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What is your standard of evidence, regarding religious claims?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Well, faith won't cut it. I agree, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary explanations". As you've stated, & has Matt Dillahunty (sp?), if god is the god often put forward, omni-omni, then it would know what would convince me, & I totally agree that I would need outside verification to ensure that I wasn't just imagining the "proof". Then, after a proof of a creator-being, we then need to show whether that being is actually the same being any of the religions put forth, & they all would have some 'splainin' to do! Also, as you stated, I would then still be hard pressed to actually "worship" that being. Acknowledge, ok, respect, maybe, worship,...probably not. Especially being a Yank, the idea of bending the knee to any creature is anathema. Respect has to be earned, worship, well... Sorry to be crude, but I don't even worship (lady parts), tho I do love them & recognize their power! (Kudos to Joe Rogan!) (I think that's right, the host of "Fear Factor") Anyway, there is also the point that Arthur C. Clarke brought up, any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, which is the definition of most gods. So, a god or gods, or a bunch of advanced E.T.'s??? Bottom line, I could be convinced, but it would take a lot. I won't rely on faith or wishful thinking & most especially not on ancient bronze/iron age texts, from any culture!
I would like to start a new church. The Church of " I don't know" The church would have a few ...
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
I'm not sure,...as some of the others have posted the term "church" is definitely a loaded one. Of course "tax-free" is a plus, but then I am for religions to lose that status & only be able to operate just as secular non-profits do.
What are your feelings on Christmas?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Actually a complicated question. X-mas for me is a familial/cultural/societal holiday, not religious. It has also become so commercial that it ends up being less than "happy" or "merry" for that reason. Also, it seems to start (the season) earlier & earlier, so that when the day finally arrives you just can't wait for it to be over, sort of like election season!
I have read some of the posts about polyamory. There are so many different variations of it. I ...
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Depends on the relationship the two had. If it was just a "hook-up" there is no reason to "tell all". Bottom line, tho, is that if there is a real relationship possibility, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, just to be fair & show respect. I'm a long-time Heinlein fan, & he brought up some interesting points about different forms of "marriage" & relationships. We humans tend to get all confused about sex/relationships, mostly because we are still an evolving bunch of primates & because or culture is permeated by religious & sexually repressive "norms". We, as a race & culture need to grow up, in many ways, & I belive humanism & secularism at least get us on the right track.
Are you an open or closet agnostic/atheist, and why?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
I am an open/active atheist, trying to be less confrontational & trying to "learn" Street Epistemology". I just got an "atheist atom" tatooed on my right forearm as a conversation starter (& because it looks so good! LOL). I will not hide, tho I try to be understanding & respectful, because as xtians are supposed to do, I disagree & dislike & disbelieve the viewpoint & religion, not necessarily the person who holds those views.
Are atheists a growing population?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
To the best of my knowledge, tho it may be off by a few years, is that "Nones" are the fastest growing "religious" category, at least in the US. Europe already has a large agnostic/atheist population, tho that may be shifting due to the recent huge influx of refugees.


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