians.
Trump has not been investigated as to Russian influence.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 31, 2020:
Mueller took the most limited interpretation of charter imaginable. If he had not, he could have used his investigation to break, or at least cause significant damage to the Russian mob.
Below I have pasted a few extracts from Wikipedia's page on QAnon, for your consideration: Theory...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 31, 2020:
QAnon is, from what I have seen, an incredibly effective psy-op. It is probably run by, or with serious help from, the Russians, and involves at least one person with access to inside information from the Trump "administration." I have suspected Steve Bannon, but given the above I have to put Michael Flynn toward the top of the list of suspects.
Since conspiracy theories are in.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 31, 2020:
I have long believed it is very possible that Melania and Ivana are both Russian agents. I am not ready to go so far as to believe Barron is Putin's son without all of them going on Jerry Springer and getting the DNA tests.
Trump is trying to start a civil war so he can postpone the election and keep in office. Thoughts?
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 31, 2020:
He can't postpone the election. He is inciting violence so he can convince people that they need a strong leader (i.e., him) to stop the violence. His base is stupid enough to buy it.
A great anti-Trump video []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 29, 2020:
An insult to clowns.
Green screen dress how nice. []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 29, 2020:
That after the fascist military dress is unbelievable. Her fashion adviser must really hate The Donald.
“Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Doesn't exactly sound like a ringing endorsement of Trump/Pence 2020.
Falwell has finally resigned.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 26, 2020:
With a $10 million severance.
What a shame Jerry Falwell Jr. wasn't a speaker at the RNC. He would have fit right in.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 26, 2020:
He was invited to speak at the RNC but said he'd rather watch.
Latest from the LP. EVIL! []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 25, 2020:
If you want to do something about this, please sign the petition and share it.
[] Trump twists everything
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 24, 2020:
Another fascist move by Trump that is killing Americans.
There's Stupid and then there's that Special Kinda Racist Stupid, is it even a crime to steal from ...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 23, 2020:
Say adios to your dinero, you gringos estupidos.
"A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be ...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 22, 2020:
What Vonnegut work was this from?
Inside Bannon's Scheme: []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 22, 2020:
The trumpsters know it's over.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Reality check: This is not happening. In 2018 40% of ballots were by mail. With the exception of a handful of very tight races that went to manual recount, we knew the results within a week or two. Even with 100% mail in ballots we would have the results in time for the Electoral College to cast their votes. I'm far more concerned about the 12th Amendment, which reads in part: "The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President." The nightmare scenario here is that Biden wins the popular vote and appears to have won the Electoral College. However, a major state that he has carried, say Florida for the sake of argument, has a Republican legislature and Governor.They refuse to certify the votes for the Electoral College. This could deny Biden the majority of Electors necessary to be elected. You think that's no problem because the Democrats control the House. Well, the next sentence of the 12th reads: "But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice." So, while the Dems control the House, on a state by state basis the Republicans would have have a majority.
The emperor's new...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 22, 2020:
What bulb? Republicans use gaslighting.
I bet it smells is bad as it looks.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Since when does this guy French kiss pillows?
I wasn't sufficiently triggered. Do it again, tRumptard! []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 21, 2020:
I wasn't triggered, but something obviously was.
Just HOW STUPID is Trump? []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. -- Albert Einstein **Q.E.D.**
I was told a joke- hope I get it correct.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 20, 2020:
In his case it should be Sitting Eagle. He's so full of shit he can barely walk.
Today's Most Disgusting Person (not a cop today! A Prosecutor instead.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Sounds like the Governor is not happy about this. If there is a trial (which would be stupid) and a conviction (highly unlikely) I would expect a pardon.
Panda-mania This is some feel-good in a world of "UGH! Another day.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Some good news to look forward to.
Anyone ever wondered if raccoons like Fizzoli pasta?
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 18, 2020:
I wanted a better look at these pictures so I spent a few minutes in Photoshop.
The Nudge And Tie Breaker That Took Women's Suffrage From Nay To Yea : NPR
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Thanks for posting this. Sometimes one person can make a difference.
Could this explain a few things?
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 17, 2020:
So much for white supremacy.
LOL! Sometimes I'm just so glad I don't know many white middle-aged Republican women.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 16, 2020:
This is not the most appropriate song for an Agnostic web site, but I just couldn't resist putting it here.
Just a few minutes ago, on the net, I read that he has said, "It might take months, years, to count ...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 16, 2020:
I the ballots are not counted by noon on January 20, 2021 the Speaker of the House becomes President.
Make it about the Vets, not the votes.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 16, 2020:
For those who can't read the Twitter thread, here's the Fb version: The Postmaster General is selected by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Board of Governors of the Postal Service. Those are the people, not Trump, who can save the Post Office by firing DeJoy. I think I may have a way to make them do it. The policies put in place by DeJoy are resulting in the mail being delivered later and later. This is a blatant violation of 18 USC 1701. But that is a federal crime and there is no way I am going to believe that U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is going to enforce it. Our solution appears to lie in state law. Delaying the mail is having a serious negative impact on people who receive their prescription drugs by mail. BTW this includes almost all prescriptions filled by the VA for our vets. Any action threatening a person’s health can be prosecuted as reckless endangerment. If the person dies because of that action, the charge becomes negligent homicide/involuntary manslaughter. Further, if the people responsible for the delay of delivery of the prescription drugs knew it could result in death, the charges could be increased to voluntary manslaughter/second degree murder. We need to have our state Attorneys General, as well as our local DAs, issue a notice to DeJoy and the Board of Governors that they have one week to be in compliance with 18 USC 1701, or they will be investigated for, charged with, and prosecuted for reckless endangerment and/or manslaughter. P.S. The letters notifying the Board and DeJoy will serve as constructive notice and justify increasing the charges from involuntary to voluntary manslaughter. P.P.S. This could obviously be prosecuted as felonious conspiracy. P.P.P.S. If minutes, official records, or testimony establish that slowing the mail was done at Trump's request, or with his knowledge and approval, he can be charged as a conspirator.
"Decoding Donald Trump’s Mental Condition: Malignant Narcissism," according to John D.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 16, 2020:
And that's Donnie on a good day.
Just wondering if we the people could could chip together and save the post office.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 15, 2020:
Read this and then contact your state Attorney General and your local DA.
Definitely from OZ
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 15, 2020:
Mother says he can have the slippers.
Can It Get Crazier Than this?: []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 15, 2020:
From what I have seen of QAnon I believe it is a psy-op run by the Russians with help from Steve Bannon (and possibly other members of the "administration").
I recently reposted a blurb I posted here to a neighborhood blog.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 15, 2020:
"And, surely Trump's association with Epstein 'probably' included sex with minors. No proof yet.:"
So doesn't the situation right now prove that the stock market has very little to nothing to do with...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 15, 2020:
The only reason the stock market hasn't collapsed is that the Fed is buying corporate bonds to keep the value of the companies up. Some of the companies are using the money from the bond sales to buy back their own stock.
“I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is only to be expected from the...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 14, 2020:
There is much truth in this.
America will never be destroyed from the outside.
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 14, 2020:
Atrocious behavior
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 13, 2020:
BTW, this includes ALL vets getting their prescriptions from the VA. Way to support the troops, Donnie!
Trumps guide book
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Looks like he could be Stephen Miller's grandfather.
Trump, and the Anti-Vaccers- If Trump follows his usual pattern, and hypes Putin's vaccine (Hey, ...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 12, 2020:
Most of the most ardent pro vaxxers I know would be extremely reluctant to take a vaccine that had only gone through this level of testing. I mean what could go wrong with an untested vaccine for a disease that can cause: • permanent lung damage, • permanent heart damage, • permanent brain damage, • who knows what else? I had a friend who got a dose of a rushed, not fully tested vaccine. Here's the obituary I wrote for him:
Fox News Host Shocked To Learn Children Can Also Get COVID-19 Referring to a new report which ...
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 11, 2020:
The next administration needs to review Fox's broadcast licenses in light of the fact that they knowingly spread false information that was dangerous to public health. And we can prove they knew the truth by the fact that Rupert Murdoch canceled his birthday party because of the virus.
No Football! Holy Shit, This Is A Real Crisis! []
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 11, 2020:
Somebody posted on fb a few weeks ago that if you were to tell the people in the SEC (South East Conference) there would be no football until the virus was under control, they would lock down the entire south with total quarantines for everyone for a full month and nobody allowed outside without a full biohazard suit.
So true......
mcgeo52 comments on Aug 11, 2020:
And the problem with this is...???


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