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Cashier Shot Dead, A Mask Dispute Idar-Oberstein Germany
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 20, 2021:
I used to live 8 km west of Idar-Oberstein, and never heard of gun violence anywhere in the region during my time there. Unfortunately there is no vaccine against the virus with symptoms of anti-mask hatred, stupidity and violence!
CNN - Mississippi governor CRUMBLES after getting called out for his worst-in-the-US response to ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 19, 2021:
Note that he never had an answer to the deaths, which demonstrates he has little care or concern for his dying constituents! The conservative antivaxer community is morally corrupt and without a plan!
The Truth Hurts - Noah's Ark: The Story That Disproves the Entire Bible []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 19, 2021:
Most adherent Jews do not subscribe to a literal interpretation of the flood, as portrayed in the Torah. Rather, they see it as allegory, an instructive allegory used to convey a lesson to be learned. That Christians continue to insist on the literal and absolute accuracy of the story portrayed in Genesis is an indictment, not only of their intellect, but their doctrine!
STOP DOING THIS SHIT! In your house it’s ok if you want or where no one sees them but not in a ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 19, 2021:
I think there may be a compromise here. It’s quite easy to conceal the breast if a nursing mother is a problem. A small blanket works nicely. IMHO, I don’t think we ever want to discourage mothers from nursing infants. I sat next to a nursing mother on an airplane once and didn’t even realize at first what was happening, due to her ability to remain discreet. As she later told me, it wasn’t an issue of modesty but a concern for others who, for some reason are disgusted by the sight of a nursing mother.
Most people on this site know atheism is not a religion.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
I would imagine that most of us nonbelievers have understood for some time now, that our lack of belief is as much a religion (or for that matter, a religious stance), as “OFF” is a channel on your television or “Non-stamp-collecting” is a hobby.
Well she should know
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Wait, her dad has testicles? Thought Melania had ‘em! πŸ˜‰
A new company (seafood) in the plant based ‘meat’ options, which includes types of fish.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam!
Weigh in on abortion:
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Impeding abortion rights and reducing church state separation are tied together, philosophically, by conservatives. And when it comes to court appointments and new laws on the books, you don’t get one without the other. It is making their bed with religion that is the Achilles’ heel of the atheist and agnostic conservatives, some of whom post on the site.
Comes with instructions
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
But you may only rent, you cannot buy. πŸ˜‰
Molly Ivins (1944-2007), columnist, author, native Texan, and liberal to the bone.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Thank you for this excellent reminder. In this day and age when our attention is drawn to imbeciles like Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz, we might not remember the good and decent shining stars. Molly Ivins was wonderful! She and fellow columnist Jim Hightower are two of Texas’ best productions. πŸ€—
It took a bit of doing, but I got the picture
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Aaah, the people of Walmart … so photogenic!
Darkenss spread by the sword for 1400 years.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Obstructionist Texas republican fascists Governor Abbott justifies his sexual intellectualism on ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Does this law apply to non-residents who happen to find out they are pregnant while visiting a family member or spending the summer holiday in the “great” state of Texas?
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Thank you for sharing this! We are blessed here in San Francisco to have Voices of Music, one of the finest baroque and early music ensembles on the planet. Their performances, many of which are recorded in HD and made available on their YouTube channel, are sublime. David Tayler is there at just about every concert playing his archlute.
They may no longer be in Trinidad, but we have proof that they exist
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
I tend to think of these guys more like swollen assholes, a bad case of hemorrhoids.
The list is not exhaustive!
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
When you look at this list, you realize it’s only scratching the surface of his unethical and immoral behaviors, like fleecing the taxpayers for millions spent at his properties and conspiring to obtain potentially damaging information on his political opponent from a foreign power. But all of this was predictable, as most of us who were informed and knew who he was anticipated his behaviors as a president. In fact, going back to the 80s (when he was a Democrat) many of us loathed the man. What’s difficult to understand is why so many of his supporters in the Evangelical churches, who claim to be honest, law-abiding, churchgoing, God-fearing people, would have anything to do with this lying, misogynist, con artist and scoundrel. Even if people didn’t know who he was before, we all know who is now, and to offer support to Donald Trump while at the same time striving to be a consistently moral and decent human being is evidence of either a twisted mind or that of just another hypocritical Christian!
This flowchart has proven I made the correct choice
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
F’ing awesome, this one! Thanks for making my Friday!
LOL!!! She's in the back of the police cruiser, cuffed, and tells the cops she wants her cell phone.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
These people are coming out of the woodwork! On planes, in stores, at the post office, they’re an incredible waste of our time and energy. Was she drunk or wasted, or is she naturally an attention seeking narcissist?
You heard the man...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
In some states, if you were to corn teen yourself in public, you could get arrested. πŸ˜‚
Another Meme in the Wall
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Stand still laddie! πŸ˜‰
Hey suddenly overnight a mysterious thing happened. I became an 8!! How?? LOL
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
Thank you for calling attention to this. I have no idea when I turned 8 either… just noticed it the other day! Whose piloting this ship anyway? 🀷‍♂️
Screw it, I’m not eating French fries, French toast, or French dressing again AS LONG AS I ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 17, 2021:
And while you’re at it, no more French dip sandwiches made with a baguette (French bread) or French onion soup; get rid of that French door (if you have one) that opens to your patio; stop eating French vanilla ice cream or drinking coffee made in a French press; never listen to (or play) the French horn; and whatever you do, no more French kisses! That’ll teach those frogs! 🀣
Hey, less imbeciles to deal with. Darwin strikes again! []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 16, 2021:
These outspoken antivaxers are dropping like flies, I tell ya! But will they learn?
Mmmmmmmmmmm Bacon....
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 16, 2021:
Ever had a stiff, spicy Bloody Mary with bacon infused vodka? It’s ‘to die for!’ 😊
This is what the obstructionist republican fascists state about rape!!! These are dangerous Ill- ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
To say that these Republicans are morally bankrupt is to state the obvious. Tell us something we don’t already know.
For those who have not seen this video.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
I have seen this before and am still intrigued by this model. Thanks for posting!
Since when has Trump had actual 'friends'?
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
After ‘wearing kneepads’ for the man for four years, being unfriended by Trump is a positive step in the relationship for Pence! πŸ˜‰
September 15, 1963 Four young African-American girls are killed by the bombing of a church in ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
These girls’ names belong on monuments in cities in the south in place of Confederate generals and the traitor Jefferson Davis!
What is the plan California?
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
California’s plan, particularly when it comes to both the northern and southern parts of the state, must involve its neighbors. The Klamath and the Colorado rivers are not California’s to use unilaterally, no matter what archaic riparian (water) rights exist. But in a federalist system such as ours, cooperation is sometimes difficult to achieve between the states. Additionally, ever since we became a state we have steadily diverted the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, as well as the rivers that feed them, for agriculture, drinking water and mineral extraction. In the southern part of the state we turned desert into orange groves and avocado orchards and in the Sacramento Valley, the most fertile region on the planet, we turned chaparral into vineyards, almond & pistachio orchards and even rice paddies. Agriculture accounts for about 80% of California’s water usage, but since most of the produce grown here is exported, it’s hard to say that California is being selfish about its water usage. That said, we must stop planting lawns, develop more sustainable methods of irrigation and build more desalinization plants in adapting to the changes in climate.
Pastafarians Can Now Get a Religious Exemption Form to Avoid Unvaxxed Co-Workers | Hemant Mehta | ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
“…for thine is the meatball, the noodle, and the sauce, forever and ever.” RAmen
A famous quote especially applicable today.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
As you might have guessed, I find the author of this particular quote a most worthy dude. πŸ˜‰
Change your course!
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
Cute story… apocryphal, but cute.
Preparing grade school children for further indoctrination later in high school and college.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
This is NOT appropriate material for the Academic (Science) group. If the source cited were a peer reviewed paper or study, perhaps it would belong here. But an article from OAN does not qualify as an academic publication.
NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, AP, BBC, Axios and Reuters all project that with 67.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 15, 2021:
And thank you Trump nation for having us vote how we voted 3 years ago, and will likely vote again next year. We just wasted a quarter billion of the taxpayers’ money.
It gets worse??
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 14, 2021:
Most Trumpites don’t even know what the word “sentient” means.
What Is Anarcho-Mutualism?
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Nice manifesto, dude.
The steal has commenced. []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Rumble? Seriously?
True hypocrisy
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
The God of the Bible seemed to enjoy killing off innocent babes … one of his favorite past times!
Sin What’s it all about.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Nicely summarized! The logic of Christianity is almost as bad as its morality.
Milkweed Butterflies Are More Murderous Than They Look
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
Very dark indeed! The insect world is particularly brutal—witness the helpless male praying mantis!
Apart from the publisher you'll love this photo Joe.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 13, 2021:
What a fascinating period in history was the late 80’s as we watched one by one the Communist government collapses of the Warsaw Pact (Soviet Bloc) nations. They fell like dominos, while Soviet divisions withdrew from Eastern Europe, Germany was reunited, and at last we witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union itself. From Poland’s Solidarity movement to the independence of these Baltic States, Gorbachev, despite having immense power to do so, did nothing to stop what was happening.
While I have no time for the anti-vaxx dimwits of this world, this article might go some way towards...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 12, 2021:
The article does little to shed light on the Aussie version of dimwittedness, where the antivaxers appear to accept the science of climate change while denying the science of epidemiology. Perhaps the Aussie antivaxers are mere halfwits, while their American counterparts are the full blown dimwits? πŸ˜‰ On either continent, the idiocy of rejecting news sources as fake, accepting the rumor mill that is Facebook as a reliable resource and cloaking themselves in the hubris of claiming to know better than the consensus of experts, has resulted in the spread of a different type of virus: the Dunning-Kruger effect, on a mass scale—an entire segment of the voting public is simply too stupid to realize how stupid they actually are!
Shouldn't be advertising....
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 12, 2021:
No one should stand for the Confederate flag. This tattoo should begin with “Stand ON this flag!”
And there were many more.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 12, 2021:
If only they would’ve kept quiet! But with their commentary, encouragement and their votes, they have been anything but quiet! Despots and bullies require enablers, and you’re right, history will not judge Trump’s cronies well!
My maternal grandparents were like this and I will never be..
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 12, 2021:
And well before MTV there were artists of my youth like David Bowie, Lou Reed and The Kinks who wrote about and expressed gender non-conformity.
Rude Rudy and TrumpPutz. Right Wing Nuts.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 11, 2021:
WTF? Are you a minor, drunk or just naturally incoherent?
I am going to be fit. I found a very good excercise.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 11, 2021:
A double “spread eagle?”
Seriously Texas is this actually the BEST you could do?...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 11, 2021:
By his logic, a father who impregnates his daughter, or an uncle his niece, or a brother his sister, along with the world’s worst rapist (which may have been Genghis Khan) would be the most revered life giver! What’s wrong with these people?! The ethics here are upside down, and this governor’s theme song should be Dueling Banjos!
Yet another republican caught with compromising photos of young boys. []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
It goes without saying that sexual deviance lacks party affiliation.
The fact that Biden has mandated COVID vaccinations for some Americans is not the issue.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
What’s fascinating to me is that if you were to isolate these antivaxers and apply their logic to the health and well being of their immediate neighbors, for whom they would sacrifice almost everything to preserve their community, their logic breaks down. These utterly foolish and senseless persons (i.e., idiots) are playing a game of chicken with their own lives and those of the people they are closest to, and for what? An internet meme? A political stance? A stubborn streak? A political party? Is any of this worth dying for?
When you can't even pass the physical for the cub scouts....
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Imagine future generations where their progeny are armed, thanks to a fossilized interpretation of the 2nd amendment, with hand phasers, capable of vaporizing a human being with the press of a button!
I hiked up Read Mountain, outside Roanoke at sunset.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Hat’s off to you, sir! The most memorable moments in life sometimes come following significant effort. Gorgeous image!
US Constitution - heard an interesting fact last night.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Agreed. The order of a list implies a priority, and securing the “Blessings of Liberty” is at the bottom of that list.
At last. Religion and science working together...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Jesus Christ! A straight edge!
Virginia's Robert E. Lee statue removal is a victory for activists
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Not just a victory for activists, but for African Americans, if not all Americans, who appreciate the historical facts of the Confederate rebellion. In a just society the statue of Robert E. Lee would be replaced by a great abolitionist such as Frederick Douglass or Sojourner Truth, or civil rights figure such as Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr!
Breathtaking! This image takes all my negative thoughts away.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Looks like the CGI scenery in the movie “What Dreams May Come.” Stunning!
Ex-Atheist David Wood is a Christian.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 10, 2021:
Maher, along with people like Sam Harris and Ayan Hirsi Ali, is one of those strident atheists who upsets the far left almost as often as the socially conservative right. The remarks, interruptions and cheerleading of the host aside, I found Maher’s monologue on target, and strongly agree with him that the Internet has become “a giant dorm room bitch session” for many on the left. And as for many on the right, just replace ‘dorm room’ with ‘kindergarten.’ πŸ˜‰
granularity: noun technical The scale or level of detail present in a set of data or other ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Excellent one. And OPSEC, while a concern in many parts of the world, is a cover for the Navy maintaining its freedom to practice whenever they want.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Mu Becomes A Concern, The Delta Spread Continues, And Colbert ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
My wife’s Italian American and we both laughed our asses off at the end of his monologue!
The Young Turks - Religious Male Karen Plays Swimsuit Police At The Beach []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
I’m not sure what a male Karen is called, but I think Kevin suits this jerk pretty well.
Ohio Judge Reverses Previous Order Forcing Hospital to Treat COVID Patient with Ivermectin An ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Haha! Good one, Johnny Rubbish. Almost as funny, and original, as these guys! πŸ˜‰
It has a laugh track, but it scarier than it is funny. []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Actually it’s more tedious than funny.
4th September 1957…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Little Rock Crisis: Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, calls out ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
I had the great honor and privilege to meet and be lectured by one of the Little Rock Nine, Terrence Roberts, while attending college in Napa County in the 70’s. His story was beyond what any textbook, recreation or dramatization could have conveyed of those awful days in 1950’s racist Little Rock. What he endured, I must confess, would have broken me. Dr. Roberts is an incredible human being, a deeply compassionate person to learn from, and an example for us all.
Depraved Indifference = When their actions show an utter disregard for the value of human life, they...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Depraved indifference would require, in my opinion, more certainty about whether or not the unmasked anti-VAXer was exposed and/or infected by the virus. Persons diagnosed with AIDS, for example, can be held liable in court for endangering the lives of their sexual partners by engaging in sexual activity without informing them of the diagnosis. But the key here would seem to be knowledge of infection. Simply going around and not wearing a condom, or for that matter a mask, is unwise and risky behavior, but may not rise to the level of depraved indifference. But I leave it to the courts to decide this.
I think that it is hilariously funny. She's going too fat.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
“Two big reasons” is a universal meme for anyone with Spiranac’s attributes.
Just to Set the record straight
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Hear hear! This statement reflects my position on the matter.
Thank you baby Jesus!!!!😊 []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Baby Jesus, if such a figure ever existed, is undeserving of our thanks. πŸ˜‰
Antimasker fired after stunt at grocery store. How is this about freedom? [hitc.]
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Clearly this woman’s behavior is indicative of emotional instability and other personality disorders that seek to place herself at the center of attention in the public space.
Texas new fall wardrobe
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
America’s Taliban!
Funny portrait
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Mom has her children’s father’s eyes? πŸ˜‰
Pretty hip app.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
I can think of another part of the male anatomy where such an app would be even more useful.
Stay tuned for more household tips
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
In some parts of the country they don’t call it “soda” but rather it is called “pop.” It occurs to me that this a more appropriate name for this little experiment. πŸ˜‰
My first instance of an ant-vax friend coming down with covid has happened.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
And let’s also hope that her care providers have the resources and stamina to care for her.
Spanish Bishop Resigns After Falling in Love with Satanic Erotica Novelist | Hemant Mehta | Friendly...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Oscar Wilde
This Christian Jerk Criticized Women at a Beach for Wearing Revealing Swimsuits | Hemant Mehta | ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
This asshole would have a difficult time in Northern Europe, where the beaches are filled with men and women who choose to wear one piece swimsuits … the bottom half! πŸ˜‰
Never trust the clergy.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Jimmy Kimmel says that the unvaccinated should NOT get ICU beds.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
This is a medical ethics problem and decisions about which patient must wait in the hallway will most likely be made on a case by case basis by hospital staff. Younger patients often take priority over older ones, and people whose chances for survival are higher will get that ICU bed before people with existing conditions or other limiting factors. Healthcare professionals are not in the business of judging the how or why someone became sick, they are in the business of providing care and helping others.
Robert E Lee statue: Virginia removes contentious memorial as crowds cheer []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
In a just society, all of these Confederate statues of the defenders of slavery, erected during the Jim Crow era, would be replaced with monuments to Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.
smh The fear mongering is simply mind-numbing.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Lindsey Graham is a delinquent Trumpite who wears kneepads for his Donald. He is an idiot with a substandard IQ—a halfwit who somehow made it to the Senate in his state of South Carolina. That he continues to be elected is a canker sore on his state! His continued presence is an indictment of the voters of South Carolina, and rivals the absurdly long case of Jessie Helms in North Carolina! Why don’t the people of South Carolina vote Lindsay Graham out? Perhaps because they like their idiot and simply don’t want to!
Ex-firefighter goes on racist rant at Wal-Mart about 9--11. []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Clearly this man, while evidently a bigot, is borderline early onset dementia, if not Alzheimer’s. His incoherent responses and statements are indicative of someone who has a cognitive impairment. Surely we don’t need to pick on this low hanging fruit as an indicator of what is wrong with America today? There a plenty of younger people who willingly exhibit this type of behavior. Why attack an older man when we have so many cases of prejudiced younger people?
All they need is I I Duce (Mussolini).
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Il Duce, as well as any number of less prominent dictators and fascists, would only crowd the picture!
Too many stupid people??
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
The greatest impediment at this point is the Supreme Court. And the only solution would be for Biden to stack the court in favor of a more moderate position. The Supreme Court has determined that money equates to a vote and that a company is equivalent to a person. Under this rubric it is almost impossible to envision overcoming the corrupt political process we have today, from party primaries all the way to the final election!
Taken by a friend of mine. Pequot Lakes, MN. Along the Paul Bunyon trail.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 8, 2021:
Paul Bunyon? As an agnostic I require further evidence of his existence! πŸ˜‰
Women are the majority, if only they’d vote like it.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
I have argued this position for some time now. When you look at the demographics, women, particularly white women, voted in large numbers for Trump. This leads one to ask: “Why do so many women vote against their own self interest?” At this point in my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that white men such as myself have made a perfect mess of everything, and I long for the day when women, including a significant number of women of color, are the majority in our government.
😳😳 😧😧 😰😰 Miami Public School Staff: 15 COVID Deaths in 10 Days []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
Obtaining the vaccine is voluntary. So, no matter the idiocy to be found in Tallahassee, the decision to remain unvaccinated and risk contracting the more lethal Delta variant is a personal choice. Sadly, to remain unvaccinated and contracting COVID-19 today, amounts to suicide by science.
Anti Fauci councilman lunatic hospitalized for covid []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
From the previous President down to the strident anti-science local representative, the lunacy continues! As the virus makes its way through the unvaccinated and vulnerable, and more and more people who could have been protected become hospitalized, the reaction to their infection is telling. Do they go to their graves refusing to admit the foolishness of their anti-science ways, or do they have the testicular fortitude to admit that they were wrong? It really doesn’t matter to me either way, but it is an interesting study in religious belief systems.
Anti-racism: the latest religion. []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
Race baiting? I’m not biting.
Florida GOP Rep.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
The congressman is an idiot! We stayed in Afghanistan well beyond any reasonable amount of time. The reason for going into Afghanistan was to capture or kill those who took part in planning and supporting 9/11, as well as the US embassy bombings in Africa. It seems to me that when Osama bin Laden was finally killed in 2011, that would’ve been a good time to withdraw. And so it took two more administrations before this finally happened. In the meantime, despite all of the training and support given them, the Afghan military refused to put up a fight and defend the capital against the Taliban. This abandonment of the battlefield and failure to perform their duty led directly to the chaotic withdrawal.
I hope this is readable. It's an excellent argument.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
An excellent argument indeed! These conservatives are inconsistent in the application of state powers and I find their inconsistency mind boggling. According to their logic, they would have the state figuratively reach into a woman’s uterus at the moment of conception. (I suppose the fallopian tubes as well since that’s where conception actually occurs.) That blastocyst is the state’s property, not the woman’s. Apparently she has no choice in the matter, according to their logic, and not even RU-486 is acceptable to their morality. And yet in every other area of life these conservatives have determined that the state has no say in what people do with their bodies. Don’t make me or my school-aged children wear a mask, and whatever you do don’t coerce me to get a vaccination! But no-o-o-o, I just found out that my neighbor has missed her period and her home pregnancy test was positive, and she is contemplating getting an abortion, so now I’m going to sue her and anyone who helps her… What the fuck!
It's frightening how many people are still advocating using Ivermectin.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 7, 2021:
I am a firm believer in a person’s right to self medicate. I for one have come up with a number of new cocktail recipes in dealing with this pandemic. πŸ˜‰ If prescribed by a physician, taking Ivermectin as prescribed is a personal choice between the patient and their doctor. None of our business, really. Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA for human use, but not for Covid, although they are conducting trials. I recommend reading the FDA webpages for further information on this topic.
She knitted her own protection.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
A N0 mask?
Perfect costume
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Joan of Arc was both an historical figure and a religious one.
One thing all this genealogy testing has shown us for sure! There’s an awful lot of people ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Yep, the difference between us and rabbits is only a matter of degree. The drive to reproduce is strong in our species!
Defending Mormonism & Joseph Smith | Jeff - Utah | Atheist Experience 21.10 []
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Dweebus Maximus. πŸ˜‚
I suggest that this principle of secularism, which is enshrined in India's Constitution, should be ...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Today’s India doesn’t see it this way, as the unfortunate case of PM Modi reveals.
Definitely tax the rich ones
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Indeed! But this has unfortunately long been the case. Ever been to Rome? Just walk this ancient city with four churches on every block, all gilded with gold leaf and priceless works of art and statuary, and consider how much wealth was transferred from the peasantry and penitent! One wonders why anyone ever thought it a good thing to give religions a tax break!
Who is really in charge.....
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
She’s CINC (Commander-in-Chief) House! πŸ˜‰
Atheist News's Guide to Christian Denominations - YouTube
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
The Roman Catholic Church was not the original Christian church as this YouTuber claims. The consolidation under one bishop, or pope, didn’t occur until at least three centuries after the supposed birth of Christ. During the first few centuries, AD, Christian churches were as diverse as they were plentiful, springing up all over Asia minor and north Africa. Constantine used Christianity to consolidate his power, and in return we got the Catholic Church, which did everything it could to establish a party-line creed and eliminate pockets of so-called heresy—i.e., churches and writings with unsanctioned doctrine. But such is the case with all religions; there never was and never could be one agreed-upon interpretation or philosophy. There always were, and perhaps always will be, a multitude of versions of Christianity, as there are of Islam or Judaism. This multiplicity of contradictory doctrine indicates just one thing: none are correct.
Cheering on your beautiful covid genocide 🦾☠️ 1.
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
It pains me to say this, but your rambling screeds are indicative, in both form and content, of an author suffering from an emotional, if not intellectual disorder.
Do not google it unless you are really...
p-nullifidian comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Good one! And one should be careful how they google “facials” as well. πŸ˜‰
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