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Another cartoon of mine.
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
Good 'toon, bro! Thanks!
I'll believe it when I see it.
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
Would be nice to see, but the Dems need to do some serious image control & put out a coherent message, not just "We aren't Trump", even tho you'd think that would be enough! LOL
What religion were you originally steeped in? I was raised Mormon.
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
I was born into a Roman Catholic household, with parents religious enough to send myself & my siblings (had to be some, I said we were Catholic, LOL) to Parochial school for a number of years. Very early on, as I think most young children do, I just absorbed the teachings, catechism & all. As I got older, & especially away from that school environment I found that I just couldn't accept the "story", neither the Jesus resurrection, Noah's flood, Genesis, whatever. Being catholic, the bible never held much sway, but I tried to read it as a teen & was either bored or horrified (or amused!). As a "child of the '60's/'70's" I tried a lot of New Age approaches, as well as "A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" (euphemism for hallucinogens) & then just "lived". As I began to see a rise in the christian right's political power I started taking more of an interest in my own actual stance & positions & grew into more of an active atheist.
If any of this comes even close to panning out, we are on the cusp of something of paradigm crushing...
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
We are still seeking, but finding life on another planet/moon that is not based on our form of DNA would finally answer a long abiding question. "One" place with life can happen, if it is an extremely rare event, & would be a dang shame. When a second is found, that actually opens the floodgates, as "two" is actually less likely than just one in this scenario & more than likely means that there are more, possibly many more. That first extra one will be the doozy, tho, & it surely doesn't need to be intelligent life found to open up whole new vistas.
What is your debating style?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
I try to vary depending on the individual & the situation & place. I do tend to be a bit of a pit bull, & I'm trying to moderate that. I'm watching some of the "Street Epistemology" videos on YT & reading Peter Boghossian's "A Manual For Creating Atheists". Anyone know of any other good material in this vein? BTW, I've always liked, & often use, your "I'll think for you" retort when I get the "I'll pray for you" send-off. Depends on the situation, if it was meant as a sincere emotion to something I'll usually just say "Thank you", but after, or during, a debate or "argument" I'll use the "think" line.
Congratulations to @atheist. They're the second person on the site to make it to Level 8.
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
Kudos @atheist! Tho I'm going for slow & steady (hear that, ladies!!! LOL)!
Evangelicals Are Losing the Battle for the Bible.
phxbillcee comments on Jan 4, 2018:
So, the evangelicals are just doing what many xtians have always done, "cherry picking". No real surprise there, it just seems that more of them are doing it consciously, with awareness of what they're doing. I guess that's the first step in realizing that except as a historical document with some poetic passages, the bible is no way to live one's life.
Should prostitution be illegal?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
Legalize it for men & women, be sure to offer counseling if requested & even job training. Men tend to be driven by sexual desire more than women, & are in an inferior position when it comes to attaining that unless they are attractive, rich or brutal enough (tho there is the question of whether rape is all about dominance/power or sex). To have a safe accepted outlet for that drive may be beneficial to women in general. Sort of like having free transportation available to those too drunk to drive on New Year's Eve!
So, I got scolded by some “Free the Nipple” advocates (who I fully support) because they promote...
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
They formed primarily to feed babies, but have developed into secondary sexual characteristics. Most adult males are not into "boobs" for the free lunch! As Spoony stated below (or above, wherever this ends up), try not to stare, but its rough for a straight male, & probably gay females, not to at least take a second look at an attractive pair. Flaunt 'em if ya' got 'em, eventually, age, child rearing & feeding & gravity will take their toll!
When should anatomy/health/sex education be introduced into a child’s life?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
Slowly, steadily & age appropriately from grade-school on as part of a health/science-based curriculum. We have bodies, as do other animals, that is a fact. We reproduce sexually as do many other animals, that is a fact (& one that many children on farms learn very young). There are health consequences for many actions that we take, sexually, socially (drugs & alcohol), hygienically, that is a fact. Real science-based education that takes into account age appropriateness & understanding levels should be a no-brainer!
Do you ever miss the religious life?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
A-theist is a term I wear proudly. It would likely not be as "needed" if so many religions & their followers didn't try to impose their beliefs & lifestyles on the rest of us. Since that is the case, here & in many areas of the Middle-East & Africa I proudly oppose that intrusive dogma.
are you afraid of death?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 2, 2018:
I'm (usually) not looking forward to it, but I wouldn't say afraid. To paraphrase Twain, I was non-existent for billions of years before my birth & it doesn't seem to have bothered me at all, I figure the same will happen after death. I surely don't want a painful, protracted death, which is why I believe in Death with Dignity & think it is something which is a basic human right. I do agree that fear of death is probably one of religions biggest drivers & attractions, I just don't happen to believe wishful thinking is productive.
Do you believe in Astrology?
phxbillcee comments on Jan 1, 2018:
Even if there was any validity to this in the beginning, which I don't believe, by now the "signs" have precessed & are no longer in the same "houses" as they originally were. & astrology has not updated itself to account for this, as if it'd make a difference!
What, not who, makes life worth living?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 31, 2017:
Life in general. Tho I suffer from depression, & have had bad times, when I am thinking at all rationally I realize that we are incredibly lucky to be alive (think of the odds!) & wish to love, live & learn to the fullest. When I fail to do that is when I'm hardest on myself, but I live & grow & am still a work in progress.
Are You A Resgistered Voter and Exercise Your Right To Vote?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 31, 2017:
I, a child of the '60's & '70's, & politically active at the time (& still managed to do a term of enlistment in the USN), did not ever register to vote until Obama first ran. I still don't know if it makes a difference or matters at all. I really don't trust politicians in general, of either party, but lean left as a rule, especially because the right, so often, backs religiously biased legislation.
As an atheist, I think Homosexuality should not come into mainstream. What's your take ?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 31, 2017:
Homosexuality is also found throughout the animal kingdom. That is actually irrelevant, tho, as a lifestyle choice (IF it is one) that harms no one else is no one else's business. Trying to keep gays out of the mainstream, IMO is bigoted & misguided. Plus, lot's 'o' luck, I think that barn door has been opened!
Something I caught off of "The Atheist Experience" from host Jerry DeWitt, "Skepticism is my nature,...
phxbillcee comments on Dec 31, 2017:
I keep trying to edit this, & it never seems to take. It really should state guest co-host Jerry DeWitt, rather than "host". All who watch "The Atheist Experience", locally on TV, or on YouTube or Facebook know he is not a regular, so I misspoke there. Mea culpa!!!
Are you 100% certain that there is no god?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
I'm an agnostic atheist. I can't "know" completely, tho much evidence does tend to lean towards no creator god, but I surely do not "believe" as I have seen no proof of a creator/god, & much that seems to go the other way. So, not 100% certain there is no god, but fairly sure that is the case, & I live my life that way.
New atheists. What is your opinion of Matt Dillahunty?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
Heavy-handed on "The Atheist Experience" at times, but usually with reason. Is a great public speaker & is very knowledgeable. I enjoy watching & listening to him & tend to learn something from him most times.
Atheism: Do you tell co-workers?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
If anyone asks, I readily admit it. Of course, I also wear "atheist" t-shirts often enough. That & my "atheist atom" tat on my right forearm sort of gives things away! I won't mention anything, tho, unless someone else does first, & in that case I will be honest, but my "forthrightness" may be tempered depending on where I am & the situation.
Are all views and beliefs of cultures equally valid? And is relativism toward these beneficial?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
To the main question...NO! Sorry, tho I think we need to see other viewpoints, certain actions are harmful on their face, no matter the culture or amount of people who adhere to that belief. Morals can be derived from rational criteria regarding the amount of harm vs well-being. I also think you need to dump your shrink for another one that can relate to you better. One that believes that only the majority equates to "mental health" is a quack & an idiot, no matter some out-dated definitions!
I've been here a few days, actually level 4..., whatever that means...?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
Probably, atheism (or agnosticism) doesn't preclude conservatism, tho I do find that most tend towards a humanist viewpoint & tend to be more progressive.
I advise all of you to watch this if you’d like to have a good laugh.
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
Love the "attempted vocals" credit at the end! The points made are the common ones, but also ones most xtians really can't counter without bending like a pretzel. I liked this, but the vocals were lacking!
And God Created Man On the very first day, God created the cow.
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
I guess the best response is "cute".
Isn’t it strange how life seems backwards?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 30, 2017:
This may well be the case at times, no doubt, but one has to watch for "confirmation bias" here. Most often "success" seems to go to those that push for it, rather than falling in one's lap unwanted. &, yes, you can say some women that didn't "want" a child get pregnant, well, they obviously had unprotected sex w/out benefit of birth control, so,...Also, many women do plan for children, & have them, but, unfortunately, some who wish kids have different medical conditions that can prevent it.
figured you guys might like this :) steal away :P I sure did lmao
phxbillcee comments on Dec 29, 2017:
Ain't that the truth!
What was the first religion and when was it first followed or worshipped?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 29, 2017:
The first religion(s) were most likely a type of pantheism/ancestor worship. Anthropomorphizing things like storms, lightning, wind, the sun, volcanoes. Probably even trees, brooks, rivers, etc. And death had to be much more frightening early on (& for many it still is, hence one of the reasons religions hang on), so where did the dead "go"? Did they stay around to watch us? Did they try to still guide the tribe? Did they team up with the "nature beings/gods" or is that what they became? Having no answers to the fundamentals of what was happening around them, stories arose to try & answer these things. Some, obviously, were better storytellers, & found that they could acquire an advantage with their people spinning certain "explanations". Ta-Da! Religion is formed!
To My Christian Friends: Be honest, how would you feel if: Lawmakers wanted to use your tax ...
phxbillcee comments on Dec 27, 2017:
You hit the nail on the head! Of course, the xtians "excuse" is that this country was founded by xtians on xtian values, a total re-writing & reinterpretation of history.
I’ve been on this site almost a week now, and haven’t received a single unsolicited dick pic so ...
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Any asked-for ones???
How do you tell religious people that you're an atheist?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
You can say, "I find no reason or proof to believe that way. What is your idea of "god" & why do you believe?" I, myself, do state that I am an atheist, but I am trying to be somewhat less confrontational & attempting to master some of the lessons of "Street Epistemology".
Boyfriend is agnostic, I'm an atheist. How to cope with disagreements?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Well, Your BF doesn't seem like even a real agnostic. I consider myself an agnostic atheist. That is 2 totally different things. Atheism states that, usually for reasons of lack of proof, that one doesn't believe in a god or gods (& quite often the supernatural in general). Agnostic states that one has no knowledge about a particular stance or belief. One is a belief, the other is "knowledge". It can be a fine line, I realize, but there is a difference. I have no knowledge regarding a god & therefore have no belief. Many theists may be agnostic theists, & just believe, some believe they are gnostic theists, which is dubious, at best. & there are even gnostic atheists, & I think that is a bit of a stretch also, because I don't see how the "god" question has a knowledge basis on one side or the other. I think it is far more likely that no god exists, but I cannot state unequivocally that such is the case. I have no proof, just a lot of observations that make me lean to un-belief!
What is your response when people threaten you with religious punishments? (i.e. Hell/Jahannam)
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Varn: Thanks for the AC/DC!
What is your response when people threaten you with religious punishments? (i.e. Hell/Jahannam)
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Is there a symbol I can wear for spiritualist which equates to the christian cross?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Casper the Friendly Ghost? Sorry, don't mean to be snarky, but as an atheist I'm not a big fan of the "supernatural" at all. & "spiritual" seems not only wishy-washy, but kind of a cop-out, as well. Do we all have more than just a material basis? Probably. But the term "spiritual" carries about as much baggage as "theist", & can mean just as much or as little as the individual wants to put in it. What type of "spiritual"? Pantheist? "New Age"? Ethereal beings? Buddhist or Taoist? Pagan? All may have their own type of "symbol". Maybe a yin/yang symbol?
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 24, 2017:
I agree Atheism is the default position, but I wear it proudly if for no other reason that believers in Santa Claus don't try to dictate political & social issues as theists do. FFR is an important issue & I'll stand behind it any way I can!
Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus and his Old Lady - YouTube
phxbillcee comments on Dec 24, 2017:
Yep, as MsOliver stated below, it's like "Alice's Restaurant" on Thanksgiving! Surely does give away our age, tho, don't it!!!
What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 24, 2017:
I think it would be no different, as I judge myself, anyway. I think we all do, some more harshly than others. We are the final arbiters of our actions, tho society, friends & family do have some input, in one way or another.
What is your standard of evidence, regarding religious claims?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Well, faith won't cut it. I agree, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary explanations". As you've stated, & has Matt Dillahunty (sp?), if god is the god often put forward, omni-omni, then it would know what would convince me, & I totally agree that I would need outside verification to ensure that I wasn't just imagining the "proof". Then, after a proof of a creator-being, we then need to show whether that being is actually the same being any of the religions put forth, & they all would have some 'splainin' to do! Also, as you stated, I would then still be hard pressed to actually "worship" that being. Acknowledge, ok, respect, maybe, worship,...probably not. Especially being a Yank, the idea of bending the knee to any creature is anathema. Respect has to be earned, worship, well... Sorry to be crude, but I don't even worship (lady parts), tho I do love them & recognize their power! (Kudos to Joe Rogan!) (I think that's right, the host of "Fear Factor") Anyway, there is also the point that Arthur C. Clarke brought up, any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, which is the definition of most gods. So, a god or gods, or a bunch of advanced E.T.'s??? Bottom line, I could be convinced, but it would take a lot. I won't rely on faith or wishful thinking & most especially not on ancient bronze/iron age texts, from any culture!
I would like to start a new church.
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
I'm not sure, some of the others have posted the term "church" is definitely a loaded one. Of course "tax-free" is a plus, but then I am for religions to lose that status & only be able to operate just as secular non-profits do.
What are your feelings on Christmas?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Actually a complicated question. X-mas for me is a familial/cultural/societal holiday, not religious. It has also become so commercial that it ends up being less than "happy" or "merry" for that reason. Also, it seems to start (the season) earlier & earlier, so that when the day finally arrives you just can't wait for it to be over, sort of like election season!
I have read some of the posts about polyamory.
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
Depends on the relationship the two had. If it was just a "hook-up" there is no reason to "tell all". Bottom line, tho, is that if there is a real relationship possibility, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, just to be fair & show respect. I'm a long-time Heinlein fan, & he brought up some interesting points about different forms of "marriage" & relationships. We humans tend to get all confused about sex/relationships, mostly because we are still an evolving bunch of primates & because or culture is permeated by religious & sexually repressive "norms". We, as a race & culture need to grow up, in many ways, & I belive humanism & secularism at least get us on the right track.
Are you an open or closet agnostic/atheist, and why?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
I am an open/active atheist, trying to be less confrontational & trying to "learn" Street Epistemology". I just got an "atheist atom" tatooed on my right forearm as a conversation starter (& because it looks so good! LOL). I will not hide, tho I try to be understanding & respectful, because as xtians are supposed to do, I disagree & dislike & disbelieve the viewpoint & religion, not necessarily the person who holds those views.
Are atheists a growing population?
phxbillcee comments on Dec 23, 2017:
To the best of my knowledge, tho it may be off by a few years, is that "Nones" are the fastest growing "religious" category, at least in the US. Europe already has a large agnostic/atheist population, tho that may be shifting due to the recent huge influx of refugees.


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Man of mystery (or just posing in a dim room)
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My Mom & two of my sisters. (Not sure who that dude in the back is!)
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Now that guy in the back is getting ready to bite someone, it appears!
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St Patty's 2019 at Sis' house.
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Not entirely ugly, ladies. You do know I'm single, right?
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Me in this free shirt I got in the mail!
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My little girl shortly after she decided to live with me.
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