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For most of my life I believed there was a [G-word actuality], and swallowed the propaganda that "He" was "Good" etc. This gave me some intellectual parameters with which to navigate and evaluate. However my sense of reason always alerted me to the underlying patchwork of shadows where the total lack of evidence raises the question of validating faith. I found that other than the emotional pull of some imagined meaning supposedly defined by this nebulous "Great Other", no other justification could be offered. More importantly there is absolutely no evidence that a Divine Entity should it exist has any moral integrity whatsoever, in fact the evidence that does exist would suggest the opposite: there is no [G-word actuality] but there very well might be a Devil! So I have become an anti-theist recognizing that the concept of a [G-word actuality] is perhaps the most difficult of all demons to exorcise.

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