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There is some reason we are here on this spinning blue rock, but I don't know what it is. Not yet.

about me

American from an old Scottish family residing in the lovely and terrible Kentucky. Interests include music (I perform regularly), writing, survival training, cooking, health, Art Deco, old films, bourbon, coffee, hiking, and travel. Speaking of travel, I have been all over the world. Still want to see the Andes and the Alps.
My television is rarely on. I love my dog.


I was raised in the Roman Catholic church and was even an altar boy. At times I felt a profound 'something'. The ornate trappings and ceremony of a mass made protestant services seem like small town school talent shows by comparison (when I would visit a friend's church). I loved reading about the saints and long hierarchy of popes.

At some point I began to see virtually all organized faiths as systems of control. No wonder the clergy call their congregations 'flocks'. And I spent my entire childhood believing I was truly eating God's body and drinking his blood. That is hard to swallow (sic).

Whilst exploring my Scottish roots I took an interest in the Old Ways, but was utterly turned off by the modern age 'practicioners'. There are no druids now; just paunchy guys playing dress-up in gawdy robes, dreams of Gandalf and Aleister Crowley dancing in their heads. No way I could participate in that faux Celtic masquerade. Still, I have a dark fascination for those Old World pagan ways.

Despite my great-grandmother being Cherokee, there was no way to legitimately engage in First Nations spiritual ceremony. Sure, I would gladly participate in a sweat lodge ceremony or try ayahuasca in the right circumstance, but I cannot immerse in primitive, animist belief systems, not earnestly.

Took a peek at new age nonsense at one point, but had leave stoned Carlos Castaneda wandering around the southwest in a silly hat. Not for me; too many crystals and people playing make-believe.

Ultimately, I believe in a higher power and in entities greater than humanity. What that is exactly, I cannot say. Most religions are both drugs and control systems.


Somewhere between Dom and pleaser, I have a strong libido coupled with the desire to please. Do I enjoy being in control? Very much. Is it something I need regularly (control)? No I am not reckless and am not seeking multiple hook-ups, but rather would like to make a meaningful connection where inhibitions can be forsaken.

Very much a sapiosexual. I am turned on by a vibrant mind! Good conversation is more important than a good ass.

Yes, I am married. I do not care if you are as long as we're forthright with each other.

If you have questions, ask!

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