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Will common sense prevail after this crisis is over especially given the climate crisis?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 30, 2020:
Another corporate bail out is on its way. Fortune 1000 companies can afford to hire an army of lawyers and lobbyists while small business owners and mom & pops are begging for help in navigating the CARES Act and related SBA assistance just to get the ball rolling on payroll support for employees.
Ok we've already got the pestilence, and now the midwest is expecting some very severe weather.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 29, 2020:
Come to think of it, we here in the Bay Area are due for a really good earthquake. As Neil Peart said, "Roll the Bones."
I find it surprising that so many are now discovering or reminding themselves our common humanity ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 27, 2020:
Too many good points here to respond to, except to say that anyone who can weave a coherent post of 600+ words has my respect.
Pastor defies coronavirus order, draws over 1K people to services
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
"It's not a concern," Spell told the outlet. "The virus, we believe, is politically motivated." Yes, the virus is a clearly a blue bug! Sometimes the names people have are amusingly coincidental, as this pastor clearly has a "spell" on his congregants. Another Jim Jones in the making.
athiest and agnostic?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
I identify primarily as a nullifidian: one with no faith or religious belief. Philosophically, I don't start with the question of a deity, but start from the ground floor. Have I been provided evidence supporting the existence of miracles--an interruption in nature's steady chain of causes and effects by a supernatural intervener? No, I don't accept the existence of a miracle. Do I accept that faith--assuming to believe things about which one cannot possibly know--is an attitude one should have? No, I don't accept the validity of faith. Having said that, I've seen no evidence which would constitute knowledge or upon which to base a belief that there is any power superior to nature. So if I lack any knowledge of, or belief in, a deity, I happen to be a nullifidian who's both an agnostic and an atheist.
An interesting article about previous epidemics/ pandemics: []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
A good overview, thanks. Sometimes visuals help explain things too. Though the info is dated, I found this infographic very useful.
The headline should have read: Delusional Old Man in a Dress Wanders Streets of Rome During ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
Don't forget the funny hat! ;-)
Modern Neoliberal Capitalism.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
When you use the term, "Modern Neoliberal Capitalism," what precisely is your definition of this economic philosophy?
Handheld 1/320 sec. f/6.3 400mm ISO 800
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 26, 2020:
Not bad! Never seen a 'handheld' image of the moon that was worth anything! Imagine what this would've looked like on a tripod!
This is a photograph of a space shuttle leaving our atmosphere taken by NASA.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I recall this image from 2011 very well. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! NASA calls it 'Through the Clouds.' This shot was captured by a shuttle simulator aircraft, at very high altitude. At this point, shuttle Endeavour has broken through the cloud cover, and is nearing the same altitude as the aircraft from which this photograph was captured. Not leaving the atmosphere quite yet, but she's on her way!
Does the term "agnostic atheist" imply that those who self identify as such should accept that it is...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 24, 2020:
I identify, first and foremost, as a nullifidian--a person who has no faith or religious belief. Faith is an unreliable reasoning process which acts as a virus. To quote Peter Boghossian, 'faith is pretending to know things you do not know.' All should be inoculated against the virus of faith. As far as religious belief goes, religions and their clergy, scriptures, doctrines and creeds are, in my opinion, without value and even harmful, and should be jettisoned from societies. From that premise, if there were a god, it/she/he is irrelevant and I have no knowledge of it/her/him, and I most certainly have no belief in it/her/him. Lacking knowledge of a deity defines me as an agnostic, while lacking a belief in such defines me as an atheist. I don't really care either way ... I'm just a nullifidian.
I'm no scientist but it seems to me we sure are giving the climate a breather with much of the world...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 24, 2020:
The effects appear to be localized. During the quarantine in Wuhan, a marked decrease in air pollution (what we used to call smog) was observed there. I don't know where Wuhan is today, but in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, the air quality is measured daily, and a significant decrease in hydrocarbons has been measured since the stay-at-home order. That said, it would likely take many years of this apparent reversal in emissions to make a dent in the ongoing atmospheric carbon accumulation.
"Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus, report says"...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 23, 2020:
Those with resources have privilege. Disparities will continue until our health care system, indeed our entire political system, is reformed. How is it that US Senators and NBA athletes may be tested while so many wait? Under our current system, the fox guards the hen house. Our elected representatives have the constitutional authority to make laws and rules that effectively isolate them from the rest of society. Why do we allow this? Congress determines their own salaries, their health plans, their exorbitant privileges and retirements, without any oversight by the people (other than their election). How is this even possible in a democracy? How can those who are elected determine, without referendum, and on their own, what their constituents should pay them?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 23, 2020:
Brilliant! Just for a moment, I wish for a fantasy in which all racist bigots required a blood transfusion, and their donors just happened to be from a 'race' they despise. We must overcome this tendency to "otherize." On our Pale Blue Dot, with so many problems that can only be solved collectively, this Balkanization instinct which leads people to break away into smaller and yet smaller groups, is simply unsustainable. A return to tribalism in opposition to globalism might just kill us all.
I'm looking for advice.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 23, 2020:
I agree with my cohorts who've cautioned you to wait for the results. Assuming your family, as you've described, would be an unlikely source of comfort, and your coworkers (and only you could answer this) might just be like a bunch of characters from The Office, you seem to be without a lifeline. Not necessarily true. Either one family member you never really knew, or one with whom you work might surprise you. People who aren't total jerks to others are sometimes shocked by the reaction to what you've described as "sucking it up" and asking for help. You seem to already know how your family will likely react, so unless there's a family member who's ready, able and willing to jettison Jesus (or at the very least, help without proselytizing), I recommend you give your colleagues a chance.
I took this picture handheld- wish I'd had time to change my camera settings but that would've meant...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 22, 2020:
I tried taking photos, but quickly turned to a high-powered pair of binos. I too saw Mercury, and was amazed to see a prominence of reddish orange at the base of the corona, which extended many more degrees than I had anticipated. Looking at the shadow of the moon was like peering into a black hole. We all were awestruck when we removed our protective eye wear at the beginning of totality. Next time I'll have an automated imaging set up so I don't have to fiddle with the camera.
While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
When one thinks they're talking to God, they're really just talking to themselves. There's a meme that believers hold on to--one that gives them reassurance--that nonbelievers eventually abandon their doubts and seek God in times great stress or at the end of their lives. This is pure fantasy. In any case, if there really were a creator, she-he-it wouldn't need us to dirty our knees or beg for a favor.
Prehistoric girl had parents belonging to different human species | New Scientist
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Now I admit, biology was never my strong suit, but I thought that in the rare instance when two different species successfully breed, a sterile hybrid is produced?
In the Bible where Jesus says "He who is without sin the first stone" Two questions come to ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Dude, seriously? Perhaps a focus group dedicated to the inexplicable and contradictory Bible is where this discussion belongs.
Mike Pence has the right idea. []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
This from a man who wears kneepads for his president!
Using Apple CarPlay impairs driver reaction more than alcohol, study shows []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Distracted driving is distracted driving. We don't need to create a new bogeyman to identify what has been a problem from the very beginning of the automobile. Drivers who turn their head to converse with their passengers, who fiddle with the temperature settings, can't seem to find the radio station they want, who are easily distracted, who look in their visor mirror to check their appearance, who basically can't keep their eyes off the f'ing road ahead--they're a problem no matter what the technology. Cell phones and touch screens are merely the latest distractions in a long history of shitty driving. I can't tell you how many times I've cringed watching a movie or TV show where the driver takes his / her eyes off the road for an uncomfortably lengthy time to engage with a passenger. When I was a kid we heard a horrific crash in front of our house one morning and came out to find that a woman who was applying mascara while driving had plowed into our neighbor's parked car. Seriously? Apple CarPlay is an issue? Get real! People eat, read, shave and engage in sexual activity while driving. The sooner we get self driving vehicles, the fewer accidents, not to mention deaths, will result.
Does God Have A Grudge Against Online Streaming?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
I can envision a future where religions utilize VR to create an immersive saccharide substitute for in-person participation. Streaming sermons in a virtual church with streamlined donation prompts could replace mass meetings. And a VR version of the Hajj is just around the corner, endorsed by a tech-oriented Imam.
The first "Spider Man" movie I saw when I was 11 sparked my interest in Ethics; the ending scene ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
These moral dilemmas, while interesting, don't usually have a "right" answer, as we don't generally penalize individuals for choosing to save loved ones first.
Anyone else find pantheism (sexed up atheism) interesting?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Pantheism, a belief that god, whatever it / she / he represents, permeates everything, is not scientifically demonstrable, nor is it 'sexed up atheism.' One may as well refer to it as 'the Force.' And what is the 'essence' or 'particle' that we can observe and measure in everything that is god? If the pantheistic version of god is not beyond nature, but in nature, why call it god? Why not call it nature itself, or the universe?
These are my "Comparisons of Religion and Fascism" Both have one supreme leader.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Religion is worse than fascism. As Robert Ingersoll observed, 'religion is slavery.' Religion seeks to enslave the mind, almost from birth. Ignatius of Loyola famously observed, "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you a man." This brainwashing of young minds is far beyond fascism. Religion implants ideas and concepts on the unformed mind that use guilt and fear to manipulate the captive child. Yes, there are similarities between fascism and religion, but due to the early childhood indoctrination, religion is much more difficult to walk away from.
"God don't like ugly!" So my coworker told me a story about how she was laid off from her previous ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
I agree completely with @Mofo1953, No and Yes to your questions are the appropriate answers. And finally, a key to understanding irrational beliefs (and those who adopt them) is to anticipate almost anything so that you won't be stunned, but simply revolted. Cheers!
I was looking up information on Dan Barker and his reasons he left Christianity.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Three suggestions, if I may: 1) read Dan Barker's book Godless--it's a very good read; 2) try using a word processor or grammarly on your posts; and 3) don't use Christian apologetics--Wintery Knight? Are you f'ing kidding me?--as your point of reference.
Musings on the Pandemic Quarantine: Many people are thinking about "when this is over," getting ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I salute you for a very nice essay, however until the spell is broken on a good majority of the voting public, until at least two-thirds of the senate either come to their senses or are gone, and until we recognize that the inequities in our society are damned un-American and realize that Donald and Melania are America's Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, we will not march on Washington. Too many Americans are behaving like frogs in a slowly warming pot!
I would have preferred to see Bernie Sanders win the nomination for the democratic party, but it is ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I agree with @Omnedon, prior to this health crisis and resulting loss of life, leading to an economic meltdown and what seems certain to be an impending recession, I saw Trump as a shoe in. Even under the most optimistic scenario of a turnaround in the third quarter (Jul-Sep), unemployment may remain high in November, allowing the Democratic nominee to ask the simple question, 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?'
Israeli virologist urges world leaders to calm public, slams ‘unnecessary panic’ ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Yes, as Doug Adams said, "Don't panic." Keep calm, and carry on, right? But until we flatten the curve, we really must shelter in place, or else our future is Italy's multiplied fivefold.
I have a theory about karma.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Waiting for karma to address injustices always seemed to me to be too much like waiting for the day of judgment. Meanwhile the path is strewn with victims. Whether it be a family, a team or a nation, it only takes one bad actor to do permanent harm. And this isn't just about being nice, either. Today we have arseholes out there ignoring the directives and spreading a virus.
I dedicate this song to Robert Reich. []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I wonder if Peter Dinklage would be disappointed that you didn't dedicate the song to him?
PBS The Violence Paradox [youtube.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I have yet to see this program, but have read much of Steven Pinker's work, and find myself in agreement with his analysis. Reading 'The Better Angels of Our Nature' blew my mind. Thank you for this recommendation!
Grrrrrrr!!!!!! []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
The Falcon 9 is a Dassault jet. Why buy from the frogs? He should go for the Gulfstream (Savannah, GA). He's clearly not listening to Jesus! America first, dammit!
Since dating is no longer really possible in the traditional sense because of all the isolation ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
I sometimes wonder if our being forced to stay at home with nowhere to go, no sports to watch, and not a whole lot left to do will lead to a spike in the number of babies born about nine months from now. I mean, who wants to go out and buy condoms during an epidemic, right? Maybe we're living in a kind of social experiment, like the New York City blackout.
Inspired by a recent post: Is Theism a philosophy?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Before addressing any of these questions, perhaps you should lay the groundwork of what constitutes a philosophy. Terminology / definitions first, sound good?
I just watched a video of televangelist Kenneth Copeland defending his lavish lifestyle, and why he ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
America was established to be a free and open market for both the commerce of goods and of ideas, so long as they aren't deemed 'subversive' of course! In such a market, robber barons, moguls and magnates of the business world stand next to the grand hucksters, fraudsters and con men of the cloth. In a very real sense, the Osteens, Bakkers and Copelands, and so many more, are the 'winners' in this free market system, because they've massively succeeded in selling whatever bullshit their followers are buying. "A fool and his money are soon parted." Thomas Tusser
Good and right post
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 20, 2020:
Beautiful! Excellent quote! It seems almost as if NDGT is 'channeling' one of my intellectual heroes, Robert Green Ingersoll, *The Great Agnostic*, whose speeches / lectures were seen by more Americans during the last three decades of the 19th century than any other public figure. Ingersoll said: "Nature, so long as we can discern, without passion and without intention, forms, transforms, and retransforms forever. She neither weeps nor rejoices. She produces man without purpose, and obliterates him without regret. She knows no distinction between the beneficial and the hurtful. Poison and nutrition, pain and joy, life and death, smiles and tears are alike to her. She is neither merciful nor cruel. She cannot be flattered by worship nor melted by tears. She does not know even the attitude of prayer. She appreciates no difference between poison in the fangs of snakes and mercy in the hearts of men." *The Gods*, 1872
How could Adam and Eve sin if they didn't know sin yet?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
According to the Genesis story, they were instructed by their creator not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But they chose to disregard this command, and immediately thereafter felt a sense of guilt, so the story goes. Bottom line, much like children they knew what they were doing wasn't allowed, but they did it anyway, and they felt awful afterward. In other words, they had knowledge of right and wrong. All of this is, of course, a fable ... but one that is worth discussing.
One of the guys i golf with told me that he used to cough to hide a fart but since the pandemic he ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
When you reach a certain age, you begin to lose your trust in farts.
New Zealand Pastor Blames Coronavirus on Airborne Demons Controlled by Satan | Beth Stoneburner | ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
"This sounds like it came right out of the Dark Ages..." Sadly, it does. In fact, it comes out of the bronze age, which predates the Dark Ages by a thousand years!
New Zealand passes law decriminalising abortion - BBC News
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
Wait, the progressive, forward thinking nation of New Zealand only now in the year 2020 had their Row v. Wade moment?
Do you think the Corono-virus will hurt or help religion?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
On the whole, I doubt there will be an impact, either way. Sadly, however, some of loved ones of those killed by the virus will inevitably ask, 'why?' Experiencing first hand the 'problem of evil' is often an impetus to question, or even doubt. It most certainly was for me. Why, after all, would a kind and loving god allow a virus to destroy one of his children, leaving loved ones without a parent or grandparent? And if they become unsatisfied with the platitudes from the pulpit, they may arrive the same logical conclusion as Epicurus, even if they've never heard of him.
It's way past time to face reality...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
I like this for two reasons, first for what it says, second for what it shows. Every middle and high school girl should see this image, so that more will be inspired ... we need more women in STEM!
Is anyone more fascinated than afraid with how everyone is responding to this Pandemic/ quarantine ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
I'm not sure where you are, but 95% of people being 'pretty much normal' is not what I've witnessed. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the bars, restaurants and health clubs are locked up, the freeways are empty, the schools are closed and gatherings are limited to 10 persons. In fact, 95% of the people in our city appear to be following the protocols, while 5% of the populace are behaving 'pretty much normal' as the selfish assholes they always were.
The philosophy of Atheism represents a concept of life without any metaphysical Beyond or Divine ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 19, 2020:
Ah, Emma Goldman, that pioneer anarchist. She speaks the truth, here. It is very liberating, exhilarating even, to realize that the 'eye in the sky' you always assumed was there, is really just make believe. My only quibble with her statement is that lacking a belief in a deity, or atheism, isn't a philosophy. Rather, it is merely a point of reference.
Griftin' in the name of Da Lawd []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
The man of orange has a weakness for blondes.
Ice age 'house' made from bones of more than 60 mammoths mystifies archaeologists | Live Science
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Any romanticizing of aboriginal people living in balance and at one with nature is given a shock by the reality of the woolly mammoth being hunted into extinction.
For those of you who know the story, this is funny as shit!!!
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Noah's ark built with steel beams? I sense a phony photo.
[] video--scroll down...bad this where we are?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Mad World (not bad world) is an excellent song, written in the early 80's by Tears for Fears, believe it or not, but that video is damn depressing!
Religious friends and Coronavirus.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
I was brought up in the Seventh-day Adventist religion, which has finally vanished from my rear view mirror. But I still have many friends & family in the faith, some in the medical field. No matter what whacky beliefs Adventists hold, one is not a reliance on prayer to heal, as their medical system (Loma Linda University, Advent Health, etc.) does not include divine intervention as a medicine.
Supermarkets here are getting stripped by panic buying.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
I am still floored by this run on toilet paper. I wonder if Freud would think we're all anally fixated.
Christians, or as I call some of them, christian scum, like to call evolution and science "Lies from...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Christianity is founded upon three immoral and obscene outrages: 1) That the 'guilt' of one man for a single act may be passed down to all generations; 2) That this 'guilt' may be transferred in some strange bargain that requires a human sacrifice; and 3) That a young virgin must be debauched by a deity in order to produce a half-breed 'sacrificial lamb.' One cannot help but wonder, by what biological mechanism was this impregnation of a teenage girl accomplished? And what are the genetic constituents of Holy Spirit sperm? Ever wonder what God's DNA looked like?
Has anyone else noticed that religion is portrayed as truth and real history on most TV ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
The History Channel belongs in the dustbin of history, along with other mind suckers, such as *In Search Of* (hosted by Leonard Nimoy, of all people!) *Ghost Hunters* and *Omni* magazine!
This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
Eschatology is at the core of many religions and all doomsday cults. What makes 'end times' thinking so dangerous is that it promotes an attitude of disregard. How motivated are you likely to be to preserve the planet for future generations if you firmly believe that we're approaching a time when it will all be destroyed in a divine apocalypse? When people believe this world is little more than a waiting room for paradise, they tend to devalue it and those in it who do not share their belief.
Steven Novella on being anti-intellectual during a pandemic. []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 18, 2020:
It is rather depressing to live in a time of such irrationality which, to be clear, is not neccessarily associated with a given political persuasion. For example, the anti-GMO and antivax movements are not based on science, and each have been fueled by adherents on the political left. The urge to generalize based on anecdote, to distrust what is hard to understand and relying on gut feelings--these are human traits that can only be overcome with critical thinking and reason.
Nice explanation of exponential growth by 3Bluw1Brown.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Thanks for this graphic. One need only watch the daily numbers to see where we are with regard to the growth of this pandemic. I recommend:
& not in the blood of Christ!
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Just make sure the water isn't 'holy.' ;-)
Our headlines read: "People in LA lining up for guns as virus cases increase in California.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 17, 2020:
Putting aside the fact, for a moment, that it only takes a few dozen patrons to create a line at a gun store, the purchase of ammunition and guns (plus waiting period) and toilet paper (of all things) during a pandemic must surely share a meme... one that I'm oblivious to.
YouTube has many atheists that produce content.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 16, 2020:
For entertainment, MrDeity has always been good for a laugh. For education, I prefer the aforementioned Potholder54 (particularly on topics like climate change and evolution), as well as QualiaSoup and his brother, Theramin Trees. My deconversion, some years ago, was aided greatly by Evid3nc3, Matt McCormick, philhellenes and of course, The Atheist Experience.
Hi, I'm a new member.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 16, 2020:
Thank you for introducing yourself, and welcome. Some, myself included, are not nearly so polite, and just dive right in ... Cheers!
Am I the only one?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 15, 2020:
You are by no means the only one, @RoadGoddess! But are you looking for conversations about science itself, or conversations that have their basis in the scientific method? Either way, depending on the discipline, if you were to start one, as @AstralSmoke suggests, I would be game.
What are your personal pet peeves about religous people?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 15, 2020:
Coming from one who once believed he had "The Truth," it is the arrogance of certitude--claiming knowledge of things one cannot possibly know. It is this attitude that pervades a vast number of persons in this country, leading to a virtual 'epidemic' of the Dunning-Kruger effect. A straight line may be drawn between the anti-science evangelicals to the White House which, as we have now seen, has a direct impact on public health.
Over 300 Minor Planets Discovered Beyond Neptune: []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 14, 2020:
One wonders what we might discover were we to send probes designed to remain in orbit around the sun beyond Pluto in order to map the Kuiper Belt, rather than flying past as previous missions have done. Lots of raw material out there, perhaps waiting to be 'nudged' into a more elliptical orbit.
I'd like to ask what is the most important single plausibe technological breakthru that could happen...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 14, 2020:
Genetically engineered immune system enhancements designed to attack invasive cells, made available to all.
Coronavirus: Millions of Britons will need to contract COVID-19 for 'herd immunity' | Politics News ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 14, 2020:
Herd immunity may be via natural means (enough people in a given population develop immunity), or artificial via vaccination. It takes too many casualties in order to get there naturally--consider Native Americans' exposure to small pox.
Many in the science communities believe the Coronavirus is a mutation (it evolved).
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 12, 2020:
Many, perhaps most, who deny Darwinism, or Evolution by Means of Natural Selection, remain open to genetic mutations. In other words, they can accept micro-evolution, but reject macro-evolution. And then, there are those who believe Covid 19 was the work of either the Devil (to wreak havoc) or God (to punish). There's really no clear path through this underbrush of lunacy.
I believe in love, peace, companionship, moral righteousness, honor, wisdom, intelligence, respect, ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 12, 2020:
I subscribe to much of what you proclaim, however two terms are problematic to me, personally, as they may be applied in ways that I don't condone: a) moral righteousness, and b) honor. Care to elaborate?
I'm tired of the assumption that I just want to sin and not be accountable to a god.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 12, 2020:
Your statement appears to accept that there is such a thing as sin, which when rejected liberates one from this religious trope. Once we view the term 'sin' as an artificial construct, and reject its usage entirely, we are freed from these pointless arguments.
I came across an interview I’d not seen before.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Did you have to remind us? ;-)
what is your choice?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Oh, the irony.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Faith healer, heal thyself!
Yes. ppl are still fighting and killing each other over who has the best imaginary friend.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
"And God said... I don't dwell upon you, I dwell on something else I am not really here, so get over your self And God said... There's no anger in me, you must mean someone else Cause it's not me that you see, you're looking at yourself And I won't give you a prize instead of someone else Cause I don't play favorites, so get over yourself And God said... You are not serving me, you're serving something else Cause I don't need to be pleased, just get over yourself You can't suck up, up to me, I know you all too well But I don't dwell upon you, so get over yourself Cause you're not praying to me, you're praying to yourself And you're not worshiping me, you're worshiping yourself And you will kill in my name and heaven knows what else When you can't prove I exist, so get over yourself." --Todd Rundgren, 'God Said'
Christian pastor: I’d support Trump ‘even if he ran a dogfighting ring on Mother Teresa’s ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
Trump was right about one thing he said, prior to the 2016 election ... he really could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any of his voters. Sadly, I see little hope of improvement on this account over the past 4 years. Are we, as a society, more educated and more discerning? Do we listen to scientific experts more carefully than we do our clergy, talk show hosts or political leaders? Are we, on the whole, more rational and well-reasoned in our daily lives? Do we even know how to reject junk science, conspiracy theories, rumors and propaganda posing as news? Too many of us look like Jay Leno's Jaywalking interviewees, stumped by questions the average 5th grader would know. Too many of us watch 'reality' TV and the WWE and believe it's real. I've said this before, but we deserve the politicians we get, and get the politicians we deserve in this country, as we are a nation that suffers en masse from the Dunning-Kruger effect! We're simply too stupid and ignorant to realize how incompetent and brain-dead we are!
Okay, so there is always the Atheist vs.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 11, 2020:
I'm either immune or tone deaf to the A vs. A vibe, but then I'm a nullifidian. It seems to me that one can remain an agnostic for life, as The Great Agnostic, Robert Green Ingersoll did, and I count Ingersoll as one of my intellectual role models.
Okay, I was talking with a friend yesterday.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 10, 2020:
"Documentaries" on ancient gods? On the History channel? Consider the source. And landing strips? So interstellar space travel requires a runway? "There is evidence out there?" Really? Of just what, exactly?
How many know that the Hindu festivals season will kick off in India, Nepal etc.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 10, 2020:
Your reference to internal plumbing is even more jarring when you consider that a much greater percentage of homes were without it in 1974 when India successfully tested its first nuclear bomb, named Smiling Buddha.
Orthodox Israeli Rabbi Claims Coronavirus is God’s Revenge for Gay Pride Parades | Beth ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 10, 2020:
When reading a news article or any essay on the topic of religion, the term 'orthodox' should be seen by all as a rather unique and troubling qualifier. No matter the religion, orthodoxy is all-too-close to chauvinism, autocracy and fascism. In nearly every context, the more orthodox a religious person is, the more others have to fear.
Catholic Churches Are Removing Holy Water Out of Fear of Spreading Coronavirus | David Gee | ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 9, 2020:
Okay folks, I'm no apologist for Catholicism, and in fact was raised in a Protestant offshoot that believed the Pope was akin to the anti-Christ. That said, as a nonbeliever I am less interested in taking casual and all-too-easy pot shots than I am in analyzing the steps / actions taken to limit the effect of the virus. If, as I've previously commented, one considers these groups as 'social clubs' like the Lyons, Kiwanis or Rotary, but on a somewhat larger scale, the same considerations apply, when dealing with an epidemic. Appropriate steps are appropriate steps, period.
I have to be honest.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
"I would bet that less than 10% of the Bible can actually be verified and proven." In my view, you're being way too generous as the entire collection is fictional.
Someone recently argued that greater educational attainment in first nations is the driver behind a ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
By your reference to Native Americans as First Nations, may I assume you're Canadian? If so, what religious belief(s) do Canada's public schools tend to squelch?
Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama (narrated video) []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Thank you for posting this fascinating video!
So, after years of reading countless works of eastern philosophy​, I've come to the following ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Perhaps you missed the Noble Eightfold Path?
Scientists Found a Caterpillar That Eats Plastic. Could It Help Solve our Plastic Crisis?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Caterpillars.
Life is what it is...Can someone even find true love on earth anymore?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Yes, but then I feel very fortunate. I fell hard my senior year in high school and the rest was history. After four years of steady 'dating' through college, 38 years of marriage, two grown kids and the challenges faced by any relationship, I am a firm believer in true love. But it has to be right for both--it means replacing "me" or "I" with "us" or "we." One partner picks up the slack when the other is low and one partner kicks the other in the butt when it's needed. Total trust--both are all in. True love is beyond the physical, and includes a total partnership and full commitment to the pair or team, not the individual.
Man Killed By Police At Santa Ana Catholic Church – CBS Los Angeles
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
If you're 'troubled' by public officials invoking God, first, where have you been? And secondly, welcome to the club! Attributing the so-called 'grace of God' for saving some, while allowing others to be killed, invites much scrutiny. And yet, this ludicrous acceptance of divine interference survives, and is nearly ubiquitous, to the extent that an assumption is made (on the part of some) that a belief in God is the default state. But the following famous, and rather awkward, example of such an assumption is instructive, not only to the viewing audience, but to the press corps! Not everyone is a sheep, Wolf!
I am feeling great sadness this morning, and it is broad based.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
“I am feeling great sadness this morning ... The best advice I can put out is to be fluid with where you put your efforts, your time and money and brain power. Look for what does good over what feels good, and for me this suggest efforts that are more local and less political.” Physician, heal thyself.
I don't understand all the hate when it comes to my Marxist philosophy.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Both Marx and Lennon were key figures in philosophy, wouldn't you agree?
In A 1st, Scientists Use Revolutionary Gene-Editing Tool To Edit Inside A Patient []
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
Fascinating! Overcoming nature--vis-à-vis the editing of genetic code--represents a pinnacle of human achievement. Only through the mastery of life sciences, including genetics and epidemiology, may we engineer a future for ourselves.
Why do amens not work.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 5, 2020:
In my experience, resounding amens are a tool used to manipulate emotion in a group setting. Speaking and singing in unison (including laughter, cheers and boos) can incite a bonding effect, whether in a secular or so-called sacred setting.
Trump Campaign Will Hold Event at “Gay Is Not Okay” Evangelical Church in Ohio | Hemant Mehta | ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
It's sometimes difficult to know which is more despicable, Trump's currying favor by showing up, or this organization's acceptance of him in their midst. Perhaps they deserve each other?
Do you think it is possible for a professing Christian to be agnostic?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
"Do you think it is possible for a professing Christian to be agnostic?" Not only is it possible, but it could be the rule, not the exception--we just don't know. Who knows how many self-professed Christians--from the pulpit to the pew--are in fact internal agnostics and atheists, fearful of what might happen if they 'came out?' The fear of being shunned, or even unemployed, can outweigh the desire to self-express, and thus a 'double life' may be lived. And while some may pass judgment against such 'paradoxical' behavior as being hypocritical, they really shouldn't.
Some Atheists can be just as self righteous and judgmental as Christians/religious people.
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
Why not just say, some people can be self righteous and judgmental, no matter what their personal beliefs?
Why do hunters mount taxidermied deer heads on their walls?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
It seems to me to be a vestige of the past, a primitive ritual of collecting and displaying trophies from the hunt. A practice likely as old as humankind. Though I must admit that an herbivore's antlers are somewhat less impressive than the claws and fangs of a predator.
Honestly, what good is NATO?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
While in the military, I was assigned to EUCOM (US European Command), working in a NATO bunker in the former West Germany, weeks after Reunification. When I arrived, my CO asked me if I knew the three reasons for the existence of NATO: To keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down. These reasons—told to me in jest—were in fact based on a 1949 blueprint which clearly needed revision. The Soviet Union had collapsed and the Russians where leaving the former East Germany and Poland as fast as they could fall back. Germany had been successfully ‘kept down’ militarily, but had risen, once more, to the dominant European economy. Finally, the US had assisted in deterring a third major European war of the 20th century, and even the George H. W. Bush administration was looking for a ‘peace dividend.’ Following Desert Storm (the first Gulf War), many of the troops that had deployed from EUCOM never returned, and instead headed home. While in Germany, we watched the Soviet divisions head east, as ceremonies returning American base after base to German control took place. NATO was looking for a new reason to justify its existence, and it didn’t take too long for things to get pretty hot, right in their own backyard. But the Balkans were not why NATO was created, nor are the myriad activities to which you refer. I’m proud to have served as a deterrent, and gratified that NATO played a role in preventing World War III, but I find myself persuaded by your argument. Incidentally, my CO, who had quite a sense of humor, also asked me if, as a member of NATO, I knew the difference between heaven and hell. “Heaven” he said, “is where the Germans are the auto mechanics, the British bobbies [who at that time remained armed only with nightsticks] are the police, and the Italians are the cooks.” “Hell,” he continued, “is where the Italians are the auto mechanics, the Germans are the police, and the British are the cooks!”
This Rare Microburst Bomb Falling From The Sky Looks Insane
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 4, 2020:
The crash of Delta Air Lines Flight 191 (DFW, August 2, 1985) was attributed to this type of weather event. This was the first I had heard the term 'microburst' and I will never forget it, as a neighbor down the street was on that flight, and perished.
If most folks can agree that we "create our own reality" can we then agree that we create our own ...
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 2, 2020:
If an asteroid destroyed the Earth tomorrow, would this reality be our own individual creation, or would it be shared with 7 billion others who experience annihilation? Reality exists whether or not we as individuals accept, deny or even perceive it. In addition to the steady chain of causes and effects, reality consists of matter and energy, which can neither be created nor destroyed.
What do you suppose gives rise to and supports belief in God?
p-nullifidian comments on Mar 2, 2020:
"God belief goes back much further than any attempt to explain anything." Agreed. Ancient hominids probably didn't care for explanations, they just wanted to make it to the next day. We appear to have an innate fear of animals with fangs and claws, and those who survived likely carried superstitious fears regarding natural events like earthquakes, volcanoes and violent storms. Paranoia can confer a survival benefit. Believing that someone (or something) is relentlessly trying to kill you tends to keep the group on the alert. My assumption is that superstitious belief in spirits is as old as language, which began with gestures, grunts and hand signals. However, it is actually not natural to be a monotheist--polytheism has been the norm.
I just saw this on a meme: Imagine if you will: An atheist in their car at a green light, stuck ...
p-nullifidian comments on Feb 29, 2020:
That's great! Reminds me of the internal conflict an atheist would have with an insurance policy that covers 'acts of God.'
We all believe in evidence-based science, and that's why we're agnostic/atheist, right?
p-nullifidian comments on Feb 29, 2020:
The social sciences, (i.e., the so-called 'soft sciences' of psychology, sociology, anthropology, poli-sci) don't always apply the same scientific rigor as the natrual sciences (physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, etc.) and thus, in my view, do not occupy the same rung on the ladder of knowledge.
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