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What is/are your thoughts about net neutrality?
noworry28 comments on Dec 17, 2017:
The internet providers are saying that they will not slow down any sites or charge to visit any sites. Yea right! Give them a little more time and their greed will rear its ugly head. If their is away to make more money they will find a way to suck it out of the consumer. Don't get me wrong, i believe in making money, but there is a point where enough is enough. Too much greed is destroying society. Capitalism can only work in a democracy with rules and regulations and protection for the populous.
VIAGRA Is it possible there could be a link between sexual harassment...
noworry28 comments on Dec 17, 2017:
The pill does not control morality. I love women, but I do not force myself onto them. When I ask a woman out and she says no, I take no as an answer and respect their decision. These assault have been going on for centuries, the only difference is that women are not keeping quiet anymore. They need to change the rules of civil court about non disclosure settlements. A lot of women have spoken up, and then are threatened and silenced by the non disclosure rule. They are also faced with the fact no one will believe them, and they would be called liars and whores by the people and companies they are accusing. Look at our own congress where several law makers were accused of sexual harassment, and the women were paid off and silenced. The public have been paying for it, and the public never knew about it.
How do you think people would react if all religious people from different faiths discovered their ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 17, 2017:
Most would deny the evidence and continue to worship a myth. Unfortunately some would lose of aspect of decency and commit the most horrific acts since they would not have any fear of any consequences in the afterlife. Some will look for a different kind of belief system because they have to have some kind of outside belief system to validate their life.
Is Fox News becoming the Secretary of Propaganda of the Trump Admin?
noworry28 comments on Dec 17, 2017:
They are the only news organizations that got sued by two former employees for being fired for refusing to broadcast a story that is not true. Fox lost the case in the regular court and when they filed an appeal, their argument was that they are a business and they are not under oath, therefore does not have to tell the truth. The appeal court agreed with them and ruled that they did not have any constitutional mandate to tell the truth and they are covered under the first amendment of freedom of speech. Research it. It happened over ten years ago.
Let us end the blight of religion and replace it with knowledge, reason, and the unyielding pursuit ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
Only problem with your comment is that there are no atheist missionaries going around attempting to convert anyone. No church, no brainwashing and no form of indoctrination.I don't believe anyone here was convinced or turned by anyone else. To be a freethinker, one has to come to that realization on his or her own. No one convinced me to be an atheist, and I have never tried to convert or turn anyone into an atheist.When that light goes on, and one starts to question the teachings of religion, it is not coerced or preached by another.
Seems legit :-D
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
It was the will of the force. The force is calling all Alderaans home to its kingdom. The empire is an instrument of the force. One should not question the word of the force. The force works in mysterious ways.
a question for athiests
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
I was eight years old when I started to question the existence of a god. I fully became an atheist when I was sixteen years old when I took a class in college and I was learning about Doctor Leaky. I have never looked back.
What emotion would you believe is the strongest and why?
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
"Love" because it could lead to happiness as well as hate and fear and anger and grief, and jealousy, etc,. You can start loving someone and depending on the situation could lead to another positive emotion as well as very negative emotions.
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
There was a post here that stated that god got lonely and committed suicide to create the universe thus we had the big bang when he exploded. Go with that if you need something to believe in.
How could Jesus’ body descend off into Heaven?
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
It happened the same way a pumpkin turned into a chariot so that Cinderella could go to the ball. The same way Alice went down the rabbit hole and chased a rabbit with a hat. The dame way Sleeping beauty ate a poison apple and fell into a deep sleep and could only be awaken by a kiss. Don't try to make sense of fairy tales.
Do you expect to get the tax break we were promised?
noworry28 comments on Dec 16, 2017:
If you are a giant corporation you will.
I say "bless you" automatically when someone sneezes. Do you do the same?
noworry28 comments on Dec 13, 2017:
I also say "bless you", but not god bless you.
Movie suggestions
noworry28 comments on Dec 13, 2017:
woder woman is out for rental, the new Thor is in the theater, Star Wars comes out in 2 days.,
If you were brought up in revealed religion, what was one thing you absolutely despised about it?
noworry28 comments on Dec 12, 2017:
Why did god always want my candy money on Sundays. Why doesn't he make his own money since he is all powerful.
There is a religion that worships, "The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
noworry28 comments on Dec 12, 2017:
I worship big women with big butts. Where is that church, I need to go to service. Lol.
What would you consider to be the 3 most important technological advances in science?
noworry28 comments on Dec 12, 2017:
Newton's three laws of motion, antibiotics, pasteurization.
I've been an atheist since my grandmother took me to church and the pastor said if the baby isn't ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 11, 2017:
Inconsistencies in the bible and I am a science geek that took chemistry and physics and loved those classes in school.
I am going through a bad moment in my life because I live with an alcoholic girlfriend and I was ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 11, 2017:
The higher power is you and your mind. The ability to think for yourself. Look within yourself for the power to conquer it all and find enlightenment, do not look outward for it.
Yesterday, while helping my great-nephew (aged 9) with homework, I ran across a "10 Commandments" ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 11, 2017:
I think you handled it very well. I had similar conversations with my nephews and nieces and told them the exact things that you did. When two of them were 15 and 17 they asked me if I believed in god. I believed they were old enough and told them no and explained why. They had some of the same questions about the bible that did not make sense to me when I was a child. I was honest with them and i told them to keep an open mind and to always strive to learn about different cultures and beliefs and they will come to their own decisions on religions as they get older.
All of you people who don't have a profile picture.
noworry28 comments on Dec 11, 2017:
Hey, Just because you are cute and post a picture does not mean everyone else can do that. Some of us are not as cute and look really scary. Maybe we do not want to give others bad dreams. Lol.
I'd like to know what you folks think.
noworry28 comments on Dec 10, 2017:
You used your brain to analyze that myth and you think for yourself.
The 11 Most Absurd things that Catholics actually believe in .
noworry28 comments on Dec 10, 2017:
I went to catholic school also. Do not forget the Holy Trinity. God is three different beings in one. He is the father, the son, and the holy ghost. He lives in heaven as the father, but on earth he is the son who gets tortured and killed(as Jesus he ask his father why he has abandoned him. He is asking himself why he abandoned his other self.) Then he becomes the holy spirit. He then goes back to heaven.( the sky with the stars.) My grandmother could not explain that crap to me when I was ten years old.
I'm curious to know the thoughts about adultery. So i figured id ask here
noworry28 comments on Dec 10, 2017:
It's about trust and respect. If you make a commitment to someone than you should not disrespect that person by cheating. How would you feel if it was done to you. If you are not happy, than go your separate way and find someone else that you can be happy with.
It is commonly known in the Islamic world that when two men engage in sex, the throne of Allah will ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 10, 2017:
That is because Allah is a man and he likes to watch. He invented the stripper poles and voyeur windows that guys can put money in the slots to keep watching women dance naked and do other things to each other. What a pervert. LOL.
For Those Who Went To Church In The Past, What Do You Do Now On Sunday Instead?
noworry28 comments on Dec 10, 2017:
I stopped going to church when I was twelve years old. My grandmother got tired of me arguing and asking questions about things that did not make sense in the bible. When she could not explain them she just told me to stay home.
What do you get when you cross a human with an octopus?
noworry28 comments on Dec 3, 2017:
You get elected President.
Sweden have started providing everyone, working or not with a living wage, it is amazing the ...
noworry28 comments on Dec 3, 2017:
Different culture. It would not work in the U.S. Too many people would take advantage of it even if they can work and contribute. Too many others would be offended that so many people are taking advantage of the system. I personally believe that if one is able to work and contribute and provide for him or herself one should. I also believe that when someone needs help to get on their feet, society should help and provide and help that person while they are down, until they can stand on their own.
What do you embrace most about being an Atheist?
noworry28 comments on Dec 3, 2017:
I have a brain and i like to use it to do my own thinking. I do the right thing because it is the decent thing to do not because I am looking for a reward in the afterlife. I will curse a preacher or religious person who tries to force his views on me and tell him that god is a man made myth without the fear of going to hell.
Prayer selfish?
noworry28 comments on Dec 3, 2017:
Do something about it, don't pray for it. Prayers are useless. Praying to an invisible super being that lives in the sky and control all and knows all. He does not need anyone to pray to him if he is all powerful and knows it all. If someone is hungry, give that person some food. If someone is suffering and you can help, just do it.
Atheism Does't Excuse Intolerance I have seen racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism etc.
noworry28 comments on Dec 3, 2017:
I agree that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. I do not want anyone trying to force their beliefs on me.
Do you agree with the Castle Doctrine?
noworry28 comments on Nov 24, 2017:
You should not have to retreat from your home. you have the right to defend yourself and your family. I was home and a kid jumped the gate into my patio and tried to steal a small bicycle that I keep for my nephew.I just yelled at him and he ran away. There is no need to take his life over something as trivial as that. However if someone came into my house and my life was in danger then I would do whatever i have to do to protect myself and my family.
Hi Everyone, Well, here we are in another Holiday season! Today is Thanksgiving in the U.
noworry28 comments on Nov 24, 2017:
Days off from work and time with family. That is what Christmas is to me, not celebrating any so called man god.
I’m soon to start a career in Medicine as a physician.
noworry28 comments on Nov 24, 2017:
Natural medicine has some good points. eating right and all that. remember that medicine started as a natural science. Mixing different natural ingredients to create a cure (chemistry). Things that were thought to be magic and witchcraft are not understood to be chemical reactions and medications are formed. There is a difference between drinking some teas with healing properties and eating fruits with high amounts of vitamin c's to battle a cold and being stupid and trying that same remedy as a cure for pneumonia. One can change his or her diet and exercise as a way to control diabetes. That to me is still part of modern medicine. However if the doctor says you have an advance form of a disease, a few leaves and diet is not the way to go. Take your medicine,
What is something that most people don't know about you?
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
My biggest fear is dying alone. I am single in my early 50's and never married with no kids.
I'm going into real hypotheticals here, but if someone offered you $10 million to convert to one of ...
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
i pretended to believe as a child when my parents forced me to go to church. I pretended in boot camp when my drill instructor said that everyone will go to church on Sundays. For $10 millions, definitely will do it.
11 Fabulous George Carlin lines: 1.
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
He was one of my favorites.
Should I attend a wedding at church as an atheist?
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
You are showing support to your friend not worshiping a god. I go to weddings and baptisms and funerals at churches and synagogues all the time to show respect and support to my friends and family.
Even though I have given up Christianity, I still believe in some of the teachings of Jesus and have...
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
Helping the less fortunate. Nothing wrong with that. There are some good values that are taught in all religions. Sometimes the only way to get people to follow a good idea and to do the right thing is to tell them that god says so. Treating people the way you want to be treated can be found in a lot of different teachings including religion.
Good day all, will god allow sex in heaven
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
I wonder about that. Islam promises 21 virgins. My first question is. Where are they going to find all those virgins? I can't even find them on earth. Second question. Are the women who are Muslims also gets 21 virgin men. My third question is since your body dies and your spirit(soul) goes to heaven- How are you going to perform and enjoy those virgins? Are you going to soul f***k them? Since you are in heaven for eternity after you have sex with the 21 virgins do you get another 21 virgins or do they regain their virginity after each encounter? Just thinking.
Good line to follow up with next time someone asks me that.
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
I think I will use that the next time someone knocks on my door trying to convert me. Lol.
Even though I am an atheist most of my friends believe in a supreme being .Your thoughts on this .
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
I am in the same situation. i respect everyone's right to have his or her own belief or non-belief. I do not discuss religion with my friends and family unless they try to force their beliefs on me. Then I hit them with logic and scientific fact and questions about the inconsistencies in their religious books and that usually shuts them up.
This can cover several areas so I will go with the most obvious.
noworry28 comments on Nov 16, 2017:
The world is dominated by men, run by men, Lawmakers are mostly men that is why. Women are still treated as second class citizen, and in some countries they still do not have basic human rights, and are still considered properties of the men in their families.
I have a friend, who I bowl with.
noworry28 comments on Nov 15, 2017:
You cannot reason with certain people. The Spanish inquisition, The crusades, are just two of the atrocities committed by Christians in the name of god.
Are there some people who need religion?
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
Yes I believe so. Some people would be the scourge of humanity without that fear of being judged in the afterlife. I know a few people that only do the right thing because they fear the mythical god, otherwise those same people would be in the news daily committing atrocities in the world.
Should the U.S. Army allow Turbans, Hijabs, Beards, and Dreadlocks?
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
There is a reason for the uniformity in the military. A standard has to be followed. The beard not being allowed is more than just cosmetic. A gas mask will not fit properly over facial hair.
Is science a belief system?
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
No, science is not a belief system. It is proving fact about the world that for centuries people believed were mystical. A solar eclipse can be explained with fact. A partial lunar eclipse can also be explained and calculated instead of believing that someone is splitting the moon. Viruses are explained, sicknesses and chemistry are proven facts and not misunderstood as magic or supernatural.
Ten Contradictions Theists Just Can’t Stop Making Note: This is not my writing.
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
Every time anyone try to make me believe in their religion I ask them to explain how the human race came to be. According to creation, god created Adam and Eve who had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel. Somehow Cain end up marrying a woman. Where did she come from. Maybe Adam and Eve had other children. If one marries his sister and has offspring, over time there would be some serious genetic issues. Mental retardation and physical ailments would develop over 2 or 3 generations. (the Germans tried such an experiment in the late 1800's in South America and within a few generations the problems were clearly visible due to the lack of diversity in the gen pool.).
How do you feel about Stephen Colbert discussing his faith on The Late Show and on the Colbert ...
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
I do not have a problem with anyone who professes their religious beliefs. As long as they do not try to shove down my throat. I will defend anyone's right to have their own beliefs. I however do not like people hating on another because their belief system is not the same as theirs. Some people would be horrible human beings without that fear of the unknown that religion teaches. The so call consequences in the afterlife if they do not do what is right. Some of these people would be as bad as Manson or Hitler. I do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. Treat others as I would like to be treated.
What are your favorite science fiction television?
noworry28 comments on Nov 12, 2017:
I grew up watching Star Trek, Space 1999 and Battlestar Galactica,. I like Babylon 5 and Stargate SG1. I liked all of the Star Trek spin-offs.
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